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Working Overtime
by Elizabeth Fields

It was 4 p.m. and the office was shutting down for the day. Stephanie Thompkins was at her desk looking through the stack of correspondence that must be taken care of in the morning, when the phone rang. It was him. "Be in my office in five minutes," she said and hung up the phone. The thought of having the building's electrician she had been flirting with in her office set her heart racing. Five minutes...enough time to go to the bathroom, freshen up, and give her desk the appearance of organization.

Two assistants were killing time in the bathroom when she got there. Their faces blushed red as they quietly picked up their purses and left to go back to their desks. "Got ya," she thought with a grin spreading across her face, "It's nice to be the boss." Stephanie peed quickly and washed her hands. She took a little more time putting her hair back into place as she looked to see if her makeup needed to be refreshed. After deciding that the makeup would do, she sprayed a little bit of perfume into the air to let the fragrance mist over her as she walked out of the room.

Her desk was the big problem, though - it would take hours to make it look organized. A couple stacks of paper were thrown together as she glanced at the clock her mentor had given her when she left her last job to start her own business- 4:04, it read. Her heart began to beat faster and her palms became damp with sweat. Enough time to hang up the raincoat she had thrown into a heap on the sofa and dispose of the Chinese take-out that she had forced herself to eat while she worked on the latest proposal for the company's number one customer. Lucky for her, the window blinds were already drawn.

Stephanie sat down at her desk and took a deep breath. 4:05. "I made it!" she thought with a grin as the elevator across from her office opened. It was him. The muscular body of the electrician began picking its way through the main office towards her when one of the secretaries tapped on her doorframe. "Yes, Linda?" she asked with disappointment edging her voice.

"Could you sign this requisition for me, Ms. Thompkins? It needs to go out with the 4:15 courier." Stephanie took the purchase order out of Linda's hand as the electrician entered the room and nodded a brief hello; she placed her signature at the bottom. "Thank you, Ms. Thompkins," Linda said as she accepted the signed paper and turned to go. "Hi Rick," mumbled the secretary as she left the office, not noticing the glare she was receiving from Stephanie.

"Hey," was the soft reply. Rick was the dream of every woman in the office, and a few of the men. He stood just less than six feet tall and had the rippling muscles of a man who liked to lift weights to keep physically fit. His blue eyes shown under short, slightly wavy brown hair the color of chocolate. And everyone who noticed imagined how his large, strong hands would feel caressing their bodies. His voice could melt even the coldest heart, turning it into a pool of warmth.

Rick looked at Stephanie, and with a smile asked, "Where is the unit I need to check?"

"Right above the door," she answered, pointing to a spot above his head. She could barely pull her gaze away from his as she picked up the phone ringing on her desk. "Yes, this is Ms. Thompkins. What can I help you with?"

Rick nodded, mentioned something about a ladder and left the room. Stephanie knew he was going to the supply closet located on the other side of the office. She jotted down notes pertaining to the phone conversation she was having, not really paying attention to the man on the other end. All she could think about were the eyes of nearly every other person who worked for her watching the Adonis of a man walking through the workspace.

"I think we can handle the situation for you. Thank you, Mr. Marshall," she said before hanging up the phone. At that moment, Rick returned carrying a small stepladder.

"Did you miss me?" he asked while setting up the ladder. Stephanie stared at him coldly for a couple of seconds, wondering what the secretaries sitting outside her door were thinking.

Then she smiled and licked her dry lips as she saw him bend down to pick up the pencil he had dropped. "What an ass," she thought as her eyes languished over his body.

Rick started up the ladder. "Where exactly is the unit, Ms. Thompkins?"

"Actually, I think you might need to close the door in order to get close enough," Stephanie answered as she moved out from behind her desk.

She pushed the door shut as Rick adjusted the ladder. Stephanie steadied it as Rick climbed the two steps he needed in order to be level with the top of the door. "It's right up there," she whispered as she pointed to a blank space of ceiling, her arm lightly brushing against his upper thigh.

She could not tear her eyes away from the growing bulge encased in his tight jeans as she heard a sharp intake of breath. He swallowed and could hardly speak. "There?" was all that could come out of Rick's mouth for the moment. She hoped more sounds would be coming out of those soft lips soon.

"Yes," Stephanie whispered as her hands slowly met at Rick's waistband. She quickly unbuckled the black leather belt and undid the top button of his jeans. She put her face to the front of his crouch and began moving her lips over his ever-increasing bulge.

"Uh.... Ms. Thompkins? Would you like me to get off the ladder?" Rick asked, unable to get his breath.

