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When Witch Kimmy Comes,
Fantasy Becomes Reality

by Wil E. Harden

DISCLAIMER: The following story is a work of fiction. Any similarity between any actual events or any person, living or dead, is strictly coincidental.

* * * * *

"Nibble, nibble, little mouse, who's that, nibbling on my house? Hee, hee..." Witch Kimmy delighted in ruffling Wizard Lance's hair when he sucked her clitoris and labial lips into his wide soft mouth and nibbled on her. Without fail, his technique sent little warnings of greater delight to come ruffling through her lithe, pink body. Her full breasts wobbled in reaction and her tiny pale nipples stiffened.

Pleased at her little joke, word play with the greeting the kindly young witch used when hungry, lost children helped themselves to a bit of graham cracker roof or peppermint tile from her enchanted house, the good sorceress of the woods snuggled down into the deeps of her feather bed. She put her heels together over the handsome wizard's spine and raised her hips to encourage further exploration by his moist tongue and mouth. He nibbled on her hidden house with style and concentration.

And she didn't have to enchant more roof or tile back to replace the parts missing.

About all Witch Kimmy tried to keep in her mind when her wizard lover arrived was not shouting out some magic words in her throes of pleasure. Once she turned all the pine trees in the forest into pink giraffes. She was a whole week rounding them up and re-planting.

This lovely, soft, late Summer Sunday morning, Witch Kimmy kept close hold on only the teensiest place of her mind as the wizard brought her from small orgasm to grand climax in a long wakeup lovemaking session. She had already come four times, each more intense and mind-numbing than the last. Since Witch Kimmy was a caring, responsible enchantress, she tried hard to hold back to avoid an accident. But today, Wizard Lance just might succeed in finally reaching the joking goal he set for her once, to make her so overwhelmed with sexual abandon she would turn the moon into green cheese.

Perhaps it was remembering that joking threat which affected Witch Kimmy just then. She wondered about it for several years afterward. In any event, she let everything go after her long, lean magician - in every sense of the word - suddenly clambered higher on the bed, keeping his mouth and tongue busy on her body, but reversing himself so she could access his own manly pieces - the balls, large and drooping in their smooth-shaven sack, his long white magic wand with its enchanting purple spearhead.

Witch Kimmy began shuddering with a new and more intense orgasm not long after her wizard's jewels filled her mouth, in which she gently but eagerly caressed them with her tongue and slid her lips over each oval hardness within. Both her hands held his lovely long skin flute, playing a merry tune on it. She loved how hard it was, yet soft and velvet-smooth outside. She also loved how his mouth jumped and jerked and did interesting sudden things on her exploding belly when she played some new tattoo on the head of his instrument.

Wizard Lance had only slid questing fingers into her quivering rosebud and sopping love channel, wet with both their juices, when she gave an especially interesting new tweak to his twanger, and his teeth nipped her clit, triggering the release that roiled from her head to her toes.

Thighs clamped his face to Witch Kimmy's flat tummy, his nose mashed into her vaginal opening, her flailing hips smashed her bones beneath against his chin, her mouth closed convulsively over the sensitive stones, her hands clawed tight around his member, juttering up and down on its length, her spasms pulled abdominal muscles into a tight pucker beneath her navel. Inside, her cunny rippled in a series of muscular cycles, each ridge of little sphincters snapping shut against his long fingers, in a sequence of waves that tried to pull his hand further inside, to the center of her womanly secrets, to the place where her belly might bloom. Her asshole became a hard, closed tunnel collapsed by the earthquake of her coming, its entrance sealed around the digits stuck inside.

Back muscles drawn tight, her trunk arched as a bridge above the bed, mouth and teeth clamped painfully about the wizard's scrotum, breasts pressing upward against his stomach, Witch Kimmy lost all conscious touch with the world. She did not feel his stream of flaming cum pour forth, extracted from his pained testes by her wild grasp about his pull toy. She didn't feel the life waters plastering their skin together, or his head whip about between her thighs, seeking some slight release and lots more air than he was getting. She felt only the complete mastery of her body and its dazzling joy.

Witch Kimmy did not feel the magical orders streaming from her mind, ordering all the animals of the forest to instantly mate with whatever creature was nearest, regardless of species or gender. She did not realize she had sent every flower, bush, shrub, plant and tree in her forest into an immediate early Spring flowering. She did not know the fishes and dragons of the deepest oceans on the other side of the world gave magical birth to fresh generations of their kind in a single instant. She did not notice that the moon suddenly became a planet, complete with atmosphere, lakes, grasses, and some extremely odd creatures sprung from the long-dead seeds of alien life, left billions of years before by visitors from other star systems.

