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A Bus Gang Bang
by English Bob

John's wife Sue was a nymphomaniac and, as she would be the first to admit, a complete slut. John had lost count of the times that she had been unfaithful to him. Not that he minded, he had know what she was like when they married seven years ago, and he loved the fact that she would drop her panties for anyone that he suggested. John loved to watch Sue perform. He was always entranced by the way her large, full breasts would swing in front of one of her lovers face's as she straddled him and sank her beautifully trimmed pussy down over his erection. He had always known that she could never be satisfied by one single man, but over the last few months, her appetite for sex had increased even more.

Sue drove a bus for a living, and it was usually as much as she could manage to get to lunchtime, before she had to disappear into the bathroom and pull out the vibrator that she always carried in her purse and quickly bring herself to orgasm. John had lined her up with friends and acquaintances, business colleagues and anyone else that he thought would be able to satisfy her needs, always watching from a safe distance and massaging his cock slowly as he looked on at his wife as she was fucked ragged time and time again.

But now, John had a plan to satisfy Sue completely. He had been talking to a couple of his friends who both had first hand knowledge of his wife's delightful charms. As the three men discussed Sue's insatiable appetite, the plan began to formulate.

The following day, John place a call to the bus company where his wife worked. Giving a false name he enquired if it would be possible to hire a bus with a driver on a private basis, to take a party to the nearby racecourse for the early evening races. The sales manager quoted a price which John immediately accepted. He then asked if it would be possible to have Sue Davis as their driver, as she was a friend of one of the party. After John assured the sales manager that the driver would be well rewarded, the manager informed him that he would ask Mrs. Davis and then confirm the booking in writing.

The following morning at breakfast, John looked tired and drained. Sue had practically fucked him to sleep the previous night, moaning her way to no fewer than six orgasms before John was finally allowed to slip into a deep slumber.

"Oh, by the way, honey," she said casually as she munched toast. "It looks like I've got a private booking for Saturday night. A party going to the race meeting. We didn't have anything planned, did we?"

John smiled inwardly. "No. That's fine darling. We can always use the extra cash!"

"I should be home by around midnight."

Not a chance! Thought John as he kissed her goodbye and left the house for his office.

As soon as John arrived at work, he immediately placed calls to his two friends, Dave and Carl. They had all been busy calling up all their friends and trying to get as many people for the Saturday race trip as possible.

"Great!" Said John as he finished his call to Carl. "With Dave's lot, that makes a total of nineteen altogether. It should be a really good night out! See you on Saturday!"

Saturday came around quickly. Sue had been instructed to pick her party up from one of the local bars, take them to the race course and wait until the meeting was over. It was going to be a dull day for her, she thought, but at least she was being paid well! As the men all began to board the bus, Sue was surprised that she seemed to know quite a few of them.

"What are you doing here," she asked incredulously as she saw her husband.

"Surprise!" he cried as he gave her a quick peck on the cheek. "There was a spare place and Dave asked me if I'd like to come along!"

Sue looked a little suspicious, he thought, but then that wouldn't matter later!

The race meeting went well. The beer flowed plentifully and all the guys had a good time. John kept thinking about Sue being stuck in the coach for the four hours that they were there and realised that, as there was nowhere for her to hide herself away and get some of her vibrator action, she must be going out of her mind with frustration by now. Perfect, he thought, she would be in just the right frame of mind for the journey back!

The drinking continued in the bus on the return journey. They were all in a great mood and singing and shouting loudly. About half way back home, as they were travelling along a dark, little used road, John called out to his wife at the wheel.

"Sue? Carl's not feeling too good. Could you stop for a moment and take a quick look at him?"

This was a planned move, and all the guys had been primed for what was about to happen.

With a sigh, Sue pulled the bus into a parking bay beside the dark road and switched off the engine. Rising from her seat, she began to make her way towards Carl who was seated on the long bench seat at the back. He was doubled up, in obvious pain and clutching his stomach.

"What's the matter Carl? Are you okay?" She asked

Carl remained doubled over, his head down and moaning in agony.

"Try and sit up. Let me take a look."

