The Best Erotic Stories.

Winterís Snow Pt. II
by Che

Abhorring domestic chores, and once again randy, he quickly hired a middle-age housekeeper after discovering she had young attractive twin daughters. In more ways than one, both reminded him of the school girls in London. The mother knew what he did with her exotic daughters, yet said nothing because he paid her well by the standards of what she might earn had she worked for someone else.

He was surprised to find such young girls so proficient at fellatio, both acknowledging they'd been servicing older men since childhood, something many men of their country expected of unmarried girls when wanting to relieve insistent sexual urges. The twins came to his room the first night half naked, tussled with and aroused him to tumescence, mutually fellating him twice before letting him sleep. Obviously not naïve about menís orgasms, both seemed enjoy swallowing his cum. Then, before arising the next morning, each playful sprite fellated him twice again.

Before long, when he wasn't writing, he was indulging appetites his mother would have found disgusting. Concerned about putting young girls in the family way, he soon had them requesting that sex act books refer to as Greek, the act the tiny London school girl had begged for daily on hands and knees. He'd derived an inordinate thrill doing what he'd done to her, driven by tightening depravity, using his tongue in young beauties bums after giving them randy buggerings.

He'd first experienced that act when the dominatrix made her young thrall spread his buns while she ravaged his rear with a large rubber wand. The almost painful act became more randy when the woman made the girl use her tongue in his violated hole after withdrawing the long rubber wand. After he'd serviced the older woman's lust with his tongue, she'd whipped his buns and made him bugger her young submissive numerous times. Lashing his behind with a thick black leather strap, her greatest pleasure seemed achieved when she made him kneel behind her thrall after an hour of buggering the sweet young thing's extremely tight anus, spread the girl's pretty cheeks and suck out his still warm seed.

On three occasions he'd been forced to perform the act, one that made him spend almost violently into a clear glass device the dominatrix insisted he wear so she could see the moment of his enormous ejaculations. After multiple orgasmic spasms subsided, she made him remove the now full bottle-like receptacle. While her submissive licked his arse and masturbated him to another orgasm, the woman made him drink the warm cloudy contents from the vase as the girl swallowed what she was milking from his tumescent surging cock. The act of being made to swallow his cum made him cum-off even harder, blinding climaxes made even more intense by fiery swats across his buns and the darling young girl's talented mouth and tongue working to drain his virile balls.

Left with a disturbing urge to taste every girl after buggering them, he'd insisted young beauties sit on his tongue after heíd filled their bums with multiple orgasms. Most had, fellating him to orgasm while he attempted to exhaust them further. Performing analingus, he'd driven each girl mad with the randy pleasure of his tongue working in and out of their just-fucked arses.

He'd been raised by a Victorian mother who hated everything about sex. Not one molded by religion, he'd ignored all of the baseless rumors concerning self-abuse, masturbating frequently while reading racy novels behind locked doors. For him , sexual pleasure topped the list.

An avowed agnostic, he found little to apologize for, believing he was doing little to hurt such pliant libidinous girls who were providing salubrious grist for new books. What bothered him most was something he couldn't explain. He was missing Anna almost desperately, and did everything he could to try to keep thoughts of her out of his mind, especially while being entertained by such a delectable pair of young dark-eyed nymphs.

His room had the amenities of a Roman estate with a private bath and deep soaking-tub carved from white marble. There was warm water galore from a natural spring and he insisted they all bathe day and night to keep fresh and clean. The girls soon begged for enemas, masturbating wildly as the warm waters cleansed slippery colons. Using his razor, he taught the twins how to shave, insisting they keep his face and their olive-skinned crotches as smooth as baby bottoms.

He'd gone overboard to enhance the illusion of living in a seraglio, draping walls with exotic fabrics and colorful pillows from Turkey and dressing the twins in scanty silk lingerie ordered from Paris. He taught them to read and write a bit of English and read portions of his work to the enthralled pair, explicitly sexual and erotic passages many self-righteous would have labeled gratuitous.

