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You Like Strippers, Do You?
by Curioser

"God. She's hot!"

She looks over at him. What an asshole. Well, maybe not an asshole, but definitely a bastard.

The girl who had sauntered out onto the runway was in fact, now that she looked at her, pretty hot. Big round firm tits, nipples like two ripe cherries waiting to be plucked, a flat hard belly, high, proud ass and legs that looked like the rippling flanks of a thoroughbred.

But Natasha's asshole - bastard - boyfriend was sitting next to her drooling like a dog gone mad, gripping his longneck beer so hard it was about to break. Jeez, how'd she get roped into coming to this place? Him and his idiot friends, the Numbskulls, those three living walking proofs that some guys are just pathetically forever stuck in puberty. They blow into their apartment every Friday night for "boys night out" and she's left hugging her pillow until he comes home reeking of beer and smoke, too drunk to fuck, too drunk to even talk, and a good twenty IQ points dumber for being around his friends all night.

Well, not tonight. She told'em. Fuck'em. She'd just be one of the boys tonight and see what the fuck happens at "boys night out."

Now she knew. Expensive beers and gorgeous strippers. Really expensive beers. She looked around her. The Numbskulls were snorting and yelling and squealing like a bunch of happy fucking pigs at the girl on stage. Her boyfriend right with them. In fact, she couldn't remember the last time she saw his eyes blaze like that.

Fuck, if that's what it took, if that's what made his dick twitch and his eyes glaze over all glassy and the drool drip out the corner of his mouth....

She stood up. The stage girl was wiggling her breasts at the Numbskulls and they looked like they were going to die of a collective aneurism. She smiled, laughed.

The woman on stage suddenly noticed her, and by damn if that lady didn't hoist a handful of tit flesh in her direction. It was a challenge, goddam it. It was a fucking challenge!

Natasha may not have had the siliconed, toned hardbody of a stripper but she was as wild and wanton as any one person she'd ever met. Fuck it. In one quick movement she grabbed her shirt and ripped it wide open, buttons flying everywhere. She shimmied her chest to wag her own nice breasts at the woman looming above her in the spotlight. After a moment's shock that woman smiled a wicked grin and reached a hand down to Natasha.

As she felt herself being lifted easily up to the hardwood runway, Natasha caught a glimpse out of the corner of her eye at the Numbskulls. Mouths agape, eyes bulging, they looked like three statues frozen in poses of complete, utter, dumbstruck stupidity.

The house lights glared down on her, and she couldn't see much beyond the edge of the stage. She was vaguely aware of a lot of hollering and cheering, in fact, the crowd noise was much more intense now. The stripper walked, no strutted, around Natasha, running a red-nailed finger over this newcomer's shoulders, her back, and down her spine to her ass in the tight jeans.

The music was loud - "Baby take off your coat, real slow."

Natasha took off her ripped blouse, real slow, tossed it.

"Baby take off your shoes..." She kicked'em off, hoping to hit Numbskull Number Two in the head if she could.

"Baby take off your pants. Yes. Yes. Yes."

Well she was wearing her tight old jeans, so she pulled them down a bit and and bent over in the direction of her boyfriend, a flash of white panties in the spotlight, just a touch of wetness showing. You want hot? she thought, I'll give you hot, honey.

When she stood up again, the stripper was walking up the stage carrying a very large object. It was a phallus, a huge cock, with a couple of massive balls at its base, the shaft must have been three feet long and four inches thick. Damn. Placing the balls on the floor - they were wide and heavy - the woman then pulled down on the long rubbery cock till it bent all the way to the oak floorboards. She smiled up at Natasha and let it go and the damn thing sproinged back up, swayed back and forth a moment, then came to a rest arched straight up like the longest most beautiful hard-on she'd ever seen.

The music pounded, "You can leave your hat on. You can leave your hat on. You can leave your hat on." The crowd was approaching a fever pitch of excitement.

Natasha opened her bra, real slow, she'd give the boys a show they'd remember - on their damn death beds sixty years from now. Hot ain't even the word. Sizzling. Scorch your asses. When she tossed the bra and her tits burst out into the light a scream went up from the boys, a fucking howl like a pack of moon-maddened wolves. Wouldn't you like to suck on these, you dogs?

"Raise your arms in the air. Shake'em."

The stripper was working her shorts off, so Natasha started wiggling out of her jeans, lots of hip action, step out of one leg, mmmm, stroke that white thigh. Drop the pants, use the other leg to kick'em away. She sashayed over and grabbed the phallus roughly, manhandling it - no, womanhandling it. The stripper had her shorts down to her knees and was bent over so her panty-clad ass was a big target. Natasha bent that cock back and let it go so it flew up and smacked the stripper's big butt right between her quivering cheeks. The boys howled again as the big dildo bounced back to full erection, wobbling back and forth like a drunk.

She could smell the male excitement in the air, their frenzy, the raw, obscene, animal lust.

Joe Cocker wailed from the big speakers overhead. "You give me reason to live. You give me reason to live. You give me reason to live."

Both women were prancing around the big cock in their undies now, flicking it and teasing it and making it sway all around. Natasha dropped to her knees, stuck her tongue out and sucked the big bulbous cockhead into her mouth - or as much as she could stretch her lips to fit in. The stripper was stroking and caressing its great length. Moans from the boys. This night would change their whole lives. It's would change Natasha's.

Natasha rises up so she's walking on her knees and straddling the big shaft, bending it over so it sticks out from between her legs. Hm, she thinks, so this is what it feels like to have a dick. The stripper slithers across the stage and kneels herself on all fours at the other end of the prick protruding from between Natasha's legs. She wags her ass invitingly. Natasha moves forward and the cock dips further down so now it's pointing right at the other woman's pussy. Natasha discovers that she can move her hips so the great cock head sways like a snake and pokes at the firm ass flesh in front of her. The woman spreads her legs, arches her back to push her ass up. The phallus slides in under her belly, tickling her cunt and her ribs at the same time.

Natasha's got both hands reached down to hold that long smooth cockrod as though it were her own appendage. She maneuvers it between the stripper's legs and asscheeks while, at the same time, pulling it upwards so the shaft is tucked between her own engorged pussy lips and tickling her clit. She begins to hump her hips along the length of it. Her partner begins to rock on her hands and knees, sliding along its thick hardness as well.

Someplace far away there is music and a throng of men driven into a wild white hot intensity. But all she can see is that gorgeous pole sliding over her cunt and that sweet beautiful ass and thighs in front of her rocking and rolling over the same nasty mega-dildo.

Lights, bright, hot spotlights glaring down from overhead. Heat, the rush of heat, sweat pouring off her body, rivulets of it running down between her breasts to her belly. Her pussy, so nasty, soaked-through white panties. Hair hanging in sweaty strands over her eyes.

When it hits her, it hits in long rolling waves that seem to actually originate from the crowd around her, as though their excitement washes over her body and sets off the orgasm. Then every cell, every muscle and fiber and bone and every bit of flesh and blood inside her suddenly shrieks for release and there is a voice piercing the night, it's her own, head thrown back staring at a 600 watt bulb above her. She screams. "FUCK! THE! WORLD!" And yes, she sees it now... yes, the big phallus between her legs is sunk deep into the crack of the planet plunging with relentless driving pistoning fucking force into the great gaping wet open cunt of the world, fucking the world, fucking the world,


Some time later she awakes. It's quiet, there's cool air on her face. She's in a back room near a window, sitting in a chair. Her eyes are open, have been open, though she remembers nothing till this moment. From somewhere in her completely sated brain, the last line of the song comes back to her memory.

"You don't know what love is. I know what love is."

God the air feels good.


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