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Twenty-Third Installment in the "Latina" Series of Erotic Tales
by Latina

Our son (age 12) is out of town for a couple of weeks.

Recently, my loving hubby bought me lacy purple panties that hide almost nothing. I wore them and a sheer white baby-doll last night, and I was surprised to find under his red silk boxers, Frank had on the barely-there black mesh G-string I'd bought him. I told him how much I like the new panties, how sexy they make me feel. That must have been a coded cue, because he immediately began KISSING them, with me in them. DAMN, but that felt so GOOD!

Eventually, of course, his kisses turned to licks, and his tongue pushed the purple panties aside. WOW!!!! I turned on my sexiest, sluttiest voice for him. "That's right, eat me right THROUGH my pretty little PANTIES!" I moaned breathlessly.

He continued to do just that for quite a while. As he tongue pushed the wispy fabric of my purple lace panties deeper and deeper into my moistening slit, I couldn't help trembling in anticipation and moaning from the sheer, overwhelming joy of it all. Finally, he grabbed the waist-band of my tiny panties, and he slowly, seductively slid them down my legs, over my knees, past my calves, his kisses following my panties down to my ankles, feet, and toes. He seemed to enjoy kissing my shiny red toenails, before returning his kisses up my legs and back to my now fully-exposed pussy.

As he moved up from my legs to my juicy slit, I couldn't help looking down to admire the sensuously masculine physique of the man I love. I could see his cock starting to rise--being mesh, his G-string hides NOTHING ;-) and I reached out to encircle my hand around him. That just wasn't enough for me, not NEARLY enough! I was whining and whimpering by now, BEGGING him to let me suck his big, thick, beautiful, sexy, hard cock, as his long, strong tongue slowly, patiently worked me over, encircling my wide-open lower lips, tasting my juice-slickened walls, and mercilessly teasing my horny, throbbing clit.

He turned around into a 69, and he began the gentle sucking and nibbling that drives my clit absolutely BANANAS with desitre for HIS ripe banana!! Right THROUGH his black-mesh G-string pouch, my tongue was all over him: balls, shaft, head, I wanted (and I got) it ALL! As he continued to lick, suck, and nibble on me, he slowly, teasingly slid his barely-there black G-string down his long, hairy, muscular legs. I can't help it, I think that my man's long, thick, hard cock is absolutely the most beautiful sight I have ever laid my eyes (not to mention my hands and tongue) upon. But he kept me away from direct contact just yet, not letting me touch the object of my lust for what seemed like HOURS, until his G-string had slid past his ankles and onto the floor. Finally, he let me have my way with him, and I wasted no time leaning over him, and I slowly went down on his thick, gorgeous shaft, as he thrust upward to slowly ease his 8 inches into my hungry throat. GODDDAMMMNNN, but I DO love his rock hardness filling up my mouth like that! Especially as he didn't miss a beat licking, sucking, and nibbling at my horny little clit for the whole time I was sucking on HIM!

After about my fourth or fifth explosion into his mouth, and his umpteenth upthrust into my eagerly-sucking mouth, I tasted his sweet pre-come drooling up into my mouth. That did it! All I could think to say was "FUCK me--NOW!!!" Not very elegant or lady-like for someone pushing 50, but it got my point across. Long, strong, thick, pulsing, and quivering, he sank SSSOOO slowly into my moistness: sheer HEAVEN!

I squeezed my muscles around him, and I drew him all the way in. Then I started SLAMMING my stomach hard against his. He got the message, and soon I was slamming upward and he downward very hard and fast. Again, DAMN, but I was on CLOUD NINE!!! I was goig absolutely out of my MIND with love and lust for my husband! I couldn't think WHAT to say, I was feeling so damned GOOD, and I think I muttered "She wants you" (I call my pussy she and his cock he), which didn't make a lot of sense since she ALREADY was getting him hard and fast! "She WANTS you, baby!" I moaned again. "She NEEDS you! GIVE it to me! Mmmmmmm, yeah, that's it, FFFFFFUCK me!"