Training them well, he finally succeeding in seducing the tractable pair into performing that act he so longed to observe, ejaculating just from the sight when the sisters worked eager tongues into open pink cunts. Both were quick to become enthusiastic and consummate cunnilinguses, willing to perform any libidinous act, begging him to masturbate over the sister's plump little pussy-lips they were licking to orgasm. Their hunger for cunt and arse brought to mind the Mulatto, and he wished he had her there in his chambers to join in the ribald fun. Those performances delighted and aroused him to new heights of impassioned desire. Never venturing outside of their walls, the twins cavorted half-nude throughout his rooms playing every lesbian game when he was otherwise occupied.

Unable to ignore debased craving, he'd succeeded in getting the pair to perform analingus after spending himself to delirium in those tightest of sheaths. At first they'd hesitated, but acquiesced after he'd done it to them many times, spreading firm smooth cheeks with both hands so he could get at those slippery still open tubes with mouth and tongue. Enthralled by the climax-producing stimulation, they were soon eagerly taking turns lying bum-up on firm tummies, holding golden cheeks spread wide so their twin might better get at the cum-slippery treat. After nearly filling the tightest bodily openings young girls possess, firm little golden-bronze cheeks spread to accept the anal invasion, he withdrew the still stiff erection so a twin might suck it clean of the sticky white froth, then dine on her sister's nubile flesh and his thick load of copious oozing ejaculate.

"Spread her cheeks, wide," he'd smile, cock still hard enough to fuck the slippery tube again. "See how her sweet little arse puckers and winks? Child! Bear down and squeeze my cum from your arse so your sister can lick it up!"

The twin would flex internal muscles, making huge wads of pearlescent cum surge from the semen-filled sheath, great shimmering pearls of glistening jism running down over the open lips of her getting-licked cunt.

"Now suck it up!" he insisted. "Suck my cum right out of her arse!"

Mouth over the juiciest of crotches, the sister sucked and swallowed as her twin orgasmed without stop. The twins became giddy with pleasure seeing pink nether-tubes flowing pearlescent rivers of cum.

"Can you see, master?" each asked, holding cheeks spread wide, fingers stretching open the just-buggered anal sheath. "There is so much cum! Look how your cum fills her tube! Watch me, master! Is mine as pretty? Watch me suck your cum from her arse!"

Both made sure he could see as they licked and sucked up the warm milky floods. That sight bore a less settling memory of what he'd done to that older woman after her man-servant had thoroughly serviced her rear, but he usually put those thoughts out of his mind.

The duet were a divine diversion, each mad to perform analingus after he'd emptied himself in fist-tight sheaths. Oh, how he loved to watch them perform that act. There was something wildly erotic about watching a bronze-skinned girl on her knees spreading her twin sister's cheeks so he might drive his rigid manhood into that tight warm tunnel of forbidden flesh. Smiling salaciously, each girl took turns watching a surrendering sphincter suck the long stiff penetrator like a calf sucks a mother's teat, tight little anuses extracting multiple surges of the tenacious gelatinous jism each sister longed so to swallow. And each girl did, as soon as he withdrew from those stretched open pink tubes, ejaculate flowing like unstrung pearls in saliva between the perfect curves of beautiful, firm youthful cheeks.

On days when his libido ran amuck and he could maintain an erection for hours, he let each twin take turns riding the long rigid shaft as he lay on his back on the bed. Both exotic almond-eyed girls begged him to fuck plump little cunts, but following strict orders, took orgasms in their mouths or deep up fist-tight bums. Then, squatting over a mirror-image radiant face, each forced just deposited thick ejaculate into a waiting sister's pink tongue-out open mouth.

"See her eat it, master! See her swallowing your seed! My turn next, master . . . fill her arse with warm cum!"

Such acts drove him to near sexual madness, and on occasion he surrendered to their wishes, doing to them what the dominatrix had him do to her thrall. Buggering each beauty two or three times, he trembled on the edge of another orgasm as either straddled his face. Perfect little arse-holes drove him mad with desire as he spread their firm bums with his hands and examined the just fucked rosy puckers. Cunt lips parted, pink and glossed with excitement, they settled on his open lips, anal tubes now loaded with semen speared by his piston thrusting tongue.

"Allah save me!" they cried as he sucked juicy crotches. "Make us surrender to your every desire! Oh, master! Your tongue is truly divine! You make us wet your face!"

