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by English Bob

I don't remember a great deal about the accident. My memory provides me with occasional fleeting glimpses of my car as it ploughed into the side of the refuse truck and then only senses of pain in my arms and legs until the sirens of the ambulance.....

My wife, Joy and I had been out for the evening at a local restaurant. We had enjoyed a first class meal, and although I did not drink, because of the drive home, Joy consumed a considerable quantity of wine. The drive home was lengthy and slow, due to the extremely wet weather we had been experiencing. The road was slick and I was keeping to a slow, steady speed.

Joy was in one of her "playful" moods, kicking off her high heels and teasing me by letting one stocking clad foot run up and down her other leg and showing off a considerable amount of creamy white thigh above her grip-tops. She knew the effect that this always had on me, and smiled that sensuous little grin that told me she was feeling horny. I had trouble keeping my eyes off her legs and on the road, and when she pulled her halter top down, just a little, to expose a bare breast, I could feel my erection pressing painfully against my underwear.

The refuse truck seemed to come out of nowhere. One moment I was looking at Joy as she tweaked her stiff little nipple, the next it was right in front of me. As I have said, I remember very little after that point; broken glass and a lot of pain in my limbs. I was told later that I must have swerved sideways, protecting the passenger side and taking the full impact of the crash on my side of the car. This seems plausible, because, while I suffered several broken bones and a nasty concussion, Joy escaped from the crash practically unscathed.

I remember being stretchered into a waiting ambulance and being given a large injection of pain killers. Joy was with me and we were joined by two paramedics as we started the hour long journey to the hospital. The drugs that had been injected into me (morphine, I have been told since), were taking effect. I felt like I was floating away. My eyes remained open and I could see what was going on around me, but it was like being in a dream. It was as if I were looking down on myself with no way to communicate with the world and the people in it. I could hear my wife and the medics talking, but their voices sounded distant and fuzzy.

What happened next, still haunts me. Not because of the events themselves, but because I am still unsure of whether they were real or not. Joy still tells me that it was all in my imagination, brought on by the high level of morphine that I had been given and the concussion, but when we talk about it, I can still see a faint gleam in her eye, and a wry smile develops around her lips when she thinks I am not looking.

We had started the journey to the hospital, and I was, by now, well out of it and living happily somewhere near the planet Venus. The dream world that I was in, seemed safe and secure. I could hear Joy talking and tried to focus on her words. They were coming from far away, but the tone was light and airy, punctuated by laughter that seemed to tinkle through the air. For a moment it occurred to me that the laughter was directed at myself, but as I listened closer I could hear the medics complimenting my wife on her attire and how lucky she had been to escape without so much as a scratch. She giggled like a schoolgirl as she was told how sexy she looked in the dress and how the spilt in the side of it complimented her long, shapely legs.

It was about this time that my vision became a little clearer and I seemed to rise above my own body . I could see Joy sitting between the two medics, both men, that looked a little younger than us and very fit. They were almost sandwiching her between them, they were so close. They kept looking at each other and then at my wife as they continued to shower her with compliments. Then it happened. The taller man's hand landed lightly on Joy's leg, right by the split in her dress and started to gently massage her thigh.

My mind tried to cry out, but in my drug induced dream world, I was unable to make a sound, unable to communicate in any way. I just had to look on helplessly. In any other situation I would have been furious; jealous of any other man being close enough to Joy to be able to smell the scent from her honey blonde hair, to see the swell of her large, firm breasts or to be able to feel the smoothness of her beautifully contoured legs. But the drugs seemed to calm me to the extent of happy acceptance. It seemed so natural at that point for me just to be an uninvolved spectator. Almost a voyeur.

The taller medic's hand was now exploring a little further inside the split of Joy's dress, pushing the garment slowly up towards her waist. The compliments were still coming, but seemed unnecessary now, as Joy was enjoying the attention as much as they were. The dress was pulled slowly higher and higher, exposing more of her creamy, smooth thighs, until finally her white, lace panties became visible.

