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Who Put the X in X-Mas?
by Deborah

( "Who Put the X in X-Mas" is Part Seven of the sexual story of my life. "Gobble Gobble" which was posted on 11/21 was Part Six. I am purging my soul. Telling of my past sins is part of my repentance. )

Daddy was waiting for me at the front door when I arrived home from college for X-mas break. We hugged and kissed and I started crying.

"Oh Daddy, I missed you so much! I'm so sorry I didn't make it home for Thanksgiving. Gobble, gobble!"

"That's OK, Honey. I understand. With all the snow and everything, I'm glad you didn't risk traveling. I suppose you girls were really bored, being stranded at the sorority house for the holiday."

"Yes, Daddy, it was awful! Just sitting around with nothing to do. I wanted so much to be with you. I even missed Danny."

"Talking about your brother, he has a girlfriend. Her name is Samantha. Well, you'll meet her, but she is gorgeous and a couple years older than Danny. He's been going with her ever since that Halloween party you dropped him and Ryan off at. For the life of me I can't understand what that girl sees in your brother."

I couldn't help my fit of giggling and I had to bite my tongue before I replied. "Danny has a girlfriend? Oh my. Well, he is smart. Maybe he knows something the other guys his age don't." I giggled again and Daddy looked quite puzzled.

"Hey, Daddy, what's up with the Santa suit?" I had noticed it in the downstairs front closet when I hung up my coat.

"I got drafted to play Santa at the company X-Mas party this year. In fact, I have to be there in an hour so I best get going."

Daddy quickly got dressed in his outfit. I was quite impressed. I had the urge to knock his beard off right then and there.

"When you get back, Daddy, will you play Santa with me? Oh please? I'll sit on your lap and tell you what I want."

"Aren't you a little old for that, Honey?"

"What, for lap dancing? Not!" Daddy blushed and we both laughed.

Daddy left for the party and I went upstairs to my bedroom. I was exhausted and shucked off my clothes except for my panties and crawled under the covers for a nap.

I must have been asleep for more than an hour when I heard Danny and Ryan come in the front door. They were talking loudly and making quite a racket. They were talking about sex. What else do teenage dudes talk about?

Ryan was telling Danny that he finally persuaded his new girlfriend, Angela, to suck his cock. He said they watched a porn flick last night and he told her to just do what they were doing in the movie.

"Angela has a lot to learn, Danny, but there is great potential there. She spit it out but I told her if she swallows it next time I'll take her to the mall and buy her a new game for her Sega Dream Cast."

"Hey, good thinking dude. What some girls won't do for a new game. So Angela doesn't play with Barbies anymore? She's moved on to more stimulating toys, like Sega games? And your dick?"

Danny continued once he stopped laughing. "Look dude, you just ain't got the magic touch. It took you a week to get into Angela's pants and another two weeks to get her to blow you. I got to admit, though, she is one little hot number. I wouldn't mind dipping into that myself."

"Hey Danny," Ryan responded, "Anytime you wanna play 'switch the bitch' just say the word. You know I got a thing for Samantha. A big thing. Bigger than yours!"

Ah, teenage boys and their enormous egos. Then they get older and nothing much changes except they put on weight and eventually their hair turns gray.

Danny and Ryan must have seen my suitcase sitting in the living room because they shut up. They crept up the stairs looking for me. I pretended I was still asleep as they tiptoed in and stood beside my bed.

Ryan reached over and pulled the blanket down to my waist. "Danny, your sister is still the best. Look at those hooters! I shot my wad at least a hundred times on that cheerleader pic of her you sold me."

At that I jumped up and screamed "Boo!" and you should have seen those two jump. "You two dirt bags get your clothes off and get your asses in bed with me. And tell me what happened!" I demanded. They shed their clothes quickly and got in, one on each side of me.

I never did hear the story of what really happened on Halloween but I was sure as hell about to. Oh my, I was getting hot listening to them tell about their first experiences with tight little teenage pussy and they were getting hot telling about it. Finally I couldn't stand it any longer and I made one fuck me while the other one talked.

"Sis, we can't ever thank you enough for teaching us what to do," Danny said with that look of worship on his face. "You wouldn't believe how impressed Samantha was. Well, she didn't exactly say that but I could sure tell the way she was squirming and yelling. And we are still together, almost two months later. Wait until you meet her!"

Ryan explained that he had three girlfriends since that fateful Halloween, the latest being Angela. He made me laugh when he said he wasn't ready to settle down yet.

"Yeah, and my second girlfriend, Anais, she told me I was much better lover than any of her other boyfriends and even better than her father. Well that just shocked the shit out of me. I didn't know whether or not to believe her and I wasn't about to ask questions. You know, about her and her daddy. Do you really think that sort of stuff goes on?"

I tried to ignore Ryan's question until I could compose myself and I hoped they couldn't tell I was blushing.

Ryan continued, "That Anais, what a doll. She was fluent in French, in more ways than one if you get my meaning. But she was a lot older than me and I knew it wouldn't last. She said she preferred older more mature guys. She said I would be in her journal, though, for my incredible enthusiasm is how I think she put it. I still dream about her all the time."