He sucked his ejaculate from pulsing arses as the other twin stroked his still firm erection, lashing him with a leather belt to such levels of arousal he'd ejaculate like a wild bull onto a black onyx dish.

"Show us how you eat it!" they'd cry, spanking his bare arse. "Lick up all of your sweet cum!"

The twins smiled at each other and lashed his arse a bright red while he licked up the sticky mess, a large thick pearlescent pool in a polished jet-black stone saucer.

Supported by huge pillows, red wine in hand, he watched the twins engage in the bawdiest of acts. Lubricated and glowing with virgin olive oil, writhing in the heated excitement of lesbian debauchery, drink they did, giggling, spanking each other and playing like wild kittens. Flushed faces pressed between a moaning twin-sister's ass-cheeks. Mouths, glossed with jism he'd only moments earlier deposited in smooth bottomless tubes, sucked out and devoured cum like warm caviar. The two were becoming absolutely delicious young sluts. Discovering the twins peeking through shutters at his fourteen year old house boy, he brought the youth into the suite.

"I grant you the pleasure of using the lad. Act out any desires! I especially want to watch you eating his cum!"

"Dear master!" they cried. "We'll have a cum-feast!"

They nearly fell upon and used the boy for almost two days without rest, taking turns fellating him while the other performed analingus, either on her sister or the boy. The lad was wildly energetic, able to orgasm almost without rest, and must have given them some twenty or more amazing orgasms both days, a boy who could send a tea-cup of ejaculate spraying from groin to his chin! The adolescents frolicked like kittens and performed every libidinous act they desired, even insisting the boy fellate their master while they played with each other and watched.

Indulging their wishes and somewhat curious, he stood and allowed the lad to fellate him while a twin worked her tongue up his arse. The boy sucked almost as well as his raven-haired playmates and eagerly swallowed cum as the twins performed analingus on both males. Now at a fever pitch, the girls pressed for more.

"Have him bugger one of us while he's sucking you off! We'll lick his arse at the same time!"

Straddling a twin backward, he let the boy suck him again. The act must have excited the lad to new heights of arousal. Sucking and swallowing as jism filled his mouth, the lad gulped down two loads of semen, so aroused he sent three of his own up the girl's tight little anus. To heighten the boy's act, the other sister licked the boy's ass as he came. Those performances made the twins clap their hands!

"Indulge us further, master! Let us see you take his seed from her arse with your tongue!"

Trembling with lust, he surrendered to the darling girl's wishes (as well as his own dark desires) and performed analingus on the just buggered twin while the boy gave up two more orgasms in her sister's tight anal sheath. The girls where delighted when he performed analingus on the second twin, sucking and swallowing until there was little or no more semen to be sucked from the pulsing spasming tube.

After the non-stop orgy, he dismissed the boy, giving him strict orders never to repeat a word about what he'd experienced, forbidding him on fear of dismissal to speak to or have sex with the hot-blooded twins again.

Robust from a steady diet of semen and rich meals, rosy cheeked from daily glasses of French wine, the twins loved to frolic and allowed every lascivious pleasure his devious mind had ever imagined. He imagined libraries! They grew plumpish . He grew thinner.

It was spring when he packed again and booked a ship's passage back to London. The twins cried rain-storms when they learned he was leaving, nearly killing him with sexual favors, teasing six magnificent orgasms from him in a single day, feasting on the warm salty spunk as it surged from his cock or was sucked from a sister's cute little arse. Though the girls were satiated with that bounty of cum, he left the succulent pair pouting, but hinted he might return the next year. Little did he know what lay in store.

Gray rain seemed endless and kept him inside his flat but gave him more time to edit what he'd written in Morocco. He wrote for hours on end, and had it not been for the landlady he might have forgotten to eat. Bowls of steaming soup and large bread-rolls were left outside his door. He heard retreating steps after her gentle taps to get his attention on the hallway wall.

By August he'd finished two novels, and took them to his agent after receiving a reply acknowledging a time to meet. His agent, a sometimes critical but gentle man, was pleased by the new works. Smiling grandly, the man presented him with a bank statement showing the spoils from his novel written the year before. The sum was enormous by any stretch of mind, and he'd struggled to maintain some degree of equanimity. He wrote out a generous draft for his agent's efforts, a figure far greater than the man had expected and he had to assure the fellow that the check had been more than well-earned.