She did notice her body was feeling wonderful, this was the best she had ever had, she wanted more - not right away, thank you, give it a rest - and that her lovely feather mattress was again a soggy mess.

Naturally such a wonderful event demands its own respect. Witch Kimmy and Wizard Lance required a little recovery time. She lay, shaking, streaming and steaming in the feather bed. Her hands idly traced magical runes, love spells, in the thickening cum across her bosom. Once, playfully, she threw the spells at her wizard. But she regretted that almost immediately after he yelped, because the hardon she caused hurt his very tender balls. The wizard had rather quickly soothed his nipped sack with magic, but real healing of the bruised skin would require days.

Still, he grinned at her across the bedroom of the gingerbread hut, and jerked off a few times until the love spell faded some and allowed his enlarged prick to wilt to half-mast. She loved watching him pull on himself when she knew it was Witch Kimmy that got him so excited.

Chocolate-dipped strawberries tumbled in a silver bowl brimming with tangy, cold champagne. Wizard Lance had set the silver krater into a larger crystal goblet he first padded with crushed ice to keep the Sunday morning breakfast treat chilled. Faerie fire sparkled in the fireplace across the room. Witch Kimmy luxuriated in these days when he catered to her, even to the point of putting her satin slippers over her slender feet, holding her robe as she rose from bed, and kissing her cheek before she vanished into a secret dimension for her toilette.

She thought herself exceeding clever, to make up another universe where Witch Kimmy could go for the full treatment, from milk bath and cucumber mud packs to massages and hairstylings, then wink back in the house after a dainty moment's apparent passage. Wizard Lance never quite figured out how she pulled that miracle off, but he delighted in how fresh and beautiful his witch looked in pretty, sexy clothes when she returned.

Witch Kimmy usually enjoyed how restored and horny she was again. Her wizard always finished these Sundays off with a magical restoration of his own, the extra infusion of male power needed because she wore him plumb out. Today, she noticed the two of them were even more eager than usual to return to the bed, which she cleaned with an idle pass of her fingers. Most Sundays the wonder couple spent midday touring her demesne, lost in natural beauty, but today there was an overwhelming musk of sex scenting the air and a supernatural urge to add to it.

Eyes sparkling, feet prancing in a very erotic dance that made her incredible body perform miracles, Witch Kimmy advanced on her magical man. True to form, he was trying to protest, ask for a bit of a rest even as his magic wand worked its wonders, when there was a loud pounding on the chocolate bar doors. The wizard quickly wrapped his thick burgundy terry cloth robe around his loins while an extremely cranky Witch Kimmy marched to see who dared interrupt.

With a small snarl she tossed the wafer cracker bar up and yanked on the spun sugar door handle. If some foolish kid had the nerve to get lost and interrupt now, the good Witch Kimmy might become an evil enchantress and turn the little rugrat into a jelly booger.

Instead it was her pal and forest gossip source, Thumper Rabbit. He looked awful. His ears were chewed, his fur snatched clean in patches, his cute little powder-puff tail half torn off. And he had a very prominent rabbit hardon, about which Witch Kimmy had heard a lot but had never seen before. She actually forgot her irritation and surprise at his appearance to bend over for a closer look.

"Look out, Witch Kimmy, or I'll try to fuck you too," squeaked the upset critter. Her first reaction was that might be interesting, but then Witch Kimmy came back to her senses.

"Thumper, what has happened to you? Did that darn wolf break in on you and one of your rabbit ladies?" Witch Kimmy tried to make a quick recovery and deal with the odd circumstances, but she kept his wobbling whanger, long, skinny and very flaming pink, in the corner of her vision. Sweet and kind as she was, Witch Kimmy's most persistent trait was a fascination with, and for, cock of any kind. She loved spying on the unicorns every Fall. Those were obviously the most horny creatures in creation.

"Worse than that, Witch Kimmy, worse than that - I just fucked the son of a bitch up the ass!" Thumper thumped his thumper, a long and solid rear foot, loudly on the rock candy gravel outside the door. "I don't know what came over me. I was out leaving pellets in the meadow, having a leisurely Sunday morning session, watching the big bad wolf skulk in the skunk weed, when BAM! I was planted full length under his tail, and some gosh-darn woodpecker was trying to pecker my pucker, too! And I ain't THAT kind!"

