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Wedding Jitters I
by The Kitty

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Fifteen minutes later, Jennifer came to get me. She was wearing a very nice dress. It flattered her slender body. I laughed thinking she looked as if she was going to a wedding. I asked Jennifer questions about what she knew. She did not say anything. She only handed me a piece of paper that said, "I am not to speak, only to lead you to your coronation."

We rode the elevator, without saying a word, to the 8th floor. As we walked down the hallway to the boardroom, I could feel the aching beginning in my loins. I had no idea who would be there or what my future husband planned on having me do once we arrived.

Jennifer motioned for me to stay in the hall until she came back out. She was only away briefly. I followed her into the same boardroom I had been in many times before. I glanced around the room, scared to make eye contact with anyone. There were about 30 people in the room. Almost everyone from work had been invited. My eyes darted from face to face. Besides my coworkers, there were; my sister and her husband, my kid brother, Tom's three sisters as well as two of his three brothers, Jennifer, Nancy (a friend of mine from college), Bill (an ex-boyfriend of mine), and Alexandria (Tom's ex-girlfriend). But as my gaze reached the far end or the table, I received the biggest surprise....Three of our top clients, all very distinguished U.S. Senators; Senator Nathaniel Hope (D-MO), Sen. Mark Hyde (R-TN), and Sen. Joyce McCoy (R-TX).

I felt very warm as my face flushed with the embarrassment of knowing all these people were here to witness my submission to Tom. These were people who felt I was very strong minded and now they would know the truth; I want to be sexually dominated for the rest of my life.

The initial humiliation had not even settled in entirely, when I saw what they had been watching while waiting on me. The wall-sized projection TV was filled with the image of my masturbation scene from earlier in the day. I felt so low at that point. I was mad but I wasn't angry. Tom broke the silence by announcing to me, "Honey, we were just watching you enjoy your afternoon off."

I couldn't bring myself to say anything. I simply nodded my head and looked back to the screen. "Everyone thinks you did a good job shaving your pussy", Tom continued, "Jennifer wants you to shave her when we get back from our honeymoon." Again I could only nod.

I felt everyone's eyes piercing my scant clothing. It felt as if they were trying to burn them off of me with their X-ray vision. Tom walked back to where I was standing and escorted me to the front of the room. Standing at the front was Judge John Sullivan. He was to be the "master of ceremonies".

As I arrived at my position I knew everyone was looking at my ass. If they looked close enough they could see the bottom curves that hung below the hemline of the dress. Judge Sullivan was smiling as he gave a few remarks about the ceremony. He explained to everyone in attendance that at the end of the ceremony, I would be required to fulfill any and all of Tom's sexual fantasies. Tom would be required to assure I was given a good place to live and protection from evil forces. I wasn't sure what "evil forces" was suppose to mean but I said nothing.

I began feeling a little more at ease as we recited the oaths Tom wrote for the event. I also rationalized that Tom would not get too carried away since our siblings were here. I was only too grateful he did not invite my parents.

When the judge was finished and pronounced us as one for our coupling, he turned to Tom and said, "You may now take command of your bride."

Tom took my hand and gently kissed it. He looked at me, the love piercing through my soul, and said, "Holly, we must pay the good judge for his services. I have no money so you must pay him."

I looked at him with shock in my eyes, I hadn't brought any money, How was I to pay him? Then I saw the twinkle in his eye as he pushed me to my knees. I felt the throbbing of my heart as I reached out to unzip the judges pants.

I was to give him a blow job in front of all these people, all my friends. I was torn between the feeling of humiliation and sexual desire.

As the judge's cock was freed from his trousers, Tom said, "Holly, you must be on your HANDS and knees for this." I knew the purpose was to allow everyone an unobstructed view of my shapely ass cheeks.

I obeyed my husband-to-be. When I was on my hands and knees, I again took hold of Judge Sullivan's cock and brought it to my lips. As I was doing this, Tom walked behind me and lifted the dress so it would not hide any of my private areas. I could feel the moisture building within my swollen pussy lips. I knew the three Senators were sitting close enough they could see the gapping hole of my cunt. I could not see any of them, so I was forced to imagine what they were doing.

My attention became focused on the oral duties before me. Judge Sullivan's penis was about 6-7 inches long, but quite thick. I allowed the head of his manhood to become engulfed into my mouth. I could feel it growing harder as I continued to take more of him into my mouth. It was not long before I had the entire shaft in me, my lips touched the base of his pelvic area. The judge began thrusting his cock inside my throat, while his hands held the back of my head. He was setting the pace, and it was a furious one. He continued fucking my mouth for only about a minute longer before his moans became louder and he finally screamed, "OOOOHHH I AM CUUUMMMING!" I braced myself for the load he was going to shoot into my belly. But instead he withdrew his penis from my small warm mouth and began shooting jets of warm, sticky semen all over my face. I tried to swallow some but Tom insisted I close my mouth. I was to be bathed in the Judge's sperm. As I knelt there motionless, Judge Sullivan continued stroking his cock and spraying load after load of his cum against my face and into my long red hair. The judge replaced his cock into his pants saying, "Damn Tom, you have one helluva woman there."