He went to his post-box and found a small stack of mail, seven perfectly scribed letters from Anna and two amusing hand-scrawled messages from the twins in Tarfaya, all nine filled with confessions and steamy offers not suitable for public print. He smiled and reread each, sultry voices in his mind stirring urges ignored for the last few months, suddenly so stiff he feared someone would notice.

Taking a cab to the district where he'd first met the young school girl, he sat on a bench and waited for the classes to end. He saw her appear in the company of another girl, a chunky little thing with curly red hair. When the lovely creature saw him, she left her red-headed companion and rushed to his side, full of urgent questions and girlish chatter. They exchanged pleasantries for a few minutes before he pressed a scrap of paper with his address thereon into the palm of her small warm hand. She read the note, blushed as red as her friend's hair, full lower lip between perfect white teeth.

"Pay me a visit, darling child. My balls are full of cum. I'll let you suck me to orgasm again."

"Dear teacher! My cunt is so wet it feels as though I just pee'd! The thought of swallowing warm cum may make me nearly fall faint on the spot! I'll do anything you ask!"

"Then bring your Mulatto friend with you," he whispered.

Though she didn't say so in words, enthusiastic blue eyes answered his last whispered request. He knew the eager-to-play tart would be at his door well before nightfall.

It was late in the afternoon when he heard the knock and opened the door. There stood the two girls. He didn't speak, nor did they, but all were quick to engage in other much more intimate and pleasurable intercourse.

"I've thought of nothing else!" whispered the tiny blonde, emotions out of control, kneeling before him, small fingers struggling to open the front of his pants to get at his cock. "Dearest teacher! Do not deny me! Let me suck you to orgasm! You have no idea what you've made of me, to what depths my soul has sunk! For nearly a year I've thought of nothing else but fellatio and being buggered by you! You can't know how desperately this poor girl needs to swallow warm cum!"

It was the first time he'd cum-off in her mouth since denying her the pleasure. She swallowed the torrent with near reverence as her smiling, masturbating Nubian friend watched.

"Am I to understand that you haven't indulged your addiction in my absence? You have been sucking-off other gentlemen?"

"I confess I consider it daily," she whispered, cheek red, voice raspy with the thick patina of semen coating her throat, "but I've not yielded to those urges though sorely tempted, and if you hadn't returned I most surely would have succumbed!"

"What an apropos word," he smiled, cock twitching with energy. "Succumb." Does it not sound very much like you are saying, suck-cum?"

She giggled madly and nodded pretty head.

"So it does, dearest teacher, and surely I would have! Not a day has passed without me fancying myself at some man's feet, a stiff cock stroking my happy mouth, balls raining warm storms of cum down my throat! I've been so close to surrendering all pretense of propriety and begging some gentleman to use my mouth for his pleasure, which surely would have pleased me! What will you now, dearest teacher? You are as stiff as you were when I began sucking you off!"

"Undress your friend and perform cunnilingus together. I want to see the two of you head to toe!"

Raising dresses and loosening petticoats and silken undergarments, the girls undressed quickly, and head to toe, began licking sweet little cunts simultaneously, the Mulatto on top, the blonde on her back. Cunts covered with saliva, the girls where trembling with passion as he knelt between the Mulatto's wide spread legs.

"Continue licking her cunt," he whispered, pressing the swollen helmet-head of his cock against chocolate flesh, the shaft spearing the Mulatto's arse as though is was greased.

"Oh!" squealed the girl, cuming in the blonde's mouth.

The orgasm was so intense he almost passed out. Withdrawing from the Mulatto's spasming tube, cock dripping cum, he watched ejaculate run like a pearlescent river from the closing arse-tube into the tiny blonde's sucking mouth. Sitting up, the Mulatto planted her crotch directly on the young girl's mouth, smiling deliciously as the blonde performed analingus on the just fucked hole.

Taking the desperate girl by tangled locks, he made her kneel over the side of his bed. Driven by lusts first aroused by the dominatrix's young slave and perfected in his Tarfaya bed, he parted her perfect pale cheeks with both hands and examined the tiny anal pucker.

