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Wonder Woman's Sisterly Lesson
by Tawny T.

Wonder Woman and her beautiful sister Liana walked along the pristine sand beach of Paradise Island. The soft sand whispered under their bare feet. They were both clad in gossamer togas that did little to hide their shapely muscular bodies. Liana looked at her sister's full round breasts and wondered if hers would ever be as large and shapely. She was reaching maturity and was beginning to have strange feelings.

"Diana, will my breasts get as large as yours?" Princess Liana asked .

The lovely Diana laughed and turned toward her sister. "They may, my breasts were about your size when I was your age. Are you beginning to have strange yearnings?" Her sister only nodded. Princess Diana moved to her sister and unfastened the golden cord that held her toga around her slender waist. She pulled it open. "They are lovely, softly rounded breasts with large pink areolas, and splendid long nipples." She cupped them, weighing her sisters soft, beautiful breasts. Liana sighed as she stroked them, pulling and rolling the nipples, until they became elongated. She reached between the muscular thighs and ran her fingers over the soft hairless pussy. The women here had evolved to be totally hairless on their bodies. Their only hair was on their heads. She slid a gentle finger between the lips, and laughed as Liana's knees almost buckled. She gave her a soft kiss .

"Well, the Queen Mother said it was about time. All the women of Paradise Island go through this stage of maturity. It means you are coming of age. Soon you will be able to reproduce. We don't need the so called, men, to reproduce. Almost two thousand years ago we found the secret of living without men. We evolved beyond them. Here we have no need for them. As you well know, we have only to take the elixir of the Sacred Plant, and meditate for five days and we will become impregnated. It is know as asexual reproduction. After six months we will bear a beautiful, strong girl child." Diana said as she gently stroked her sister's firm body. "These lovely breasts will fill with sweet milk to feed your daughter, and you will feel much pleasure as she suckles the milk from them

"In the world out there, men have this silly appendage, between their legs, which they use to impregnate the mortal women. It causes all kinds of silly taboos, misunderstandings, and trouble. Some women believe they think with it instead of their brains. From being with them from time to time, I tend to believe it." Diana continued.

"I can have a girl child of my own?" Liana asked her face slightly flushed from Diana's stroking hands.

"Oh yes. But only one in due time. Each women can have only one girl child. Only the Queen Mother, our Mother, may have more then one. We keep the population the same size . You are only allowed to have one, if one dies from unnatural causes. Our women do die from various causes, we are not immortal. I am five hundred years old but some die younger." Princess Diana said. Her finger slid up and down Liana's smooth cleft.

"I have been these strange tinglings here," Liana said, stroking her full, breasts, "and here." She cupped her hand over Diana's probing fingers.

Diana pulled her sister to her and kissed her softly on the lips. "I will help you with this. Mother helped me through this stage of maturity, and asked me to help you through yours. I think you will find it delightful and very pleasurable." She said as she kissed her sister again, this time gently sliding her tongue between Liana's soft lips. Liana's lips parted and she shivered delightfully as her sisters long tongue slid and probed into her young mouth. Her hips moved forward, and pressed against Diana's firm thighs. Her hands went to hold her sister and pull her harder against her young body.

"Do you like that, Little Sister?" Diana laughed pulling back slightly.

"Oh yes, Diana. It make me tingle all the more. I like your tongue in my mouth., your hands on my breasts, your finger stroking below. The girls and I played kissing each other at night. I always liked it. Can we try it some more? You are so much better than they are." Liana said eagerly.

"Of course we can. Lets go back to the palace. It's very natural, and right, for you girls to experiment with each other. I'll teach you how to make love a women." Diana said, hugging her sister, as they walked back to the stately palace. In the palace they went to the pool, that the naturally heated spring water flowed into. Handmaidens helped them off with their togas, and they slipped into the warm fragrant water. Fresh flowers floated in it. The beautiful nude handmaidens washed their bodies with soft natural sponges and when they had finished, rubbed sweet smelling oils all over their bodies, missing not a single spot.

Diane led her lovely sister to a soft bed, a large pallet on the floor. Handmaidens pulled a large fan back and forth overhead cooling them. Food and drink sat nearby. "Now Little Sister, it's time for your lessons of love. Mother made love to me here in this very chamber, when I became of age. Close you eyes and just let your feelings spread through your body." Diane said as she moved close to her sister.

Softly she kissed her sister's rosy lips and slid her long tongue across the slightly parted lips. She reached out, and her strong hand gently stroked the budding breast of her sister. Liana sighed and her tongue slid out to play with Diana's.

Diana's hands moved over and over her breasts, kneading, stroking, pulling the nipples till they stood up proudly. She bent down to suck and kiss the sweet flesh, and tongue the under sides of the delicious breasts. She kissed downward and her lips and tongue left wet trails toward the perfect pussy lips of her sweet sister. Liana groaned and let her thighs spread. Out of the corner of her eye, Diana saw several of the handmaidens watching and stroking each other. She smiled at them. They served the Queen of their own will, as there were no servants on the island. All women were equal.

