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Widowed Tom Fucks
the Neighbor and her Daughter

by TopGun115

I recently told you how I got to fuck the woman who lives next door, to recap my name's Tom, I am 60 and widowed. The couple who live next door (Julie and Paul) helped me overcome the loss of my wife in many ways; eventually I had sex with Julie who became my part time housekeeper. I paid her to look after my house, cook for me etc. I knew they were short of money so I proposed a plan to Julie, I would pay her more if she would sometimes 'turn me on' by wearing sexy clothes, flirting etc. she decided to do as I asked on condition there would be no contact between us but one day after seeing how big my prick was we ended up fucking. Since then I have fucked her regularly, I have become accepted as one of the family by Paul and their children, Jenny who is 18 and Billy who is 10, the children look on me as being their 'Granddad' Paul knows nothing of our sex life and Julie wants to keep it that way which suits me although the thought of fucking her with her husband present is a possibility for the future!

Everything was going along great till one day Jenny caught us in the act. Julie, as normal arrived at my house after lunch, she went upstairs and changed into one of her sexy outfits she keeps at my house, after parading around for an hour with her tits almost hanging out and her short skirt showing me her pantiless cunt I desperately wanted and needed to fuck her, we ended up on the floor with me on top fucking her hard and deep when all of a sudden the door opened and with a "Hi mom, it's me" Jenny burst in, she had been sent home from school because she was not feeling well, she knew her mom would be here and as the door was unlocked had let herself in, she saw her mom getting fucked, froze for a second then turned and ran out, "Oh fuck!" exclaimed Julie, "Oh fucking hell!" we quickly got dressed, "I think you should keep a low profile for a while Tom, It's best if I don't come around for a few days, I'll try to talk to Jenny, make her understand there's nothing in it, I hope I can, I hope she'll listen to me" Julie gave me a quick kiss and hurried next door.

Over the next couple of days I saw Paul a few times, he acted normal so I guessed Jenny hadn't said anything to him, I didn't see Julie till the third day, she told me she had spoken to Jenny, she had told her all about us, that she loved Paul very much but that she enjoyed the sex she had with me, "I think Jenny understood what I was saying Tom" Julie said, "After all she is growing up, Jenny's got a boyfriend and I know she's on the pill so I guess they are having sex, Jenny told me I should carry on seeing you if I enjoyed it so much" I was relieved, this meant that things could return the way they used to be, I was afraid I would lose Julie - my only source of sex! "Does this mean you will come back to working for me Julie, I've really missed your company Julie and you know I've missed fucking you!" I told her, "Yes Tom, I've missed you too but we must be careful Tom, if Paul ever found out it would really hurt him and I don't want to do that!" We spent the next half hour having a good hard fuck - just the way Julie loves!

A couple of days later there was a knock at my door, I answered it to find Jenny standing there, "Can I come in please Tom, there's something I want to talk to you about" she said, I showed Jenny into the front room and she sat down, "What did you want to talk about Jenny?" I asked, "Mum told me all about you and her Tom, she told me it was your suggestion that she should wear sexy clothes to turn you on, is that true?" she asked, "Yes Jenny, I'm afraid it was" I told her, "You see Jenny, when a man get old he sometimes needs a bit of help sexually, seeing your mom wear sexy clothes excites me, yes it turns me on!" "And she told me that in return you give her extra money, is that true Tom? Does she charge you for having sex?" Jenny asked, I was taken back by how forward her questions were, what was she getting at I thought? "No Jenny, I do not pay your mom for sex! She enjoys it as much as I do, the money I pay your mom is for the housework she does for me, I admit at first I gave her extra so that she would wear sexy clothes but since then it has been different, your mom loves your dad but she likes to have sex with me as well" I looked at Jenny sitting opposite me, she was wearing jeans and a sweatshirt, her hair tied in bunches made her look younger than she actually was, in the past I had noticed she was very sexy, I had seen her made up, dressed in sexy clothes before she went out on a date, she had quite large tits for her age, I remembered Julie telling me she was on the pill so I guessed she had already been fucked. "How much did you pay her the first time Tom? The first time she dressed up for you, the first time she 'turned you on' Jenny asked, "Oh, I can't remember Jenny, why do you ask?" "Well Tom, let me put it this way, how much would you pay me to wear sexy clothes for you?" "That depends Jenny" I told her, "Depends on what?" she replied, "Well...If you are serious for one thing" I told her, "Oh, I'm serious alright Tom, very serious!" "Well, if you are serious it would depend on how sexy you dressed and acted" I told her. "If I did Tom, tell me...what would you like me to do, how would you like to see me dressed?" she asked, "Oh, I would leave that to you Jenny, your imagination is probably better than mine but if you are serious Jenny you can be sure I'll make it worth your while, I'm a very generous man Jenny, very generous!" Jenny stood up, "Ok Tom, I'll have a think about it and see", she lifted her sweatshirt, she wasn't wearing a bra and flaunted her tits to me, "Do you like them Tom, would you like to touch them?" she teased before pulling it down and running out the door, I sat down thinking about what had just taken place, picturing her young tits made my prick hard, I wondered if she was just teasing me - I hoped not!