"Remember what I did to your lovely young friends? What I did to your sweet little arse? You should have sooner done what your Mulatto friend did to you, what you just did to her, what I'm about to do to this tight little hole."

His heart almost stopped as he pressed his face into her warmth and feasted on tender succulent flesh, a crotch she'd kept immaculately shaven clean. Scent and taste of aroused feminine ecstasy covered his tongue and filled his senses, an act he'd perfected since the first time he'd done it to the dominatrix's submissive barely adolescent thrall.

"Oh, dear God!" she cried out. "Lick me that way and don't stop! What delight! What ecstasy! Use your sweet tongue up my bum!" Transported to heaven, the girl nearly fainted with pleasure. "Do not stop, sweetest sir! I'm begging you! I know how I disappointed you. I'm sorry I didn't do this to my friends sooner! This slut has missed you so terribly and the orgasmic pleasure of you filling my mouth with your cock and deliciously warm cum! Oh, that I might fellate you while you use your tongue like that!"

When she buried her face in down covers to stifle cries of enjoyment, he made her gasp and nearly faint as he indulged their lust for Greek sex. Fingers dancing between parted thighs, she masturbated throughout the entire act.

"Oh, please! Do that again dearest teacher! Please do it again! You're making me mad with such pleasure! Fuck me deep up my little arse while I finger-fuck my wet cunt!"

Holding him inside, she wouldn't let him withdraw. He used her from behind for almost the hour, diving into the released pool of pearls, twice adding more to the bubbling anal lake as the Mulatto played with his balls and licked his sensitive arse.

"Now; let us play your game! Let us fulfill your wish! Sit on my tongue, you randy little whore! Suck me to paradise and I'll do the same to you!"

The young thing was so ardently enthusiastic, she climbed on top of him head to toe to fellate him the moment he withdrew from that slick tight nether-heaven. Sitting on his mouth and draining him of vital male fluids, she wiggled wildly as he sucked his musky loads from the slippery opening he'd just fucked and over-filled.

"Call me a whore if you wish, dear teacher, but I still won't take a cent for these pleasures! Forgive me for not performing oral sex with those girls when you asked. I know I should be punished severely for missing such pleasure! I never knew what delights I'd experience from taking it up my arse; what additional thrills lay in wait when lovers send tongues up that just fucked hole! I nearly die from pleasure! You want them as badly as I! Perhaps it is I who should be paying you!"

She sat on his face for what must have been an hour, orgasms like rain-squalls while he devoured her tender young cum-oozing crotch. Her Mulatto friend masturbated throughout the entire orgy while sucking her young friendís pink nipples until the areolas were swollen conical peaks.

"No more! I can't bear it another moment!" cried the girl-child. "You've made me give up every drop! Ah, you've captured it all, you naughty man! Tell me, who is the student and who is the teacher?"

Rearranging garments and glowing contentedly, the school girls left him at his door without a word. Finger to still trembling semen glazed lips, smiling like she'd just dined with the queen, the girl turned and kissed her girlfriend so passionately, he knew they'd been enjoying pleasures only girls could experience. After they left, and washing with warm water provided by a thoughtful landlady, he slept better than he had for months.

He awoke with Anna's image lingering, visage interwoven in humid elusive dreams, aroused more than usual though accustomed to that rigid morning condition. After attending to toiletries, he dressed and went out to find something to eat. Sweet pudding and tea was somewhat a habit. Driven by those delicious perversions, he took a long walk that ended across the street from the school. It was nearly noon and students were about, voices and topics familiar to anyone who had ever attended secondary school. A mild rain had begun, and he stepped into a locked doorway to watch passing students hurrying off to mid-day meals.

This time she was walking alone. He stepped out so she could see where he'd been standing. Joining him in shadows, she immediately became dangerously flirtatious, daringly touching him in the most familiar fashion. Morning dreams quickly surfaced, the physical response predictable, but what surprised him was the libidinous offer whispered in his ear.

"You want more, and so do I! Give it to me here in the shadows, sweet teacher! I care not if the world can see! Cum in my mouth! I'm so ashamed! I'm a desperate slut, but you've made me what I've become! I can't live without it, now! I' ll simply die if I can't swallow warm cum!"

