The Best Erotic Stories.

Winterís Snow Pt. I
by Che

He hadn't considered the possibility that Anna might reject him. No one ever had. What was that phrase she so often used to describe his effect upon her, a phrase making him feel he was being trapped? Animal magnetism. She said his made it impossible for her to deny any of his moods. She hadn't. They'd been more than an item in that small country village, a relationship the gossip of townsfolk. Everyone assumed they'd marry. The only question was, when? Petulant and self-possessed, he'd turned to others when her too attentive interest in his every thought made him fantasize about fresh conquests, made him deaf to constant transparent feminine chatter. It was the lack of challenge. She'd become too easy. It wasn't any other aspect of her that sent part of his mind wandering in search of certain diversions. Her figure, enticing appearance, every physical aspect of her seemed made to enjoy. And he did, indulging every libertine pleasure, yet found himself in dangerous and sometimes deliciously exciting situations sponsored by her other weaknesses. Her need for constant attention and affirmation provided the lubricant for his moral slipping and sliding.

Once, he'd pursued an older woman, one who'd showed little interest until he'd hinted she might find some of his talents stimulating. She'd abused him, yet he'd found her dominating personality a physical and emotional challenge, engaging in acts he might have found repulsive only a few years earlier. He'd serviced the woman and her young female companion in the most depraved fashion for the better part of a week. Then, whipped and left locked naked in a room for two days without food or drink, he'd managed to escape, avoiding her thereafter like some disease. He hadn't been able to sit comfortably for well past a week. Imagine his fright when finding himself face to face with her at a socialite's party a few weeks later. Well dressed and arm and arm with her much younger thrall, she had completely ignored his obvious discomfort. Unable to forget what he and she'd done to that young girl, and what both had done to him, he knew he'd never get the obdurate dominatrix out of his mind, something he would never admit.

A few years earlier while attending Cambridge an unbridled imagination blossomed and he'd become obsessed with the idea he should become a writer. His father, a well-to-do London businessman, had unsuccessfully attempted to steer his career toward industry and commerce, but his son had made up his mind. After reading John Cleland's, Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure, and Guy de Maupassant's, Madame Tellier's Brothel, to name but a few, he imagined himself destined to create the finest erotic literature in the English language. Aware that syphilis had been the cause of Maupassant's death, he, fearing the dreaded disease, had avoided the company of worldly women and prostitutes. Instead, he dallied with much younger well-bread femmes, believing them unexposed and therefore free of such horrid plagues. Rightly or wrongly, he also believed he might avoid contagion through other less chancy forms of social intercourse, and proceeded to entice tender young darlings into performing those acts from which he'd begun to derive so much pleasure. There was the added excitement of playing these games, but he fancied himself at least as desirable and cunning as the infamous Casanova. A well disposed and set up young man, he had little trouble courting the opposite sex, and indeed at times had fought to escape being entrapped by some calculating female into that euphemistic state universally known as Ďmatrimonial bliss.í

Now, anxious to get more popular books in print, he'd moved back to London to write another gentleman's novel, spicy stories men read in private. Anna had begged him not to leave, flustered and at wit's end, tear-filled soulful brown eyes like a wounded doe following his every step. That desperate neediness sent him running.

Only two days after arriving, a school girl openly flirted with him in a London park, a lithe little tart with an insatiable curiosity and the adventurous soul of a Gypsy. Blossoming breasts and sultry exotic looks made already heated blood boil as he imagined her doing deliciously naughty things that made him shudder lustfully. When she boldly asked how he earned a living, he told her he was a writer. Imagining him famous, the saucy little flirt seemed thrilled past enchantment.

On bold impulse, he offered to let the young thing read his most erotic chapter to date, hoping licentious passages would set her emotions aflame. The darling flaxen-haired nymph with large wide-set light-blue eyes was more than intrigued with his close to obsessive interest in certain pleasures, especially when reading his description of a tender young lady's orgasmic transport while performing that act for which most men would gladly die. Carefully chosen words explicitly conveyed every visual and tactile detail, no description or nuance overlooked though he knew some readers might find such brazenly sexual images far too shocking.