Clearly glad to be invited into Witch Kimmy's gingerbread house, Thumper let himself be gently laid flat on the cotton candy rug. Both witch and wizard began tending his hurts, sometimes to the accompaniment of whimpers or yelps, while the wounded rabbit continued his tale of the freak woods tail.

"All the time I was under that strange compulsion to screw, anything, everything, nonstop, the wolf had this monster prick he wanted to use. I know he didn't like getting buggered any more than I enjoyed doing it. He did this to me," indicating his tattered ears with a wave of a forepaw, "by snapping back over his shoulders. I got the messed up tail from beating away that dratted bird, and a weasel who tried to daisy chain us, too. The weasel was female, though, once I knocked her down the wolf got her and I didn't have to watch my rear any more."

Thumper chuckled. "Even if it was a wild time with the wildlife out there, I don't think the wolf will bother me soon. Not only could I tell the other animals I stuck it to him (although maybe I am not so ready to admit that myself), but also that weasel really tore him up when he got her off. My goodness, such claws and fangs! He is going to have to eat canned food at home until he heals."

Witch Kimmy and the wizard finally got the full story from Thumper. He blabbed on while she and the wizard pointed fingers, made magic passes, muttered incantations. The battered coney sprouted iodine patches, bandages, a few stitches on his torn tail, and a sling around one forepaw that didn't really need it but would serve as a badge to draw sympathy from his forest friends later.

As he told his story, the erection Thumper arrived with slowly faded until his pushrod faded back under his fur. Witch Kimmy, moderately disappointed, consoled herself by sitting astride the wizard's lap during the story, her skirt arranged so his hardon could nestle in the folds of her slit and keep her warmer than warm. She didn't think Thumper paid attention.

Wizard Lance whispered in her ear. "Yummy, that's good. But let's be careful. I think we caused all that ruckus when we were fucking earlier. Something's going on and we may have to fix it." Witch Kimmy acknowledged his obvious observation - her wizard was a good-hearted bit of a know-it-all but she knew how to handle that - with a little nudge of her smooth cheek against his bearded face. Thumper completed his explanation.

"... and finally I ran out of cum inside an anthill, I tell you I tried to fuck their queen but all they did was swarm all over me until I got off, and I had enough sense in my little head to come ask you for help!" Thumper's bandaged ears tipped emphatically at Witch Kimmy to shape a bodily exclamation point, and coincidentally allow him a peek up her skirt. The wizard's wand was sliding gently across her clit, he saw, with the lovely enchantress' bodily motions. Witch Kimmy realized the rabbit was watching when he showed the tiny point of a fresh rising under his fur.

A thought darted through her mind, like a mosquito buzzing around her ear. Briefly, Witch Kimmy realized she wasn't supposed to be so thoroughly interested and aroused byspecies other than her own. About that same moment her wizard's wand slid distractingly over her engorged clitoral button and the young witch's musing about the barriers of inter-species sex vanished. She fell under an overwhelming compulsion to get all the cock she could, from anyplace it might be found. And here was cock.

She leaned forward, which made her hips roll just enough on the wizard's lap that his wonder whanger began to poke into her southern passage, and planted a kiss between Thumper's ears. The rabbit's nose turned bright red. She lifted him onto her knees as she sat back up, the rolling action of her lower body forcing the wizard's poker into her fireplace. With three long delicate fingers the witch plucked Thumper's point and began slowly pressing the fur back down over it, giving him a little hand job. The bewildered critter hardly knew what to do or say, so he responded by licking Witch Kimmy's chin with his long, rough tongue.

All three of them were quiet for a while. Thumper's thing sprouted to its full size, delighting the pretty young witch. She used both her hands to stroke and fondle his fucking ribbon and the little balls hidden in the pouch of his lower belly. Wizard Lance, meantime, gently screwed his lover while she sat atop him. The witch bent and swallowed a tiny blob of cum, all the worn-out rabbit could produce, when he began squeaking and jerking beneath her hands. At the same time, the wizard squirted his own joy juice into her warm insides, and Witch Kimmy found herself having a small orgasm, too.

