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Welcome Wagon
by Shintani

Moving in was such a chore. Fortunately, George and Sheryl were able to get everything out of the truck, and into the house. Organizing their worldly possessions was going to be a much larger task, but there would be plenty of time for that. The only problem they had encountered so far was the infernal heat. It was unseasonably warm out, and they were completely worn out. Spending the first night in their very own home was well worth it, and they looked forward to many such nights of bliss.

The tasks remaining before them were daunting, but for now, everything seemed to be going their way. The next morning dawned, bright and clear. The weather forecast was for more of the season's first heat wave, and George decided to try and get as much done as early as possible. That way, he and Sheryl could enjoy a mid-afternoon break, and avoid manual labor during the hottest part of the day.

The fact that they were working so hard on a weekend that others were enjoying relaxing didn't bother them. They didn't even show a hint of jealousy at their new neighbors who were going about their business, setting up barbecues and such, or in the case of the couple that lived behind them, just laying out by the pool. That would be Phyllis and her husband Robert, who had come over previously and introduced themselves. They were definitely the friendly outgoing sort; Sheryl and George had noted that and were glad that making new friends after their move was going smoothly.

George was taking some boxes out to the storage shed in the back when he noticed Phyllis that day. She was stunning looking in her barely there bikini, and he enjoyed sneaking a peek through the trees. Her figure was rather slender, but she had killer curves and filled out her swimsuit nicely. The black material was a sharp contrast to her relatively pale skin, but George's focus was elsewhere. While the attractive brunette was noticeable the day before, she had been dressed more conservatively. He hadn't expected to see such nice curves on her, and was pleasantly surprised. He spent the rest of his morning making sure that he had to go to the backyard often, so that he could secretly sneak a glance at the sexy vision before him. As the morning went on, Phyllis went from laying on her stomach, which had given George an awesome view of her fine ass, to laying out on her back.

Although it was riskier for George to peek at her while she did so, the rewards were well worth it as Phyllis was rather nicely endowed. He was emboldened somewhat by the fact that Sheryl had gone out to the home supply store and wasn't around to catch him. He also thought that Phyllis hadn't noticed his voyeuristic activities. He was wrong. Early on, Phyllis had seen her neighbor spying on her, but she didn't mind. For her, it was quite a turn on to have another man ogling her. In fact, she found his attempts to be discreet to be humorous. On her part, she made sure that she was laying so that he could get a good look at her attributes, and even went as far as making sure her bikini was adjusted so that the most flesh was showing, without being overt.

That meant that she let the material of her bikini bottoms gather up in her ass, showing off quite a bit of her cheeks. And when she turned over, she slid the triangles covering her breasts into as tight a group as possible, barely covering her nipples. Additionally, as she lay, she reached her arms up over her head, accentuating the swell of her bosom for George's benefit. Her little performance was so good, that by noontime, George was desperately trying to conceal a raging hard on, and eagerly awaited his wife's return. Sheryl, however, was going to come home with very different ideas.

Her morning was spent at the local home supply store, a super store that had every possible hardware need. While her list included some maintenance items, she was primarily looking for additional cleaning supplies. It had been early enough in the hot summer morning when she left that she had simply thrown on a T-shirt and a loose fitting pair of shorts, neglecting to go so far as to put on underwear as well. It was pure chance that she ran into Robert there, he was buying up pool supplies. Always the gracious neighbor, he assisted young Sheryl in finding her purchases. As they meandered down the aisles, he couldn't help but notice the jiggling of her bosom beneath her T-shirt, and when she bent over to pick up an item, he clearly enjoyed the wonderful view of her ass that she inadvertently gave him.

His patience in helping her out was further rewarded when she reached up to grab something off a top shelf, the angle of her arm gave him a clean view down into her T-shirt, and one of her rosy nipples peeking out at him. While his wife, Phyllis was a knockout in her own right, Sheryl was a bit shorter, but curvier. Robert loved curves, and decided that he wanted to see more. Without giving it a second thought, he invited Sheryl to bring her husband over that afternoon to enjoy a refreshing swim in the pool. Besides, he reasoned, it would be too hot for them to get much of their work accomplished anyway. Much to his surprise, Sheryl readily agreed.