Not one to have intimate relations in the dark, he prided himself in detailed attention to all things visual, the sense of sight inextricably linked to eroticism. Certainly, it was that which caught his eye that made him so susceptible to enchanting charms and supple young curves.

While she read he watched sparkling eyes and flushed cheeks, imagining what changes might be taking place between those nether-lips he so desperately desired to explore with lips and tongue. She reread steamy passages over and over, delicate fingertip pausing on the page as though caressing certain words, pupils dilated with interest, budding firm breasts rising and falling within a loosely laced bodice, every body signal betraying unguarded heart-pounding excitement. Those clues held his attention. The delicious glimpse of youthful cleavage exposing pale flesh nearly to lovely rosy conical tips made him moisten dry lips and wonder at parents who'd let such a tempting morsel out of their sight.

Yes, he'd carefully played the game as well as she, eager to use the succulent-lipped flirt, even offering her money to perform spine-tingling acts Anna had mastered to please his more puissant urges.

What was that you said? You want to know more? You want all the intimate details no matter how lascivious? Very well, dear reader. As you wish. You do have a wicked curiosity! Well, back to the tale where you can draw your own conclusion regarding its moral.

His offer made her glance up from the open manuscript, blushing but clearly aroused.

"Forgive me good sir, I don't mean to be rude. I found that explicitly described act most enticing, and though the offer is . . . well, tempting, I must refuse to accept your money."

Fearing he'd acted too-much in haste, offending the tender blossom, he instantly became chagrined and apologetic.

"Dear child! I didn't mean to offend you. Please accept my deepest apologies. I fear I was being much too forward exposing a child of such a tender young age to such salacious temptations."

His chagrin changed to stun when she blushed and touched his hand, large blue eyes focused just below his waist.

"Oh, no! It is I who should apologize. I in no way meant to offend you. Your story has left me agitated past good judgment! I'm still trembling from images your words stirred in my bosom, as well as other parts of my body I'm afraid to mention. As to your invitation for me to explore the pleasures your lovely lady enjoyed, I simply meant to convey the fact that I can't accept money. However, you've made me so mad with desire to experience those same succulent delights I must confess I'm beside myself and nearly unable to wait another moment!"

He nearly reached orgasm upon hearing her confession. Immediately, he invited her to his flat, rigid with need to find unlicensed satisfaction.

"Sweet child, I promise you will be able to leave before your family misses you. You are here of your free will. You can enjoy yourself and yet be home in no time at all."

Clearly a novice in a man's room, she moved from desk to window, unable to stand still in one place, so obviously aroused by what she was about, she was actually quivering. Again, he questioned her decision to play intimate games.

"Do not worry, esteemed author," she insisted, flawless cheeks pink, newly awakened desire fostering agitation, "I'll not change my mind, for you see I recently saw my parents engaged in that arousing act you so clearly and temptingly described, and wondered what pleasure my mother might receive when on her knees between my father's thighs. I confess I had no doubt about my father's pleasure by the manner in which he praised my dear mother's talented lips. What I viewed thrilled me so, I hurried back to my room and stimulated myself to newly awakened delights nearly the entire night while picturing what I had just seen! After reading your description of what the lady did to herself while performing that act you call fellatio, I must shamefully confess I have already discovered those same delights!"

That mental image made him so rigid he was unable to wait to satisfy the urgent need for release. Momentarily picturing Anna's lovely face, he further loosened the front of the small girl's bodice to expose upturned conical pink-nippled breasts, swollen rosy areolas engorged from sexual excitement. Taking both morsels between fingertips that had never performed manual work, he tweaked the sweet pair until the darling girl was beside herself with the need to touch herself under her dresses.

"You enjoy this, don't you?" he smiled. "That bodes well for what you are about to experience. Darling girl, kneel here at my feet. Tip your adorable face up, sweetest child. Open those beautiful generous lips. How lovely! You're sure you want this pleasure? You understand that I'm about to fill that sweet mouth of yours with an immense amount of that male elixir lovers refer to as cum?"