"Oh, my," said Witch Kimmy, licking one drip from the side of her mouth, "I think we have a problem indeed. I must have broken the bonds of natural law when I got off this morning. It's time to see how we can fix whatever is wrong."

She set the hefty rabbit back on the floor and thanked him for coming to her and with her. Thumper gave the witch an evil leer over his shoulder when she patted him on the ass, then left.

She rose, reluctantly, off her sorcerer's shrinking sword, trotted across the bedroom, and grabbed a pair of unusual panties from her dresser. Two small dildoes fitted into the panties' crotch nicely plugged her ass and pussy, saving the warm cum in her belly. Later Witch Kimmy wanted it for a lubricant when she persuaded her wizard to fuck her hard, fast and rough. Since his darling typically never wore panties, Wizard Lance realized not only her intention, but also that the two of them were going out where some folk might get a peek at something she chose not to show. The witch got a charge out of flaunting herself but not always giving away the story's ending.

Sunlight sparkled off her sequined tall-heeled platform shoes when they stepped onto the rock candy gravel. Witch Kimmy's beauty spa session had returned her perfumed, dressed for some erotic play in a tiny halter top that barely covered the rounds of her bosom, a short satin skirt, thigh-high stockings, and those "fuck me" shoes. Her long golden-brown hair, pulled up with ribbons and sequined barrettes, flowed fetchingly behind her face and swan's neck. "I'll take the broom this time, dear, we may have to travel so long it will be more restful than becoming a bird," she said, while the sorcerer spelled himself into a formal suit of wizard wear and rose aloft on a small silver cloud.

Together they surveyed the enchanted forest, flew beyond its improbable borders to the mundane world, visited kingdoms, duchies, democracies and tyrannies. They toured mountaintops, haunted shadowed valleys, skimmed the seas, peered into the depths, craned their necks at the heights, and finally landed at a great astronomical observatory somewhere West of the gingerbread house.

Crowds of professors crowded the observatory floor. Several were fighting with canes and umbrellas, forgetting the dignity of their years and stations, grey hair and beards bobbing as they fenced for position at the telescope eyepiece. Several nerds wrestled on the floor, each trying to push the other away from computer monitor screens. Shouts and screams occasionally understandable told the paired magicians the moon had been changed.

"Oh, no, Wizard," said Witch Kimmy, pointing her slender fingers up across her slender lips, "did we do that? Green cheese?"

Chanting in unison, the witch and wizard cast a mighty spell in the observatory. Suddenly all the fighting halted, the professors and nerds each assumed postures as if they were inspecting the heavens from their proper stations. The enchanters had given everyone his own personal view. "Oooohhh," and "ahhhh," echoed in the great domed space. Witch Kimmy giggled, softly, again behind her hand. They sounded as if they were having sex.

Witch Kimmy and Wizard Lance each had a view, as well. Theirs floated in the empty air before them. No wonder the observatory had been in pandemonium. The moon was now a miniature world, and through the great telescope, figures of the strangest sort could be seen. They were so entirely alien, no one could be quite certain, but the creatures appeared to be copulating.

"oh, Witch Kimmy, talk about a fucking orgasm," said Wizard Lance at last. "That's what happened. You came and the universe came with you. We have to do something about this. When those newborn sea dragons grow up the world will be under siege. The millions more fish might be an ecological disaster, too, but I think we have just helped reverse the effects of over-fishing and perhaps made food for all the millions more babies due in nine months. And then ...."

Witch Kimmy picked up his thought. "Yes, but there are probably all sorts of people who fucked anything close to them and feel terrible about it now. Only Magic knows what kinds of awful interspecies births might follow. And we cannot leave the moon in that condition. But how can this be fixed? What's done is done and everyone - everything - will remember!"

Both of them were silent, thoughtful, as they flew back to the gingerbread house. As they landed, Witch Kimmy saw two children eating rock candy gravel by her front door. They said their names were Hansel and Gretel, which the witch thought improbable, but she gave them milk and cookies, a bag of bean sprout and mustard sandwiches and a map back home. She put some forgetfulness jelly beans in the bag, too, so they would think their adventure in the enchanted forest was a story they read. The map would fade as soon as either of the lost children kissed Mom or Dad upon return.

Inside, while Witch Kimmy brewed some camomile tea in her cauldron, Wizard Lance looked out the sugar pane windows at the enchanted forest. "Dear, we indeed must do something. By making the forest bloom once again as if it were Spring, we exposed all those growing things to destruction this Winter. The new growth will be weak and tender. The established growth will have used up all its stored resources and not survive."

