The Best Erotic Stories.

With Which, With What
and to Whom?

by Dinghy(Jo)

"This sucks."

"You're damn right it does, I'm horny as hell, but I'm not going to have sex with you no matter what anybody says."

"You keep away from me you Dyke bitch, and put my handbag down."

"I don't want any part of your handbag you old fag. I was told that there were some hot, bi women here in this gay bar. Instead, I find a washed up old queer with baggy hose and false tits on two different levels."

"Well, I was looking for a man, a real man, not a butch Dyke with only a dildo for a cock."

"If I stick this dildo up your ass you may never want another man for the rest of your life. Believe me, I can fuck better than anything you ever had."

"My regular friend Alberto, will be along any minute. He has the tightest little buns you have ever seen. He doesn't like pussy, so you stay away from him."

"That suits me fine. I don't want either of your cocks wagging in my face. The only thing I want in my pussy is a tongue. You probably never ate a woman, did you?"

"Of course not! How the vulgar! The same can probably be said about you. I bet you've never sucked a penis, have you?"

"No, but I have sucked the pussy juice off of my dildo."

"Oh, how does that taste? Anything like semen?"

"I don't know, I never tasted male cum, but pussy juice is delicious, sweet, a little salty and musty. Obviously some women taste better than others. I have been told that mine is one of the best."

"You make it sound pretty good."

"It is. What does cum taste like?"

"It's hard to describe, but it is rich and creamy with a flavor a little bit like raw potatoes. I like my own and often taste it when I masturbate. Damn, Alberto is over an hour late."

"Well, it doesn't look like there are any other women coming here, lesbians or otherwise."

"Hey, I have an idea. What say we have a couple of drinks and then if nothing better happens we can go to my place and experiment a little. Okay?"

"Humm. Why not?"

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