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A Black Night for My Angel and Me
by grandlover

Angel and Thomas had been playing with the idea for some time. Angel was reluctant, but Thomas knew that there was a gleam of excitement in her eye every time they touched on the subject. When they made love, his finger pressed gently against her asshole always made her squeal, and if he whispered in her ear that that finger could easily be a thick, round cock, she would go right over the edge.

So one day over drinks, on a balmy summer's afternoon, the subject came up again. Angel had mentioned that there was a good-looking, young, black man in her theatre group, with strong arms and a virile disposition. She had starting talking about him to make Thomas jealous, since his office was filled with young women, none of which Angel had ever met, but all of which she knew were gorgeous and sexy. Angel mentioned that this black guy, Jatobá, was supposed to stop by her house later that evening to go over the details of the new scenery for the play they were working on.

That gave Thomas an idea. He suggested that if Angel really wanted to find out what Jatobá was made of, it might be a good opportunity to make their fantasy a reality. Angel started to tingle all over just thinking about it. She reached under the table and gently squeezed Thomas' bulging cock. "I have to be honest," she whispered, "I love the idea of you watching me ride his big, black cock. Do you think you could handle it?" "I have never wanted anything more" was Thomas' reply.

So it was decided. That night, while they were waiting, Thomas and Angel dimmed the lights, lit some incense and chilled a bottle of wine. The whole scene was as suggestive as it could possibly be. When the doorbell finally rang, Angel came bouncing down the stairs in a micro-skirt that she had to hold onto with one hand to keep her little trim from popping out. Angel had two of the roundest, creamiest tits on any woman, with puffy pink nipples that hardened to the size and texture of olives. They were already straining the sheer, tight-fitting tube top she had squeezed into. Her shoulders were bare, her flat stomach exposed, her legs long, sexy and smooth. She was looking irresistible.

Jatobá came in and immediately noticed that something was going on. He barely had time to take his jacket off and Angel already had given him a glass of wine and was escorting him by the arm to the sofa in the living room. Jatobá looked around a little confused, but still smiling. Thomas could tell from the expression on his face that he knew something was afoot. "Let's sit down and get more comfortable before we get to it--work, I mean", Angel said slyly. So they sat down and began to chat, and pretty soon the wine started to take effect.

Angel crept slowly towards Jatobá and each time she would laugh at one of his remarks she would toss her hair back over her shoulders or gently brush his thigh with her hand. She started to make comments about how she liked his hair, running her fingers along the nape of his neck and looking with a certain evident hunger in her eyes, eyes which would glance back at Thomas and then back to Jatobá's handsome physique. "Can I tell you a secret?" she asked coyly. Without waiting for the response, she leaned over and whispered something in Jatobá's ear that made him sit up straight and look at Thomas with excited apprehension.

Thomas did not flinch, but merely smiled widely and asked if Jatobá would like a little more wine. As Thomas filled the guest's glass, Angel began rubbing his chest and smelling his neck. Almost instinctively, Jatobá's hand fell upon Angel's thigh, which she had lifted onto the sofa and carelessly thrown across his lap. When she began to trace tiny circles in Jatobá's ear with her tongue, Thomas excused himself to the kitchen to give the two a moment to truly reach an understanding.

When he came back with a second bottle of wine a minute later, Angel had the black man's belt undone and pants unzipped and was very slowly licking his enormous, ebony rod from balls to tip. She could barely stretch her small mouth around the head of his cock, but she gurgled and cooed as she tried her best. Jatobá licked his middle finger and reached easily over her back (she was now kneeling on the sofa going full steam on his gigantic member) and began to play with her pussy lips. The two were so engrossed in the pleasure of the moment that Thomas was able to sneak right up behind Angel's upraised ass and get a close-up look of Jatobá spreading her soaking pussy lips with his hand, rubbing her swollen, little clit.

Angel began to moan and gyrate her hips to his caresses. She sucked hard on his cock and then softly mouthed the shaft from the side, over and over, letting her pouting, pink lips glide effortlessly over the ridges and veins. She licked the tip and pulled away until he placed his hand on the back of her head and push her mouth back down on him. She played this game over and over, teasing him, until he pushed his fat finger with one thrust into her wanting asshole. Then she began to whimper like a puppy, her soft cries muffled by the thick organ filling her entire mouth. This continued for several minutes.

He had not come yet, but Angel did not want him to. She took one last lick and then jumped onto his lap facing out to the room, and to Thomas. She looked down at the steely, indigo branch protruding through her silky thighs. Her mouth was half opened and she had a glazed look in her eye. She tossed the hair away from her face as she grasped the thing and began rubbing it eagerly against her cunt. Her eyes found Thomas standing in front of them, "Do you think this big black cock will fit inside my little, baby hole?" she asked softly.

"I want it so bad, baby, can I have it? Please, oh, please," she pleaded. Thomas did not respond, but only stared lustily at her glowing, shaved triangle and the larger-than-life fleshy, black dildo that stood poised at its entrance. Angel, however, could not wait for a response any longer. The bulbous head was at the opening of her tiny, pink vagina, pushing upwards, trying desperately to get in. Angel took a deep breath and then exhaled loudly as she relaxed her legs and melted down upon Jatobá's black tool.

She never stopped for a moment, but just allowed herself to slide down the length of his penis until her soft cluster of pubic hair came to rest around his big, round balls. There the couple rested for a moment, and Angel's eyes rolled back in her head as she went rather limp. Her mouth was now fully open and her tongue poised against the roof of her mouth in anticipation of what was to come. Jatobá's large hands appeared on either side of her hips and began to slowly raise her limp figure, like a rag doll, off his now shining, wet pole.

