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Who is the Father
by Softly

Date: June 1975. Since Jeannie worked in the lab, the doctor that examined her husband's semen to determine the sperm count handed her the report of his finding. Her shoulders slumped as she read: "The damage incurred to Mr. Runion's testicles in the vehicle accident will prevent him from fathering a child."

Jeannie had feared this was the case and had a plan. She approached Doctor Lemke, who had given her the report and asked to see him privately. In his office, Jeannie told him that she knew that he was doing research on sperm and cell make up. Is there any way she could get pregnant. Lemke said, "We are exploring a way of removing a woman's egg, mixing it with sperm and putting it into her womb. Very expensive, would guess at $30,000 dollars." Jeannie crying, said that her husband was a Navy pilot, now let go because of the accident, and was trying to get a job as an engineer with Boeing.

She continued that she would do anything to have two children. Now, I must tell you that Dr. Lemke liked pussy more then anything else, yet with his average looks and small frame sex with woman other then his wife was hard to come by. He studied Jeannie. If you think Ava Gardner was an attractive woman, you would love Jeannie. He asked her some questions about her husband and wanted to see his picture.

"I will make you pregnant by a man who resembles your husband, a man who in all ways stands for excellence, if you will do something for me."

Jeannie glowed as she said, "Oh, anything!"

"Except when you are with child, I want to have sex with you once a month, indefinitely."

Jeannie did not say a word for three minutes. Then, ever so softly she whispered, "Agreed."

Nine months and 12 days later, Charles Runion, Jr. came into this world. One year to the day, at eleven AM, Jeannie undressed herself and lay down on Dr. Lemke's bed at his lake cottage. Her breasts were DD size with her milk. Her pubic area was just showing hair from the birth shave. She was lovely, so womanly. Lemke was a very gentle lover. His hands and mouth went to all her "spots" so that by the time he inserted himself into her pussy she was fully aroused, and impatient to be serviced.

Lemke's vasectomy was the icing on the cake for her. All woman would like to have sex with different men, but most don't for any number of reasons. Jeannie was paying off a debt with a safe man. She was smart enough to enjoy it. Enjoy it she did for the next three hours. The talk between rounds with this "first class mind" was as interesting to her as the sex. Lemke took an interest in her and her family. One of his golfing foursome was Dick Carter, the Chairman of Boeing Aircraft Corporation. Lemke put a bug in Carter's ear which resulted in Charles Runion being put on a fast track to senior management.

Date: September of 1977. Thomas Runion was born. Charles Runion, Sr. was now group manager, and Jeannie was still fucking the good doctor once a month. Life was good.

Jeannie adored her husband. He was all man, a great father, super bed partner, plus being her best friend. Lemke was, on the other hand, a true friend that gave her a sexual experience that soothed her soul. So gentle and caring.

Date: August 29, 1999. She and her husband proudly watched there second son graduate from the US Navy "Top Gun" school. Both sons were clearly America's finest. The following week, Lemke called Jeannie and ask her to meet him at his cottage at one PM. He added, "Jeannie, no sex today."

Lemke sat Jeannie down in front of the TV. He handed her an envelope. He explained that the information inside described the blood type and DNA of the father of her boys. He want her to know who it was. Lemke explained that when she first approached him that he was in possession of the sperm of one hundred of Americas most important men. He had chosen one of them to father her children. The man, of course had no knowledge of the events. I am retiring this week, so we will never see each other after today. I am going to show you the man now.

The TV screen came alive. The White House. Three men were to receive the "Metal of Freedom. Jimmy Cater was first. George Bush was second. Then, a man Jeannie had admired all her life came before the camera. The President shook his hand. The eagle eyes, warm smile, and all American ease filled the screen. "That's the man", Dr. Lemke said, as the newscaster spoke out his name: John Glenn.

Its a great world.

Softly, UB2

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