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XXX Trip to Mars Pt. I
by cii69

Holly leaned over here latest lover her naked body glisten from the sweet she had built up. Her mind filled with fantastic adventures she would enjoy with this man, over the next several minutes. She moved down the body below her until her mouth found his rock hard cock. She tasted his cum and her juices on his dick and loved the way the two tasted when mingled together. He was starting to soften now but she tried hard to prevent it from falling. Her body had orgasmed only twice and she desired many more but would not want to wait for him to return to a full erection. His sore and throbbing penis became ever softer and he cursed himself for not being able to stop himself earlier.

Holly stopped trying and lost interest. She rolled away to the edge of the bed and pulled out her notebook. She had long ago learned to measure the size of penis just by looking and logged this one into her book. It was a nice sized cock, about 9 and a half with almost two inches in diameter. After entering the size in the journal she began taking notes on his performance over the past hour. Over the years her notes had grown and she began to notice a trend. That is that no matter what the size of the dick a mans stamina depended solely on his previous experience. So lately her private research had turned from comparing sizes to seeing how fast she could wear the men out and comparing them. This was not Holly's primary job, just a hobby. When she had finished, she put away her journal and began to dress.

"What's wrong?" he started until she turned to look at him.

"We're done here, it's been fun." She finished buttoning her blouse and walked to the door. With one last smile she turned and said, "Bye."

Holly drove straight to her office at NASA headquarters in Houston, TX. She was rather depressed with her evening but knew that the chances of her finding any help with her needs at this hour were slim. She took some time reviewing her notes about her other hobby and that was the planet Mars.

Holly had wanted to be in space as far back as she could remember. She worked very hard and earned all the right grades and won all the right praises to earn a job with NASA. She continued to work until her turn finally arrived. She was selected to be one of only three astronauts to go on the very first mission to Mars. Her expertise on Martian geography and atmosphere helped her earn the job as chief engineer for the crew of three.

John and his girlfriend moved from room to room, their bodies bonded together at both the hips and the lips. Every time they reached a wall he would press is hard dick deep into her waiting pussy. Sex was never quick when John did it. He loved sex and could not wait to have more. His only problem was keeping the girls into it long enough for him to get full pleasure from the experience. This girl was doing very well, they had been dating for a few weeks and they had just recently begun having sex. She was pretty good and this night was going very well.

They finally made it to the bedroom, and their naked bodies collapsed on the bed, he separated from her only long enough to move himself over her so that they were in the 69 position. He rolled them over so that she was on top and then pulled her ass down pressing his lips and tongue onto her gaping wet pussy. She began the task of trying to insert his penis down her throat. A task that she soon realized might be a little painful. She began by sucking on the head and she tasted her own juices. She slowly digested more and more of it until it was touching the back of her throat, her sucking action became harder and harder as more of his huge dick went into her mouth. He was enjoying her labored efforts and his expert tongue was enjoying the taste it was getting, her quite moans told him he was hitting the right spots as he continually licked up the dripping juices from her pussy.

She wanted to cum again and wanted to feel him inside her again so she moved herself, and positioned her pussy over his cock. She slowly reinserted the solid mass until it was fully consumed inside her. Her body began to rotate involuntarily as the two bodies joined in sexual ecstasy once again. He pushed himself into her and she pushed herself into him and they both cried out in extreme pleasure. This happened again and again until she couldn't take anymore and rolled off to his side.

As she coiled up next to him, they both slowly faded into sleep until morning. Before the sun had even appeared on the horizon John was up and on his way to work. As much as he loved his sexual activity there was one other thing that consumed the rest of John's life, his work. He spent ten years as a pilot, serving in the Gulf War for the Air Force, he later became a test pilot and eventually went on to work for NASA. He had conquered every thing he had ever flown, including two trips up on the space shuttle one as a flight officer (co-pilot) and the other as the pilot. He had circled the earth several hundred times both in airplanes and space shuttles and was eager to fly the mission that would take him and two others out to Mars.