Pausing to atch my breath, I resumed my crazed, lusty screaming. "UNNNNGGGGHHHHHH!! Right TTTTHHHHERE, honey! Mmmmmmm, yeah, GIVE it to me!!"

As I started to ooze into climax, I whispered to him "you've got her." Again, not necessary to say that, I'm sure he could FEEL me coming all over him. As I was soaking his cock, his thighs, my thighs, and the bed sheets with my simultaneous clitoral and G-spot orgasm, I asked him to come WITH me. He throbbed, further increasing his already very nice two-inch thickness, and then he thrust down hard into me and he EXPLODED! MMMMMM! God, that was FANTASTIC! I felt so DELICIOUSLY naughty, and so completely fulfilled as a woman.

He slowed his thrusts to a gentle in-and-out rocking, and after a few minutes of that, he thrust all the way in and stopped. Parked deep inside of me, his two-inch-thick cock pulsed, throbbed, expanded even thicker, and he oozed a FRESH stream of semen into me--his SECOND orgasm in less than ten minutes. Not as explosive as his first, but nevertheless a nice volume of ooze that felt warm, deep, and wonderful inside of me. He wrapped his arms arond me, kissed me softly but passionately, massaged my breasts and my hard nipples, and continued to throb deep inside of me. I kissed him back, sweetly, gently, lovingly, letting our tongues playfully entwine, reveling in the feel of his spent cock still slowly pulsing and throbbing away deep inside of my tight, hot, wet, deeply-satisfied, and thoroughly-contented love tunnel.

He raised himself slowly, almost but not quite all the way out of me. Before he could completely escape, I flexed my pussy muscles and slowly drew him back in again. He began slowly easing his cock in and out of me, and after five or six strokes, I could feel him hardening again, against my tight, wet, slippery walls. Still buried inside of me, he rolled us both over, until I was on top. I eased my wide-open pussy lips slowly down over him, and he thrust upward to meet my descending pussy. Soon, I was riding him with complete abandon, he was thrusting up and down, and we were both moaning loudly enough that we probably woke the neighbors halfway down the block. I am so glad and proud of my capacity for fully, naturally, and ecstatically enjoying love, lust, and sex with my husband, devoid of any artifice, pretenses, or deceptions.

As he thrust into me, his thumb gently, playfully massaged my hot, horny little clit, until I just about couldn't STAND one more second of his exquisitely pleasurable torture! He must have sensed I was more than ready, because just then he thrust hard and deep up into me, his thumb pressed tightly against my clit, and he came for his third time of the evening. Before he finished exploding, I came for about my seventh or eighth time. I'm told I'm very rare for being multi-orgasmic, but Frank is even rarer, as he doesn't just come and roll over and go to sleep. He can and often does come 3 or 4 times in one night's session! And even one those occasions when he comes just once, he continues to throb inside of me, hold me lovingly, kiss me sweetly, and caress me tenderly, even long after our mutual orgasms have subsided. He has such a sexual, sensual, and sensuous intelligence, that more men would do well to learn.

All day today, my co-workers have been asking me about my big, wide, idiotic, goofy grin. Is it because of last night, I wonder to myself? Or because I can still feel his warm residue deep inside me, and I can still taste his sweet explosions in my mouth? Then I suddenly KNOW why I feel so GREAT: because I realized that Frank and I have the house all to ourselves for another two whole weeks, before our son returns! And I still have a dozen or more sexy outfits Frank has bought me, that I haven't worn lately!

Even now, as I write this, I am still going CRAZY, because it will still be two whole HOURS before I can again be in my wonderful Frank's loving arms! I can't STAND the wait! Just THINKING about last night, replaying and reliving it all in my mind, has got me DESPERATELY horny for my Frank all over again. I'm just going have to DO something about that!

