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Wedding Story
by RealBigKid

When my girlfriend and I were in our last year of college we went to a friends wedding during our summer break. We both stayed at college over the summers and worked to help pay for the tuition. Being several hundreds of miles from home we didn't really know anyone except the other students we met in school. My girlfriend was quite the adventurous one and I was always trying coming up with new and exciting "dares" for her. To say she was prim and proper could be no farther from the truth, she liked to party and play hard and show off her awesome body.

It was late July and hot and humid in Florida and we dreaded getting all dressed up for the wedding. 90% of the time my wardrobe consisted of shorts and t-shirts and in Anne's case miniskirts and tanktops. We shared chores around the apartment, I cleaned and did wash and she shopped and cooked. Of course to conserve wash I forbid her to wear any underwear...I didn't have to twist her arm!

For the wedding I wore a suit and Anne wore a full-length dark blue dress that buttoned down the front. To not look to "slutty" she opted to wear a bra, but no panties or hose, just her tan legs in a pair of 6" pumps. We left for the wedding about noon and on the way talked about possibly getting married some day, I told her in order for us to get married she'd have to catch the bouquet. Talk quickly turned to me catching and placing the garter on her tan legs and sliding it up under her dress in the middle of the dance floor. What a thrill it would be to inch it up her leg farther and farther being the only ones who knew she wasn't wearing any panties. I told her if she caught it I would take the garter and put it so high up her leg that I would finger fuck her right there I front of everyone. With that the dare was set!

The church service seemed to take forever and to pass the time I placed Anne's hand in my crotch letting her feel my hardon, whispering in her ear how dirty she was not wearing any panties and that I was going to finger her good. Anne said she was getting wet and took my hand to feel her thigh, I only had to go up to within about 3" of her pussy to feel her slippery pussy juice on the inside of her thighs. She squeezed her legs together and made herself cum right there in the church. Finally the service was over and we were off to the reception. It was a decent size VFW hall and tables were set up all around the dance floor in the center. There was no stage but a DJ was set up at one end of the room next to the head table.

Again time seemed to drag as we went through the formalities of the bride and groom coming in, everyone dancing and then eating. Anne and I danced a few dances and she was by no means shy about her dress. She had it unbuttoned to a few inches above her knees and the top was unbuttoned down to wear you could just see her blue matching bra. She made sure to over exaggerate her movements bending a lot and show off her body. Partly it was for my benefit but it was mainly to drive me crazy (and the other guys too). Finally it was time to do the bouquet. Anne practically leaped out of her seat and rushed to the front of the pack. The bride tossed the bouquet and as if it was planned the bouquet fell right into Anne's hands. Piece of cake!

All right, now it was my turn. Myself and the other eligible bachelors got up and went onto the floor. Since this was a friend from school we did not know anyone other than the bride (not really even the groom). The other guys were pumped and a few were saying they wanted to get the garter because that girl is hot. My heart was racing as we waited for the count down; I stood in the center front of the pack ready to jump. The groom took the garter and threw it behind him so hard that it actually made a straight shot to the floor not 6" from my feet. Before I could react I saw another guy out of the corner of my eye dive onto the floor and scoop it up. He was a friend or something to the groom's younger brother and must have been only 18 or 19. Shit!

I looked at Anne and if she would have had a gun she would have shot me right there end then. All day I built this up, we were constantly teasing each other and she was more than ready for her finger fuck in the center of the room. She walked over and said, "Way to go asshole, since you couldn't get the job done I guess I'll have to let Jr. there finger my hot pussy."

Knowing Anne I knew she wasn't kidding, her anger towards me would now be to that kids benefit. I had no doubt that she would give him the thrill of his life. The DJ brought out a chair into the middle of the floor and Anne sat down facing the kid, she carefully crossed her legs to look as if she would only allow him to proceed slightly passed her knee. The kid took her right foot and removed her shoe, using both hands he slowly pushed it up Anne's silky smooth leg. My cock grew as I watched, wondering what Anne would do and if she would really go through with it. If the kid only knew what was at the top of that leg!

The DJ did the normal goofy DJ stuff and as the garter got right above her knee the kid stopped. The crowd (guys mostly) booed and the DJ said that for every inch above the knee was another year of marital bliss for the newlyweds. Anne adjusted her legs and pulled her crossed leg up higher allowing the garter to make it to about half way up her thigh. Cautiously the kid proceeded and then stopped once again, about 8" down from her pussy. Again boos rang out and the DJ said is that all, the crowd chanted higher, higher and Anne leaned over to whisper something to the kid. He kind of just looked at her with this confused look. Anne slowly and seductively uncrossed her legs giving the kid a nice shot of her bare pussy.

She again leaned down and took his hands and placed it on the garter, this time you could see tell what she said, she said, "go ahead, it's ok". With her legs slightly spread the kid once again started moving the garter up her leg, it only got an inch or two higher and you could see that he was having trouble with her leg against the chair. Anne gently lifted her ass and let him proceed, the crowd was roaring as he moved closer and closer. Anne lifted herself up a little higher and as he got to within a few inches lost her footing and fell forward onto the chair and his hand. Bingo! She had just sat on his hand covering it with her hot pussy juice!

To everyone else it looked as though she had lost her footing and slipped but I knew she had done it on purpose. The kid withdrew his hand from under Anne's bottom and just kind of had this weird little smirk on his face and went to sit down. Anne came over to me acting all embarrassed but smiling at the same time. "Mission accomplished she said, he won't wash that hand for a week" and with that gave me a huge kiss. "Are you ready, I need to get fucked right now" she said.

We said our good-byes to the bride and groom and went to leave. On the way out Anne saw the kid outside having a smoke, "hold on" she said to me. She walked over to him and thanked him for being a good sport and not to tell anyone her secret, Anne put one leg up on the railing and opened her skirt giving him full view of her shaved pussy as she slid the garter off her leg and handed it to him. She gave him a kiss on the cheek and turned to me to leave. We got in the car and flew home for some of the best sex we ever had. I later asked Anne what she whispered to the kid and she said "I told him that I wasn't wearing any panties and that he could go as high as he wanted."

What a girl. it's no wonder I married her!


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