"No...if you need to, rest your hands on my shoulders. And Rick, call me Stephanie," she said with a touch of authority.

Stephanie looked up at Rick and smiled as her fingers began unbuttoning the remainder of his fly. He closed his eyes slowly as she pushed them lower on his hips. Stephanie's smile broadened when she noticed Rick was not wearing any underwear; a moan escaping from both of their lips as she lifted his stiffening manhood from the fabric encasing it.

Gently, she caressed his hardening cock with her hands. Stephanie glanced up at Rick's relaxed, yet excited, face as if to ask his permission about what she would do next. His eyes were closed and his lips slightly parted as she brushed her lips over the head of his penis. She could feel him moan from deep within his chest.

"Take off your T-shirt," she said briefly. Rick did as Stephanie commanded, dropping the T-shirt to the floor. He then placed his hands on her shoulders and began to lightly knead the muscles.

Slowly, Stephanie took Rick's cock into her mouth, running her tongue down its shaft. "Oh, that feels so good," she barely heard Rick say as she started to move his hard cock back and forth past her lips. She cupped her hands on the tight ass she had noticed earlier and felt him begin to move in time to how she worked her mouth over his member.

Rick placed a hand on the back of Stephanie's head, leaving the other on her shoulder. "Oh, God...," he moaned as he started pumping faster. "Let me suck you...please." The plea was half spoken, half moaned.

Stephanie slowly withdrew Rick's penis from her mouth, but didn't let him go just yet. Still cupping his ass, she flicked her tongue over the swelling head of his hard shaft and felt it jump as he groaned loudly.

Stephanie let go of Rick and moved to the sofa. He gingerly stepped down from the ladder and crossed the room in two quick steps. "Are your assistants still working?" he asked softly as he shrugged out of his jeans. His cock was ramrod straight.

"Yes," Stephanie answered. "They leave at 4:30. It's 4:20; we have to try to keep quiet for another 15 minutes, just to be sure everyone has left." She unbuttoned her blouse to show Rick her swelling breasts through the silk camisole she wore. "Suck!"

Rick bent towards her breasts as Stephanie took off her blouse. Rick lifted the camisole over her head and licked the skin between her breasts before taking a nipple into his mouth. As his lips and tongue scorched her flesh, Stephanie shivered with delight. Rick began to tease her nipple with his teeth; a soft cry escaped from her lips.

As he continued to suck Stephanie's nipples, Rick slowly traced the fingertips of his right hand down her side. He gently lifted Stephanie's skirt and parted her thighs, moving his hand towards her damp mound. When Rick began caressing her swollen folds, Stephanie let out a gasping "yes."

Heat filled her eyes when Rick looked into Stephanie's face. He started kissing his way down her torso, lingering in each spot for a few seconds as if trying to leave his mark. Hesitating briefly at her mound, Rick brought his fingers to his mouth, wet with her juices. He gazed at Stephanie long enough to see her eyes widen and her lips form an "o" of pleasure as he sucked his own fingers.

After having that small taste of her, Rick knew he had to have more. He eased her thighs further apart and rested his hands on her hips. He could see Stephanie's juicy cunt begging for his tongue to enter as she draped her legs over his shoulders and hugged his head closer to her. "God, you are so wet," he whispered, loud enough for her to hear, as he moved even closer to her cunt.

He began rolling his tongue over her pussy lips, exploring the folds of her body. Rick slid his tongue deeper through the folds of her cunt until he found her clit, pulsing wildly. Deftly, he placed Stephanie's clit between his lips and started to suck and tug at it while still licking her pussy.

Stephanie arched her back and started rocking her hips as Rick continued to suck and lick her, his face beginning to drip with her juices. As Stephanie's breathing became gasps of pleasure, Rick drove his tongue deep into her cunt.

She let out an audible gasp. At the same time, she grabbed and pushed Rick's head deeper into her as she continued to thrust her cunt into his face. Her moaning was steadily becoming louder and more intense as pleasure rolled over every inch of her body.

Rick was moving his face and tongue wildly over her pussy lips when Stephanie tightened her legs around his shoulders. "Oh, God. Don't stop," she almost screamed; luckily the clock on Stephanie's desk read 4:35 and everyone had left for the day. Well, almost everyone - Linda was standing just outside the boss' door listening intently, fingering herself and almost as wet as her boss.

Rick began moving his tongue faster and faster, in and out of Stephanie's pussy, moving her closer to the peak of orgasm. She grabbed his head and pushed him harder into her cunt as she started to pump his face with more force. "Oh, God! Oh, God! Yes! Yes!" she screamed as she orgasm peaked and came in Rick's mouth.

