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Was It Real Or Was It A Dream?
by Suzie Samuels

What had been a large eight-hour candle only a week ago sputtered crackling in it death throes. Misty and Geoff had picked out that candle and several others the last time he was home matching the colors perfectly to the bathroom's deep green and pretty pink décor. It was a passion for both them that everything in their home had to be the perfect maybe not the latest in decorating trends but colors and styles they loved. If it didn't fit their décor plan for the room, it was left in the store no matter how much they liked it. Fortunately they shared very similar tastes in just about everything, but when the buck had to stop it always stopped at Geoff. He had the final word in everything.

The candle's sputtering was sufficient to rouse Misty out of her reverie, looking around the dark room she realized the summer evening's deepening dusk had turned into a truly dark, starless night. The clouds had rolled in right on schedule. Out of the corner of her eye she picked up the first flash of lightening in the distance through the open bedroom door. A visible shiver ran through Misty at the realization of how close she was to being caught in the bathtub by a fast moving thunderstorm. Misty's fear of thunderstorms was a telling remnant of her troubled childhood. It was anything but rational, something that time and professional help had not been able to irradiate, the source of the fear still unknown yet haunting. Just as the accompanying thundered finally reached her she realized an unnatural sense of foreboding.

The sense of well being created by the long soak was momentarily lost as she quickly moved to turn off the tub's jets. She scolded herself for being a big baby; maybe it was because she was home alone. The ensuing quiet enveloped her as she placed a hand on either side of the tub and lifted herself up out of the water just as another streak of lightening lit up the bathroom this one so much closer. Misty caught a glimpse of herself in the large mirror on the north wall it was almost photographic-like, snapped in that split second of luminosity. Her wet skin causing every curve and angle to be exemplified, white bubbles cascading down over her still firm tits, sliding unimpeded until caught in her dark bushy triangle. Reaching for the towel she felt a patch of fluffy bubbles break loose and start its slow path down her long well toned leg. "You would have liked that snapshot view won't you, Geoff?" she said aloud to herself frowning. She was sad that yet again she would sleep alone.

Misty could make almost anything dainty and as she stepped out of the water onto the tub skirt it was the epitome of feminine daintiness just has the thunder rumbled through the house. She jumped. A shiver; no more of a shudder ran through her when the glass block wall surrounding the tub turned blue and the room took on that horrible ultra white hue that only a really close lightening bolt can cause. The thunder rumbled through the house vibrating it to its soul. Instantly the house became as quiet as a tomb a sure sign the electricity was out. "Damn that is the second time this week. Oh well, it is bed time anyway." Misty thought aloud, flipping her mass of wet curls up and over her head only to be caught in the waiting peach-colored towel. The swinging wet hair scattered water droplets putting out yet another candle, deepening the darkness. With an ease that comes from years of practice Misty flipped the towel around her wet hair and quickly fashioned a turban-like headdress. Grabbing the matching bath sheet she patted her delicate skin starting with her left arm first, then right, next came her left breast. As she dried her tits then moved down her torso, her thoughts drifted to all the times she and Geoff had shared a bath then dried each other escalating their foreplay. There was nothing as erotic to Misty as being totally babied by her husband of twenty years.

Geoff had been her only man. She knew he had previous girls, she had heard all the gossip of his school escapades. Geoff had been a varsity football quarterback and he had lived up to the jock reputation until Misty came to town. She had come to visit with her roommate and to attend the homecoming dance. One year to the day after meeting, they exchanged rings in the local Methodist Church. To this day, they never passed the church but what they would not reach for the other's hand. Their love was real and deep. It was as if they shared one soul.

Even when the twins Becky and Brent had come along, nothing interfered with their romance. The babies had only been another indicator that they knew how to do things right. The twins were about four when one Sunday afternoon the doorbell rang while Geoff and Misty were making love. Geoff froze with his big thick cock pushed all the way up, deep in Misty's pussy. Their eyes met. Neither moved, no words were spoken but they wished whomever was at the door would just leave. Their eyes started to crinkle and Misty could feel Geoff's cock jump as he started to laugh trying to keep from letting loose his infectious belly laugh. Misty bit her lower lip in the effort.

"Hi Gram and Poppa. You will have to wait for Mommy and Daddy, Daddy is pleasuring Mommy again." It started as a high-pitched embarrassed giggle from Geoff's mother and quickly turned into a knee-slapping belly laugh from his Dad. Misty and Geoff knew they finally had been caught.

Not one to ever let her brother have the last word, Becky piped up, "Be real quiet and good, Gram and Poppa, OK." Mrs. Sharp snorted as she always did whey she got carried away. Geoff and Misty heard every word through the paper thin walls of their first home. Geoff looked at Misty and smiled and pumped furiously in and out of her still tight pussy. He leaned down and whispered, "I will not let this hard-on die until you have milked me dry. I love you, Misty." The bed springs creaked. Misty felt her climax rekindled in spite of herself. She raised herself up to take Geoff's face in her hands and to kiss him sucking his tongue into her mouth. The every best feeling was to have her man in her at both ends and the same time. They orgasmed only their kiss keeping them silent as he emptied his balls into her hot cunt, her spasming hole milking him dry. After a quick shower together, soaping each other's backs, they went to face the laughter they knew his parents would not be able to hold, sure that the whole family would soon know how they spent their Sunday afternoons.