"Tell me first, dear sir . . . what is it really like? Your heroine seemed unable to get enough to gratify her thirst for that substance you call cum. Is it truly such a tasty treat? She consumed what she described as three magnificent servings of male seed, yet begged her lover for more."

"Girls tell me the taste of cum and the act of fellating a man sends them into such states of erotic ecstasy they experience orgasmic pleasures unknown to virgins, and most certainly, old maids. Once experienced, young girls beg for the chance to repeat the performance. Itís my belief that there is some direct erotic connection between the scent and taste that makes some girls reach orgasm simultaneously. They seem to quickly acquire a taste for the act and actually need to swallow inordinate amounts of warm cum."

"Then indulge me, dear sir! Even the word sounds delicious!" she blushed, glowing, parted rosy lips trembling, trembling tongue moving between them to keep them moist as he teased her swollen pink nipples. "Let me pretend I'm your young lady in the story. Use my undeserving lips; make me submit to your will; satisfy your lust. Are you now as hard as her young lover? If so, make me suck your cock to orgasm, dear sir. Promise me that when I feel you spilling your cum in my mouth I will experience the same ecstasy she experienced. Please us both by allowing me to perform fellatio!"

"Then extend your tongue, you dear sweet girl! What an enchantingly beautiful mouth. Extend your tongue further, child. Cup it like a serving spoon and I'll provide all you desire, for you've aroused me to the point that I most certainly will discharge a most enormous effusion!"

Hands shaking, he opened the front of his pants and took his engorged organ in hand. As soon as she saw what was about to become the object of her oral obsession, the darling girl's enthusiastic expression set him ablaze.

"Oh, save me, dear God!" she cried. "I can't contain my desire! Am I, like your heroine, being too naughty, dearest teacher? Will I forever be cursed for engaging in such deliciously wicked adventures? Shall I, like her, fall victim and find myself addicted to the sweet warm broth served up from men's spasming loins? Tell me . . . what is this poor girl to do? Use me well! Dear me, I'm so anxious to please you!"

"You'll not be damned, sweetest child. You'll soon experience heaven's pleasures! Trust me for I know where from I speak. Learn to please and, you'll experience even greater pleasures than do those foolish unwilling women who only submit to partner's raptures instead of relishing what wiser females have learned to enjoy. Learn to perform fellatio well for your pleasure as much as mine. The greater your need for the viscous rewards, the greater your orgasmic enjoyment! Remember, you must always use words that most heighten the experience, words meant to arouse the most heated response! Use those words I used in my book, those words banded as too-naughty and salacious for every-day conversation, but not for aroused lovers of lust!"

"Dearest teacher, please do not make me wait! I will do my very best! I want so to learn how to perform fellatio, to coax that warm treasure from your cock gentlemen call cum! This child is nearly faint with eagerness to please! I beg you! Instruct me in how to suck your cock to orgasm! Cock! Suck! Cum! Dear God! Even the words make me weak with salacious desire!"

"Dear girl! You will learn to adore saying and thinking those words! You will soon experience raptures just taking my cock in your sweet mouth and swallowing my spurting cum! Only now, continue to hold your mouth open wide, my darling young pet! Curiosity and appetite will soon be satisfied when I spend my cum over your waiting tongue!"

Never in his life had he seen such desire as he masturbated directly onto her wide pink tongue, white milky swags of ejaculate surging into the darling young beauty's trembling open-lipped mouth. The sight was so deliciously wicked he nearly lost his grip on his rigid cock. Blue eyes aglow, cheeks pink with excitement she'd captured the entire spurting effusion, mouth wide open and overflowing with cloudy ejaculate. Shuddering in rapture the tiny girl caught the last pearl on the tip of her tongue, a shimmering pearl filling her mouth dangerously close to overflowing.

"Now, dear child, close those lovely lips and swallow what I've sent gushing into your pretty mouth! Spit nothing! You must learn to always swallow! History has taught us that girls known for stunning beauty and youth attribute their loveliness to swallowing enormous amounts of cum!"

