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Your Pet
by Morgana869

(All characters are above legal age of consent)

I stand tall in front of you. Black leather shines on my curves. My nipples are tipped with five diamonds in the shape of a flower with the middle stone being a ruby. Around my neck is a leather collar studded with gold and rubies. Attached to the collar is a long thin gold chain with a small leather loop at one end. You hold the loop in your strong hand.

Your eyes follow the chain down to the floor and you see my high shiny leather boots. You look up and see my legs. my thighs.. where my legs join.. Your eyes linger in anticipation, then your eyes glide up to my hips, curved and sexy in the shiny pants. Then your eyes move on to my waist, my stomach. You see my stomach and up through my chest where the leather has been cut away in a U shape. Your breath catches in your throat and you lick your lips nervously. The diamonds on my breasts sparkle in the candlelight. I stand with my feet apart and my hands clasped behind my back. My hair forms a long, chocolate brown curtain of curls that hides my face as I hold my head down.

You tug softly on the chain in your hand and I stumble slightly but walk toward you. I lift my head and my hair brushes the curve of my breast. You pull the chain as I walk, shorting my lead and as I come closer to you I can feel my heart speed up in anticipation of the pleasures you promise. You pull my lips to yours and I feel you invade my mouth with your tongue. Your taste is wonderful. I press my body to yours and you feel the sharpness of the jewels at my breast against your bare chest. I am soft in contrast to your hardness. I tilt my head back and you kiss down my throat. I purr softly as your tongue plays in the hollow at the base of my throat. You wrap your hand in my hair and pull my head back even farther making my back arch toward you pressing my chest out for you attentions.

You lick around the jewels and I make a purring sound deep in my chest. Next, you lick down the middle of my chest and suck on a little patch of skin beside my bellybutton. You stand straight and tell me to kneel in front of you and you brush my long hair to one side. You say, "You're a good pet aren't you?"

I nod and you smile.

You say, "Now I want you to please me. Will you please me?"

I nod and you start to undo your pants. You are so hard and so long. I wonder how I am ever going to get it all in my mouth. You take my hair in your fist and softly pull me towards you. I open my mouth and my tongue caresses the tip of you. I lick my lips and like the taste. I open my mouth again and slide about an inch of you into my soft hot mouth. My lips close around you and I start to gently suck on you. I roll my tongue around you and then, I take as much as I can into my mouth. You go deep into my throat and I almost choke but as I bob my head up and down on you I get better at managing your girth. You let my head go and lean back against the wall you were standing by and moan softly as you pump in and out of my mouth.

You feel my softness and the wetness of my mouth. As you close your eyes, you start to feel the beginnings of that ultimate release and you start pumping your hips with me increasing the friction. You gasp and start to moan loudly as I start to taste the beginnings of your release in my mouth. You cry out as I feel it shoot into the back of my throat. It is all I can do to keep it from spilling down my chin and onto my chest. A little bit does escape and I lick it from the corner of my mouth as you watch. I swallow it all down and lick you clean.

You finish taking your pants off and watching me turns you on so you are already starting to get hard again, but you are nowhere close to being ready so you tell me to get up and you tell me to face the wall. I obey you as always. You hold my shoulder and unzip the back of my leather. You slip my arms out of it and run your fingers down along my spine. It sends shivers up my back. You slip my leather farther down to just below my hips. You press your body against mine pressing me into the wall and I feel a little pain on my nipples where the clips from the jewelry is being pressed into my skin and I moan in pleasure. You slip your hand in front of me and down into the leather. You find that spot and take two of your fingers to rub it in small circles. I press my forehead against the wall and moan loudly. You whisper in my ear "Do you like that?"

I nod.

You whisper "is it going to make you come?" I nod again. You increase your pace and I start moaning louder. You tell me to call out your name when I start coming... I do ... you suddenly stop. I cry out in frustration and you chuckle to yourself. I know you want me to beg you to let me come. I turn in your arms and look at you. You quickly whip me around facing the wall. You scold me and tell me that if I disobey you again you will have to punish me. I don't like for you to have to do that so I obey you for now. Facing the wall I start to ask you to let me come.

"Please" I say. All you do is chuckle. You strip me of all my clothing and ask me to lie down on my stomach. As I do, you run your hands all over me. Teasing me. When I am lying down, you start to lick me. You lick me all over. You lick my neck, my back, my arms, and the back of my knees. You kiss each cheek of my ass. Then, you spread my legs and lick my sweetness. You slide a finger inside me. I am so wet from all the teasing. You slide two fingers in. I purr... Slowly you slide your fingers in and out of me, fucking me with them. You try to make me moan again.

You roll me over and I am lying on my back and you start to use your thumb to finger my love knot as you thrust your fingers deep within me. It feels so good I am moaning and I can barely lay still. I am so wet you can hear it slush as you pump me. You bend over and start to suck on my clit. I scream out and thrash about a little. You put your free hand on my stomach and hold me down. You just lay between my legs sucking and it keeps me in ecstasy. You feel my start to contract around your fingers as I begin to come and you stop again. I cry out in frustration and you chuckle to yourself.

This forces me to take maters into my own hands... I spring up and shove you onto your back. You grunt as you hit the floor. I slide myself over you and instantly you slide into me. I am so tight around you from all the teasing I have endured tonight. I rock back and forth on you feeling you slide in and out of me. You chuckle and reach up fondling my breasts. This accentuates the pleasure and pushes me over the edge quickly. I come and come, squeezing your shaft with my insides. I cry out in my release as you grab my hips moving me harder. I gasp and yell as you ravage me from beneath me. I feel you start to quiver inside me as you reach your release. I feel your hot juices flood my insides and start to seep out and down the inside of my thigh.

You sigh and roll me off you to the side. You look over at me and brush a strand of hair out of my face. "You know you disobeyed me. You shall have to be punished for that." I nod and smile a small-satisfied smile. Your punishments are always exciting, but THAT is another story.


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