Maggie laid back her eyes closed her body tensed from the orgasm that her lover had just given her. Her glistening naked body lay still on the bed, her hands resting gently but firmly on top of her lover's head. She finally released her lover who slowly and methodically worked her way up Maggie's body stopping briefly at each of Maggie's firm breasts. She then continued on until even with Maggie they then embraced in a long deep kiss. Maggie could taste her own juices on her lover's lips. She became aggressive and turned her lover on her back and then ripped her bra off before grabbing each nipple and pulling on them firmly until her lover squirmed beneath her. She leaned down to take a full nipple in her mouth she first blew on it and then nibbled lightly but firmly enough to cause more squealing from beneath her. Maggie moved down and unzipped the skirt covering her lover's hips and pussy. She removed the clothing before taking three fingers and sending them up into the other's sopping wet hole. She removed the fingers and then licked them. The taste was sweet and yummy and made her yearn for more. So she went down and used the fingers on her hands to separate the lips between her lover's legs and then quickly licked up the juices that leaked from her lover's pussy. She sent her tongue deeper and deeper in search of more and more juice, she found her lovers g-spot and she moaned loudly and trembled slightly. Maggie teased her spot until her lover lost control and came in Maggie's face. Maggie wasn't done, she moved up next to the other and reached into the nightstand and pulled out some toys. She came out first with a double headed extra long and extra thick dildo. She took one end and teased her lover who still lay on her back, Maggie slowly inserted the toy as deep as possible inside of her friends pussy. She wiggled it around and caused great pleasure for her friend. Her friend took the other side of it and arched it around so that it was pointing straight up. Maggie straddled her and slowly impaled herself on the stiff length. She wiggled it around and they both moved their hips so as to cause the toy to move within them. They again embraced as they did this and while they kissed they each came again, the thick toy still deep within them.

Maggie and her lover were spent they had been together for sometime this evening and they were tired. She took her toys and lay them to the side, before wrapping herself up in her lover's arms and falling asleep. The only thing that could of made this better was to have a real man available to make it a real good fuck.

Maggie found women to be very enjoyable but they lacked that all-important ability to fill her pussy with a rock hard thick dick. She liked the feeling of real flesh inside of her; she liked the toys as OK substitutes but not if she could have the real thing.

Maggie had been with NASA since she finished graduate school. The space agency had helped her finish her doctorate and she had flown in eight shuttle missions over the years. She was known for her knowledge of the shuttle and its capabilities and that was why she was chosen to be in charge of this flight that would take her on a nine-month mission to Mars.

The selection process had been long and difficult; the field of possible astronauts had been lowered from over 100 individuals to the final three that made the cut. Each was selected for their specific benefits they would bring to the mission and they all were the very best in their field of expertise.

The crew had been in training for over two years. Much of the equipment that they would be using had not even been created when they first began to prepare for the flight. Holly was the youngest of the three but her thirty years had plenty of experience behind them. She spent many hours studying the surface of Mars and making sure that nothing was left out. She wanted to know so much and she couldn't wait to get started. John had been learning the new system since before he was selected. Once the team had been picked he worked everyday to perfect his knowledge so that he would know the ship inside and out, he wanted no surprises when he was a hundred billion miles from the earth. Maggie was the busiest, she spent many sleepless nights in her office reviewing everything and making sure that all the right equipment was installed and all the experiments that would be conducted were ready and properly packed and tested. She also had the task of dealing with two egos that wouldn't quite and building a team out of total strangers.

The countdown approached and their years of training finally culminated in what was to be a highly publicized mission, since it was to be the first ever manned mission to another planet. The spacecraft was named Martian Lander 1(ML1) and thanks to John and his expert skill behind the stick, the craft took off without any problems. The flight to Mars was to take four months and the time was to be filled with various experiments that would put the three working together in lab situations. After attaining the right course and heading, the crew changed from the emergency evacuation suits into more comfortable attire. The ladies each wore shorts and a tee-shirt with the emblem of their mission on it. John pulled on some sweats and the same shirt the ladies had on.

They began their first experiment soon, John was to ride on the stationary bike and Holly needed to get readings on how his body exercised in zero g's. Previous studies had determined that exercise in a weightless environment had little benefit to the body, so they had developed a way to create an artificial gravity area using a vacuum type suction which forced the body to react to resistance. John's ability to ride the bike was measured before take off and is being measured periodically throughout the trip to determine if any lose of ability has occurred. Holly went to work applying the heart monitor pads to John's chest, she let her hands linger on his skin and John did not ignore the attention. Instead he logged it in his memory for future reference. Maggie watched from the monitoring station and smiled when she saw the other two, she began to wonder just what might happen during the down times.