Just like Anna, she did, swallowing repeatedly to get tenacious ejaculate down. Licking full, glossed lips, she shuddered uncontrollably and smiled.

"Dearest teacher! How delicious! How fortunate I am! It was just as you described in your book! Did I please you, dear sir? Tell this poor girl she deserves such pleasure! I'll kneel here forever if you give this undeserving child more cum, dearest teacher! Feed me your delicious cum! No wonder girls award it such high praise! Never have I experienced such delights! Just as you promised, I reached orgasm while swallowing your cum! The scent and taste caused me such pleasures! What has come over me? What has caused me to experience such transports of pleasure? My secret parts actually gushed when I heard you telling me to swallow your delicious cum! That word makes me quiver! Good sir, do all men produce such abundance? You delicious treat completely overfilled my mouth!" Quickly, she got one hand busy under full skirts. "This is what I did all night after seeing my dear mother fellating my father! I became so faint with excitement I feared I was about to take my last mortal breath on earth as I masturbated to numerous orgasms!"

Knowing what the darling girl was about, he took the lesson a step further.

"Then suck on your fingers, sweet child. Taste the heat of your tender cunt. Let me smell your fingers, child. Make them wet with your youthful excitement."

Fingering herself madly, she stopped to suck all of her fingers, then repeated the act for over a minute, shuddering as she brought herself to orgasm. Large pupils dilated, small hand extended, she let him inhale the consequences of her excitement.

"Do you like it?" she blushed as he sucked her fingers clean, his cock still swollen and throbbing.

"I do, sweet child," he smiled. "You must exhibit your charms while performing self stimulation. Pull up you skirts so I may see your lovely secrets. Don't deny me such pleasure; and remember, you darling young girl, I insist you always show me your pretty pink tongue after fellating me to prove you've consumed all my cum!"

She stuck it out and wagged it under his lavender crest.

"Cum! What a lovely word! It makes me wet inner thighs just hearing you speak the word! Give me more cum, dear teacher! See? I've made myself wet just saying that word! I beseech you to use my undeserving mouth! I'll swallow all the cum you can give me! Finally I understand my mother's thirst, her whispered requests for more pleasing rewards! Though it makes me blush, I was a very naughty girl when pressing my ear to my parent's doors to overhear mother's impassioned cries. But now the cause of those transports become clear! I want to become the princess of all sexual pleasures . . . a slave of passion, an open receptacle for your delicious cum!"

"Then suck me to ejaculation, you darling little tramp! I'll cum again in no time at all!" he said, thankful for the stamina of youth.

With a hunger for masculine desserts exceeding that which most girls confess for sugared sweets, her insatiable appetite for semen convinced him young girls were the perfect playmates. Somehow, using a younger girl added excitement to acts that had become routine with Anna, though she was only a few years the girl's elder. After all, didn't most men have a penchant for pliable tarts? Still, he would have been ashamed had anyone discovered him indulging, what did Anna call them? Delicious perversions. He most definitely and totally indulged them.

The adorable hardly more than pubescent tart became an enthusiastic receptacle for the rewards of her talents, eagerly dropping to her knees at his feet and fellating him at least three times on each occasion they met, usually in front of a large looking glass in his flat. She had absolutely no shame! Masturbating theatrically, little fingers-frigging her tiny twat, she watched as his torrential pleasures surged into her waiting mouth.

"How delicious, this male treasure . . . this fluid men refer to as cum! Oh, dearest teacher! I've wet myself again! Do all girls gush so when excited? I imagine myself performing for others to enjoy! I picture a room teeming with girls just like me, each of us enjoying the heated pleasures of unabashed eroticism; the same as the mention I found in an ancient Latin studies text of the Roman orgies of old. Think what an audience might do if this were performed on a stage! How I adore watching myself perform this oral act! Do you think I might become an actress? Did you see how you filled my mouth? See my tongue? I've swallowed every sweet drop of delicious semen! Will you soon fill my little cunt with your cock? Will you fill me repeatedly with warm cum so I can use it to increase my pleasures while sucking and masturbating?"