"Sweet child, you've become so daring! Have you truly missed me while I was away? Have you sought out other men in my absence? I know you've finally experimented with girls."

The flaxen-haired beauty lowered teasing eyelids and coyly smiled.

"I shan't tell, now, should I, dear teacher? That wouldn't be very lady-like, however; I do confess I have surrendered to those pleasures found between feminine thighs. My girlfriends and I drive each other mad with tongues and lips. We devour sweet flesh and feminine excess in the secret of our after-school rooms. You saw how my friend and I lick each other to fainting! However now, since she can not provide it, let me feast on your warm cum!"

No one saw, or if they did he didn't notice as she knelt at his feet and opened the front of his pants, doing the one thing that satisfied his most salacious fantasy, not once, but twice without stopping. Then standing and smiling like the cat who had just eaten the canary, hardly a drop of jism on full girlish lips, she swallowed the colossal mouthful of cum.

"See!" she glowed, opening her mouth wide. "See my pink tongue? I always swallow every drop of delectable ejaculate!"

So saying, she licked those made-for-sucking plump pink lips. The little darling had not only done it in public, she'd acknowledged wanting to! And so, all aglow and off to join students on their way back to classes, she was gone before he could find his voice.

Something in her voice left him feeling perplexed, but pleased again, warm as toast from an oven, he took a cab back to his flat. Suspecting some might accuse him of wild exaggeration, he nevertheless was sure many would pay just to read about what they could only secretly hope to enjoy. Images and chapter inspired by the precocious girl's splendid afternoon oral performances, he wrote late into the darkness of a quiet rainy night.

The plan came to him in a dream and he fashioned it for weeks before deciding to put it into action. Full of himself, and after draining his lust in her talented mouth, he dismissed the girl-child with a wave of his hand, leaving her with large tears streaming from blue eyes.

Taking the morning train to Leeds, he rented a room where he'd lived for roughly a year in an old inn a few kilometers from Anna's home. He hadn't been so sure of himself for months. Flushed with anticipation and without invitation, he decided to call directly on Anna at home.

The place was old and had been in her family for seven generations or more, an estate with orchards, stables and summer fields of grain. Very-well-off was how townsfolk referred to Anna's family, a fact that had often left him feeling out of his waters. Escorted into the book-filled sitting room by their ageing servant, he waited for what seemed hours for Anna's appearance. She'd always been one to spend a great deal of time on those things women do to make them more attractive, a trait that at first had somewhat irritated him, like her over-attention to each of his thoughts. Now, however, he was desperate to see her.

After an excruciating passage of time, the door opened and Anna's mother and father entered the huge room. At first he was somewhat put-off, but conversation was polite, though somewhat formal, filled with questions regarding his trip to Africa. He answered as best he could, but unable to wait another moment, he stood, hat in hand, and announced his intentions, requesting the honor of making their lovely daughter his wife. As modest as possible, but wanting to assure them of his very able status, he went on to explain his newly acquired wealth and position in the literary world. With nothing else to add, he waited, hat still in hand, hoping Anna was about to join them.

The following silence was deafening. There were sounds he couldn't remember having heard in that room though he'd been there numerous times; horses in the stables, scullery noises from a distant kitchen, the tick-tock of the enormous clock in the main hallway. Unable to bear it, he started to speak, but Anna's father held up his hand. The unimaginable news left him stunned.

Anna had met a gentleman from America, a man of some means and social position in New York. He'd proposed at once and had courted her with a deluge of gifts, and though he was described by Anna's father as "a bit balding and some twenty years her senior," she'd finally accepted, confiding in both parents it was because she hadn't heard a word from her former suitor for so many months. It had been a splendid affair . . . she'd married in late July.

Hands at his side, he looked at the parquet floor, at the Persian carpets where supple Anna had secretly knelt whenever opportunity permitted, and just as eagerly as the London school girl, pleased both of their pyretic needs. Thoughts scattered like crows from a corn-field; her rejecting him for an older man; picturing her doing things with him that only they had done; thoughts making heated blood rise in his cheeks. The room was quiet as Egyptian dust. Clearing his throat, he bowed with a deep sweep of an arm and excused himself, a smiling face in the London Wax Museum. The awkward parting was an agonizing experience for everyone in the room. Without words, the old man-servant let him out, the large door closing like a vault behind him. He didn't notice the threatening rain.

