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Wild in the Wilderness
by Carta

This amazing event changed Jade and her perception of life. Still today, she wonders if it all really happened, or whether it was just the beauty of it all, that entrapped her into a whirl of an unforgettable sexual fantasy........

Part 1

Jade loved the feel of the night air blowing against her, the feel of her long blonde hair flowing behind her. She stopped looked to her right and stared into the emptiness of the park. ":No I shouldn't," she thought, "Anything could happen in there. Anyone could be lurking behind the trees. Hey!! But why waste of a beautiful English summer night." She shrugged, then turned and entered the park.

At this point she should have been scared. An attractive young girl of 20, walking through a huge dark park, on her own, at midnight. Okay, so I'm making it sound worse than what it is, but everybody loves the feeling of being scared. Don't they?...........

But no, scared she was not, the few moments she was feeling just then, were the most relaxed she had felt in years. The warmth of the summer air, the scent of the flowers, the moonlit night that filled the field with wonder and comfort. But for one, just one single moment in time that would all be broken.

Jade entered the forestry section of the park. She came to a halt when she heard a rustle in front of her. Fear brushed though Jade's mind, frozen in fear, she stared ahead of her as far as her eyesight would allow. But with the moonlight dampened by the overhanging branches and leaves, nothing could be seen. Suddenly the rustle was directly underneath her. She could feel movement by her feet. At first she thought it was the wind brushing leaves past her. But that thought was quickly demolished when something wrapped around her ankles. Jade lost her balance and fell backwards, the wind was momentarily knocked out of her. Above her Jade could see branches and twigs intertwining and the sudden rustlings became more and more intense. Fear rushed through her mind, dazed and confused she tried to struggle off the ground, but she was soon pulled back down.

Branches wrapped around her wrists and the two holding her ankles tightened. Jade tried to scream. But she was so tense with fear her vocals were allowed to travel nowhere. Jade felt a branch wrapping itself around her left leg, as it did so the branch moved higher and higher, until it reached her waist. The branch then ripped open Jades top buckle of her jeans, then each button of her fly in turn. Jades flat stomach was exposed to the warm night air. Jades mind at this point was in a state of pure shock. The branch then traveled down the inside of Jades right leg. As it did so, her jeans were pulled along. The branch soon returned, again traveling up her left leg. As it moved to the top of Jades leg, it gently brushed her vagina. Jade twitched at this feeling, her mind now starting to turn from horror to wonderment. The branch moved up the inside of Jades short sleeved blouse tearing off each button along the way, Jades bra quickly followed, then she was naked, only her nickers remained. Jades slender body was tied down by her wrists and ankles.

As quickly as it came, the branch disappeared. Jade had no idea what to expect next, although she should have been filled with fright, she was filled with excitement. Why? Jade still knows not.

Jade moved her head up to see what was stirring between her now slightly bent and parted legs. But as soon as she did, Jade threw her head back in ecstacy. She moaned, as two huge leaves moved over her vagina, they continued up her firm body until her nicely proportioned breasts. The leaves started to encircle around them and grip and grope, sending her wild in the wilderness. The leaves continued to arouse the young lady, one of them rubbing down her body until it reached her pants. It slid underneath the top of her pants and wrapped underneath her groin. Jade groaned as the leaf moved back out dragging its tip slightly into her moist vagina along the way. It then ripped her pants clean off her. Meanwhile a rose bud, a rose bud the size of a man, moved up between her legs. As it met her dripping lips, Jade panted and arched her hips into the budding bud. The Rose began to suck on Jades ever wetting pussy. The Leaves continued groping her ever hardening tits. She became slick with sweat as her body wound tighter and tighter, her hips kept thrusting up she gripped tighter and tighter on the branches that were wrapped around her wrists.

Every inch of her slim firm body look glorious, glistening in the moonlight. The leaves ran up and down her body, over her waist, stomach, and back up over her breasts. The Rose sucked harder and harder, her body winding tighter and tighter to her climax.
Twigs wrapped around her legs, to her thighs as a smaller rose bud moved over to her face, eventually covering her mouth, the inside part of the Rose exploring her mouth. She thrust for the final time as her stomach tightened and she came, the most powerful of orgasms she had ever had in her entire life. The sensations continued as the Rose kept sucking and the leaves kept fondling, she started shaking in pleasure and pain rocking her body from side to side, her back arched as another orgasm rocked her body.

Then it was over the Forest returned to normality......all what had happened gone.

Jade lay naked on the ground, unable to move from pure exhaustion. 10 minutes passed......20........30...until eventually she rose and staggered naked back to her house, still in awe of the most wildest moments of her life.

Part 2

The next morning Jade awoke after a night filled with mixed images of her sexual experience in the park. She still couldn't believe it had happened. Jade jumped out of bed and got dressed, she raced out of her house and over to the park. Her mind raced as she remembered what had happened, her heart pounding in the thought of it happening again. She looked at her torn clothes scattered on the ground, at that point she knew it had happened or something had ravaged her.........or no - RAPED her. But what, surely the forestry couldn't have come alive and done all this. "Impossible," she murmured to herself. She gathered up her clothes and raced back to her house tears streaming her face, she thought she might be going crazy. She had to speak to someone about this and fast.

When she reached her house she immediately rang her best friend Emma, "Emma, its Jade."

"Oh, hi Jade, I was just.....'"

Jade interrupted her in mid sentence, "Listen Emma, something happened to me last night, I don't know what, but its was really.....weird. I think I might have been raped."