Misty blushed a deep crimson; she felt the heat racing up from her chest. Even now she remembered thinking that she must have been glowing like a neon sign when they walked into their living room. Geoff's Dad congratulated his only child on taking after the "Old man", while his Mother came up and gave Misty a quick hug, "I wish I was being pleasured right about now those were the days." She whispered ending with a chuckle. That gesture made all the difference and through the years they had often laughed at words of wisdom spoken by their precocious four year olds. Geoff III was born nine months later completing their family.

The twins were now in their first year of university each attending the school of their choice but on opposite coasts, separated for the first time. Now only Geoffy was still had home, tonight even he was staying at his best friend's home next door. 'Where had the years gone?' Misty mused to her reflection as she cleaned her teeth in the glow of a single candle. The heavy moist air of the bathroom smelled that unique smell of candles just extinguished mixed with the lavender from her bubble bath.

Uncoiling her towel turban, and hanging the towels to dry, she plopped down at her dressing table nude to comb out her mass of auburn hair, carefully setting the candle on the table. She was proud that she had inherited her father's genes that seemed to hold in abeyance the appearance of gray hair and wrinkles. Geoff loved when friends and clients would complement him on his young wife's looks. He would whisper to her when appropriate, "If only they knew you had robbed the cradle, not the other way around."

Misty's standard answer was to hold up five fingers. She was five days older than her handsome outgoing husband. Misty always felt so fortunate to have snagged this football star's heart. Their love had only grown with the years, tested and matured with life's trials.

Giving up on her hair, Misty picked up the body lotion, her favorite a citrus smelling concoction adding another element to the room's scent. Misty always started on her breasts, circling around and around each one in turn, the nipples hardened in anticipation. Fortunately since Geoff traveled about half the time, Misty's body responded easily to her practiced hands. There had been a time, when Geoff had first taken the big promotion that kept him out of their matrimonial bed that Misty had almost tumbled into bed with Geoff's best friend. Only a well-timed call from Geoff had brought her back to her senses. That is when she had decided to learn to know her body as well as Geoff did.

Misty crawled into their bed on Geoff's side, she needed to bring him as close to her as possible, she really felt his absence and with the storm, she would have given anything to be sharing their bed with her soul mate. The house literally shook with the last crack of thunder, the blue white light of the lightening arriving only milliseconds ahead. It lit up the room but Misty did not see it, she was buried under the covers like a child shaking from head to toe. She laid their frozen while the storm raged. Her only saving grace was that she knew later tomorrow Geoff would be coming home.

Rolled into the fetal position facing away from the windows, Misty slept fitfully though the first storm had long since past, she kept having dreams, unsure whether she was wake or asleep. 'Oh Geoff' she murmured softly her voice husky from sleep. She felt her body relax as strong arms encircled her. Her nostrils filled with the spicy cologne that was Geoff's favorite. She turned her face up to receive the kiss that was sure to come. Geoff always tongue fucked her mouth first. Misty's mouth just ached, always did ache when she thought of her husband's probing kisses making her yield to his wishes. She murmured his name opening her mouth. She felt the heat of his naked body and she wished she had not slipped on her old comfy nightie before climbing into bed .She felt her nightie being pulled off over her head as they parted, only to come back together to continue their kiss.

She relaxed under his practiced hands as they laid claim to their woman even though yet another fierce storm was echoing through with its bright flashes periodically lighting up the room. She felt safe though, her Geoff was here, her world was right again. His left arm slipped under her neck pulling her close. She did not remember feeling the bed creak as he got in, but no matter he was home and he was awakening her body. His finger circled her tit, around and around. He grasped it between his thumb and forefinger pulling it hard and then twisting it. "Ah" escaped her. She held her man to her. She moaned though he again had possessed her mouth. Her moans vibrated against his tongue setting off tingles down their bodies settling in their crotches. Misty felt his cock jump against her leg leaving a wet trail of precum. Breathlessly they parted, she took his face in her hands and gave him a slow passionate kiss, just a kiss of welcome.

"I didn't know you would be home tonight or I would have waited up for you. Everything OK, Geoff?"

"Shhhh, my pet. I want to make love to you. Shhhhhhhhh." His right hand slipped lower, leaving her tit feeling cold. A shiver of anticipation rolled through her, she purred like a kitten having its belly rubbed as her husband's fingers opened her other set of lips. She had naturally rolled over onto her back making it easier for him to explore her. His fingers dipped into her checking her wetness. "MMMM, you are excited, my pet, I am glad." His wet finger moved up to unhood her clit, rubbing hard just like she liked it. She felt her climax building just like she always had under his tutelage. She lifted her hips to urge him on.