Returning to the inn like a man headed for a funeral, he packed once again. Self-confidence shattered, he took the night train back to London.

Winter came early, London even colder, damp air thick with the smell of coal smoke. Wrapped in a long oilskin coat, he sat after brushing wet snow from the same bench at the spot where he could see students leaving school. Rigid with desire , he was mad to use the young girl's so willing mouth, to have her spread her legs and taste her child-like sex-flesh under his lips, to feel his cum flooding her pliable throat, just as he longed to have Anna.

There she was once more, but this time with a handsome youth her own age. The smiling pair were holding hands as they climbed into a covered cab close to the school's entrance. He didn't miss the way she glanced at the well-developed lad. In a darkened doorway, he'd seen that same expression as she'd slipped to her knees at his feet. He waited for what he suspected for perhaps fifteen minutes. Then, quietly, he made his way across the street, and heart beating wildly, afraid of what he would see, peeked through a crack in the cab's loosened shutter. He could see and hear everything too clearly.

The precocious little beauty was kneeling on the floor between the youthís legs, lace bodice enticingly undone, firm precious young breasts lifted and exposed, rosy conical nipples swollen as though they'd only recently been sucked. Hips thrusting urgently upward, almost gasping for breath, the youth held her wild tangled heather locks in both hands.

He'd heard those sounds before, the mewing throaty moans girls made when eagerly performing fellatio. His erection was so hard it was painful, but unable to tear eyes away, he watched her fellate the lad, milking proverbial floods of pearly tears from youthful glands. At the height of one of the lad's amazing eruption, he accidentally moved the shutter.

Looking up, she'd turned limpid eyes to face that sound, partially open lips drooling the pearlescent evidence of the youth's fruition over the head of a still erupting erection. Shuddering deliciously, quivering orgasmicly, those sweet nipples looked like pink berries. There was no doubt that she'd seen him when looking up from her oral delight, no doubt that she was experiencing an orgasm. Partially open lips shimmering, she wagged that amazingly long pink ejaculate-glossed tongue. Pursing lips seemingly designed solely for performing what had obviously become an addictive delight, she made a theatrical show of swallowing what she held in her mouth. Smiling coquettishly, she was climaxing ecstatically while rhythmically milking even more pearls from the long pale shaft. The excess was so profuse, a veritable eruption of milky semen fountained into the air. Keeping sultry eye contact, she luxuriously sucked up and swallowed the balance of cum, a large shimmering pool she'd captured where fist encircled purplish swollen crest. Mouth open and pink tongue extended, she again exhibited proof she'd become the perfect student, having swallowed every drop of that just earned treasure.

Clutching groin in an attempt to prevent it from happening, the unexpected sight was so overly erotic, he felt an orgasm rushing through his loins, a massive flood of ejaculate messing his pants! He'd reached orgasm just from watching the girl fellate the young lad and swallow that excess of surging cum! Trembling, he watched as she changed places with the boy, raising skirts to expose a completely naked crotch and letting him lick her smooth parted cleft. While he licked and sucked, she teased swollen nipples, legs spread wide so he could tongue-ravish her entire crotch.

"Lick me to heaven!" she whispered loudly. "Lick my juicy wet cunt, you naughty boy! Push your finger up my arse! Dear God! Drink my excitement!"

He was doing that with eager enthusiasm, fingers buried in her juicy cunt. Licking the thick frosting of semen from lovely lips and sticky fingers, she smiled a smile meant just for the voyeur, then made an obscene gesture indicating he might just as well go to perdition for all she cared!

Shocked to the bone, warm cum now running down his leg inside his trousers, he understood the bold message. Frozen, he couldnít turn away.

Head still captive between warm pale thighs, the youth had missed the entire drama. Hers was tipped back in total ecstasy as the lad 's tongue brought her to cab-quivering orgasms.

Cheeks aflame and feeling faint, he shut his eyes to the erotic sight after the too-lovely tiny whore changed places with the boy once more and began sucking that virile semen-shooting tower as though her very life depended upon it. Hearing the sounds of near gluttony, but unable to watch, he knew exactly what the girl was doing.