She had her own motives, after all. Robert was an impressive male specimen. His physical stature was imposing, and Sheryl had no doubts that he was certainly able to keep Phyllis satisfied in more ways than one. Plus, it would be nice to take a break and get to know the new neighborhood that they had just moved into. After they had paid for their stuff, they headed out to the parking lot. As Sheryl watched Robert's muscles rippling underneath his shirt while he loaded up his truck, she knew that she had made the right decision. He was even kind enough to help her load her things, and gallantly held her door open for her. When Sheryl swung her legs up into her vehicle, Robert got a quick but enticing view up the leg of her shorts. He definitely saw bush and smiled to himself as he drove off. This was certainly going to be a rewarding afternoon.

Once Robert returned home, he shared the news of their afternoon plans with Phyllis. She agreed with him that it would be a great opportunity to get to know the new neighbors. Besides, she joked with him that she had been teasing George all morning, and would love to see how far he would be willing to go once he was in close proximity to her. Robert laughed, and shared with his wife that he had found Sheryl to be quite enticing as well, and that he certainly wouldn't mind getting a closer look at her. Phyllis feigned anger at her husband's wandering eye, but he knew it was in jest. Their sexual appetites were quite large, and quite varied, who knows what they might be able to convince their new neighbors to try. And even if the new neighbors weren't up for anything, that might change in the future. Besides, the very act of trying was exhilarating to Phyllis and Robert.

While Phyllis and Robert were preparing for visitors, Sheryl and George were getting ready to go over. Neither one of them mentioned finding the neighbors to be alluring, instead, they kept their desires hidden. George, always the opportunist, watched eagerly as his wife slipped out of her clothes, and pulled on her bathing suit. Sheryl was definitely an attractive specimen, he thought as he watched her voluptuous curves disappearing into the form-fitting outfit. Her suit was a one piece, but it was by no means conservative. The black bodysuit had a plunging cutout, which Sheryl was always quite careful of. If she moved the wrong way, her breasts would free themselves, giving quite a show to anyone watching.

Furthermore, the cutout was a white 'V', contrasting the black material. Originally, it had been lined for modesty sake, but since she wore the suit in the water so rarely, she had removed it at George's insistence. Therefore, on those rare instances it did get wet, the dark outlines of her nipples would be clearly visible, poking out from the suit. So far, George had been the only man to enjoy this, but that was going to change as well. Once they were ready, the happy young couple headed over towards the relaxation that their neighbor's pool offered.

Phyllis and Robert were waiting for them, and greeted them warmly. As the day had been growing hotter and hotter, they all decided to jump right into the pool's clear, refreshing water. Although Sheryl and George were initially clingy, the outgoing nature of their hosts soon got the better of them. Phyllis managed to quickly engage George in a rowdy bit of pool tag, and Robert definitely captured Sheryl's attention with his physique. As he swam towards her underwater, he caught a glimpse of one of her breasts, which had freed itself from the confines of her swimsuit. Even though Sheryl quickly noticed it, and adjusted herself, the wet white material allowed her nipples to become clearly visible to Robert.

It was only with the greatest of difficulty that he managed to keep his erection hidden from her. The cool water was quite refreshing as they splashed around. As the day progressed, and the couples grew less and less inhibited with each other, passing touches became replaced by outright gropes. But no one seemed to mind. Phyllis definitely loved having George's hands all over her sexy body, and for his part, the soft, exotic feel of another woman was electrifying. The fact that her husband and his wife were nearby only added to the exhilaration. Besides, her breasts were soft and inviting and that gorgeous ass that he had spent the morning staring at was so firm to the touch. When Phyllis returned the favor, allowing her wandering hands to caress the noticeable bulge in his swim trunks, George knew that he needed more. If he was reading the look in Phyllis' eyes right, she did too.

That seductive look was very much the same one that Sheryl was casting at Robert. They were far less active than their spouses were, as far as swimming was concerned. Instead, they seemed to be content just hanging out in the shallower end of the pool. There, Sheryl had leaned back, and was resting against Robert's well-developed form. Periodically, he was massaging her breasts, and was enjoying the sensation of Sheryl grinding her ass against his crotch. As Robert watched his sexy wife teasing the hell out of Sheryl's husband, he grew bolder as well. When his hands next slid up underneath Sheryl's breasts, he let them slip inside her bathing suit, allowing his fingers to briefly play with her hard nipples.