"Not your tiny cunt, darling child. There is a great danger of leaving you pregnant. There are other enticing pleasures for you to enjoy."

They might have been sisters, their parents, lust, for Anna also loved to perform in front of a mirror so she could watch herself consuming what she described giggling as "copious pearlescent spurting profusions!" Willing to please, he allowed the charming girl to repeat her performances, the half-nude nymph almost gagging while attempting to fellate his manhood to his groin, making him cum-off so hard and so deep in her throat, rivers of cum ran from her pretty little nose.

The sweet young thing begged for direction, so he taught her the fine arts of pleasing herself, insisting she spread her legs wide and expose all feminine secrets so he might better see that small lovely cleft of Venus. Nearly naked and draped over his bed, legs spread like a discarded doll, she allowed him to explore the juicy curly blonde nest while spreading small plump lips with her dainty fingertips. To better enjoy those tender delights, he shaved away every curl between the darling girl's lovely thighs, leaving her virgin crotch as smooth as fine porcelain but warmer than freshly baked bread. When she parted those small now hairless lips, a pink nub at its apex stood like a tiny erection. Tongue wagging as though she wished she could lick it, she frigged herself to quivering fluid-spraying orgasm. Fingers sliding over the pink swollen gland after exploring her juicy sheath, she sighed and sucked slippery wet fingers.

"What pleasure! It's so slippery it's a shame you can't fill my little cunt with warm cum! I know I'm only a novice. Please . . . teach me how I might better delight you! Show me what other women do that you prefer. What do they do to please you?"

"They sometimes stroke me off with their hands, like this," he said, masturbating so she could learn what pleased him. "No matter how they get it, all women want to drink warm semen. Use my wine glass, darling girl. Catch my pearls in the crystal when I ejaculate. I'll repeat the act a number of times to give you a substantial treat . . . then let me watch while you drink my still-warm spunk!"

He'd always dreamed he might find an enthusiastic student such as she, a girl who begged for the opportunity to make semen burst from the tip of his rigid sex, a young girl who truly loved to consume that slightly salty seed. His transports were undeniably prodigal, and like Anna, simply viewing the erupting spectacle excited the darling young beauty to earth moving orgasms. Large blue eyes fixed on the surging shimmering excess, she always caught it in her mouth or in a wide-mouth wine crystal. Ultimately, kneeling at his feet, she smiled submissively up into his eyes.

"Now I understand why women want to drink these precious male fluids, dear teacher! Please allow me the pleasure of swallowing your warm cum! I beg your permission to swallow it all while you watch me! Every sweet pearlescent drop! I dream of nothing else at night as I masturbate in my bed! Am I to be punished for wanting to swallow so much cum? Am I a wicked girl for considering it a most salubrious treat?"

"Not at all, darling child! You are a treasure! Let me demonstrate another delight for your pleasure. Spread your lovely legs wide and drink all of it while I lavish kisses on your deliciously sweet pink cleft of Venus, that lovely wet cunt!"

And while the darling girl consumed the entire glass-full of warm cum, supping on its contents with unashamed ribald delight, he lavished kiss after kiss on her smooth parted cunt, spreading and probing juicy pink inner-lips with his flashing tongue. The child's orgasms were as voluminous as his and he drank long from the small dainty sheath, often with a middle finger screwed deep up her hot little arse, an act that made her wiggle like a serpent. The aroused scent of her bum drove him mad to replace finger with tongue. So doing, he repeatedly wormed it deep up her smoothly shaved pucker, a heavenly slick pink-lined anus.

"Dear teacher!" she moaned, crying out enraptured, rolling onto her tummy and lifting narrow hips so he could invade her even deeper. "Dearest God, how you make me wiggle and gush! Your tongue is even more maddening than your finger! Analingus! I read about it in your book. What an erotic act! See! The sensation of your tongue in my bum makes me gush! Dearest teacher! You swallow my juice like I swallow your cum!"

