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A Chance Encounter
by Hippy Gipsy

The sun set softly on the city of New York, and Julie made her way past the crowds of people. She was short, only about 5'4", but that was one of her more endearing features, or so she was told. Julie thought that the only good part about being short was that it accentuated her already large breasts. In fact, in the cold night air, her nipples began to poke past the thin material of her blouse. As Julie passed her reflection in a window she noticed how good she looked. Her usually stubby looking legs were looking longer for some reason, and her sometimes-pudgy midsection was looking especially good. She even noticed several turns of the head from guys that passed her. It was something that didn't often happen, and she welcomed all of this attention.

She made her way past some more people, and looked up to notice a face that she hadn't seen in ages.

"Josh!" she yelled at the attractive man that was standing about fifteen feet away from her, "Josh, hey, wait up!" His head turned to see Julie, and smile consumed his handsome face.

"Julie? Is that you? Oh my god it is! How long has it been?" She came running at him, and he threw down his briefcase to pick her up off her feet, and twirl her around. To the passers by it became apparent that these two had been lovers of some sort at one point. "Oh my, I've missed you, how have you been?" Josh asked. Josh was 27, the same age as Julie. He had dirty blonde hair, and curls, which he hated, but women seemed to love. At 6'1" he dwarfed Julie. She felt her head pushed against his muscular chest, and remembered what he looked like naked. If he had kept up his work out routine, then he would still be as delicious as when they had been dating back in college. At night she loved to rest her head on his broad chest and feel it rise and fall with every breath.

"I've been great Josh, and I've missed you so much. It's been, what? 3 years? 3 and a half? That's far too long. Come on let's get some coffee, we've got a lot of catching up to do."

They walked hand in hand just as they had in the old days. She sighed as she remembered happier times with Josh, and their nightly feverish lovemaking. Josh was the best lover she had ever had, even though there had only been four. She remembered how he always could make her cum, early and often. Even now as she sat back and listened to his stories of stock-broking, and all the exciting details that are involved with the profession, she was getting extremely wet thinking about his naked body on top of her and thrusting into her. She was beginning to drift off into a near orgasmic state when something that Josh had said jarred her back into reality.

"...And that's how I met my partner, Tom."

"P-p-partner?" she managed to spit out. It was a shock for her. She knew what he meant. Josh was either gay, or bi now. It was something that she never considered, but she knew that he had fantasized about it. When they had been dating she once found a very well hid collection of pornography. About half of it involved men with men. She had to admit, that a couple times she popped some of the better-looking tapes into the VCR and inflicted some very nice pleasure on herself. That was her deep, dark fantasy, watching two men making love, just for her.

"Yes Julie, I'm bisexual, I've known this for a long time, even before we went out. I'm very comfortable with my sexuality, and I hope that you're ok with it too."

Julie knew that if she played her cards right she could definitely live out that fantasy of hers.

"Of course I'm ok with it Josh. Are you happy?"

"Yes," he said, "very happy," She smiled.

"Then I'm happy for you Josh. I love you, you know that," she placed a hand on his, and rubbed it with her fingers. They were good friends still, and she truly did want him to be happy. He smiled again, and seemed to be cheering up.

"I want you to meet Tom, I'm sure that you'd like him, and that he would like you." She wanted him to offer this. She knew that Josh was a very experimental person, and that they had talked of a threesome often when they used to date. She was still very turned on, and the thought of two men pleasuring her at the same time was almost too much to take.

"I'd like that very much, what do you say that you cook something for dinner for the three of us, I'll bring wine. You can make that Chicken Parmesan that I always loved." She smiled at him, and she was still stroking his hand with hers.

"Then it's a date!" he exclaimed. She nodded. The waiter came with the bill, which Josh paid. They exited the restaurant, Julie wanted to walk home, but Josh insisted that she share a cab with him. They both got in, and when she put her hand on his thigh in a very casual way, she noticed that his semi-hard cock was pushing back at her. This was a good sign; he was still attracted to her. She just hoped that he could coax Tom into a threesome.