After years of marriage, he had grown quite accustomed to Phyllis' hard body; Sheryl was much curvier and softer. Robert found himself wondering just how much fun she could be when Phyllis interrupted him. In her conversation with George (which had evidently required copious amounts of groping), she mentioned that they had converted the master bathroom into a luxurious spa, and as the job had only recently been completed, she wanted to show it off to their new friends. Robert heartily agreed with her, and the two couples left the comfort of the pool for the quick tour of the house.

When Phyllis and Robert had planned the layout of the master bathroom, they had paid attention to every minute detail. A luxurious whirlpool tub was the centerpiece; it seemed big enough for four. A dual shower was in the corner, its twin shower heads were clearly an invitation for a couple. Sheryl and George were quite impressed by the design, but they were both enthralled by their hosts. George was leering at Phyllis as she bent and stretched to show off the room, Sheryl clung tight to Robert as they listened to Phyllis' descriptions of all that lay before them.

As she rolled her head back against Robert's chest, she noticed the king sized bed in the next room. He saw that it had captured her interest, and allowed her to lead him there, ostensibly to continue the tour. Phyllis and George followed his hand 'accidentally' brushing up against her ass repeatedly on the way. By now, both couples had a pretty good idea of where things were leading, and it didn't take long for the day's temptations to get the better of them. Phyllis was winding down her exhibition of the room, and she sat down on one side of the bed, taking George by the hand and leading him down with her. As he sat on the soft mattress, she placed his hands on her breasts, arching her back in supplication.

Immediately he began to caress her, feeling her soft breasts through the damp bikini top. That was simply in the way, and he slowly pushed it off of her, freeing her tits from their confinement. Phyllis was quite attractive, as he had noticed, and while her breasts were not quite as large as Sheryl's, they were still rather impressive. George slowly placed his mouth around them, savoring the texture of Phyllis' soft skin on his tongue. Her hardening nipples were magnets for his tongue, and soon he was devouring her. Her breasts felt so wonderful to him, soft and supple beneath his touch; George lay Phyllis down on the bed, the moans of her building pleasure filling the room. His hot mouth explored her breasts, her nipples, her cleavage, and when his kisses traced over her neck and shoulders, his hands took over, squeezing her tits and playing with her nipples. All of this was not lost on Sheryl and Robert, as they watched from the far side of the bed.

While they watched George and Phyllis getting it on, they were becoming quite hot themselves. Robert's hands were wandering all over Sheryl's body, and she writhed under his strong touch. She gasped as his hands found her breasts, and his caresses grew bolder and bolder. It didn't take long for his hands to find their way underneath her swimsuit. Slowly he peeled the wet material away, exposing Sheryl's tits as he pulled the clingy black material down to her waist. She turned towards him as he did so, offering her breasts to him. Robert hungrily dove in; sucking on her soft breasts as her hands enveloped the back of his head. He had always been content with Phyllis, but Sheryl just offered so much more to him. His hands and mouth went wild as they touched her. She was so hot, so tempting; Robert was unable to control himself.

Not that he would have wanted to. With his wife and neighbor making out like crazy on the bed next to him, there was nothing better than sampling Sheryl's goods. All in all, their group effort was scandalously enjoyable, and it could only get better. Phyllis would be the one to take things even further that afternoon. While she was definitely enjoying the attention that George was lavishing on her, she wanted more, and she was pretty sure that George would be more than happy to oblige. As her neighbor continued to greedily suck on her breasts, pausing briefly only to watch Phyllis' husband do the same to Sheryl, he gradually allowed his wandering hands to find her firm buns. He gave her a playful squeeze, and she responded instantly. Her hands were soon on his, and she guided him to the waistband of her bikini bottoms. Without a moment's hesitation, Phyllis wiggled her lovely ass out of her bikini, then let her hands work on George's swim trunks.

George's hands were right on top of her, squeezing and caressing her firm ass. While he was doing so, he felt Phyllis' hand stroking his now exposed cock. His shaft was erect and bulging under her touch, and the feeling of his manhood being stroked emboldened him. In a moment, his fingers found Phyllis' snatch, slowly rubbing her pussy lips and teasing her clit. She moaned with delight when he slipped a finger inside her wet hole. One finger became two, and two quickly became three. George gently sawed his fingers in and out of Phyllis; his thumb massaged her clit. She spread her legs wide to allow him easy access, and on a whim, Phyllis glanced over at her husband to see how he was doing.