After filling her pretty flower-patterned porcelain teapot from the cauldron and placing cups onto the small dining table, Witch Kimmy called her lover over. "Yes, dear," she said, pouring neatly, "but all I can think of is that we have to make time go backwards. Nothing else will work. What's done is done." She smiled tenderly at him. Her wizard was considerably older than she. He often told her she was his private "time machine." She thought he was just as strong as any younger warlock she'd ever diddled, and a lot wiser in the ways of witch-women than those fuzzy-cheeked whippersnappers. It was a sweet, secret joke between them, for neither truly paid attention to the age of the other. Love bridged their years quite well, in this rare case.

"Actually, that was what I wondered, too. But we can't really unravel time, we can just make people think it happened," smiled the wizard at her. He knew her thoughts. "Still, maybe there is one thing we can do. We can certainly try it, if you want." He explained his idea.

Instantly, the two of them were back in Witch Kimmy's feather bed. Now cleaned, dry and toasty, it welcomed her slight body with gentle cushion. Her wizard again was nestled between her thighs, happily tasting the lotions she used, and the salt of her skin. His tongue flickered in and out of her heavenly gate, catching hints of the sweet tang within. Her passion rose, swiftly, for she recalled not only the ensorcelled sex on the chair, a bit embarrassed and yet aroused by the strangeness, but also the wonderful, joyous, explosive lovemaking in their morning hours.

His tongue wandered, from kisses behind her knees, up the long paths of her thighs, following their inevitable route to the garden of wonders at her hips. He lapped at her, the wide wet band from his mouth giving her goosebumps, making her nipples tingle and stiffen, her tummy tingle, her clit rise and become round.

She felt her inner waters rise, some early freshets streaming to the interior pools of her pussy, then spilling past the dam of her vaginal mouth to moisten her crack and dribble down over her brown-pink rosebud. He licked at the droplets, then pushed his long stiff tongue inside, seeking more nourishment. One of his hands grasped his magic wand, caressing and encouraging its growth. His other hand lay between his brow and her belly, the strong tapered fingers playing their own sensual music on her organs.

Teased and pleased by her taste, the wizard stood slowly from the end of the bed, slowly moving the length of her body with his tongue. He traced the very center of her torso, from trembling sex flower to navel, between her breasts and along the breastbone, to the small hollow at the base of her neck. He held himself above her body, the point of his hardness wavering gently above her woman place, brushing the parts of her at the "v" of her groin softly. His chest barely touched her risen pink nipples when he lowered, slightly, to take the skin of her neck between his lips and pull at it in a sequence of small sucking nips that aroused her sensitivities and bodily hunger even more.

Witch Kimmy raised her hips to meet his, pressed his column hot and long into the folds of her labia, sucked at his sack of self with the moist clenching of her nether mouth. She grabbed his hair to force his head to meet hers, her lips pressing against his in a deep kiss. Their tongues entwined as the lovers exchanged breaths until the mingled exhaust of their lungs made them dizzy and gasping.

She spread her legs wide, lifted her calves and feet up about him, placed her heels against his sides and pressed herself against him. Slowly the wizard laid his body against his witch's. She exhaled with his good weight. She put her hands to his hipbones, not needing to push much to show him he should raise up until his pleasure point was aimed at her gateway. She moved, a little, until she felt it positioned in her moistness, then pushed down with her hands. He slid comfortably into her body, hot and filling and oh, so good. Witch Kimmy wrapped her legs tightly about him and added a fierce hug around his upper back. They kissed again.

"Oh, love me, love me, fuck me, fuck me," she breathed urgently in his ear. Wizard Lance began to obey. Wrapped tightly together at the chest in a vast hug, filled with emotion and a desire to mingle every atom of their bodies, the pair pressed their joining forward. In unison their hips withdrew, then met each other again. Each time his long pole pulled almost entirely from her. The spreading flange at its head pulled back over each internal ribbing of her cunny, shocking her nerves and making her want it back in. When he then did press himself home, up to the inner wall of her so its arrival stroked against the face of her cervix, streaks of pleasure poured through her body. The movement of his pubic arch against her clit and labia shot layers of exquisite sensation across the surface of her belly, to her thighs, up her stomach, into her breasts.