"Masturbate for me child. Frig yourself. Make yourself spray into my mouth . . . watch me drink your feminine discharges!"

While he lay with his face between warm feminine thighs, she masturbated to multiple orgasms, drenching him with such volume of vaginal gush he thought perhaps she must have pissed!

Quick to learn, she delighted herself daily, finger-frigging herself half-naked while stroking him to spine-tingling heights, sometimes directly into her waiting mouth or into the always handy large wine crystal. Adding to the licentious act, she often masturbated herself into the same goblet, vaginal gush almost filling the vessel.

"See!" she beamed, raising the crystal to examine the mixed juices of cum and cunt. "What a lovely cocktail!"

As always, she made a wickedly obscene production of feasting on the consequences of her awakened cravings, taking prodigal mouthfuls of ejaculate, then spilling them back in the crystal so she could truly appreciate just how large his orgasms had been! Like Anna, the child was completely insatiable, fastidiously milking cum out of his spending organ, then greedily swallowing every sticky drop.

One afternoon after discovering a lurid description of anal sex in one of his manuscripts, she became mad with desire to be taken like that, bending over his bed and presenting a most delectably firm virgin bum. "If not in my cunt, then I must experience that thrill! When you did that to me with your tongue I nearly died! See! I'm spreading these cheeks so you might drive that long rigid organ of pleasure up my hot little arse! Fuck me up my arse! Bugger me, sir, or I 'll not fellate you again!"

Which of course she did as soon as he withdrew from the semen-slippery grip of her no longer virgin spasming bum, sucking every bit of sticky cum and sauce from the still rigid throbbing shaft, making the act appear more obscene!

"Dearest teacher, I've become so depraved! What's to become of me? You've made me mad with desire to suck you to orgasm after being buggered like that. I'm driven to maddening raptures! Should I be punished for surrendering to such outrageous desires? Is all lost in my abandoned chastity? What man would have me once discovering what I've done, to what fiery depths my spirit and girlish cunt has been plumbed?"

"Many would enshrine you in their beds!" he laughed, recovered from the steamy pleasure. "But because you've been so delightfully naughty, I'll spank your firm little arse while you suck me to heaven's gates!"

"Oh, dearest teacher! Spank me and make me suck you for hours without rest! Make me suck every sweet drop of cum from your proud stiff cock! Cum! Cum! Nothing makes my little cunt so hot and gush so much as the taste of delicious cum while I'm fingering my just fucked arse!"

He did, turning her arse-cheeks bright-red as she fellated him, even tying her wrists to ankles and buggering her while delivering tear-producing spankings across the cheeks of her proud little arse. Not only did she suck better, she insisted on fellating him after he had furiously buggered her, the entire time begging for more cum and heated spankings! The results were astounding! She only became more depraved, pleading with him to bugger her daily and allow her the delight of sucking his cock as soon as he withdrew from her tight little cum-loaded anus.

"Dear sir . . . please take me again . . . bugger me until I cry! I so need your long cock deep up my bum! Did you know I can feel it when you send your cum surging inside me? The sensation drives me to such unexplored heights it makes me mad to swallow it more than ever!"

"Cum, sweet girl. When you use those words, it makes sex even lustier! When you speak with me, and if I'm not fucking it, I want to see you finger yourself up your arse and play with your little pink cunt! Be libidinous, girl! Always perform licentiously for our pleasures. That's why men adore girls of your age. What pleasure, cuming in an innocent young girl's mouth . . . watching them swallow our cum!"