Robert was doing quite well. Both he and Sheryl had enjoyed watching Phyllis and George getting naked, and the subsequent finger fucking they were administering to each other. When Sheryl realized just how far her husband was willing to go, she was relieved. That bulge in Robert's shorts was so enticing, she didn't know if she could go on without it. Effortlessly, she pulled his shorts off, freeing that magnificent cock. Like George, he was already rigid, a product of the foreplay that they had all been enjoying. Sheryl marveled at the beautiful sight of Robert's engorged cock, and she knew she wanted it. Somehow, she managed to tear her breasts away from him long enough to switch positions and get her mouth on him. His large cock filled her mouth; she nearly gagged as he gently thrust into her mouth, matching her sucking motions.

Robert moaned out her name as she sucked his cock, and she sucked so well! He could feel his shaft sliding in and out of her lips as she gently stroked him. His cock felt the unique sensation of sliding down her throat as she continued the blowjob, the feeling was heavenly. Robert was well built, and endowed proportionately, and he had to wonder how sexy Sheryl didn't gag as she deep-throated him. He lay his head back as she pumped up and down on him, and for a minute, he failed to notice her sexy ass wiggling at him. Sheryl's curves were still hidden in her half-removed bathing suit, but Robert put a quick end to that oversight. Reaching out for her, he felt her grinding herself against him as he pulled the last shreds of clothing off of her. Sheryl was on top of him, on all fours sucking his cock.

Her ass and pussy were pointed right at his face once her swimsuit came off, and Robert fully enjoyed that view. Her pussy was growing wetter and wetter the longer she sucked, and he could detect the barest hint of her light brown pussy hairs from his vantagepoint. Her ass, while not as shapely as Phyllis', was still quite alluring, and an excellent place for him to rest his hands and squeeze as he enjoyed her oral ministrations. Sheryl continued to suck his cock, and wiggle her ass in his face. Robert's fingers soon found the slick opening of her cunt, and were poised to drive themselves in as he caught a glimpse of what Phyllis and George were doing.

Those two had already abandoned all pretenses of decorum, and were going at it hot and heavy. No longer satisfied with fingerplay, and charged by watching Robert and Sheryl, Phyllis and George were quick to escalate. Phyllis kept her legs spread as George mounted her. Her shapely legs were spread and in the air as she prepared to take on all that George could give her. She didn't have long to wait. From his position on top of her, George was able to slip his cock into her waiting pussy with ease. A small part of him was jealous that another man was enjoying a blowjob from his wife, but rationalized that he was getting to fuck Phyllis' hot cunt while everyone else watched. Her pussy was so hot, so tight; it seemed to wrap around his cock like a form-fitting glove. Phyllis' dark brown pussy hairs tickled him as he thrust into her, and he savored every sensation his cock was enjoying from her. Phyllis felt so different from Sheryl, but that only served to heighten his enjoyment of fucking her. Her cunt was much tighter feeling, but she was well lubricated with her own juices, which allowed his cock to slide into her very easily.

Phyllis moaned as an orgasm overtook her, and George felt her cunt involuntarily tightening around him as she screamed out in pleasure. He continued to slam his cock into her as her orgasm subsided, and he felt his own climax building fast. Phyllis was beckoning to him now, urging him on, begging him to do her harder and harder. George happily complied, thrusting his cock inside her, faster and harder than before. He slowed slightly, only to catch a glimpse of what was going on next to him, as his wife's familiar cries of passion captured his attention.

George only had to turn his head slightly to see what his wife was up to. Sheryl had elected to stay on all fours, letting Robert take her from behind. His strong hands grabbed her soft ass as he slammed his cock inside her. From his position, he was able to drive himself all the way inside Sheryl, and she loved it. While on her hands and knees, she could watch her husband fucking Phyllis while she got it from Robert. He was also able to see Phyllis getting laid, and his reaction was obvious. He pounded his cock into Sheryl, as hard and as deep as he could. It felt so naughty for her, getting taken from behind. The penetration was so deep, yet her contact with Robert was minimal. It was pure fucking that her cunt was enjoying, there was no denying it. In essence, she felt like a slut. But that only let her drop the last of her inhibitions and fully enjoy the fucking Robert was giving her. She screamed with delight as she felt Robert's cock reaming her cunt, his heavy balls bounced against her ass with each thrust. Occasionally, she saw George and Phyllis glancing over at her, and she knew her husband was getting turned on watching her breasts sway back and forth as Robert fucked her. It was a turn on for her as well, watching his cock sliding in and out of Phyllis.