Every stroke resumed and ended with Witch Kimmy pressing deeper, harder, faster. She wanted him so thoroughly. She wanted him to disappear into her. She wanted him to fill her, expand her, make her lose herself in this joy and love. She wanted, she wanted, she wanted ....

Wizard Lance wanted, too, more than he could get in a lifetime of lovemaking with his precious witch. He crushed her frail body against his, trying to defy the laws of the universe, to make her completely a part of him for every heartbeat forevermore. He tasted her face, licked her cheek, kissed her mouth, sucked her entire ear into his mouth while his tongue's tip explored each crack and crevice of it.

He raised his thighs up, to feel the backs of Witch Kimmy's legs and her round ass cheeks hot and moving against him. He felt his balls slap against the strait between her pussy and asshole, felt her clench her muscular opening tightly around his needing cock, urging him into release, commanding him to pour his essence into her willing belly. He enjoyed the rising flood of her waters wetting his prick, filling her gut so that his seed would be washed to her secret nest.

Gasping, Witch Kimmy pounded her hips against her wizard's. She feared her driving lust might bring him to a finish before she arrived at her own climax. She already felt small tremors, repeated rippling through her body, warning her that this time would be as grandiose as the morning's wonderful, disastrous splash. She reached down between their bodies, risking a crushing collision with her tender hand in the center, grasped his cock and pulled it from her. She pointed it so the head would slide, dripping, across her slit and over her clitoris.

The wizard, wise to her ways, assisted by sustaining his thrusting on her outer pleasure points. Witch Kimmy slid several fingers into her pussy and sneaked an extra just past the opening of her anus, to increase her stimulation and bring her closer to final release before her lover finished.

After several eternal moments when her pussy ached for the return of the cock, when Witch Kimmy started shaking with an imminent climax, she grasped his wand. She stroked it, hard and fully, loving the sliding of the head across her palm, before pressing the wizard's tool back into her workbench slot. Then she bent to her secret weapon. She began sucking and biting on his neck, at the side, just above his collarbone. Instantly Wizard Lance lost all awareness of anything but this fabulous fucking, and began pounding her pussy like a piledriver.

That was all Witch Kimmy needed to start the momentous succession of orgasms with which she ended her strange Sunday. Again she shook and spasmed and convulsed and moaned and once screamed her wizard's name. Again he drove, finally, into her needy belly and blasted for the hot stream of his own bodily river of life. Again they shared the transports of love and sex beyond the borders of mortality and eternity. Again their enwrapped and plugged-together bodies drew into a solid, writhing ball of happiness. Again Witch Kimmy's feather mattress was soaked.

Long after, in the deepening dusk, both washed and comfortable together in the peace of their mutual satisfaction, witch and warlock went to the gingerbread hut's window. The sipped mugs of hot chocolate and looked outside. All the trees, bushes, shrubs and plants appeared to be normal for the season. New growth and brilliant flowers no longer filled the vista. Above, the moon was sere and gray, the old dusty rock it should have been. They joined their minds and roamed the consciousness of the world about them. No guilty memories, no frightened wonder at an alien landscape in the skies - all was as it should have been.

Witch Kimmy had allowed her wizard to implant a powerful suggestion in her mind. At the moment of sexual bliss, when she exploded again, she used her heightened powers to bespell the universe into reverse - to return, as it had been to that instant in the morning before she came with such shattering results. Her command of restoration was accompanied by a massive hypnotic command to all thinking beings, that their memories of the day's events would be re-lived as a dream, and relegated to a world of fantasy.

He also then erected a magical bubble over the gingerbread hut so after her final delighted blast, Witch Kimmy would never again influence the universe. She could have her cum and love it, too.

Happy, comfortable together, relieved at their successful restoration of order, the witch and warlock watched the last rays of the sun make one final painting in the skies. They laughed together when Thumper raced past the gingerbread house's front garden, chasing a comely young rabbit doe. He didn't seem to notice the discarded bandages and sling on the rock candy gravel. With a kiss, the magical lovers turned to go back to bed. Witch Kimmy slipped a hand in her wizard's robe. Yes, she thought she could find something to do with that lovely wand again quite soon.

- END -

(c)Copyright, 2000 by Wil E. Harden, Bryn Mawr, CA 92318 - All Rights Reserved - Published by permission of the author on Literotica for non-commercial, individual private entertainment - not to be reproduced or copied in any fashion without written permission of the author


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