"Thank you, dear sir! I do need to suck! I'm my mother's daughter. I saw her fellate my father again. I peeked when they were lost in the raptures of fellatio . . . while she swallowed my father's cum! I could hear her swallowing while he pleaded for her to do it. I masturbated to maddening pleasures, using my fingers up my arse and cunt! I had to clean my mess up from the floor! I made such randy noises I nearly betrayed myself out of desire to see my father bugger her. No sooner had the thought raced through my sex-maddened mind, he made her grasp her ankles and buggered her for nearly an hour, just as you bugger me! I nearly died with pleasure as he came-off again and again. During one of his orgasms she made him withdraw, and turning, took the surging ejaculate in her mouth and sucked him to orgasm before letting him retire! Lucky mother! My father has a very proud cock, a shaft nearly as long as yours and capped with a very large crest! I know I'm a horrid daughter for even thinking such things, but I confess I'd bend over for him if he insisted! Imagine the sight of a father buggering his only daughter! If my mother wanted to watch, I'd do it! See what you've made me? Oh, well. They are an amorous pair and pursue pleasures like us, whenever they find the opportunity! She truly knows how to please him as well as herself. Their play made me so hot I nearly died! I played with myself so long my hot little cunt and arse were actually sore!"

The entertainment she provided delighted him immensely, a tender appearing innocent who enjoyed exposing herself solely for his gratification, begging for acts most females viewed as perverted and behaving like a libidinous whore. Actually, he feared that was what most girls would become if they didn't soon marry after discovering the delicious pleasures of libertine sex.

After two months of indulging such lustful pleasures, his roving eye began following other young curves. He decided to take advantage of his newest conquest one day when she came to his flat after school.

"Sweet child, the time has arrived in your education for new challenges and libertine lessons. I insist you introduce me to other attractive young tarts. We shall have new games to play."

Initially, his usually submissive playmate resisted.

"Must I, dearest teacher? Do I not please you enough? Must I now share you with other girls?"

"You were the one who mentioned roomfuls of girls, but have it your way, my sweet child. I felt it was time for you to expand your limited pleasures, time to discover new lascivious delights. Perhaps it is time for me to find someone new who will do my bidding and not question my more experienced knowledge."

"But I do, dear teacher! I do everything you ask of me. Why must you punish me this way? You've made me a tramp! I'm your slut, your personal whore!"

"If it's punishment you desire, I assume denying you the pleasures you've come to enjoy will be punishment enough. So be it. I have other pleasurable things to accomplish."

"Do not send me away," she sighed, large tears welling up in blue eyes. "I'll acquiesce, dearest teacher! Perhaps I should have been spanked even harder. I am a slut for cum! Yes, I'll do it! Lovely girls! I'll bring you the prettiest girl I know!"

A day later she brought him an exotic dark-haired classmate her age, a girl whoís mixed parentage a fashioned a mouth-watering work of art. Cad that he was, he had new perversions to exercise.

"Dear child, show this raven-haired beauty what you've learned in my private school."

The now submissive tart did as asked, quickly kneeling and opening his pants, taking cock in both hands and stroking him to engorged erection while her wide-eyed dark-skinned girlfriend watched open mouthed. The sight of two young girls before him aroused him to new heights of lust and sweat was running down his collar.

"Stroke me off, darling girl . . . stroke me to orgasm while I use this raven-haired nymph for my pleasure!"

Hand between the lovely Mulatto's thighs, he toyed with a very aroused mount of Venus. Thrilling him to knee-shaking weakness, the exotic girl's small cleft was juicy as over-ripe fruit, her clitoris as long as his little fingertip! When he had her excited to orgasm, large dark eyes announcing a state of swoon, he eased the dark-skinned beauty to the floor next to his young sex slave who was stroking him close to climax with both hands.

"Ah, you sweet young things . . . make me cum-off in your beautiful friend's epicurean mouth! Stroke me, dear child! Make me spurt like Champagne! I want you to watch as she swallows my surging desserts!"

Perspiration on upper lip, the darling young girl did as requested, coaxing her sweet friend closer with lusty words.

"Open your mouth like I did, dear friend. I'm about to make him give up his delicious treasures! You are about to suck this handsome cock . . . and swallow quite a generous amount of warm cum!"

Artfully stroking his tumescent uncircumcised cock with skill, crest pressed against the extended tongue, she milked powerful surges of thick warm semen into her young friend's waiting mouth.

"Swallow his sweet cum, then show us your tongue!" she beamed, looking to her teacher for his approval.

The Mulatto sucked the creamy crest until he sent another surge of cum in her mouth, the girlís large dark eyes betraying her pleasure as she slurped down the thick sticky ejaculate.