She knew how well he fucked, and could only imagine how Phyllis was enjoying it. Of course, at the same time, she was enjoying Robert's bedroom abilities, and marveled at how Phyllis managed to keep up with him. The man was a stud, pure and simple, and her body ached for more. She cried out as he skillfully fucked her from behind, thrust after masterful thrust reaming out her pussy. Robert was clearly enjoying himself, savoring Sheryl's hot cunt. She was so wet, so ready for him, his large tool slid inside so easily with each thrust, it was as if her pussy was drawing his cock into her. Her constant moaning only heightened his pleasure, and when it was coupled with Phyllis' sighs of contentment, there was no way for him to hold back. Not that he would have wanted to. Sheryl's pussy, so unfamiliar to his cock, was a heavenly fuck.

She felt so different from Phyllis; he wanted to fuck her forever. For years, he had enjoyed his wife's tight cunt exclusively, now here he was, slamming his cock into a different woman, and the differences he noticed were arousing. Sheryl's cunt was a looser fit for his cock than his own wife's was, yet he could easily see that his cock was thicker than George's. Still, Phyllis was having no trouble enjoying George, and he was loving every deep thrust into Sheryl. Robert knew his wife's body, knew her reactions, but Sheryl seemed to take to him quite well. He wondered just how many men she had pleasured as he felt himself pounding into her faster and faster. When he opened his eyes to see how Phyllis was doing, what he saw made him fuck Sheryl all the harder.

George and Phyllis were still in a classic missionary position, and he was pumping her hard. She had her legs bent back and in the air, exposing her pussy to him and allowing him to thrust in hard and deep. With each stroke of his cock into her tight cunt, he would nearly pull all the way out before sliding back in. Phyllis' tits bounced up and down as he fucked her, and a smile of pure enjoyment crossed her face. They were angled so that they could watch Sheryl and Robert, which intensified their own feelings. The other couple was such an erotic, sight, what with Sheryl's pendulous tits swaying back and forth as Robert fucked her steadily from behind.

The look of pleasure on her face excited George even more as he built up to a climax with Phyllis. The interval between his gasps grew shorter and shorter as the women's cries built up louder and louder. George heard Sheryl screaming as she came, and Phyllis soon joined her. Her tight pussy contracted against his cock and he knew that he wouldn't last much longer. His eyes were drawn back to Phyllis, who was caressing her jiggling tits as George managed a few final thrusts into her. He threw his head back as he felt his balls ready to release, only a few more thrusts into this babe he was fucking and he'd be filling her cunt with his cum. But that didn't happen. At the last possible moment, when she saw he was about to explode, Phyllis made her move. She pulled her body away from him, letting his cock slip out of her pussy. Before George could react, she scrambled down to him, taking his slick cock into her mouth. With only a few short strokes, she had him cumming inside her mouth. His ejaculation filled her mouth, sending his hot cum streaming down her throat and spilling out of her mouth. George smiled as he thrust his throbbing cock into her mouth, fucking it like he had fucked her pussy. With each glorious thrust, he pumped a gob of his cum into her mouth. Phyllis swallowed down what she could, and let the rest dribble down onto her tits. As his orgasm subsided, and George slowed to catch his breath, she rubbed his spent cock against her face, kissing the tip and shaft softly as she savored every last drop of his wad. While it was clear that they had fully enjoyed themselves, a quick look over revealed that Sheryl and Robert might be in need of a little help.