She slid between the soft skinned thighs and spread them. Her sister's sex was truly beautiful. Her inner lips just barely peeked out, and she saw wet gleaming flesh. She remembered the Queen Mother's tongue, so many years ago, slipping between her own young sex lips for the first time, and how wonderful it felt. Her mother wanted to initiate her youngest daughter, but affairs of state prevented her. Diana was honored to be able to initiate her sweet younger sister.

Diana looked up and Liana was watching her, eyes wide. She smiled her radiant smile reassuring her sister. Her gleaming black hair spread over the white thighs making a beautiful contrast. Her soft long hair brushed Liana's thighs sensually. She stroked and kissed the sensitive inner thighs of Liana and stroked her warm flesh. Liana spread her thighs wider. Her deep pink inner flesh opened like a lovely flower, and a drop of her inner juices slid out and down her pink anus. Diana felt her mouth water, and her own sex juices begin to flow. She bent forward and slid her long tongue out. Years of exercise had given her an extraordinarily long and supple tongue, the envy of the kingdom. Diana was known as a artisan of the highest order of Sappho, of the isle of Lesbos, poetess of ancient times. The collection of her complete, and original poems were treasured here. Statues of her, and temples to her dotted Paradise Island.

Diana's tongue slid out and slipped between Liana's young pussy lips. Liana gasped as it slipped into her open sex. Diana pushed her long tongue deep into her sister's sweet body. Her lips came down on the wet flesh, and it was her turn to moan as the sweetest juices filled her mouth. She let her tongue probe deep inside, reaching and moving against the velvet smooth walls. She wet a finger in the abundant juices and carefully slid it deep into her sister's beautiful light brown anus. Liana gasped and cried out.

The handmaidens laughed softly watching the two sisters make love. Most of them had at one time or another made love to Princess Diana, or the Queen Mother. Now they knew they would get their chance to make love to the young princess. That was one of the reasons handmaidens were always eager to serve in the Royal Household. It was a single honor to make love to the beautiful Queen Mother, or more so, to stunningly beautiful, and sexually talented Princess Diana. She was known as a lover who had no equals. To make love with Princess Diana was an accolade highly prized by all.

Liana's hands moved to her own swollen breasts, and stroked and pulled her nipples. Diana moved upward and her fingers spread her sister's pussy wider. There at the top, was her clitoris peeping from it's sheath. She pulled upward, and smiled as she saw it slip further out. It was large and long, like her own ,and the Queen's. She admired it a moment before she slid her lips around it, and sucked gently. It swelled as she sucked, and Liana cried out. As she sucked, she slid her long slender fingers up into the spread sex. Gently she slid two, then three fingers up inside her sister's hot sex. Liana's clitoris swelled and hardened, Diana pulled back a little and looked at it again. It was as long as her little finger and longer than the first joint. Yes, she was truly her Mother's daughter. She loved to suck on the Queen's long hard clitoris until the Queen cried out and her sweet pussy gave up it's delicious juices. Her mother was a talented lover and she, and her several daughters made love often, but Princess Diana was her favorite. Her beloved daughter, Diana could send her into ecstasy like no other on the island.

Diana sucked and tongued Liana's sweet sex, bringing her just to the point of a climax, then letting her down slowly. She did this over and over, until her sweet young sister was begging for release. The handmaidens watched fascinated , stopping their lovemaking to watch the fabled Princess Diana bring her young sister to her first climax. They wanted to move close, and caress the young princess, but the Law forbid it on the first initiation of a women.

Diana's hand slid in and out of her sister, her wrist rotating as she pumped it deep into the dripping flesh. Her lips sucked the sensitive, hard clitoris, and her tongue flicked rapidly over and around the firm flesh. Liana screamed out as her first climax came. Her hips thrust upward and Diana's strong arm held her from behind while she continued to suck her clitoris, and thrust her other hand deep into her body. Her climax went on and on, as her talented sister continued to make love to her.

The handmaidens were in awe at how long Liana's climax went on. They almost swooned, wishing it was they, that the beautiful Princess Diana was making love to. Their fingers played over their own hard clitorises and their sighs and cries of passion joined Liana's in echoing through the stately palace bedroom.

Finally Diana slowed her lovemaking and let Liana's body down on the soft pallet. She moved up and kissed her sister's soft cheek. Liana was gasping for breath, her body flushed, and a thin film of perspiration covered her lovely body. Diana signaled and the handmaidens moved to softly wipe her body dry. The handmaidens were in awe to be so close to both Princesses just after their lovemaking. They would boast of it later to their less fortunate friends.

They lay kissing each other. Diana's passion was enflamed by the sight, smell, and taste of her younger sister. She began to stroke Liana again, and her fingers moved to the still wet sex. She found the clitoris still hard and stroked it lightly.

