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When Hubby's Away
by Brigit Astar

Tabby Ryan slumped on the sofa, sipped wine and looked at the TV. She wagged her head and thought about her husband.

He had called earlier and told her the bad news: He would be gone longer than expected. His four-day business trip would be extended three more days.

Seven days, Tabby murmured to herself. Seven days...and what am I doing? Sitting here, getting soused on cheap wine, and watching the idiot box. Jeez...I might as well take a shower.

She went to the bathroom and stripped. The full-length mirror on the bathroom door caught her eye.

"Well, Mrs. Ryan," she spoke to her reflection, "we're twenty-three, been married for two years. How are we holding up?"

She examined herself in the mirror.

Her light brown hair fell in wispy waves past her shoulders, her blue-green eyes had a stormy look to them, her face was heart-shaped. She placed her hands under her breasts and cupped them. Still firm and upright, she said to herself, no sagging. She brushed a hand down over her tummy. Still flat, she thought. Her hips were curved and her legs were sleek. Her eyes were drawn to the little thatch of light brown pubic hair and the tiny slit below. She nodded in satisfaction. She turned sideways and examined her backside. Her back was straight, her rump curved, perky and smooth.

She wasn't hung-up about her body, but neither was she possessed of any false modesty. She knew she was attractive, and she accepted it. I've got a nice face and body, she thought, so what?

She critically examined her breasts. They were rounded, uplifted mounds of creamy smoothness--the shape and size of coconuts. The nipples jutted up rubbery and erect.

She palmed her breasts, slowly sliding her hands over the mounds. A fizzing tingling feeling radiated through them.

"Ummm," she murmured at the sensation. She ran her hands over her tits, pressing her palms on them and sliding her fingers over the nipples. "Ahh," she breathed out in pleasure.

She briskly stroked her titties, rubbing and kneading them. "Oh yes," she gasped at the sharp thumping feeling running through her breasts, down below her tummy and up to her throat. She licked her lips and swallowed.

She moved a hand down over her belly, down to her thighs. She slightly spread her legs and ran a hand down between them.

She stroked her cunny, sliding her hand up and down. Bolts of wet fire shot up her pussy. "Oh, ah, ooh," she panted in passion as she rubbed her yoni.

She slid a finger into her cunt and stroked the clit with her thumb. "Oh god, yes!" she gasped. She hunched and jerked and cried out as a mini-climax roared up and down her pussy.

She slowly ceased rubbing, and then she sighed. It felt good, she thought, but it's's not the real thing. I want the real thing...a stiff cock, in my cunt--fucking me. Hubby's cock.

She let out a raspy chuckle. But the way I feel right now, she thought, any cock will do.

She wagged her head and stepped into the shower...

Tabby dressed casually, pulling on a pair of short cutoff jeans and a tee-shirt. She dispensed with panties and bra. Then she poured another glass of wine and sprawled on the sofa.

The phone buzzed and she answered it with a listless hello.

"How's my favorite neighbor?"

"Oh, hello Dena. Your favorite neighbor is okay, I guess."

"You sound down in the dumps."

"Oh, it's nothing. It's just...well, hubby called and told me he would be gone another three days. It's been four days already, and now--three more."

"Seven days. No wonder you're down. Well, I have a cure for you. It'll drive your blues away and perk you right up."

"What is it?"

"You'll see."

Tabby chuckled in mystification as she heard the click of Dena hanging up.

She thought about her. Dena lived a few houses away from Tabby. She was in her mid-twenties, tall for a woman and slender, her hair cut boyishly short. In fact, everything about her was boyish, Tabby thought and smiled. She knew that Dena was bi, for, even though she liked men, she had made a couple of passes at Tabby. Once, at a little get-together, Dena had brushed her hand down over Tabby's rump; and one time, she had found her in the kitchen and had come up behind her, placed her hands on Tabby's hips and spoke in her ear: "You look good enough to lick."

Tabby had shrugged it off and had not told her husband about it, because what would have been the point? What could she have said? "Hey, guess what, Dena just made a pass at me." No, there had been no harm done. Dena was bi and had made a pass at her, so what? In fact, she had felt somewhat flattered about it.

A few minutes later there was a tapping at the door and Dena entered. She held a paper bag in her hand.

"I've come to chase your blues away and lighten up your spirits. It's just not right for my favorite neighbor to be down in the dumps. And speaking of spirits," she pulled a bottle out of the bag, "I just happen to have some right here."

"What is it?" Tabby asked.

"Nordic wine," Dena replied. "Now, why don't you get two glasses and a corkscrew and we'll proceed to chase your blues away."

The wine was potent. One glass of it was equal to three glasses of the wine Tabby had drank. A warm glowing feeling pervaded her, while a tingling fizzed through her head.

Dena went to the stereo and turned it on, and then turned to Tabby. "And now, may I have the pleasure of this dance."

The music was soft and dreamy and they danced slowly to it. Dena placed her hands on Tabby's waist and moved up close to her. They swayed in unison to the music.

Dena softly brushed Tabby's cheek with her own and moved her arms around to Tabby's back.

She felt so good. The warm glowing feeling had grown to pervade her whole body.

Dena slowly caressed her back. She moved her body forward and gently pressed it upon Tabby and blew softly and warmly on her neck.

She brushed her lips on Tabby's neck and slowly slid a hand around and stroked her flank.

Gently, slowly, she moved her hand, slipping it under Tabby's tee-shirt and sliding it around to her back. She nuzzled Tabby's neck and caressed her bare back. Tabby offered no resistance and Dena grew bolder. She slid one hand around and stroked Tabby's tummy and with the other she brushed her rump.

When Tabby still offered no resistance, Dena knew she had her.