At the same time that George and Phyllis were finishing off, Robert had actually slowed his rhythm to enjoy the show they were putting on. Sheryl didn't mind at all, she was already glad that Robert had enough control to prolong their fucking for what seemed like hours. With as fine a cock as he had, she found herself wishing there was a way to make her last forever. Although they were enthralled by watching, they didn't stop fucking, and his slower thrusts still sent shivers down her spine. Phyllis amorous moans filled the room as she came, and her quick movements to catch George's cum in her mouth delighted her husband. "Look at her go," he gasped as he started fucking Sheryl faster again. "My God! She can be such a slut," he smiled as he said that, then added "and you love it from behind, don't you? You're a hot little fuck just like she is."

By now, Sheryl would admit to anything from Robert. "Oh God yes!" she cried. "Fuck me harder, fuck me faster! Grab my ass and do it to me as hard as you can!" she beckoned. He slammed his cock into her harder. "George got his rocks off fucking your hot little slut, make me your bitch Robert! You know you want to! Oh, my God, Robert, slam that cock into my ass and fill me up with your cum!"

His thrusts were growing harder and harder, and Robert could barely believe his ears as Sheryl continued to beg him to fuck her. Between watching his wife sucking down another man's cum and her hot talk, he knew his own orgasm was imminent. Without another moment's hesitation, he slammed his cock into Sheryl's hot pussy one last time, and then pulled his swollen member out. He bucked his hips forward and with one well-placed thrust, rammed his cock into Sheryl's waiting ass. She squealed as his cock penetrated her tight butt, it hurt slightly but it felt so good as he slid every inch of his manhood inside her. He shifted slightly behind her, positioning himself at the right angle, and with his hands spreading her soft ass apart, started to build up his speed as he thrust himself back inside her.

Sheryl's gasps of pleasure were intense, she was amazed that he was able to get that monster shaft so deep inside her ass, but Robert was well lubricated with her pussy juices. The look on her face was a mixture of extreme pleasure and pain as Robert continued to fuck her up the ass. But soon, soft hands caressed her hair and face, and a tender kiss found her lips. Phyllis had come over to hold her and comfort her, and give Sheryl someone to brace on as Robert slid his cock in and out of her. She knew what it was like to have him take her from behind, and she knew exactly what Sheryl needed. Once the initial shock of his cock penetrating her wore off, she kissed Phyllis back, softly on the lips at first, then hotter and wetter as the pleasure built. Having Robert fucking her like that was heavenly, once she got over her initial surprise. And having a woman's hands caressing her body, a woman's soft lips to kiss magnified her ecstasy. Sheryl smiled as she tasted Phyllis' first kiss. The familiar taste of George's cum lingered in Phyllis' mouth. There, it was joined by Phyllis' own pussy juices that she had licked off of George's cock. It was a sweet sexual cocktail, and Sheryl savored the taste. Their tongues intertwined as they kissed each other deeply, and soon their hands were exploring each other's breasts. Phyllis was sitting in front of Sheryl now, her legs spread. Sheryl had moved her hand up onto Phyllis' tits squeezing the other woman's breasts as Robert's thrusting grew harder. Phyllis was caressing Sheryl's tits as well, playing with her firm nipples.

The sensations were all too much for Sheryl to resist, and she slowly allowed her head to rest in Phyllis' lap. There, she let her tongue dart out to taste the exotic nectar of another woman's pussy. Phyllis gasped as she first felt Sheryl going down on her. Although she was quite experienced, she had never enjoyed another woman in this way before. Sheryl's lips puckered around Phyllis' hard clit as she teased her expertly with her mouth. Clearly, this wasn't the first pussy she had eaten. Robert's intensifying thrusts pushed Sheryl's mouth against Phyllis' cunt, driving her tongue into that well fucked pussy. He could see that the little bitch he was fucking was lapping at his wife's cunt, and that was all for him. With a final deep thrust, he came inside Sheryl's ass, filling her up with his seed. His cum dribbled out of her violated ass and down around her swollen cunt lips.

Slowly, he withdrew his spent cock from her, giving her ass a last playful squeeze. When he could see that she had fully enjoyed his work, and was still enjoying Phyllis' pussy, he rubbed his softening cock against Sheryl's cunt. Both he and George started to slowly stroke themselves as they watched their wives going at each other. Phyllis was moaning loudly as she spread her legs for Sheryl, and that little minx was wiggling her ass seductively at the men. They stared long and hard at the two women, especially Sheryl, whose exposed ass and pussy were streaked with Robert's cum.

