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You Can Never Have Enough Toys
by SiousxieQue

After another stimulating conversation Amy and I decided to go shopping for some erotic toys. Even though my collection was getting pretty big I was in the market for a double headed dildo. After all, you can never have enough toys! Unfortunately, Amy had never explored the fun filled world of erotic toys. She had no idea what she was missing!!!

I took her to a store in Center City that Sean took me to on my last birthday (needless to say my birthday last year was great). This place had everything from dirty magazines to ball gags. We made a couple rounds around the store so that Amy could get an idea of what she had to chose from.

I spotted a few double-headed dildos and headed straight for them while Amy followed. After contemplating on what kind I should buy I decided on the jelly filled one since my previous experiences with similar dildos have been nothing short of pleasurable. I suggested to Amy that she should start off with a simple vibrator so she picked out a seven inch, ribbed with one with various speeds. As we headed over to the counter I saw a nice strap-on dildo and grabbed it. Amy just looked over at me with this mischievous grin and grabbed some "Hot Pussy" lotion. That stuff worked great!!!!

Even though I was excited about my new toys I was disappointed because I thought that my erotic shopping trip was going to be the highlight of my day and now it was over. I was sorely mistaken.

As we walked back to the car, to my surprise and delight Amy asked me if I wanted to go somewhere and try out our new toys. Of course I did!! I knew of a hotel not to far with a jacuzzi in every room and without a second thought about it off we went. I was already wet with anticipation.

I couldn't help but feel somewhat nervous or maybe it was just anticipation. I loved hotel sex - there was just something so sexually appetizing about being in a strange bed. After checking in at the front desk we strolled to the elevator. Thank god we were in there by ourselves because I couldn't restrain myself any longer. Once the doors closed I pressed Amy up against the wall and started kissing her long and hard. Her lips were so soft and sensual that I couldn't wait to get her to the room and ravage her. As I kissed Amy she began to rub my breasts. I was already starting to cum right there in the elevator. I didn't think we were even going to make it to the room.

The elevator seemed to take an eternity to reach to fifth floor. As the bell rang to let us know that we were approaching our floor we knew that we had regain our composure. The doors opened and in front of us stood a man dressed in a refined suit with a young woman in a somewhat seductive dress. I wonder what they were doing?

We laughed about this as we looked impatiently for our room. Finally we found it - Room 508. I urged the key into the lock and flung the door open! We entered the room with our new toys in hand (in bags of course). Sure enough there was the jacuzzi - I headed straight for it and started filling it up as Amy inspected to rest of the room. I suggested that she call down to room service and order something with alcohol and within a few minutes a bottle of red wine was delivered. While I was pouring some drinks Amy went over to the stereo and put some music on.

Amy just looked at me again with that grin. She knew about my fantasy to be an erotic dancer and said to me "Go ahead now is your chance to live out your fantasy and dance for me". So I poured myself another glass of wine and finished it rather quickly. I walked over to her and sat her down on the edge and then turned up the music. I was already buzzed from the wine since I am such a lush.

With my back to Amy I started dancing. I have to admit I was nervous but I knew that once I got started that I would be able to let my inhibitions go. I could feel her watching me intently. I slowly started to remove my shirt and unbutton my pants. I was wearing a black lace bra with a matching thong. My jeans hung on my hips as I caressed my breasts. I turned towards Amy and started to walk over to her. As I stood in front of her I slowly moved my hand down my stomach then into my jeans and began fondling my hot pussy. Then again I turned my back towards her, bent over and seductively removed my jeans. I wedged myself between her legs and started grinding my body against hers. Amy began to caress my back as she unsnapped my bra. I turned towards her and enticingly removed it completely and placed her hands on my breasts.

As Amy stroked, kissed and sucked my breasts I could feel myself begin to cum. I aggressively pushed her down onto the bed, pushed up her shirt and began to take off her jeans. I wanted to fuck her so bad I could taste it. With one good tug I pulled off her shirt and she pulled my half naked body against her and started kissing me so passionately.

Within a few minutes we had removed the rest of our clothing and the fun was just beginning. Amy climbed on top of me and began working her way down my trembling body. As she sucked and licked my hot pussy I was cumming continuously. I sat partially up and motioned to Amy to turn around so that we could simultaneously go down on each other. Amy began to moan as I fucked her with my tongue. I could feel her cum dripping into my mouth - it tasted great. Amy was now sitting up, her body thrashing as I eat her out.

