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Wet Night
by Chac

I couldn't see a thing. I knew I was on my back, laying on a soft surface, my neck and head perfectly comfortable. My mouth was covered by another mouth. Its tongue pushed gently against mine and made love to my lips and gums. I sucked and couldn't get enough of the tongue. Then while the tongue kept licking and the lips and teeth kept sucking and biting my lips and chin and cheeks and neck, I felt a mouth cover the middle and index fingers of my left hand, then my right hand was suckled in the same manner. The feeling of these three strange mouths on my mouth and hands pulsed a shock of sexual energy into the pit of my stomach and through my testicles and penis. I felt a thick flow of precum running down my scrotum, tickling my pubes. What seemed like six or even ten hands were gently caressing my body. They rubbed my chest and softly pinched and scratched my nipples.

They lightly tickled the insides of my thighs and balls. My hard-on was thick and tight. My sack was full and heavy. Suddenly a pussy replaced the mouth on my left hand. I felt my wet fingers slide into a slippery, bald cunt and another simultaneously covered my mouth. I felt her bush on my upper lip and scraping my nose. I ate her, my tongue reaching in as far as possible. Soon my tongue ached with fatigue but I was still hungry for wet pussy. I took in her odor and felt the presence of my erection ever so intensely. My toes and feet were being sucked along with my nipples. A pussy on my mouth and one on each hand along with mouths on my toes and nipples and countless hands, finally squeezing my balls and stroking my cock, I wasn't aware of any existence other than this moment in time. All of my senses seemed to be engulfed with sex. I smelled, tasted, heard, and felt pussy, sweat and spit. But I couldn't see a fucking thing.

I imagined ten or more hot sluts crouched over me, their breasts hanging over me, their backs arched pushing their asses out to be fucked. My lower back was supported by a cushion, which raised my ass off the bed, or what ever I was lying on. I felt tongues licking my balls, my cock, and my ass and hands squeezing and kneading my ass cheeks, thighs and cock. Two or as many as five tongues and mouths were stroking and sucking the shaft of my cock but they were neglecting the head. Fingernails were parting my hair and scratching my scalp while pussies covered my fingers and mouth and mouths and hands engulfed the rest of me. Every hair on my body was raised and waves of tingling sexual anticipation overtook my senses.

Finally, my entire body, wet with saliva and pussy, the head of my cock was surrounded by at least two mouths which alternately sucked and licked me. Suddenly all contact was broken, no one was touching me anywhere. My toes curled and my back knotted; my cock reached out to fuck. They started blowing cool air from their mouths. My body was chilled and my goose flesh was tight and hard. They went on doing this for around ten or fifteen minutes until all of the saliva and juices were dried from my body. My testicles were aching and my erection remained pushing towards the ceiling, searching for stimulus. Finally a hot, wet hole was around my member, covering it all the way to the base, squeezing it with practiced skill. The pussies returned to my fingers and mouth and the hands and mouths returned to the rest of my body. My nipples were bitten and sucked, my hands and mouth were fucked and my toes and feet were licked.

My body was a giant hard cock being fucked and sucked. My cock was ridden at a steady rhythm and then the rhythm quickened and so did the rhythm of the hands, mouths and cunts. A tongue started sucking and licking my balls and ass. I pushed my tongue deep into the pussy on my face. My legs, ass and back cramped and I blasted. I couldn't move for the unbearable sensitivity of my dripping cock and the rest of my titillated body. The pussy remained on my semi hard prick but the other pussies and mouths were removed and replaced by gentle caresses and massaging. I woke up soaked with sweat and cum.

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