He stayed with his face in her pussy, tongue slowly sliding up and down her cunt as her breathing steadied. "You taste wonderful, Stephanie," he said softly as he pulled himself into a kneeling position in order to look at her face. There was a lazy smile on her lips as she motioned for him to come closer for a kiss.

As Stephanie and Rick kissed, they her a stifled moan coming from the other side of the closed door. Stephanie grabbed her blouse and sprang to open the door just as Linda brought her hand out of her pants. "Uh, Ms. Thompkins. I didn't know there was anyone else here," Linda exclaimed guiltily.

"You were wrong. Get into this office, Linda," Stephanie demanded. There was not much Linda could do but comply.

"Yes, Ma'am," Linda answered meekly, not looking at Rick, who was sprawled out on the sofa stoking himself.

"Would you like to join us?" Stephanie asked, a wicked grin on her face. Linda glanced back and forth at Rick and Stephanie, a startled look on her face. "Take off your slacks and sit on the sofa."

As soon as Linda had sat on the sofa, Stephanie was on her knees in front of her. "Such a bad employee, listening in on a private consultation. And so wet," Stephanie purred, stroking Linda's thighs. Stephanie could feel Linda's leg muscles tighten beneath her hands.

Stephanie, who had always prided herself for being liberal, began to massage Linda's pussy with her fingers. "That's a good girl. You can relax now. That's it...just let yourself go," Stephanie whispered as she lowered her face so her tongue could brush over Linda's clit.

Rick moved to a kneeling position too, next to Linda. His cock was stiff and throbbing as he brought it close to her mouth. As it came closer to her lips, Linda opened her mouth to take it in. Soon, his penis was disappearing into Linda's mouth as he grabbed her head and started pumping.

In just moments, all three were moaning. Rick looked over at Stephanie to see her head bobbing up and down in Linda's lap and her ass in the air. He looked down at Linda sucking his throbbing cock faster and faster. And he knew he had to start fucking one of the two beautiful women in the room, so he disengaged himself from Linda's wonderful mouth and got to his feet.

Rick quickly moved behind Stephanie and said to her, "Don't stop." He got down on his knees and put one hand on her hip as he guided himself to her still swollen pussy. He heard her moan as he slid his hard, throbbing cock into her tight cunt and began to slowly thrust in and out. "Your tight cunt feels so wonderful," he groaned.

Stephanie's ass started rocking back and forth forcing Rick further inside her as she continued to lick and suck Linda's clit. Linda, feeling the rhythm of Stephanie and Rick's fucking, started moving her hip with the same motion. In seconds, she was taking fistfuls of Stephanie's hair as she screamed out in pleasure.

When Linda's screaming had stopped, Stephanie looked up to see Linda closing her eyes in satisfaction. "Now I can focus on this huge cock fucking me!" Stephanie thought, rocking towards Rick's abdomen with more force. She felt Rick's hands tighten on her hips as he slammed his cock into her pussy, forcing her to exhale quickly. She could hear the slap-slap of their bodies joining together, then coming apart, again and again.

"Come on, baby. Take all of me," came Rick's voice, low and throaty. "Let me fuck you hard!"

"Yes, harder. Fuck me, Rick!" Stephanie cried out through quick breaths.

Rick started pounding Stephanie faster and harder, feeling as if he would burst. "Oh, yeah!" he moaned repeatedly as he came closer to cumming. He pulled out of her hot, tight cunt just before he could shoot his load.

As soon as Stephanie felt herself release Rick's cock, she spun around to face his hand sliding furiously up and down his hard, throbbing member. "Cum in my face, you bastard!" she yelled. He placed his free hand on her shoulder roughly as his cock started to jump.

"Oh, God. Yes!" Rick groaned loudly as he started to shoot his load at Stephanie. Cum was spurting out of his cock - in her hair and mouth, on her face, even on Linda who was still relaxing on the sofa behind her. He let out a sigh as he stroked his cock one last time to let the last drop of cum fall on Stephanie's tongue.

Feeling spent, Rick dropped down to his knees in front of Stephanie, who was leaning back into Linda's lap. Linda was caressing Stephanie's hair as Rick laid his head between Stephanie's breasts.

"Too bad we can't get paid for overtime like this," Stephanie joked to them both as she put her hands on Rick's head. "We will have another meeting like this tomorrow at 4:20. Make sure you are here on time."

"Yes, Ma'am," answered Rick and Linda in unison. Stephanie closed her eyes and smiled contentedly.


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