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What I Really Want
by TSlave

My name is Jen. I'm a shy type. I'm 18 and in my senior year of high school. I'm 5'5", and 120 pounds with kinda large breasts. My best friend recently introduced me to a friend of hers named Terry.

Terry was pretty tall, 5'9", 23, and had a pretty nice body. Well built and masculine, with well-defined features. My friend knew him from work. He soon became my crush.

I think, after a while, it started to get a little obvious to him that I liked him. I'd always be next to him, and take every chance I had to spend more time with him.

Soon he started to find me more and more appealing. When anybody wasn't looking, he'd look me deep in my eyes and smile. After a couple of weeks of light flirting, he took a big step and asked me out. I gladly accepted.

Before Terry, I'd never had a boyfriend before. As I said, I was the shy type, and would always keep to myself. I never had any guy friends, but my best friend had plenty. There was something about Terry; he had a certain charm that I couldn't resist.

So there we were on our date. He took me to a movie. We were barely watching it though, he kept staring into my eyes and whipering, "You're so beautiful", and "I'm so glad we're finally together."

Halfway through the movie, he took my chin, turned my face towards his, and gave me a sweet kiss. No tongue, though. His soft lips met mine again, and this time, I opened my mouth. He became braver and started swirling his tongue around mine. It was heaven. I had never even kissed another boy before, but somehow, this felt so natural.

After the movie, he drove me home. I was liking him more and more by the minute.

He noticed that there were no other cars in our driveway. I told him that my parents were on a cruise and wouldn't be back until after 3 days and that I had no siblings. He took that opportunity and asked if he could come inside. I looked in his eyes and asked, "What do you think?"

After we got inside, we sat down on the couch. He looked in my eyes for the 50th time that night and gave me another deep, sensuous kiss. I kissed back fiercely.

After about 30 minutes of making out, he started get a little aroused. He groped my breasts through my bra and shirt. I also was aroused, too aroused to try and stop him. Finally, he unbuttoned my shirt and unstrapped my bra before I even noticed. I was a bit curious to see how far things would get tonight, so I let him. He continued to maul my breasts while feverishly kissing.

He stopped kissing for a while and started sucking on my breasts. The left, then the right, alternating while his hand was rubbing my clit through my panties. I was getting all worked up and started to moan.

He soon took off my panties and proceeded to lick my pussy. I was very surprised to see him do this, I hadn't expected it to go this far. However, as I said, I was still curious about what it would feel like so I allowed it.

It felt... wonderful. I couldn't get enough of it. His tongue was running up and down, while finger fucking me, first with one finger, then two. I was getting so turned on. Finally, I felt everything that had been building up crash down on me as my first orgasm rocked through me. I moaned loudly while Terry was still continuing with his assault on my pussy. After 2 more orgasms, I felt very spent and tired.

Terry, however, didn't get a chance to cum that night. He demanded that I suck his cock. I had never done that before, so I was a little resistant. Finally he got so fed up that he dragged me to my bedroom and pushed me down on my bed. He easily overpowered me and tied down my hands to the headboard with some thick string that was on my desk.

I was beginning to get scared and threatened that I'd scream if he didn't untie me. He replied, "Go ahead, I'll just stuff your mouth with my dick!"

With that, he straddled my waist and pointed his cock at my lips. Of course, I didn't open, but he held my nose so I was forced to take a deep breath with my mouth. He took that chance and stuffed it all deep down my throat.

I could barely breathe. He started rocking back and forth, fucking my face. I was almost choking. I could feel his cock enlarging. After about three minutes, he took his dick out and said, "I have a better use for my cum."

He then gagged me with my bandana, took off my panties, and straddled my legs. The Terry that I'd grown so fond of was gone; in his place was an abusive rapist.

He knew I was a virgin, so he gave me a little mercy and didn't enter that fast. I felt an awful tearing when he was about halfway in, it wasn't that painful. The pleasure made up for the pain.

He built up a good rhythm and started to hump fast, back and forth. This, contrary to what I thought I was supposed to be feeling, felt so good. His cock filled up my entire pussy. He had a pretty large cock, about 8 inches when it was hard. My moans and pants were muffled my the gag.

Terry then said, "Don't even THINK of cumming until I tell you to. You're going to be punished if you do."

My head was reeling. He can't tell me not to cum! But I was scared of what he might do if I didn't listen, so I tried my hardest to hold it back. I tried thinking of something else, but kept being interrupted by the immense pleasurable feelings from my pussy.

Finally, I couldn't hold it back any longer. He was still pumping away. The built-up tensions ravaged me and I felt my pussy contracting and all my senses were blown away by my orgasm.

Terry felt me tighten and saw that I had an orgasm, it was pretty obvious with my loud moanings. He came at the same time and blew his load inside me.

After that, he just lied on top of me, inside me, for a few minutes. Then he pulled out. I felt such an aching emptiness and started getting a little disappointed.

He then said, "I told you not to come till I told you to. You disobeyed me. Now you're gonna have to face a punishment."

I was too scared to think of what that might be.

He continued, "From now on until the day your parents come back, I'll be here all the time. I'll go and come wherever I want, and I might bring friends. It's up to me. If you try locking the door or pretending you're not home, believe me, that won't work. I'm gonna get you sooner or later, so don't even try it. You will be my sex slave. You'll exist only to satisfy my needs, and the needs of others if I want you to fulfill them. I will only allow you pleasure if you've been a good slave. And starting today, you will only address me as 'master'. Is that understood?"

With that, he took off my gag. My head was spinning from what he just said. I thought I have grown to love him. I knew since I was a teenager that I was a little submissive, but have tried to deny it. Now a man that I've only known for a few weeks is saying that he's my master. The events that happened that night were still fresh in my mind. I knew I'd do whatever it took to have him as my master.

"Yes, master."

"Good slave."

With that, he untied my hands and let himself out of my house.

To Be Continued...


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