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by Devlishcupcake

It was a warm spring afternoon a few puffy white clouds in the sky. They reminded her of days spent at the fair eating cotton candy. This was a special day for the two of them, they had been married now for a year. They had met and gotten married so suddenly that no one thought they would make it to the first year.

Well, so far they were very happy together. They had their fights of course, but mostly so that they could make up afterwards, she loved the making up part. It was early afternoon they were going to go for a ride today, they used to make this ride once a week when they were dating. She had other plans for this ride though, while they were dating this had been her parent's land, but after they got married her parents left it to them and moved to Florida. She has her suspicions that even with all her parent's said about the two of them not making it that they really believed they would. Otherwise why leave the land, but she could not get her folks to fess up to that thought.

The day so far had been a lazy one, they slept in and had spent a couple of hours already today showing each other how much they still wanted each other. She had the picnic baskets packed, with a few extra surprises, she had even gone so far as to tell all of their friends that today was their day. She had a party planned for tomorrow night, but today everyone was told to stay off the property. She chuckles to herself, thinking that someone will be in for a shock if they show up today on this ride, she has plans and her poor unsuspecting husband has not a clue. If he could have seen her face at that moment he would have been shocked, it was the most wickedly seductive grin that had ever graced her face.

She was generally a modest slightly shy woman, but today she was going to live out one of her fantasies, she just hoped her husband would go along with it. Being a lover of the outdoors she had always wanted to make love outside bathed in the gentle light and heat of the spring sun and today she was hoping to make that dream come true. She listens as the sounds in the barn settle hearing the gentle clopping of the horses hooves as her husband leads them out of the barn towards where she waits.

Her breath stops as she watches him slowly walk towards her, she still can't believe she got lucky enough to find him. He was beautiful, his well muscled body out lined perfectly by his close fitting jeans and T-shirt, the sun setting off golden highlights in his light brown hair. She gets turned on every time she looks at him, and giggles quietly wondering if that is normal after a year of marriage. She bends over slightly to grab the saddlebags that have all of the afternoon's supplies in them thinking to take them to him so they can get started on the ride eager to fulfill her fantasy.

He watches her face as he nears her, seeing the gentle smile and the look he could only remember seeing on her face as they lay spent in each others arms this morning and other times in the past. He smiles as he watches her thinking how blessed he was to find this woman. Her manner was generally easy going, but he knew the fiery temper that was hidden by that manner. It was one of the many things he loved about her. The ride today was one he hoped she would remember for along time, he knew about the fantasy she had about being outdoors in the sun, he thought she had forgotten telling him about it, but he hadn't forgotten and he planned to make this fantasy come true for her. He dropped the horses reins, ground tying them, and walked up behind her as she bent to get the saddlebags.

She felt his warm presence behind her a split second before his arms came around the front of her and pulled her to him, her grip on the saddle bags going lax. She leans back against him sighing softly as he places gentle kisses on the back of her neck. Her arms reach up and around to rub his neck and run her fingers through his hair. This action bringing his attention to her breasts he reaches his hands up higher to cup them gently, her quiet sigh of pleasure at his touch close to his ear. She wiggles her hips slightly rubbing her well rounded bottom against him, hearing the quicken of his breathing as she does. She turns in his arms her hard nipples brushing against him through the material of their clothes and kisses him deeply.

Then playing the part of the little tease quickly grabs the saddlebags and attaches them to the saddles. He is still standing with a slightly dazed look on his face as the mounts the horse and starts it trotting on its way. Her wicked playful laugh waking him from his momentary stupor, he races to his horse and starts off after her. He keeps his horse to a trot, even as she gallops ahead of him, thinking to give her a bit of a head start before he catches her and makes love to her in the little valley that has always been their favorite spot to picnic. He is enjoying the view of her galloping along, her hair flowing in the wind her movements matching those of the horse almost as if they were one animal.

Remembering all the times they have made love he realizes that she matches his movements in that fashion as well. She rounds the bend that hides their valley long before he reaches it, but he thinks she wants to make some sort of preparations there so he slows the horse down to a walk then decides to pick some wild flowers for her on the way to their valley. It had been awhile since he had been able to join her in a days ride and even longer since he had picked flowers for her so he hoped that the gesture would not be lost on her, reaffirming his commitment to their continued happiness.

She was starting to wonder if he had managed to fall off his horse, it was talking him an awful long time to join her. Just as she was considering putting her jeans back on and going to look for him he came into view. He stopped the horse dead still as he caught sight of her standing on the blanket in the center of the valley. Her sun kissed body almost glowing in the light, her slightly windblown hair framing her face picking up gold and copper highlights in the sun.

The color was still high in her cheeks and spreading, he loved to watch her blush, the color extending now to the tops of her breasts. The sight of her naked body stunning him for a moment, before trancelike he dismounted the horse and walked towards her. She was beautiful, her eyes sparkling in the sunlight, he could tell she was slightly nervous by the rapid breathing. His steps were slow and steady toward her, his clothing feeling constricting he begins removing it. He comes to stand before her, his clothes a forgotten trail from the horse to where she waits for him on the blanket.

In unison they reach for each other holding their naked bodies tightly together. Their hands roaming over the bodies they know so well, touching here, rubbing there, building the excitement between them. They move to lay on the blanket as their bodies begin trembling, not sure their knees will hold them much longer. Their hands continuing to touch and massage, rub and excite. The kiss they share is one of passion and knowing, both tender and fierce. He rolls on to her, breaking the kiss to look at her, her eyes heavy lidded with passion.

He lowers his head to gently nibble, suck and kiss her hard nipples, her gasps of pleasure and nails running firmly up and down his back arousing him further. She shifts her hips rubbing her moist heat against his arousal. His moan of pleasure at the contact felt against her nipple, as he sucks it farther into his mouth. Their hips begin rocking against one another, almost bringing him into the hot core of her. She wraps one legs around his body, just below his firm butt, the other wrapping farther up his back. Her ankle resting just below the back of his neck, her hips shifting until he is poised with his tip ready to gain entrance.

With her legs she brings his head down to hers for a deep kiss, while bringing him to fully rest inside her, gasping into his mouth in pleasure. He moans in reaction, his hips moving against her, his chest rubbing against hers, teasing her nipples.

Their bodies enflamed by each other's touch they move more quickly against each other. She meeting each of his powerful thrusts by pulling against him with her legs. Both of them in awe of the amount of arousal they can cause in the other in so short of a time. The sexual tension between them almost a physical thing, their bodies begin to tremble. Faster and harder they move together, their breathing hard, panting gulps of much needed air. The valley is filled with the sounds of their moaning.

As in most past times they head toward fulfillment on a wave together, very rarely does one go before the other, so well are they matched. Her half closed eyes open quickly as she realizes she is about to reach orgasm, her eyes meet his and she can see in them that he is very close also. Their speed is now frantic, both reaching for release, calling out to each other of their pleasure. Their bodies tense together, they both stop breathing as the wave washes over them, their bodies throbbing against each other.

They start breathing again still seeing the stars of fulfillment in each other's eyes. Her legs slowly slide from around his back and he rolls them over onto their sides. They look at each other in wonder as he pulls her in close to him. The kiss they share now is one of love and exhaustion, snuggling close together in the warm sunshine they drift off to sleep with the horses still quietly cropping grass in the background.


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