When she got home she was too wet to sleep, and she had to bring herself to three tumultuous orgasms before she even felt tired. The mere thought of what might happen tomorrow night brought so much juice that she was sure that it would leave a very large stain on her blanket. She slept like a baby, and awoke the next morning refreshed and revived.

At 7:00 she was dressed to kill, and ready to go. She wore black. Her dress was a slightly skimpy dress, but in a classy way, not sluttish by any means. It was low cut, and her ample bosom peaked out from under the material, which was just slightly too tight for her. Her legs looked great again, as she wore hose, which always made her legs look better. Her piercing blue eyes looked so innocent, but at the same time they had a certain mystical sexuality to them. As though she could see someone's most hidden desires, his or her nastiest thoughts. Julie also wore black pumps, which were uncomfortable to walk in, but it did make her look taller. Plus, she didn't think that she would be on her feet much tonight anyway. She hailed a cab, and took it all the way to Josh's apartment downtown. She tipped the driver a five, and then made her way to the front of the building. The doorman noticed her.

"Ms. Wright? Go on up, the gentlemen are expecting you upstairs, there's already an elevator waiting for you." She thanked the man, and then proceeded to the waiting elevator car. He knees shook with the anticipation of what might happen. She didn't even know if there was going to be anything sexual going on, but she deeply wanted something to happen. This was the beginning of a very nice evening, she thought to herself.

The elevator door opened, and she was shocked to see rose petals lining the way to the apartment. She knew that this was not going to be a normal evening. Julie was about to knock the door when she saw a small post-it note which read in very loopy writing: "Julie, it's unlocked, you'll find some champagne on ice on the coffee table, and a surprise in the bedroom. Love, Tom and Josh." She smiled, and was touched that they had gone to so much trouble to make her feel special. She didn't really have any more doubts as to what was going to happen tonight. Any remaining doubt was removed when she heard a deep groan emanate from the bedroom down the hall.

She poured some champagne in the glass, and proceeded to undress. She removed her slinky dress, and took off the uncomfortable shoes. She now stood in her sexiest green underwear. It was lacy, and she always felt attractive in them. She heard another loud moan come from the bedroom, and she was now incredibly turned on. Her hand was tracing her skin, and her long fingernails felt wonderful as she cupped her breasts. She felt a tingle of pleasure go down her spine, and she let out a soft sigh. Then she walked down the hall where the moans were increasing in frequency and in volume. She pushed the door open to see her fantasy come true.

Tom was behind Josh in the doggy style position, and he was slapping his ass hard. Josh was crying out in pain and pleasure, and he was pumping his own cock hard with his hand, while bracing himself on the bedpost with the other. Julie eyed in on Josh's asshole, seeing Tom's cock ramming in and out, over and over. Her own hand was now creeping down to the waistband of her underwear. Her longish fingernails were stroking the swelling outer lips of her sweetening pussy. She sighed and looked back up at Josh's asshole again. It was being stretched open in an almost unnatural way by Tom's thrusting. Tom had a very large cock, and it was really giving Josh's asshole a run for its money.

Tom grunted as he pushed into Josh's asshole, he pushed and retracted, and pushed back in again. His movements were quick and hard, and they were giving all three of the people involved a great deal of pleasure. Josh's hand was pumping in sync with Tom's thrusts, he was groaning and grunting every time Tom's cock penetrated his ass. Tom was still slapping Josh's ass, and it was a lovely sound that was in time with the sound of Tom's balls slapping against the bottom of Josh's ass. Julie now had her panties all the way down to her ankles and she was standing with her legs spread and her fingers inside her juicy pussy. The smell of sex filled the room, and all three were getting closer to cumming.