She had her fingers inside Phyllis now, and was rapidly darting her tongue across the other woman's clit. Phyllis arched her back and screamed with pleasure at Sheryl's expertise; she panted and gasped as her new neighbor brought her to another body-shaking orgasm. Sheryl looked up and smiled sweetly at her, and gave Phyllis one final pussy-flavored kiss. Phyllis sucked her own pussy juices from Sheryl's tongue, then pushed the sassy vixen back. Spreading Sheryl's legs apart, Phyllis dove in and began to return the favor. Her fingers slid into Sheryl's soaked pussy, her tongue licked up Sheryl's juices. Robert's cum was still dripping over her cunt lips and pussy hairs, and Phyllis licked that up too. Her slender fingers slid into Sheryl's hot pussy so easily, the moaning young brunette's cunt was that slick.

It was only natural for her to be like that, especially after the incredible fucking that Robert had given her. With Sheryl's cunt that wet, it was easy for Phyllis to slip three fingers inside. Ever so cautiously, she let her tongue dart out, tasting Sheryl's cum soaked pussy. Although Phyllis had never eaten a pussy before, she tried as best she could to mimic the tongue action that she loved to feel. The tip of her tongue flicked against Sheryl's clit, eliciting a long, loud series of moans. Phyllis looked up at her, much the same way she did when she was sucking cock. Sheryl's gaze met hers, encouraging her to explore that cunt even further. She did. Sliding her fingers out of Sheryl's cunt, she darted her tongue inside as deep she could. Phyllis savored the taste of the siren before her, the moaning she heard emboldened her and she buried her face in Sheryl's crotch. Sheryl was clearly enjoying the attention that Phyllis was giving her, her back arched as she took her tits in her hands, massaging them slowly and letting her fingers squeeze her hard nipples.

The scene before her was tremendous. Phyllis' head was firmly planted in her crotch; she could feel the other woman's tongue digging into her pussy. She had even manipulated her pussy lips with her fingers so that she could get her tongue in as far as possible. The two men were enjoying the lustful scene in front of them; both were stroking their hardening cocks as they watched. Between moans, Sheryl invited them over. Neither one needed more encouragement as they stepped past Phyllis and waved their dicks in Sheryl's face. Expertly, she took hold of each one, and started a rhythmic stroking. She could feel both men stiffening as she stroked, and it was just a moment before she turned her head to the side and took George's cock into her mouth. Her husband still tasted of Phyllis' cunt as she pumped his cock into her mouth. But all he got was a few quick strokes.

Teasingly, she released his cock from her mouth, and turned to allow Robert a turn. He tried to force his cock down Sheryl's throat, but she was too quick for him. Again, she only allowed him a few thrusts into her mouth before she turned her attention again. Both men continued to help Sheryl stroke their cocks, and accepted the brief forays into her mouth that she allowed. Gradually, the interval in which she sucked them grew longer and longer. Her only pause was when Phyllis finally moved her tongue over Sheryl's clit, and sucked on that hard little knob until she was screaming in ecstasy. As her orgasmic throes subsided, she returned to the two cocks offered her mouth and let them have it. First one, then the other got to fuck Sheryl's hot mouth, and with the two men standing side by side over her, no time was lost between cocks. Her hands stroked and stroked, faster and faster. Droplets of pre-cum oozed from their cocks, and she greedily licked them up. Soon, now, soon. As Sheryl's stroking reached a feverish pitch, she watched both men's balls contracting as they prepared to cum.

Smiling provocatively, she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, aiming the two cocks into her, begging them to cum. And cum they did, both guys shooting off into her open mouth at the same time. Sheryl couldn't possibly keep up with both of them, but although she caught most of it in her mouth, and was able to swallow down those succulent droplets, the rest of the pearly white cum splattered across her face and tits. Strong hands took her by the back of the head, forcing her down on first one cock, then the other. She was able to suck down the remaining droplets of their cum as she deep throated each man one more time.

It all finally ended as she let them rub their dicks against her face, smearing her with their sticky wads as the foursome collapsed exhausted onto the bed. Phyllis, witness to this final scene, kissed her new neighbor tenderly, sampling the exotic taste of both men's cum mixed together on Sheryl's face and in her mouth. The bed was a tight fit for all four to lay on, but no one complained as they all contemplated the excellent welcome that they received to the neighborhood.


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