Misty hands slipped down between them reaching for her treasure. His cock responded to her touch growing yet harder. Gently almost reverently she massaged his balls. He groaned, a deep guttural groan. She was not surprised to find his balls rock hard and obviously super sensitive from their under use. She gave his cock a little pull her signal that she couldn't wait another moment. "Now, please my darling, please."

He rolled up between her legs positioning himself. She opened her legs wide, pulling her knees towards her. Misty worked out daily and her flexibility was remarkable for a forty-one year old woman. She was proud of her ability to open herself up to take all of her man into her open wet hole. She could already feel herself spasming. As he entered her, not stopping until he was all the way into her, they groaned in unison. He drove in hard just like she liked it. Misty relished a little pain and Geoff loved to give it to her. They were truly a matched pair.

She knew Geoff was so eager he could hardly keep from immediately exploding; she let her climax mount quickly so they could cum together. His thrusts communicating his urgent need louder than any words could possibly have done. "OH MY GAWD" Misty screamed as she came. She could feel Geoff going rigid as his cum shot out of his balls and shot up out of his cock pushing it deep into her spasming cunt. She couldn't stop. She pulled every ounce of cum into her hole planting it deep. She laid there gasping for her breath.

"Misty, I love you. I always have and always will love you. Remember that."

Finally she lay still the panting and the spasming gone her sweat drying on her hot body. She reached to give Geoff a kiss, nothing but an empty pillow. She leaned up on her right elbow to find him. No Geoff. "Huh. Geoff." She called out. "GEOFF." No answer. Flying out of bed in a panic shaking, "GEOFF!" she ran into the bathroom, now frantic she flew through the rooms of their home looking for her mate.

Misty was convinced that her husband was home; he had just finished making love to her, hadn't he? If he had not then who had? It had been much too real to be a dream, reaching down to her slit she found she still was wearing her nightie. Sagging on to the couch in the family room, she sobbed realizing that it had only been a dream. Her lips were not bruised and swollen like they should have been if it had been real. How was it possible that it could be so real, so very, very real and still just be a dream? She had felt his heat, smelt his cologne, she had felt him enter her. "Damn." She said to the empty house. She just laid there, remembering reliving the dream. Finally when she realized that she was shivering from the cold she hefted herself up, "Geoff hurry home." She hurried back to their bed and the covers as the house lit up yet again from the storm.

Crawling into bed she looked at the digital clock, 3:01AM. She took Geoff's pillow and hugged it to her has she drew the covers up over her head to hide from the lightening wishing she could block out the sounds of the crashing thunder as every window shook. 'I can't wait to tell Geoff about my dream, he will laugh his head off.' She said as she cuddled his pillow to her. She fell into a deep dreamless sleep.

When she opened her eyes next it was bright sunlight, with a perplexed frown she remembered. The doorbell that is what woke her, it was ringing yet again and again. "Who the hell?" she muttered to herself looking at he clock, 5:55 AM. She jumped up grabbing her long hunter green robe of its hook. She belt it around herself as she ran bare footed down the steps to the front door just as the ringing bell turned to loud persistent knocks. "Coming" she yelled in that husky morning voice. She took a moment in front of the hall mirror to try to tidy her hair. With a wry look on her face her hands on the locks she asked, "Who are you?"

"Mrs. Sharp, we are Metro police officers. We need to speak to you, please open the door." She undid the locks leaving the chain lock on she wished for a peephole. 'This weekend Geoff will have to put one in.' She said with a sharp nod of her head.

Misty opened the door, two police badges were held up for her inspection. "What's wrong?" She asked her voice breaking.

"We need to come in, ma'am."

Just a moment she said taking the chain off and opening the door. She wished Geoff were here. "May we go in and sit down, ma'am, we have something to tell you." The one officer took her elbow hand propelled her into the living room; she sank on to the closest chair. She was afraid of what was coming, but it was even worst than she imagined.

The other officer stood in front of her and she just could not look up at him, willing this too, to be a dream. "Mrs. Sharp, is your husband's name Geoffrey Samuel Sharp?"

'NOOOO!' She silently screamed. She nodded unable to find her voice.

"He has a private plane?" The officer asked it as a question but she knew that they already knew the answer.

Misty jumped up and with fire in her eyes she spat at the officers, "Yes but he is in New York City right now, he is not due back until late tonight in time to take me out for out anniversary. So you have the wrong person." She was able to breath again.

"Mrs. Sharp, it was your husband's plane honest. It crashed during that bad thunder storm just short of the runway." Misty crumbled into a heap on the floor, sobbing.

"NOOO, NOO. It cannot be. It cannot be. Not Geoff, I love him. He was here last night he told me that everything would be OK." Without thinking, "He made love to me." She stopped frozen with a tear-streaked face she looked up at them. "What time?"

She already knew. "2:59 this morning ma'am." A strangled sob escaped from her and she lay prone on the floor sobbing inconsolably.

Geoff had come to her as he was leaving this world. Her face buried in the carpet she cried her heart broken. "Geoff, I love you for always." He had made love to her for the last time.

* * * * *

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