"Oh god, fuck me harder Tom, fuck my ass!!" Josh groaned, he was so close to cumming, and Julie knew it. Julie casually walked over, and groped his cock with her hand. She pumped just as hard as Josh had been pumping, and soon she could feel his cock swell.

"Ohh yeahhh!!" Tom moaned as he emptied the contents of his large cock into Josh. That sent Josh over the edge, and he came hard into the waiting hand of Julie. Her hand pressed tightly on her clit, and she also came. Digging her nails into Josh's back, and drawing blood. All three of them collapsed onto the bed in a hot pile of cum and sweat.

"So that's what you guys do?" Julie asked, laughing. All three of them laughed, and they tried to regain their strength, but it was useless, they all had incredible orgasms, and they soon fell into a deep, sexual, sleep.

Julie wasn't sure how long she was asleep for, but when she awoke she yearned to have Tom's very large cock inside of her. She had been very turned on by the display of the two men, and she was really turned on by the fact that, yes, her fantasy was coming true. She finally got to see two men have sex, right in front of her very eyes. Julie crawled over to Josh across the satin bedspread on her hands and knees, and watched as he slept. He was still as gorgeous as ever. She eyed him up and down, and when she got to his cock, her mouth watered. She knew that he would be tired, and might need some coaxing. She came up and kissed him softly, but sensuously on the lips.

Her tongue probed past his teeth, and she licked over the inside of his mouth. He awoke, and reciprocated the kiss. She sucked on his tongue, which she knew he always liked. While she was still kissing Josh, she felt a hand on her still-wet pussy. It was Tom's, and it felt wonderful. She moaned, and felt as Tom began to take some of her own juices and lather up her asshole with them. Julie looked down at Josh and noticed that his cock was now swelled, and ready to go. She mounted him, and began to ride him, just as she had back in college. Her hands rested on his chest, and felt the hard muscle. She played with his nipples, and got them hard.

She rested down on top of him, and her breasts were smashed into his chest. Their hard nipples brushed up against each other, and Josh let out a moan of pleasure as his cock thrust in and out of her waiting pussy. Meanwhile, Tom was still using more lube on Julie's ass. He wanted her nice and loose for his large cock. He put some k-y jelly on his own member, and then probed the head of his cock into her ass. He pushed in even more, and the more his cock went into her, the more she moaned and screamed. Tom was now in to the hilt, and began to pick up a nice rhythm. Julie was close to cumming, and Josh knew it. Her took her breast into his mouth, and gently bit down on her nipple.

"Ohhhh.. Ohhhh. Ohhhhh!!" Julie screamed as she hit her climax. Josh and Tom were now fucking her in sync. They matched each thrust, and each counter-thrust. Julie was still cumming, her body shaking, and her head thrashing back and forth. Josh loved feeling his lover's cock through the thin wall of Julie's pussy, and he was very close to cumming again himself. Julie continued to ride him, and soon he could feel his cock fill with warm cum. Tom was getting close too. The moaning and grunting filled the apartment. Tom's cock was gliding in and out of Julie's tight asshole, and Julie was fucking Josh with the same intensity. She tightened her pussy muscles around Josh's member, and her ass muscles around Tom's. It was a heavenly feeling, and she was soon consumed with another orgasm. Josh's hands were on her hips; pushing her into his cock, and Tom's hands were on her ass and pussy making her orgasm that much better.

"Oh, I think I'm gonna..." Josh said. He was unable to finish the sentence because he came into Julie. His hard cock was shooting string after string of warm cum into her. Her pussy was sucked it all up like a child at her mother's breast. Tom felt Josh's orgasm through the wall, and began to cum himself. He yelled out, and came deep into her. Filling her bowels with his white cream. Julie's orgasm finally subsided and she collapsed on top of Josh. Tom pulled his still hard cock out of Julie's ass, and fell back on the bed, exhausted.

"Oh my god, that was amazing," Julie moaned, "That was the best orgasm I've ever had," She fell into a deep sleep, with Josh and Tom's cum still warm inside her.


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