Maggie did not have to wait long, the crew was in crew rest for six hours, and mission control monitored the flight and insured the craft stayed on course. None of the three astronauts were tired and they lay in their bunks with their eyes open. John and Holly made eye contact and John motioned to Holly to follow him. He gets up and moves to the small recreational room that serves as dining, kitchen, and lounge for the crew. There was little room available but they were used to the crapped quarters just not used to them in outer space. After John had left, Maggie told Holly to "leave the door cracked and don't make a big mess." Holly smiled and quickly and eagerly left to join John.

When Holly reached the lounge John pulled her to him. "Is this what you had in mind," he started but did not give her a chance to respond. He pulled her to him tightly and kissed her lips. She wrapped her arms around him in response. His body was solid and hers was strong but soft. They fit well into each other and she made short work of his clothes. They floated around the room hovering over what was intended to be a table. She pulled his pants down to his ankles and took a good look at her next specimen. She was immediately impressed with what she saw. His hard dick stretched out before him and she took it into her mouth she floated around under him so her waist was at his mouth. He quickly pulled off her shorts while he enjoyed the work she performed on his member. He dived into her pussy he found it to be ready and moist, his tongue circled around it before diving deeper into the tunnel. Holly wrapped her arms around him and used her hands to rub his firm butt cheeks and press his body closer to her, allowing her to take him in deeper.

They were now completely naked and while they worked on each other's sex, they floated around the room above the table in the void of space. Twisting around taking turns on top. Maggie had by this point snuck up to the door and was peaking in. Her hand had found its way between her legs and she rubbed herself through her shorts as she watched her crewmates float around before her. Her other hand slid under her loose shirt and started rubbing on her breast and nipple she gently pulled on the hard nipple as she watched Holly lick the head of John's dick.

John was tonguing the pussy for all it was worth, but he had never had a woman do such a masterful job on him before. Maybe it was the lack of gravity, maybe it was the beautiful woman he had between his legs and in his mouth, but he was nearly ready to explode already. He pulled away in an effort to prolong it as long as possible. He moved into a position so that they could look at each other and kiss one another. His hands found her beautiful breasts and he explored them with his hands and she leaned her head back and enjoyed the feeling of his hands on her. He then pulled her closer and began to kiss her with deep long kisses, and their tongues met. John continued to let his hands roam around her chest and he slid one down to her beautiful moist pussy. He started slowly by rubbing her slit and making her already wet pussy even hotter. He slowly and teasingly inserted one finger at a time and moved them around deeper than his tongue was able to go. She began to rock her hips on his hand as she enjoyed the sensation of his fingers touching her g-spot.

Maggie continued to enjoy the show, she watched John's handsome body melt Holly's soft body before her eyes. She stared at his cock and wished to be in the room sucking on it until he came. She also watched as Holly's first orgasm made her body spasm. Maggie's own body convulsed as she watched and her orgasm hit her hard. Her body shivered as her pussy tightened around her fingers, she was feeling good but wishing she were more involved in the action she was watching.

Holly floated freely around the room and her body slowly relaxed as the wave of orgasm passed. She then allowed herself to concentrate on her task of making John cum. She moved her hands to his cock and rubbed it softly, letting her fingers massage the underside and the head, which were always very sensitive. She kissed him continually as she moved her hands over his cock. She finally wrapped her legs around him and guided him into her letting him fill her as her leg's spread apart to allow for him to enter her completely. Their hips moved in rhythm pushing against each other over an over and faster and faster until they both started to tense up in anticipation.

Before he could cum she pulled herself off of him and slid down his body to suck on him again. He continued to build his orgasm until he finally began to spurt into her mouth. She took the first load and swallowed it, but then moved away and let the rest fly from him and little balls of white cum floated around the room. They both watched as the number of cum bubbles grew until he finished. They laughed and she began to chase them down swallowing them as she reached them. Her naked body floated quickly throughout the room catching each of them in her mouth. One or two found their way out the door where Maggie quickly took them into her mouth and tasted the salty cum of the man she desperately wanted to have filling her hole. Giving her the orgasm she had just finished giving herself.

One by one they each returned to their respective bunks, first Maggie who waited to make sure no more action would be occurring then came Holly who winked at Maggie and they both shared a secret knowing smile. Then John returned to his bunk, wondering if he would get to enjoy the pleasure of Maggie as well, or better yet both of them together. They each soon fell asleep to their own wet dreams.


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