"Oh, god, Jade, have you told the police? Are you all right?"

"Yes, I'm fine and no, I haven't told the police."

"Why the hell not?'

"I....I can't, I'm not sure it was a man that raped me," Jade said, starting to shake at thought of what she was saying. "Listen I need to talk to you. Will you come over to my house?"

"Yeah of course, I'll be right over."

Jade came out to greet her very attractive friend. "Oh, thanks for coming over so quickly," Jade said as she hugged her.

"Don't mention it. The question is, are you all right?"

"NO.... I'm far from all right'. Jade said whilst shaking in Emma's arms. "Come on let's go inside." Emma led Jade into her own house and went straight for the kitchen.

"Tea?" Emma asked.

"That'd be great."

"Come on then tell me what happened."

"OK, but by the end of it I don't think you'll be still sitting here with me after you've heard what I have to say."

Jade told Emma the entire story from start to finish.

'.........and then I called you.' Jade finished off the story.

Emma sat on the couch looking at her friend, mouth open not knowing what to say.

"Umm...well.....that's one hell of story," Emma finally said.

"I knew you wouldn't believe me'.

"No....I do, but don't you think it could have been a dream?'

"A dream?...But what about the torn clothes over at the park and waking up naked?'" " Well maybe you sleepwalked, had this subconscious dream and tore the clothes yourself. It's more than possible. In fact I think its the only possible explanation.' Jade looked into her friend's eyes.

"Yes, you're right, of course. I'm sorry, this is silly. I feel like such an idiot.' Jade said now even more confused, despite what she was saying.

"Look Jade, I'll stay with you tonight anyway. Just in case."

"Oh would you? I'd really appreciate that."

"No problem, what a friends for?"

Emma and Jade passed the evening away, drinking wine and watching movies. Enjoying themselves enough for Jade to forget what had happened the previous evening in her dreams (?). By 1:00am they decided to retire for bed. Jade had a king-size bed, so conveniently they could both sleep together.

The night past on........ Emma then awoke around 2:30am. She quickly shot up at the sound of the front door open and shut She checked the other side of the bed. Jade was gone. Emma shoved on her jeans and through a white T-shirt over her head. She than ran to the front door and out into the street. She was amazed to see Jade entering the park. Emma's suspicions had obviously been confirmed. Jade was sleepwalking. She ran into the park looking for her friend. The moon was full and bright enough to she her friend enter into the forestry section of the park. She ran in after her. She searched around for her, but to no avail. 'Jade.....Jade'. She shouted in a whisper. (If that makes sense) She then saw her friend lying on the ground, unconscious? Asleep?.....she wasn't sure. Emma moved over to her. Then it started. Branches whipped around Emma's face and entwined around her wrists and ankles. She was then thrown to the ground.

Large twigs emerged for the skyline and moved down Emma's body and ran over her tits, over her belly to the edge of her jeans. The twigs picked her top buckle undone, then pulled her zipper down, exposing the bottom part of her slim waistline. Meanwhile Jade came around and rose to her hands & knees, she saw her friend being ravished by the forest. The twigs pulled Emma's jeans off her leaving her in nothing but pants and T-shirt. A strange looking weed moved up between her legs, it tucked itself under her knickers and ripped them clean off her. Then it was all still. But not for long, a huge cactus looking plant emerged between Emma's legs, it moved closer and closer to her vagina, then plunged in. The cactus had thin hairs all over it, obviously to stimulate its victim, and that it was doing very well indeed. Emma cried out loud as the solid plant filled her pussy.

She started gyrating her hips as it plunged deeper and deeper. Jade moved over to her friend who was now moaning in ecstacy, she couldn't help but get turned on by seeing her beautiful friend in so much pleasure. Jade looked her friend's glorious body up and down then ran her hand up Emma's smooth flat belly, moving her T-shirt higher and higher over her curves. Jade then in a moment of fierce passion, ripped her friends T-shirt off her. She continued by planting kisses on Emma's lips. Emma replied by passionately kissing her back, the pairs tongues entwined as the deeper grew more and more sensual. Jade moved down Emma's neck, planting soft kisses further down her body, her lips moved over to her breasts, sucking on them, running her tongue around the edge of her ever-hardening nipples.

Jade then moved down her body, to her belly, she moved her tongue around the edge of her belly button. Emma's stomach sucked in, feeling the presence of her friend on her sensitive body, she arched her back as her body wound tighter and tighter, Jades tongue entered into Emma's belly button then back out again. The cactus still moving slowly in and out of her vagina started to quicken in pace. Suddenly a large weed wrapped itself around Jades leg and moved up her thigh. Jades robe was ripped off her back by twigs as two leaves moved under her body and started to grope her breasts and stomach. The weed suddenly became two, one end entered her vagina and the other her anal passage. Jade tensed and as she was already close to an orgasm, she new it wouldn't be long before she erupted. But she continued her duty of pleasing her friend, licking her now slick body, tits and belly.

Emma moaned louder and louder, then arched her back and announced her orgasm, Jade felt Emma's stomach tighten and her hips push for the sky. At the sign of her friend cumming, she erupted herself, the leaves still worked over her body and the weeds plunged into her deeper for the final time. The two young ladies, in the wilderness alone? Screaming in momentous pleasure.

And then it was over. They were alone, sweating unable to move from pure exhaustion..........

Still today Jade and Emma fantasize about those unforgettable nights and Jade even returns to the wilderness, where it all had taken place, but none of it ever to happen least not to her.


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