Slowly, Sue saw Carl's head come up. There was a smile on his face and all the other guys were laughing and cheering. She looked at his beaming face and realised that it had been a joke. She was just about to admonish him for wasting her time, when her eyes drifted down to his crotch. She soon saw that this was not a sick man. He was sitting back, the smile growing wider on his face as he displayed a large erection protruding through his open fly.

"How about a quick blow-job?" Carl laughed as he looked at her.

"Why, you little sh..........."

Sue had no time to finish her sentence, before she felt several pairs of hands grab her from behind and bundle her onto the back seat.

"W...what's going on?" she managed to gasp as she fell backwards. "W..What are you doing?"

"You'll soon find out!" said her husband with an evil laugh. "You can start by sucking Carl's cock like he asked!"

Sue was quite shocked at this turn of events, but had been getting extremely horny while she waited in the bus earlier. She had tried to find a position that she could masturbate in, but there were way too many people about. By this time, she knew, her nipples were hardening underneath her shirt and her panties were beginning to develop quite a damp patch beneath her slacks. She didn't need to be asked twice and gratefully closed her mouth over Carl's solid penis. All the guys looked on and cheered loudly as she sucked Carl closer and closer to orgasm, jerking his shaft and tugging on his exposed balls as she vacuumed his glans between her painted lips.

As soon as Carl erupted into her mouth, she could feel hands on her again. Not just one or two, but, seven or eight pairs, pulling at her shirt and slacks and tugging them roughly from her body. She tried to put up a token resistance, but she knew that she wasn't really trying. She was laughing along with the others now as finally her bra and wet panties were ripped from her slender frame and discarded on the floor of the bus.

She was face down on the back seat now, completely naked as another large cock was pressed against her mouth. She readily accepted the monster, opening her mouth and swallowing it straight down her throat. Her pussy, now also naked, was dripping wet and screaming out for attention. She didn't have to wait long and she gasped as a smaller cock, but still hard as a rock, was forced deep into her vagina. She was being hammered at both ends now as she greedily gobbled down the penis in her mouth as the smaller cock was trust deeper and deeper into her pussy.

"Man, she's got a wet cunt!" she heard a voice behind her say.

She tried to thank the man for the compliment, but as she drew her mouth back her face was flooded with the cum of the other man fucking her face. She could feel her own orgasm ripple through her body as the guy fucking her pussy climaxed with a deep groan, filling her with his hot seed.

For the next hour, she took them two at a time, her mouth and pussy constantly filled with hard meat. Eight, ten and then twelve men took their turn using her body, before John came up for his turn. His friend Dave was buried in her throat, and John looked down at her abused vagina. The cum from several cocks was trickling from her well used hole and meandering in white streams down her creamy thighs.

"Looks like we are gonna have to open up another hole here guys," laughed John as he looked around at the others. "I think this one's full!"

To prove his point, John pushed two fingers deep into his wife's open pussy. As the digits sank in with a squelching noise, more cum oozed from within her and splashed onto her thighs. Sue groaned again as she felt the liquid on her legs and trembled into yet another orgasm. Keeping his fingers working deeply inside her pussy, John pulled her buttocks open and pushed himself into her ass. It was not the first time by any means that he had taken her in this hole, but the sensations were always exquisite. Working his fingers backwards and forwards in her pussy, he began to pound his erection into her ever widening anal opening. She was cumming almost continuously herself now and within a few minutes John's sperm erupted from his balls and spurted in several long jets into her, so far, empty butt.

As soon as John stepped back, his place in her ass was taken by another and then another. The conditions on the back seat were too cramped to allow her to take three men simultaneously, so they kept her mouth full at all times and alternated between using her wet, open pussy and tight little asshole.

John looked on, adopting his usual position and watching his slutty wife get fucked by different men. This was certainly the first time that she had taken on so many and with now only two left she looked like she was tiring. John looked pleased. Perhaps he had finally found a way to satisfy her!

After the last two guys poured their semen into her body, Sue was helped to her feet to the sound of cheers and applause. Nobody could quite believe that she had allowed nineteen men to use her body one after the other.

It was decided that her underwear was to be discarded and that she would have to drive the rest of the way back totally naked. With her naked butt on the drivers seat and still leaking fluid, a large wet patch began to appear on the fabric of the chair.

John idly wondered how that would be explained to the driver who took the bus out the following day!

- The End -

* * * * *

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