She slid her hand up and curled it around a breast, running it over the smooth warm mound. Tabby breathed out warmly and slightly squirmed her body around. Dena briskly stroked her breasts, palming and rubbing the warm swelling mounds.

Tabby was panting now and the feeling of Dena's hands rubbing her titties made her move her body around in little circles.

Dena raked Tabby's shirt up and slid her mouth down on her breasts. She kissed the heated throbbing tits and licked them with the tip of her tongue.

Tabby grasped Dena's head and pushed her titties forward onto her licking mouth. She was on fire, red-hot shafts jabbed through her breasts, down through her tummy, down to her quim, and back up to her tits.

Dena clutched at her, pulling her down, unsnapping her shorts, sliding them down. She slid atop Tabby and began moving her body back and forth and around.

The two women panted and gasped at the feeling of their bodies rubbing upon each other. They moved and squirmed and entwined their arms and legs as they rubbed their tits and cunts together.

Dena moved down, sliding her face down to between Tabby's legs. She grasped her thighs and drew them back and fell upon Tabby's cunny, rubbing her mouth on it. She brushed her lips on the peachy pussy and slid her tongue on the slit and blew hotly on it.

Tabby gasped at the sensation of the slick wet tongue flicking and lapping on her slit. She clutched Dena's head and reared her body up and mashed her yoni on Dena's mouth, grinding it around.

Dena grasped Tabby's hips and slid her tongue into her cunt. She jammed and swirled it in the hot moist channel.

"Oh, ah, oh god--ahh!" Tabby panted and hunched and writhed as Dena's tongue twirled and squirmed inside her pussy.

Dena ate her out with relish. Her cunny tasted sweet--musky and moist. She jabbed her tongue back and forth, tongue-fucking the pussy.

"Oh god--oh ah--lick me, suck me, fuck me!" Tabby cried.

Dena moved her body around, spraddled her legs over Tabby's head and lowered her quim onto her face. She licked and sucked the clit as she rubbed her pussy on Tabby's mouth.

Both women squirmed and bobbed their heads around in passionate pleasure as they ate each other out....

Dena stayed with Tabby that night; in fact she stayed with her for most of the next two days and nights. The two women rubbed and licked and sucked to their hearts' content. But on the third evening, something unforeseen and dismaying occurred....

Tabby lay on the bed with her legs drawn back. She ground her pelvis around and mashed her cunt on Dena's face. She gasped and panted in lust as Dena sucked her pussy.

Suddenly she heard the bedroom door open and a hissing intake of breath. She opened her eyes and looked over. Her husband stood there, a shocked look on his face.

He didn't say a word. He stared at them, and then he turned and walked out.

Tabby heard the living room door snap shut, and by the time she got up and made it to the living room, she heard the sound of his car pulling out and speeding away.

Tabby was literally heartsick. She stayed up for a long while, hoping against hope that her husband would return. Finally, with her shoulders slumped and her chest tight, she went to bed.

She was awakened by her husband getting in bed with her.

She looked at him, but he just lay there on his back, a stony look on his face.

"Honey, I..."she began, but he cut her off. "As you can see, the trip didn't last three days," he said. "Finished the business in two days."

"Honey," she said softly, reaching a hand out tentatively. "I love you."

His lips tightened and he said stonily, "You have a funny way of showing it."

She placed a hand on his chest and softly stroked it. "I love you more than I can say." She slowly slid her hand down his chest, down to his navel. "I always will."

Her hand moved on down to his crotch. "Always."

She cupped his cock and slowly began to rub it, stroking it up and down. She felt it stiffen and rise, growing in her hand. She moved her head down to his crotch, opened her lips and sank her mouth over the head of his prick. She sucked his dick fast, swirling her tongue around the knob, running her lips up and down, bobbing her head on it.

He was panting now and thrusting his peter forward. She sucked it avidly.

He suddenly slid his prick out, pulled her down on the bed and mounted her. With no preliminaries, he jammed his dick in her quim, stuffing it up her cunt in one continuous stroke. Then he began fucking her strongly and solidly, sawing his cock back and forth, frigging her with lusty jabs.

"Oh darling, yes!" Tabby cried as he pumped his prick deep in her pussy. "Oh, my sweet, my only love!"

They held each other afterwards, stroking and nuzzling each other. Tabby's husband looked at her and with a somewhat sheepish smile said, "I have a confession to make. When I came in here and saw you and Dena, I was shocked--at first. Shocked and puzzled. I had to leave. I was just...well, it was a little too much to handle. I wasn't mad, I was just shocked. But, after I left and began to think about it, I found myself...well, I found it to be...I guess what I'm trying to say is it turned me on. Seeing you and Dena, seeing her licking you, seeing her jab her tongue in your pussy."

He drove his now-stiff peter forward, digging it up her quim. "Watching her tongue-fuck you, watching her fuck you!" He pumped his hard prick in her cunt, pounding it deep.

"Fuck me, darling, fuck me!" Tabby cried out in happiness.

After they had fucked a second time, Tabby's husband suggested they go and pay Dena a visit. "I think we should let her know that everything is all right between us," he said with a smile. Tabby smiled back and said, "Yes, I think we should."

Dena was surprised to say the least when Tabby and her husband showed up at her house. She looked carefully at them, gauging their expressions. But Tabby convinced her that things were okay, and when she suggested they all go into the bedroom, Dena knew things were indeed all right....

Tabby gasped and hunched as Dena tongue-fucked her pussy; and at the same time she watched with pleasure and delight as her husband panted with lust and pumped his peter from behind in Dena's cunt.

Everything was all right. Everything was perfect. Hubby, Dena and me, she thought. Yes, everything was perfect.

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