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When Irises Bloom
by Tom Davis

Seven years ago we moved into our new house in a new development. Mary and Jay lived across the street and had moved in a couple of months before us. They didn't have any kids, so they didn't fall into the same social ring we did, PTA, little league, and all those other things the world comes up for parents to participate in to support their children. Mary was in her late twenties and Jay had already crossed forty but they were friendly and got along with everyone.

Mary was good looking in her own way, not any beauty queen, but always smiling and friendly. She was five foot seven and weighed 130 to 140 pounds. She worked the first several years they lived there and so we saw very little of them. Then Mary quit her job and stayed home full time. They started taking in foster kids from time to time and Mary worked hard on her garden and yard. At the same time she started to put on weight. She was now up to about 180 to 190.

She had talked to me in the spring and said how much she liked the Irises I had in bloom; I told her that when I thinned them out I would bring her some. So I had taken the day off and was doing yard work all morning. I had thinned the Irises out and had some wrapped in newspaper when I knocked on Mary's door.

"Come in," I heard a soft voice call from inside.

"I am really dirty and don't want to mess-up your house Mary," I replied.

"Don't worry about it, I am back in the kitchen." So I took off my dirty tennis shoes and padded down the linoleum hall to the kitchen. Mary had just finished loading her dishwasher and was drying her hands as I entered the large eat-in kitchen. "Here are the cuttings I promised you," I said as I handed her the bundle wrapped in newspaper.

"OH, thank you so much, I'll plant them this afternoon," Mary said as she took the bundle and placed it on the counter behind her. Then as she turned back to me her voice changed to a more serious tone and she said, "Tom, do you think I am attractive?"

I was taken back by the question as I starred into her deep green eyes that had a tear in one corner. Her young face was framed by her brown hair, and had a serious look to it. I wasn't sure how to answer that question so I jokingly replied, "you are but those sweats you are wearing aren't very becoming."

"OK then," Mary said as she garbed the hem of her sweatshirt and pulled it over her head. "How about now?"

I swallowed hard as I looked at the cleavage held tightly by a bra that looked like a balloon about to break because it was too full. I replied to her, "you still have on the sweat pants."

"True," She said and placed her hands into the elastic waistband of the pants and slid them down over her ample rear and off of her thick thighs. As they fell to the floor around her ankles, Mary stepped out of them.

Standing before me was this woman, in only a bra and panties. I was wondering how far I could take this when I said, "you are still hiding your charms." The pressure was building in my jeans as she reached behind her back. With a smile on her face she unhooked her bra and freed those two, soft white globes from their captivity. Then she slipped her hands into the thin elastic of her panties and slid them down past her neatly trimmed patch of fur and off.

"Nothing hidden any more, but looks like those pants you are in, are going to blow apart any minute," she said as she glanced down at my crotch.

With one hand I undid the snap on my pants and slid my zipper down, giving my raging hard on space to breathe and grow. My other hand found its way to the large hard button that adorned the end of the soft white globe. As I rolled her nipple between my fingers and squeezed the soft flesh of her breast Mary closed her eyes, cocked her head back and moaned.

My mouth replaced my right hand and my lips sucked that beautiful nipple into my mouth as my tongue danced with the tip. My hands garbed the waistband of my jeans and underwear and slid them down my legs. Her hands reached for the hem of my T-shirt and pulled up. This caused my shirt to come up but also pulled my face into the valley between those two luscious mounds. As I raised my head Mary slipped off my T-shirt and we were looking eye to eye. I pulled her naked body close to mine and our lips met. Her tongue darted into my mouth as her soft flesh was crushed against my hard body.

I reached under the fleshy cheeks of her bottom and lifted her up. She raised up on her toes and I let her butt come to rest on the edge of the table. I broke the kiss and nibbled my way down her neck. Mary lay back on the table as I once again tried to devour those soft globes of flesh with large nipples. As she lay back more I nibbled my way down her belly to that small, neatly trimmed patch of fur. Then with her legs spread and that wonderful musty odor filling my nostrils my tongue swept up her lips until it flickered across her magic little button.

Mary started to shake and cry as my tongue worked on her. I wrapped my lips around her clit and sucked then I alternated that with flickering my tongue across the tip of her clit. Mary Cried out, "Ohhh Gaaaawwdddd, I coming again." I didn't quit, my fingers probed her now soaking hole and my tongue continued its dancing. "Oh god stop," Mary cried as a third wave built inside of her.

But I didn't stop and the dam inside of her broke and she was filled with waves of pleasure for the third time. I lifted my head as her body slowly quit its spasms, and edged the head of my now throbbing member to her hot wet opening. I pushed and enter her tight channel. Mary cried out and her legs shot up as I filled her up with my manhood. I pumped for several minutes as her legs rested on my shoulders then I felt her hot insides tighten around my member and her body started to shake once again. "Yessssss," she screamed as I thrust deep into her and squirts of warm fluid filled her.

After lying on top of Mary for a little while I came out of her and stood up. I took her hand and sat her up on the table, pulled her close to me and whispered in her ear, "Yes Mary, you are attractive."

"I don't think I have ever come so many times, and so fast in all my life." With her arms around my neck and me holding her soft body we kissed again. As she pulled away she said "Thank you, Susan is one lucky woman, now get out of here. I have things to get done."

Mary planted the flowers that afternoon, and within a week she and Jay split up. Mary moved out of state and Jay sold the house. But when the Irises bloom I think back to the day they were planted.


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