I thought I better address Ryan's question, both for his good and mine. "Ryan, look at it this way, if the Bible is true, then I guess we all got here via incest one way or another, now didn't we?" Duh! I mean, there I am fucking my brother while Ryan is watching and talking and he asks a question whether this sort of thing goes on.

Just then we heard Daddy come home. The boys threw on their clothes in panic and rushed out of my bedroom. They got all scared for naught. Daddy was so beat he just flopped in his favorite chair and was still snoozing when I went downstairs a couple hours later. Danny had left with Ryan for who knows where.

I noticed the shopping bag sitting next to Daddy. Hmmmm. Victoria's Secret. What's up with that I wondered. I just couldn't imagine Daddy shopping there and I was dying of curiosity. I flipped on the TV and made a lot of noise so he would wake up.

Finally Daddy opened his eyes groggily and started to focus. Well, I couldn't help it! As soon as he was somewhat coherent, and he sure looked silly sitting there in that Santa suit, I asked, "Daddy, what in the world is in that bag?'

"Nothing, Honey. I just needed a bag and I somebody gave me that one."

"I think you are lying, Daddy. Remember what happened to Pinocchio. Isn't your nose big enough? Now tell me! Please, pretty please!"

"OK, OK, you'll never let up until I tell you. Well, I'll show you. It's a little something for you, Honey. But can't you wait until X-Mas?"

"You know damn well I can't, Daddy. Can I peek?"

"Why do you always get your own way with me? Just like your mother used to do."

"Don't start talking about Mom, Daddy, you'll just make me start crying. I miss her just as much as you do." Shit! I started tearing up. "Daddy, I want to go to the cemetery tomorrow and I want you and Danny to go with me."

"Sure, Honey."

"OK, I'm looking in the bag now, Daddy."

Whatever it was in the box was wrapped so beautifully I knew Daddy didn't do it. Oh my. I was totally shocked. Not often am I speechless. It was a very sexy black sheer body stocking with long sleeves and an open crotch. I held it up. It had a scoop neckline and slender spaghetti straps.

"Daddy! I can't believe you. I love it! Only question, who in the world am I going to wear this for?"

"For me, Honey."

"Now why didn't I think of that? I'd like to go put it on right now. Would you like that, Daddy?"

I didn't wait for an answer and ran off to the bathroom. Ten minutes later I immerged in my new outfit, along with the spiked heels. I painted my face and teased my hair.

Daddy looked rather, well, you know, what's the right word? I got right on his lap.

"OK, Santa, tell me what every little girl wants to hear." He couldn't even talk. "Tell me how much you love good little girls and how you are going to give them everything they want. But I'm not a good little girl, Santa, at least all the time. Sometimes I'm a bad girl. I think you should spank me!"

I switched positions and laid across his lap. My Daddy had never ever spanked me or hit me. He put his hand on my behind and gently felt the fishnet material. I could immediately tell he was becoming aroused. But he still wouldn't smack me.

"Daddy, spank me! I'm bad! I'm really bad!"

He still wouldn't smack me. Just kept feeling my ass over the fishnet.

I was facing the beautifully decorated tree. "Daddy, do you know that X-Mas trees are actually phallic symbols?" That got a laugh out of him.

I unzipped the pants of his Santa suit. I didn't even have to pull it out. It just sorta somehow popped right out.

"Daddy, remember what I told you when we talked on the phone on Thanksgiving? That my gift to you rhymes with snow job? I want you in my mouth. All of you. I want to feel you throb and pulsate and give it up. I want to swallow you." And then I did.

Daddy and I slept together that night and the next night. I persuaded Danny to get lost and stay overnight at Ryan's. Well, I got Samantha to persuade him. We became girlfriends so fast we even shared the bathtub when Danny and Ryan went off to basketball practice for a couple hours. I lent Samantha my new body stocking. The night after that was X-Mas eve.

On X-Mas eve I gave Daddy his real present. Her name was Myra. I told him I had invited one of my friends over to go caroling with us. We always went caroling. A tradition started by my late mother and we all loved to sing.

I had met Myra through a "personal" on the net. We had exchanged e-mails and phone calls daily for a month and we met on two occasions. And she could sing like an angel which I knew would impress Daddy.

Myra was thirty-six and had never been married. She was a nurse, very attractive and totally open about sex. And I thought I knew some shit! I couldn't believe the stuff she told me. I just knew Myra and Daddy would hit it off right from the start and they did.

I persuaded Myra to stay all night and it was her not me to sneak off to Daddy's bedroom that night. But I was fine. My other brother, Joe, eventually showed up. You know, Father Joseph, the priest. He arrived shortly after midnight mass and stayed up most of the night if you know what I mean. He was also awake all night and never quit talking and, well you know, until he had to leave for early morning mass. I made him read more of the Song of Solomon to me while he wasn't otherwise occupied.

That X-Mas was the last time Daddy and I were lovers. But he has never quit thanking me for reminding him why God made woman. Daddy and Myra were married that summer and still act like newlyweds. Totally disgusting behavior!

Daddy gave me another present that X-Mas. A cute little puppy. I named him XXplorher. "Dagnabbit, get down dog!"

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