That evening about 7pm there was a knock at the door, there stood Jenny, "Well, are you going to invite me in?" she asked, she removed her coat and turned to face me, she had certainly dressed to thrill, a very short skirt, what I hoped would be stockings, and a tight, sheer top over a lacy bra, tonight she wore make up which gave her the appearance of someone older, she posed for me, "Tell me Tom, do I look sexy?" she asked, "You look great Jenny, are you sure you want to do this?" I asked, "Yes, I'm sure - for two reasons, firstly the money, how much do you think I'm worth Tom?" "You tell me" I replied, "How about £50, do you think I'm worth that much?" I agreed that amount would be ok, "You said 'two' reasons, what's the other one?" I asked, "Mum told me you had a big dick Tom, I've never been fucked by anyone with a big dick, the boys I've been with haven't been very big, I can't wait to see yours Tom" she laughed, I took her hand and led her upstairs to my bedroom, then I kissed her, she was a great kisser, she used her tongue expertly, probing my mouth, sucking my tongue, as we kissed I cupped her tit, she was so firm, I gently squeezed taking hold of her nipple through the material of her top and bra, it grew large between my fingers, I moved her back and sat her on the edge of the bed, her mouth now level with the bulge in my trousers, immediately she reached out and unzipped me then her hand went inside encircling my throbbing, hard prick. I undid the button and my trousers fell to the floor, my prick stood out as Jenny slowly wanked on it, "Suck it Jenny" I told her, she took the tip in her mouth, her tongue licking around the end, then a little more until it was about half way in, putting my hands either side of her head I fucked her mouth, I could feel my prick hitting against the back of her mouth, she gagged and choked, I could see her eyes watering as she attempted to take me deeper, she pulled her head back, "I'm sorry Tom, It's too big, I can't get it all in" she said, "Don't worry Jenny, we'll try again later" I told her, I pulled her top over her head then reaching around her back I unfastened her bra and pulled it away from her, her young tits were so firm they stayed jutting out, not even a slight sag, her nipples looked just right for sucking and that's what I did for the next 5 minutes, as I sucked and played with her tits I ran my other hand up between her legs, she was wearing stockings, reaching the tops my hand rubbed against her bare skin, so very soft! Then going up even further I brushed against her panties, Jenny started to moan as my finger traced the outline of her pussy lips through the thin material, pulling them to one side I gently parted her wet lips and slid a finger into her moist, young cunt, again making Jenny moan loudly with pleasure, I lay her back on the bed and removed her skirt and panties, now naked except for her black hold up stockings. I quickly stripped off my clothes and knelt between her wide open legs, grabbing a handful of titty flesh I started to lick at her pussy, slipping my long tongue into her cunt as deeply as I could, she was very wet, I slid a couple of fingers into her and fingered her making her moan even more, "Ooh that feels so fucking good Tom, so fucking good!" she cried out, "Now Tom, please fuck me" she begged, I pulled her to the edge of the bed, her feet rested on the floor, then getting into position I rubbed my prick along her wet pussy "Fuck me Tom" I started to slide my prick into her cunt, she was very tight, I took it slow and gentle to begin, a little at a time until I was buried deep in her cunt, then pulling out half way I began to fuck her with deep lunges, "Oh fuck. That's good, yes that's so fucking good" she cried out, I fucked her for what seemed like a long time, much longer than I normally lasted until I felt myself ready to cum, " I'm cumming Jenny" I told her and shot my load of spunk deep inside her cunt, I stayed inside her till I felt my prick begin to soften, then pulling out I lay next to her on the bed, cuddling up beside her, gently cupping her firm tit in my hand, she in turn had her hand around my throbbing prick which was still oozing cum, slowly wanking it, spreading the spunk around the tip. Before she left she sucked my prick again, this time she managed to take more of it into her mouth, relaxing her throat muscles she took some down her throat without choking - a quick learner I thought, I emptied my second load into her mouth, she swallowed most of it, some escaped her mouth and dribbled down her chin, dripping on to her tits - I think seeing a girl with spunk over her face is very erotic, the spunk over her tits she rubbed into her nipples. After getting dressed Jenny said she had to go, it was getting late, I went to the dresser and got my wallet, I handed Jenny the money I had agreed to pay her, "I wasn't serious Tom, I was just joking about you paying me" she laughed, "I just thought the idea of me prostituting myself might turn you on" she told me, "All I wanted was a good fuck Tom, since mum told me about you and how big you were I knew I had to fuck with you" "Will you come and visit me again Jenny?" I asked, "Oh, I don't know Tom, we'll have to see - What's it worth?" she joked before she left.

So, that's how I got to fuck both Julie and her teenage daughter Jenny, what's next? What other fantasy's can I dream up? I asked myself, there is the possibility of getting Paul to join Julie and me in a threesome and taking things to the extreme how about Julie, Jenny, Paul and me all together? Very interesting!

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