"I am going to show you another way two women can make love. It is much better if both have large clitorises as we do." She stroked and kissed her sister's body till Liana was moaning with need. Diana slipped her magnificent body between Liana's parted thighs and moved her own sex until it was touching her sister's. Their breasts pressed and hard nipples rubbed together.

"Spread your sweet thighs further apart, Little Sister. I am going to put my sex against yours." Diana said kissing her softly. She pulled her thighs upward, and spread them. Diana moved a little adjusting her hips and Liana cried out as Diana's large hard clitoris moved between her lips and she felt the firm member press against her own turgid clitoris. Diana moved slowly, pressing her sex down, parting it and burrowing between the lips. Her soft hairless skin pressed against Liana's swollen clitoris and the two lovely women began to rock back and forth, pressing and sliding, wet sex against wet sex. Their clitorises pressed together, and were stimulated by the other's sexual lips. Diana began to move faster and faster as her own passions, long suppressed this afternoon, boiled to an explosive climax. The handmaidens watched in awe as the two beautiful sisters rocked and thrust against each other. Clitoris pressed against clitoris, as well as being rubbed on each side by their swollen sex lips. Diana drove Liana upward to a screaming climax, before she allowed her own body to climax and her sex spurted her juices out onto her sisters, spread gleaming core. She held her sister for a long while before she moved off of her body.

They kissed ,and Liana told her sister over and over how wonderful the lovemaking was, and how much she loved her beautiful sister. "I am so glad this happened. The Queen Mother was so kind to let me initiate you into womanhood. Tonight after dinner we three shall make love. You will be honored to make love to the Queen. The three us will make love for a long time. I can assure you, your Mother is a very talented lover. Just wait till you see how beautiful her body is unclothed. Her breasts are so beautiful and her sweet sex a thing of beauty. Her juices are as sweet as honey, and she has such a large clitoris, that it makes my mouth water, just thinking about it.

"Bathe and let the handmaidens take care of you. I will see you later for our lovemaking. I must go for now." Diana said as she kissed her lovely sister, slipping her tongue deeply into her mouth, and cupping her beautiful breasts. She stood and the handmaidens swarmed around her, slipping her toga on, and tying it with the woven gold belt. She gave one handmaiden a quick kiss on her lips, causing the beautiful girl to blush, and making her fellow handmaidens giggle with glee.

Princess Diana ran out of the Palace and sped over the smooth paths of the island. Her sexual appetite had been whetted by making love to her sister, but only one climax was seldom enough for the beloved Princess. Her blood sang as she ran faster then any human sprinter. She could keep up this pace for hours. Toward the royal stables she ran, her firm breasts bobbing delightfully. Those she passed smiled, waved, or bowed as the Princess speed by, her gossamer toga flowing behind her.

Diana's thoughts went to the Royal Stables. Her favorite pony, Apollo waited, as did Hermes, her huge Great Dane. She imagined that Hermes would be the first to make love to her. She had trained him from birth to lick her spread sex and as he matured, to slip his huge thick organ into her body. She remembered Major Steve Trevor from years past who had a large, by human standards, penis. She had enjoyed it for a time, but Hermes was by far larger, and had the stamina to give her many orgasms

Then after Hermes, Apollo, her small pony with his huge long organ. She had trained him too. In the Royal Stables was a special platform, where Apollo could stand attended by the Royal handmaidens, and under him Diana could lie face down, her hips the correct distance to allow him free access to her Royal sex. She had notified the handmaidens to have both Hermes and Apollo, washed and curried for her afternoon pleasure.

Her strong legs ate up the distance. Then that evening she, Princess Liana, and the Queen Mother, would make love for many hours. She looked forward to slipping her tongue into her Mother again, and having her Mother's skilled mouth and tongue in her own wet sex again. They would show Princess Liana the ancient way women could lie, each with their faces buried in each other's sex and give and receive pleasure at the same time. Her Mother, the Queen, had requested that she be the first to have the pleasure of giving and receiving pleasure from her youngest daughter. Diana was glad her Mother wanted her sister in this fashion. She too had been given this singular honor by her Mother well over four hundred years before. She felt her clitoris harden further at the thought.

Princess Diana, her long black hair flying behind her, rounded a corner and ahead lay the Royal Stables. Mighty Hermes caught sight of her, and it was all two lovely handmaidens could do to restrain him. His deep bark added wings to her feet. She stopped and knelt down and hugged the huge dog around the neck. His body wiggled happily from side to side to see his mistress. Already his huge red cock slid out of its sheath in anticipation of the pleasures he would receive from his Mistress.

Diana's face lit up in that beatific smile known to so many. Her smiling handmaidens looked forward to an exhibition of her fantastic sexual prowess. Princess Diana, also known as Wonder Woman, to much of the world, did not disappoint them.

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