The cum was drying on my face but Tom would not allow me to clean it off. Instead he took his hands and grasping a cheek of my ass in each one, he spread my ass open so everyone could see my anal opening. I had promised Tom he would be the first to take me there if he married me. He obviously had decided to claim his prize early. The only view I had was to glance at the projection TV as someone was video taping this for future use.

Tom took one finger and plunged it into my dripping pussy. He made sure his finger was completely covered with my juices and then shoved it into my ass. I saw my tiny anal opening spread as his large finger began probing where no one had been allowed before. There was a sharp pain as he thrust the finger inside me, but it soon vanished as he withdrew it. His purpose was only to show everyone that I had never taken a cock in this, my most private of spots.

Then Tom unzipped his pants and removed his enormous cock through the fly. He didn't remove his pants, nor did he even unfasten them. It was quite a turn on (as I later watched the tape) to see his huge 10" cock that was every bit as thick as my wrist, hanging from his pants like that.

I felt him push the head of his member into the entrance of my sweet cunt. It was such a tight fit even after the many times he had shoved his tool into that tiny hole.

Inch by inch he gradually thrust more of his prick inside. I knew everyone was watching and sharing in our celebration. When Tom had finally buried his entire length into my pussy, he stopped and then began a rhythmic thrust. With each one I could not help but let out a moan.

I tried to control the noises coming from my mouth, I knew everyone was watching. Tom continued to thrust inside of me, he was always good in the endurance category. While he ravaged my swollen cunt, Jennifer approached where we were and whispered something to Tom. Tom nodded his acceptance.

Jennifer walked in front of me. She lifted her skirt and showed everyone she was without panties. "Lick my cunt, you nasty bitch!", Jennifer commanded. I had never seen Jennifer act this way before. She was normally so shy and quiet.

Tom chimed in, "Holly, do anything Jenny wants or asks of you unless I over-rule her. You always wanted to make love to her, now is your chance." I was now utterly embarrassed that everyone knows I had the hots for this young blonde girl.

Jennifer is a knockout, she is a natural blonde about 19 years old. She has eyes that are so blue they make everyone, man or woman, melt when they look into them. She was not a very buxom girl, but what she had was very perky and solid. I knew this because she and I go to the same gym and I had to sneak a look at her in the shower one morning.

But now Jennifer had changed, I wasn't sure I wanted her this aggressive, but if Tom said I must do this then I must. "I know you want me. I have seen how you stop your routine at the gym early and take a shower whenever I do.", Jennifer said. She was right, one day I wasn't even 10 minutes into my workout when I saw her heading for the showers. I didn't think I was that noticeable but I followed behind her. Dreaming that someday I would be able to taste the sweet juices of her blonde pussy.

Now, I was given that chance! But in front of 30+ people. She brought her crotch closer to me and I could already smell the fragrance of her sex. She was very wet as I found out when My tongue first began to dart at her opening.

Tom had never seen me with another woman. I had confessed to him that I had made love to my roommate in college, Nancy. Who was also here watching me do things she taught me. Tom was having some difficulty keeping his composure as my tongue explored the swollen lips of Jenny's cunt. I knew he fantasized about making love with Jennifer as well and he secretly hoped that if we invited her over he would get to enjoy her also. The problem was we did not know if she was bisexual or not. Now we had a better idea.

I continued thrusting my long tongue in and out of Jenny while Tom slammed his cock deep into my pussy. When Jennifer grabbed my head and held me against her sex, my tongue still embedded deep inside her moist, delicious pussy, it was all Tom could handle. He began thrusting harder and faster and moaning loudly, "YYESS, OOOO hhhhhh YeSSS, Eat HER PUSSY Holly, make HER CUM with MEEEEE." Then Tom slammed his cock one last time and buried it into my opening. He began pumping his seed directly into my womb, I felt as if I was overflowing with cum. As his final spurt came to rest inside my burning snatch, Jennifer began bucking against my face. I felt tiny spurts of her cum draining onto my tongue. I began lapping at the juices with all my effort. The sweet, tangy taste lingering on my lips as I delved deeper into her wanting more of what she offered.

Jennifer screamed, "OH YES, LICK IT! Please, I want you to TASTE METE!" I felt the shudders of my first orgasm of the night roll through my body. I began playing with my own clit hoping to assist myself in this mind shattering orgasm. I desperately wanted Jen and I to cum together.

At last we did. I was gasping for air as Jennifer broke into her second orgasm, which was much stronger than her first. This time the liquid from her pussy was very thick. It was equally as tasty as the first batch but this time was in huge quantities. I thrust my ass against the air, occasionally hitting Tom's deflated cock.

Jennifer came down to meet me and began a long passion filled kiss, tasting her own juices mixed with the cum of the judge that was splattered there earlier. She kissed my ear whispering, "I have always wanted to try that, I have never been with another woman before." I blushed and winked at her. She concluded, "When you get back from your honeymoon I will return the favor." She smiled, lowered her skirt and returned to the rest of the group.


This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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