She curled her toes and gripped his thighs as he began lifting her up and down, long-cocking her over and over. "Oh, Jesus, I love this black cock so deep inside me, oh, baby, look at this fat black cock fucking me so good. I want it to screw me forever." She panted and started to spout expletives under her breath -- things about her being so wet, and him filling her so good, and coming, and sweating, and how she couldn't get enough of that cock.

Now Angel loved sex. She had an appetite which went much deeper than other women and she would fuck for hours at a time until she was satisfied. This occasion was no different, in fact, the excitement of having Thomas witness this perverse act, coupled with the intense pleasure of the black prize she was riding left her absolutely delirious and totally insatiable. With that, she popped off Jatobá's joint and flipped around so that she was facing him.

Before he could miss a stroke she had already reinserted him into her hungry twat and was rocking back and forth with renewed vigor. Her peach-colored tits swung back and forth in front of his open mouth, which chased them for several moments until his teeth clamped down of one of those puffy nipples and he began to chew lightly. Soon he had as much of double-C tit in his mouth as he could fit, as he firmly massaged the other. Angel's whole body quivered as these pre-orgasmic sensations began to build in and around her pulsating pussy and spread out like a hot fire through her legs and arms. Jatobá gripped her round ass with both hands and spread the cheeks, giving Thomas a perfect view of his girlfriend's tiny hole being stretched to the breaking point, in a perfect circle. With each powerful stroke the membrane around the 'o' would wax and wane, extend and then recede.

Her thighs and lower back were now beaded with sweat and her breathing was becoming erratic. She was nearing climax as he pinched her rock-hard nipples and rolled them between her fingers. "I need more...more cock, in my mouth, up my ass, please, please...don't stop. Fuck me so good," she begged. Thomas stepped up behind her, his cock stiffer than it had ever been. With a little lube he had waiting at the ready, he smeared a generous amount over his dick and pushed another glob into Angel's exposed anus with his forefinger. The rutting couple then paused for a moment, Angel moaning low, but constantly, as Thomas inserted the hardened tip into her empty hole.

Now, Thomas and Angel had had anal sex before, but Angel had always insisted that he put it in her very slowly -- so slowly that at times the couple might not even realize when the act was completed. This time Angel looked back over her shoulder and gasped "Give me the whole thing now, baby--I need it NOW!" Thomas did not hesitate, gliding the length of his tingling shaft into her tight, burning-hot asshole. Angel was a small-hipped woman, and so the two penises side by side, separated only by that thin wall, seemed to fill her small frame to capacity. The penises of the two men seemed to actually displace her other internal organs, so that she felt like a cock pie about to burst. If Jatobá squeezed her ass, she felt a cock. If Thomas pressed her stomach from underneath she felt a cock. If either massaged her lower back, a cock seemed to be right there, just below the surface of her skin.

Angel's eyes closed involuntarily and she collapsed between the two men's bodies as they began pumping her in alternation. She gave herself over to their force and lay still as they sucked her tits and neck and pulled her head back by the hair. Angel loved the feeling of being 'taken' and this was the most extreme example she had ever felt. She was totally taken by the cocks feasting on her body. Within minutes she began to respond in deep ways to this treatment -- she began to get dizzy and feel hot, traces of drool began to run down her chin, and her limbs went completely loose. Her pussy was a drenched, sloppy mess that soaked Jatobá's balls and ass and the couch cushion beneath.

Unconsciously, she began to move her hips in unison with their pumping movements, building up and up until the three were engaged in an elaborate rhythm which filled, emptied and refilled her dilated holes. After sometime like this, a spirit awoke in her and she lifted her self off Jatobá's chest and began kissing him deeply, sucking his tongue into her mouth. "Ooooh, I feel like a little girl. Do what you want with me -- I'm yours. I just love all these cocks!" she squealed as she gripped the closest arm of each man.

At this point Angel was sticking her ass high in the air to meet Thomas' advances and then descending sharply to get as much of Jatobá's monster cock as she could, grinding her buzzing clitoris against his muscular abdomen. "I want to suck out all that hot, white cum...fill me up with your spunk...fill my ass and cunt with that sweet, hot cum!" she insisted. That was all the two men could stand. Her lust had reached a visible apex that sent both men spiraling into orgasmic convulsions. Their bodies jerked and twitched as ribbons of thick sperm simultaneously coated the dark, inner walls of her body -- bowels and womb. Their cocks throbbed violently, each wave causing Angel's cunt and ass muscles to grip and then release their blood-filled organs, literally siphoning out what seemed like an endless supply of jism.

She cried loudly now, drowning out the sloppy, wet, sucking sounds of her own orgasm, which rained down a piss-warm shower of liquid on Jatobá's testicles and legs. She bit the black man's lip and licked his face like a dog. She gave one or two more quick jolts to their two semi-limp members and then rested. They all lied there for a while until both men pulled out and reached for their respective wine glasses to quench their incredible thirsts. Angel looked lifeless on the couch with her legs propped up, and spread apart, to cool her flustered cunt. Her only movement now was that of her sweetly sucking her thumb. Thomas and Jatobá sat beside her, admiring the small river of semen making its way down her labia and disappearing into the crack of her ass, where it would meet the other reservoir of cream pooling in her anus.

Angel finally seemed sated, but made not-so-oblique reference to a next time, in which she hoped Jatobá might bring some of his friends. Thomas' exhausted dick twitched one last time as he fell asleep imagining what the next time might hold...


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