By this time the shorter man had loosened the thin straps of her halter top and was gently easing it down to expose her large boobs. Both men's breathing had become heavier and I could see large bulges in the front of their coverall's. Joy moaned deep in her throat as the shorter man bent his head slowly and let his lips close over a distended nipple. She closed her eyes and gasped as he sucked it deep into his mouth, using his teeth to gently nipple the hot flesh until it seemed to throb and pulse rhythmically.

By this time, Joy's dress had been pulled up to her waist and the taller man had slipped his hand inside her panties and was stroking the lips of her pussy causing her to moan louder. A little more vigorously, now, he brought his other hand to her nether region and started to tug the panties down her legs. Once the garment was off and her whole lower body exposed, he parted her thighs. Joy still had her eyes closed as her legs fell open to allow this man easier access to her wet vagina. His hand went back to her pussy and immediately thrust a finger deep into her honeypot using his thumb to rotate quickly over the engorged clit. Joy gasped loudly again and trembled, as a powerful orgasm swept over her semi-naked body.

Both men now stood up in front of her, and, opening the Velcro fastenings on their coverall suits, presented her with two very hard cocks. Joy was still trembling in post-orgasmic excitement as she reached out with one hand and began to masturbate the taller medics penis. She closed her cool fingers around the veiny shaft and proceed to massage up and down the length, paying particular attention to the large shiny head that glistened with drops of pre-cum. The shorter man was now at her side. His hands were in her hair and he was guiding her face towards his, slightly smaller erection. Joy made no protest as the weapon moved ever closer to her, opening her mouth as he approached and allowing him to sink blissfully between her pink painted lips.

This situation continued for several minutes. My wife alternated the two cocks between her hand and mouth as she sucked and jerked each medic while they fingered her pussy and squeezed her nipples. I watched as she convulsed into another two orgasms before her studs finally reached their own climax. The sorter man was first. Joy's lips were locked around his cockhead in a perfect "O" as he thrust back and forth, using her mouth like a warm, wet pussy. His hands were firmly placed behind her head pulling her further on to his cock until, with a cry, he thrust deeply into her throat and emptied his balls. Joy swallowed and swallowed, her throat bulging with the torrent of seed that was exploding into her until she had completely drained him.

The taller medic was not far behind his partner, but also wanted to cum in my wife's mouth. As his colleague pulled out with an audible "pop", he grabbed her head roughly and thrust his twitching penis deep into her throat. For several seconds he fucked his cock down her larynx at a furious pace, gritting his teeth and muttering.

"Come on baby....suck my cock dry you little bitch!.....yes..yes..yes....deep throat me bitch....yes...ahhhh...I'm gonna cum...yes..yes......YYYEEESSSSSSSSS"

The taller medic's cock was visibly larger than his partner's, and his balls seemed to contain a huge quantity of semen. Again, Joy tried to swallow, but there was way too much. Hot white cream spilled from her mouth and splashed lewdly onto her still hard nipples. As she rubbed the fluid into her big tits, the medic's penis flopped from her bruised lips and hung in front of her face. To finish the job, Joy darted out her pink, cum-stained tongue and flicked the last vestiges of cum from the tip.

After that point, my memory gets very hazy again. I can just about recall being given a further injection of painkiller, and then wheeled into the hospital. The next thing I remember is waking up the following day with Joy seated at my bedside, beautiful as ever with a smile to greet her husband.

I have never blatantly accused my wife of what I believe happened in the ambulance that night, rather just hinted at the experience. She has always maintained that the journey was uneventful, other than the rantings of a delirious and drugged husband. I'm still not sure if I believe her or not. Sometimes I think it may be better to try and forget the whole thing and just get on with our lives, but I cannot deny that there was something about that experience, real or otherwise, that excited me. I feel that there is something missing from our relationship now, and if I'm honest, I know what it is. I have a specific need to watch my beautiful wife with another man or group of men as soon as possible.

- The End -

* * * * *

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