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Whacking Material
by Chac

The room was white, all white. The walls were bright, sanitary white. There wasn't a visible door. The floors were white and the overhead lights cast back from them with blinding brilliance. The ceiling was one vast, white light. Each wall had one table distending from it. Each table was painted white and was about waist high and had a white cushion on it. Each of the tables had a girl on it. Only half of each girls' body was exposed, no arms, no breasts, no head. The bodies started just below the breasts and ended at the feet. Every thing else was in the wall somehow. All of the body's were painted white. Only the lips of the vaginas were flesh color. All of their pussies were cleanly shaven. Each of the bodies was in a different position. The table on my left had a girl lying on her side, in kind of a fetal position, her knees together and bent, her feet even with her ass. The table in the wall on my right had a girl on her stomach, her back slightly arched, her bottom pushed out, fleshy and round. The girl in the wall directly in front of me was on her back with her knees bent and her feet flat on the table. The girl on the wall behind me was also on her back but her knees were up against the wall, her ankles were somehow fastened to the wall, her ass was about six inches off the table. Each of their bodies was perfectly positioned so their pussies were right at the edge of the table. All of the, shiny white bodies were gyrating at the hip, rubbing and grinding, their pussies glistening with moisture under the infinite white light.

My cock was pulsing. I was totally naked. I looked down. Everything but my penis was a moist white. I was totally shaven, not a hair on my body. I reached up and felt my bald head. I reached down with both hands, alternately looking at all four bodies, rubbing my balls with one hand, my cock with the other. There was a coating of some kind of lubricant all over my body. My hands slid softly on my testicles and up and down my shaft.

I watched all four moist bodies one at a time and decided I liked the one in the fetal position. I walked up to her, still rubbing myself. When I was about three feet away I noticed a white cushion on the floor, at the foot of the table. I knelt on the cushion. I watched her ass move. Her pussy was dark pink and swollen. Her lips were open enough for me to see inside her. I touched her clitoris with my finger. Goosebumps appeared all over her and my finger and the back of my hand was drenched with her wetness. I put two fingers in, they slid right in. My hands were off my cock now and it just bulged, aching and flexing. I pushed my fingers in deep and held them as far as they would go. I put my head down and teased her tight ass hole with my tongue. She responded by pushing against my fingers and producing more wet. Finally I was eating her. I had my tongue inside her, my cheeks were sliding between her cheeks and my middle finger was in her ass hole past the second knuckle. I pulled my head up but kept my finger in her. I rested the head of my dick against her opening and watched her squirm. She pushed toward my cock but she couldn't reach it. When she started to give up I jammed my thickness to the back of her box. The juicy pussy noises started me fucking and poking her, in and out, ramming, ramming. My shaven balls were even going inside her with each thrust. I held my entire genital package inside her as I reached climax. My back knotted as I backed away from her. I made idiotic orgasm sounds and couldn't bear to touch my sensitive prick. I sat on my knees out of breath and couldn't believe there were three more dripping pussies waiting to be fucked.

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