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Yard Dog's Fantasy
by Mastrkink

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* * * * *

Gwen waved good-bye to her mother as she took the kids out for the afternoon for ice cream and the beach. She felt a little anxious for them to go since she wanted to get this over with. She knew she should have just done what her online Master had ordered, but she never felt comfortable running around the house naked and hearing the buzz of mowers outside yesterday had just convinced her that someone would see her nakedness as she went to get the clothespins that he wanted her to use.

So now she had to accept her punishment and she just wanted to do it and get back to her work.

Grabbing the plastic ruler off her desk, she hurried upstairs to her bedroom for the butt plug and then to the bathroom for her fun.

* * * * *

Lester unloaded his weed whacker from the truck and checked to see if it was full. He hated to be coming back to a yard once he left it, but his weedeater died out yesterday and he wanted the yard to look right to encourage future business.

So around to the back of the house he went to get started near the ditch. Besides, this was where that cute blonde lived and maybe she would invite him inside for a glass of ice water like before.

* * * * *

Gwen looked at the large butt plug that her Master had sent to her. Geez, this is big! But he knew of her love for anal sex and had been very specific in his instructions. So she went into her bathroom which had the only mirror that she could see herself in.

Stepping up on the wide edges of the whirlpool tub, she turned her head around and looked over her shoulders as she placed the tip with the glistening KY on it at the entrance to her anus and pushed.

Oooooooh, this won't work, I can't get it in. But at the same time she was determined to try and slowly but surely, she could feel and see the monster disappear up her ass. And felt her excitement increase with every inch that sunk in. She quit thinking about the fact the tub had a large window overlooking the back yard. The lawn men came yesterday so there wouldn't be anybody to spot her since there were no neighbors directly behind her.

Aaaaah, there it goes as she felt the fullness in her rectum. She paused to caress her large breasts and swollen nipples, teasing her clit with the other hand. Looking over her shoulder, she could see the base of the plug in the crack of her ass and felt the surge of horniness flow through her, Turning around, she teased and pinched her swollen nipples, using her other hand to tease her wet clit. Then reaching over, she picked up the ruler for her punishment.

* * * * *

Lester leaned over the machine to check it out and switch it on. Lucky man who lived here; nice house and kids and a pretty wife. I wonder what she must be like in bed. As he walked to the back line of the property, he almost missed the flash in the upper window, but then he looked again and, holy sheeeeet! Lester removed his sunglasses and looked again and sure enough there was a naked woman in the upper window. Lester had been up there once before to discuss a plumbing problem with Mr. L, so he knew she must be standing on the tub.

What is she doing? All he could see was her front with her head looking behind her and one of her arms behind doing something. Then she turned around and he could tell she was pleasing herself and what was that in the crack of her ass?

* * * * *

Gwen turned back around facing the window and still looking in the mirror, swung her arm up and brought it down hard on her white ass. Ouch! That hurt, but nonetheless, she kept up the rhythm and used the ruler for 25 hard smacks that left her ass red and stinging. She paused at the end and with her eyes closed, caressed her hot butt with the ruler and then brought it around front and as she masturbated started lightly smacking her soft breasts with it.

* * * * *

Lester just couldn't help himself and dropped the weedeater on the ground and moved a little closer, hiding behind the only tree in the backyard to shield himself. He could see one hand moving from her crotch to her tits back and forth, he couldn't believe that she wouldn't see him and stop, but apparently she was lost in what she was doing. She looked like she was spanking herself with something. Oh, geeez, my pants are going to burst!

* * * * *

Turning around again, Gwen looked at herself in the mirror, her nipples large and hard, her breasts showing little pink marks from the ruler and furiously played with her pussy, this time pausing to use the ruler on her hot cunt as she spread her lips for maximum pain. Oblivious to the world, she closed her eyes as she continued moving from cunt to tits, back and forth losing herself in the rush of sexual pleasure.

Dropping the ruler, she reached behind her and started fucking her ass with the butt plug and as she felt the flare slip past her anus, back and forth, it was too much and she finally came.

* * * * *

Oh God, no fucking way anyone will believe this, as Lester watched her use the plug to fuck her tight ass with. Squeezing his hard dick through his pants, he barely noticed when he came creating the large wet spot on his jeans.

* * * * *

Gwen stepped down from the tub and removed the plug from her ass. Ooooh, that was nice. I must remember to thank my Master for this, even though I should have obeyed him yesterday. The yard men really can't see into the house, I don't know why I was so scared.

* * * * *

Lester put his machine on the bed of the truck and got in. He wasn't sure what he was going to do until his pants dried out some, but he sure couldn't stay around here. He just knew that if she came outside and he looked into her eyes, he'd make a fool of himself and she'd find out he had seen her. Maybe he should just send one of the other guys back later to finish up here.


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