It was time to break out the toys. Amy climbed off of me and went over to get our bags of goodies. As she opened the packages I laid on the bed fingering myself and fondling my breasts. Before I knew it Amy was trying out her new vibrator on me and let me tell you there is nothing like a vibrator with new batteries. I couldn't control myself any longer - as Amy fucked me with the vibrator I laid on the bed squirming and moaning as I came over and over again.

I grabbed Amy and pulled her down on the bed next to me. It was her turn to try out the new toys. I started off just rubbing her clit with the vibrator. I could tell Amy had never experienced anything like this before as she dug her fingers into the bed and bit down on her beautiful lips. I slowly slide the vibrator inside her pussy and turned it on full force. As I fucked her with the vibrator I rubbed some of the lotion we had bought earlier all over her clit. As I stroked her clit I could feel her getting hotter and hotter. I was so aroused listening and watching her cum that I began to cum again.

I was dying to try my strap-on out on Amy even though it is a somewhat crude toy. But I felt comfortable with Amy so it was okay if I looked like a bungling idiot. I told Amy to sit tight while I went to get it out of the bag. As I walked over to the bed Amy sat up. I climbed into bed and began to put it on and Amy came over to help. I guess she could tell that I felt a tad uncomfortable. A few minutes later I was all rigged up and ready to go.

Amy climbed on top of me and guided the strap-on inside her already soaking wet pussy. She moaned as it went in deeper and deeper. Amy sat on top of me slowly gliding up and down as I sucked on her firm breasts. Then I gently laid her back on the bed and spread her legs so that I could get a full view of her beautiful body as I fucked her. As I fucked her she was telling me to fuck her harder and faster - hearing her talk dirty really turned me on.

I motioned to her to turn over on her stomach and then I slide the dildo back into her pussy and began to fuck her again doggie style. I gently gripped the back of her hair as I fucked her faster and faster. I could tell Amy was about to cum again and sure enough within a couple minutes her body was trembling all over again. Both of us collapsed on the bed. We were exhausted! As I removed my "hardware" Amy went over to pour us each a glass of wine. We laid there for a little while just drinking our wine, kissing, talking and eventually falling asleep.

After sleeping for a few hours I woke up to Amy kissing my neck and whispering to me "You know the jacuzzi is filled and ready to go". I woke up instantaneously. She walked over and got in and I sure as hell followed. She had two glasses of wine next to the jacuzzi all ready for us. The water was so warm and relaxing! We sat there for awhile drinking our wine and relaxing. But then we realized that we had one more toy to break in.

I stepped out of the jacuzzi and went to get it. Amy just watching my dripping wet, naked body as I made my way across the room. I soon returned and climbed back into the jacuzzi where Amy was anxiously awaiting my return. I immediately started kissing her and fondling her sexy, wet body. Amy boosted me up on the side of the jacuzzi, spread my legs apart and started to go down on me again. It felt so good that I couldn't sit still. She reached over for the dildo and glided it inside of me. Amy was fucking me so hard and deep that I couldn't help but yelling out "Oh god Amy, don't stop - it feels so good!". As I started to cum again Amy took out the dildo and began going down on me again.

With my legs trembling I slide back into the jacuzzi and with Amy facing me I slide one side of the dildo into her pussy as she slide the other end into mine. Amy wrapped her legs tightly around mine. We both started moving back and forth simultaneously - fucking each other. The feeling was so erotic! I wanted us both to cum at the same time and sure enough we did. We probably disturbed the entire hotel with all of our erogenous moaning.

Neither of us could move. We just laid there in the jacuzzi - our bodies completely numb after hours of continuous orgasms. After regaining our strength and returning to reality we realized that it was getting late and that we both better get home. So we got dressed, pack up our toys and head for the elevator but not before leaving housekeeping a BIG tip. We didn't say much on the elevator ride down to the lobby. I don't know about Amy but I reliving the sensual afternoon detail by detail in my head. Before long Amy was pulling up in my driveway. I lean over and gave a long, sensuous kiss and told her that we have to go shopping for toys more often.


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