"Oh, heavens! Swallow this, dear-heart! Swallow my cum again! You've made me cum-off six times in your throat!" cried her young friend, begging her to take him to the groin!

"Mmmmmmm, I always swallow, naughty boy! That's why you like me! You know I'm a slut for swallowing your cum!"

He listened to her relishing the boy's prodigal ejaculate until the driver suddenly reined the horse away from the curb. The black cab disappeared in the fog. He was unaware of just how long he stood is the chilled street until a passing coachman made an uncouth remark.

At the ship's agency he made travel arrangements, but this time not to Morocco. Unable to face further rejection, he feared he might find the twins in bed with someone else, enjoying those pleasures he'd taught them. Booking done, he arranged a letter of credit with his bank, withdrew some currency, hailed a cab and went back to the flat. In the light of an oil lamp he wrote a short note to his agent, then took it downstairs for the landlady to post. On impulse he gave her a week's rent but told her he'd be leaving the next day. Thankfully she asked no uncomfortable questions.

Standing alone at the railing on the top deck, he watched the familiar gray snow-wrapped skyline of London, the docks, boats and masts until he could no longer see the retreating shore. Chilled through like death, he accepted an offered drink from a Cockney steward and ordered a bottle to be delivered to his cabin.

Enervated, rejection courting jealousy, he couldn't keep images of the daring school-girl's clandestine tryst from surfacing in a distraught mind. Had he unwittingly become a slave to pleasures provided by such a talented mouth to the point he'd been left hopelessly addicted? The image lingered of her watching him as she pleasured herself with the virile youth, long rigid sex pistoning plump rosy encircling lips. She, looking up flirtatiously while savoring her addictive delectation, her predictable exhibition proving she'd swallowed all of the boy's profuse ejaculate.

Yes, he'd taught her everything Anna had done, everything he enjoyed; mutual masturbation, her fascination for making him cum-off by stroking his long lubricous uncircumcised sex, luscious mouth open, broad pink tongue under and waiting for t he anticipated warm flood of salty-sweet pearls. So like Anna, he pictured her down on her knees, lovely mouth open at the high point of his pleasure, the sparkle in large blue eyes as she directed each cloudy gelatinous surge onto her amazing cupped broad pink tongue. She'd been so easily influenced, so willing to please. He knew he'd never forget the sensation of sliding into the heat of that tight little tail, the glory of that ecstatic moment, shaft buried to balls as he sent torrents of seminal fluid deep up her amazingly tight arse. And that unabashed greed to swallow cum when she'd had enough cock up her arse, when she wanted to suck, when she took the semen-covered member that had just buggered her bum and desperately sucked until she made it cum in her mouth, cum she so eagerly swallowed.

But even harder to forget was her obscene gesture indicating she no longer cared a fig about what he wanted. He was sure now that it was she who had used him; a good student who had learned to please her own desires. Had he made the same mistake twice? Had he gone so far astray as to merely create substitutes for Anna's affection?

Fighting off tears, he'd tried desperately not to think about Anna, but did, remembering her exhibitionist's nature, her zeal for performing on knees while watching her stunning reflection in the large looking glass in her parent's library. He could still hear her confessing an insatiable thirst for swallowing his warm seed as she masturbated for their mutual pleasures. Every part of him burning in the knowledge that she'd been totally devoted to him as well as to those same exquisite delights, he tried not to imagine her lovely-lipped mouth around another man's sex, yet imagined it anyway, imagined her doing what the young school girl so clearly adored. He knew Anna's needs. Eyes aglow, she would be indulging herself completely in the act of allowing her mouth to be used as receptacle for cum while kneeling in front of a full-size mirror. Knowing her craving for those pearlescent oysters of love, her thirst for semen seemingly quenchless, the devastating vision of her enjoying those pleasures persisted, leaving him sobbing like an abandoned child.

Completely tormented, unable to force himself to go to the dining salon, thoughts of eating nearly making him nauseous, he sat on his bunk and drank most of the Scotch. It was more than ocean waves and the effects of drink that left him wretched and sick for months.


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