Phew! Made it to another day. And let me say, I am a LOT calmer and less horny today than yeserday! My Frank took REALLY good care of me again last night, which is part of why I am in SUCH a great mood today!

But first, there ARE a few other reasons for me to be so happy now. I started a new job here on the west coast about two months ago, but my new boss is at corporate headquarters on the EAST coast. I finally got to meet her yesterday. She took me to lunch and we talked. We got to like each other as friends.

My predecessor in this job had a boyfriend who was very jealous of her. He punched out one of her male coworkers. Sadly for her, she was fired. They can't have such violence in the office; it wasn't her fault, but since she can't control her boyfriend, they had no choice. My boss liked that I'm older and married, and more stable than my predecessor and her boyfriend. So the boss asked me about my family. I told her that my Frank is a true gentleman, and she said that is so rare. I told her I know, that's why I married him and consider myself to be SO lucky.

That got me thinking, and I was still in the VERY horny mood I was so obviously in when I wrote the above yesterday. So, after unwinding with TV, when Frank and I went to bed last night, I couldn't resist straddling his hips and rocking my juicy slit over his beautiful, stiff rod. This is one of our favorite types of foreplay.

He pulled me up off of him, and he slid down on the bed as he pulled my hips forward, until his mouth was parked right under my pussy. Then he sat me down right smack dab squarely centered on his face, and he let his tongue slowly work me into a frenzy.

Last December, he learned this amazing new trick, where his tongue slowly licks from one corner of his lips to the other while his face is pressed tightly against my crotch, and this produces a real nice, long lick across my clit. And now that I think about it, last night was something around the 25th time he has eaten me out in that way, THIS year alone! As I said, I am SO lucky to be his wife!

I wanted to repay the favor, but I also wanted to feel him in my throat for my own selfish pleasure. "I want to suck your cock," I told him, very matter-of-factly.

"You say the SWEETEST things to me, honey," he smiled. His comment made me LAUGH! We were really enjoying ourselves on many levels by now.

Starting at his balls, I slowly licked up the side of his thick shaft, then lavished attention all over the bulbous purple head, before letting him slide past my lips. I don't know why, but I have absolutely NO choke reflex when it comes to swallowing his long, thick manhood all the way down my throat, but only if I suck him down VERY slowly. He doesn't seem to mind my taking my time! I slowly eased him down my throat and kept licking, as his shaft glided down over my tongue, and into my throat. I knew he was enjoying my slow pace, because the entire time, he writhed and moaned so sweetly, and kissed and caressed me all OVER my naked body, so tenderly and lovingly. The sight and sound of him enjoying my swallowing his manly flesh just got ME more turned on, I grew wetter and wetter as each inch slid into my mouth!

He turned me around so we turned my blowjob into a hot and sexy 69. I enjoyed his attention so much, I forgot to keep sucking, and the 69 became very one-sided, him giving and me receiving. It's funny, HE was now the one doing ALL the eating (eating ME, that is), but very soon after he finished his meal, I was the one who wound-up feeling completely STUFFED (my pussy stuffed full of his nice, thick, loving COCK, that is--mmmmmm!)!

Anyway, we went at it, off and on, from 10:00 until 3:00 this morning. At least for now, we have sucked and fucked all the horniness out of each other, so I am much calmer, less horny and jittery, than yesterday. I feel a sort of deep spiritual inner peace in me today: I have a great husband, who even after four years of marriage is my best friend, my soulmate, and my VERY passionate lover. And I have a wonderful job with a terrific boss I really like. What could be better than my life right now?

And our son, going through teenage rebellion, is away visiting relatives for two weeks, so Frank and I get to do this again anytime and anywhere, without fear of our son seeing or hearing us. We get to be as loud, wild, and uninhibited as we both want to be, for another 14 nights in a row. Frank likes to promise that I will be completely and thoroughly fucked, and for the next fortnight, he will be delivering on that promise every chance he gets. How lucky can a 49-year-old woman be?


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