Over a period of two months, his thrall introduced him to three other beauties her age. Easily excitable and thrilled to learn, the darling girls were putty in experienced hands. He was rigid in their inexperienced mouths, but their naiveté quickly turned to expertise! Was it peer competition? Each girl tried to outdo the other. Still, he made the girl-child watch her classmates fellate him, then buggered all three while she masturbated for their voyeuristic pleasures. Imagine his joy having three young girls to use, three young tarts all mad to be arse-fucked, all mad to consume an excess of warm semen! There were days when he wasnít sure if he could cum again, and he struggled to pace himself.

"Expose yourself, child! Show us your cunt! Masturbate openly while they take my cum in their mouths! Watch these young lovelies swallow my sweet creamy excess! Don't you enjoy seeing me bugger their arses? Finger yours, child! Imagine my cock stroking your tight little arsehole!"

For those two months he denied the flaxen-haired child oral gratification in hopes she'd perform another sexual act he wanted to see, his position leaving the dear girl in tears.

"Dearest teacher! I beg you! Use my mouth again like you first did! Let me be the one to swallow your sweet cum!"

"Not until you dine on your young girlfriend's sweet cunts . . . particularly your Mulatto friend. I want to watch you lick her sweet lips of Venus and slide that magic tongue of yours up her tight little arse, to bring her to sweet orgasm just as I did!"

She only sighed and looked away. So instead, he made her masturbate him into their mouths and watch as they drank the ejaculate. Using every persuasion, he performed cunnilingus, lavishing ardent kisses across swollen clefts, licking and sucking until the darling girls were spraying like sparkling wine. No matter the number of kisses he lavished on her Mulatto girlfriend's tasty treasures made the girl-child willing to engage in Sapphic sex with the dark exotic femme, an act he'd read about and so longed to watch girls perform. How he wished he'd lived during the Greek period when the temple of Lesbos flourished.

Imagine then his pleasure one rainy afternoon in his flat, when two of the little blondeís girlfriends were recovering from one of his intense tongue-lashing sessions, the Mulatto beauty, having regained her senses, drew her blonde classmate down upon the soft cushions and performed cunnilingus and analingus on the darling girl's wide-open smoothly shaved crotch. Until that moment, the girls had been enjoying an afternoon of ribald pleasures, playfully perfecting the art of fellatio and surrendering to his tongue between warm young thighs. Wide eyed and eager to watch, they attended their Mulatto friendís journey into the sweet realm of Lesbos! Two let their dark-skinned classmate perform the spine-tingling oral act, including the little blonde. Those acts so aroused the author, he took advantage of one of the young girls and reached orgasm twice in her adorable mouth as he watched the Nubian perform both lesbian oral sex acts for the rest of the afternoon.

Still, the blonde girl-child refused to reciprocate, though willingly spreading pretty legs for the Mulatto's eager lips and sending floods of cunt-gush spraying into the girl's mouth. In hopes of changing her mind, he always made her watch as his tongue brought supple girlfriends to limb-quivering climaxes after buggering them, experiences the darling young things begged to enjoy. Then he allowed them to swallow what she so desperately craved, cuming-off in eager open mouths. Pouting, and madly jealous of classmates, the young beauty still refused to perform cunnilingus.

Disappointed, he began to loose interest and thought a change of scene might prove advantageous. There were few things on his mind beside sex, most centered there, including his desire to become famous as a writer of that special genre. Following a sudden whim, and in hopes of teaching her a lesson, he departed London without letting his young playmate fellate him to climax, insisting she watch her Mulatto classmate swallow that last load just before he boarded the steamer.

As winter darkened London skies and heavy snows left the city all but silent, he journeyed south and spent the next year living in the warmth of an ancient city named Tarfaya on the coast of Morocco. Though he couldn't speak the language, there were many natives who spoke English adequately and he prepared to thoroughly enjoy the challenge of finishing his half-completed story and finding more hungry-for-pleasure young girls.

To Be Continued...


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