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A Corporal's Punishment
by English Bob

Robbie had been a soldier for five years. He had joined up at the age of nineteen straight from college, much impressed with the picture of army life which the recruiting officer had painted for him. His girlfriend, Angie, had not been so thoroughly impressed though. They were very close and were planning a life together and she had complained tearfully that her life would be unbearable without him. To ease the pain of separation, they had decided to get married before Robbie joined his first tour abroad.

The wedding was a simple affair, arranged hastily and with only a few guests, but Angie didn't mind. The thought of moving into married quarters and starting her adult life was thrilling enough to compensate. All that had been five years ago, and during that time, Angie was dismayed to realise that her husband would only be spending a small proportion of his time at home. She felt disappointed and lonely. She was still a young woman and wanted to experience an appropriate lifestyle.

Robbie had decided to surprise her. At this moment he was on a train heading back towards the camp where they had their quarters. He had good news and wanted to share it with his wife as soon as possible. For the last twelve months his unit had been attached to the UN peace keeping force. It was rewarding work and Robbie had toiled long and hard, keeping out of trouble and following orders without question. Finally, last month, his efforts had been noticed and he had been rewarded with a promotion to Corporal. It was more difficult than he imagined at first, having to give orders to the same soldiers that were his friends and comrades, but after a short while he realised that he had their respect and that they were happy for him. He wore his stripe with pride.

Eventually the train pulled into the station. Still in uniform, Robbie grabbed his bag and quickly headed for the taxi stand. His journey was nearly at an end. He would soon be home. Throwing the driver a twenty and shaking his head at the proffered change, Robbie walked towards his house. It looked identical to all the other married quarters, but it was home to him. For days, whilst planning his visit home, he had been dreaming about his young wife.

Whilst lying in his bunk he would stare at the photograph of her he kept, imagining how her long, soft hair would feel and smell as it tumbled in blonde curls over her shoulders; the feel of her slim waist as his arms circled around her, the silky smoothness of her long legs as they wrapped around him as they made love and the feel of her young supple breasts as he kissed and licked them. He didn't have to dream or imagine any longer. He was home and she would be waiting for him with open arms (and, he hoped, open legs!).

As he entered the house, all seemed quiet. Still wanting to surprise Angie, he desisted from calling out and quietly made his way through the house looking for her. Strange, he thought, no one around! Climbing the stairs quietly he caught sounds coming from upstairs. His heart nearly stopped beating and the anger rose in his throat like bile as he recognised the lustful sounds immediately. How could she?, he almost shouted to himself. How could she be unfaithful to me?

He seemed frozen to the spot half way up the stairs. A part of him wanted to turn and run out of the door and out of her life, but the other part of him was angry. Very angry. He felt a certain need to know who she was with, to catch her red handed. His brain clicked into gear and he raced up the rest of the stairs leaping them two at a time.

Angie and her lover had heard the noise as Robbie had bounded up the stairs. Terrified, and not knowing who was in her house, she immediately disengaged herself from the man, just as the door burst open and she saw her husband framed in the doorway.

"W..what are you doing home Robbie?," she cried "I wasn't expecting you back for another six weeks!"

"That's obvious," he shouted back, his eyes burning with a deep red anger. "So this is what you do when I'm away!"

Robbie had been in such a rage that he had only now begun to look at the scene before him. Both of the lovers were naked. Angie was obviously frightened and shocked at being caught and was trying to cover her body with the bed sheet. She had scooped the sheet up around her breasts but had inadvertently left her lower body still exposed. Robbie felt his eyes drawn towards her legs. They were trembling slightly as if she had just climaxed and her exposed vagina was still open and leaking fluid. Turning to look at her lover, Robbie could see that he seemed not in the slightest concerned that he had been caught. He was a big man, and as he lay arrogantly back against the headboard with a snide grin playing around his lips, Robbie watched him toy idly with his large and still erect cock.

"You fucking slut!," Robbie spat at his wife. "Who the fuck is he?"

"N..n..nobody. He's just a guy from town. Please don't hurt him, Rob!"

Robbie was still in a turmoil of thoughts. His mouth was acting before his brain knew what it wanted to do. He sneered at the frightened woman.

"Oh, I'm not going to kill him or hurt him. I'm going to watch as you finish the job!"

Angie looked up in disbelief. She could hardly understand the words that she had just heard.


"You heard me. It's obvious that you've just cum, now I want you to make sure this poor sap gets his jollies too! Go on, suck him off...NOW!"

Angie seemed unable to move, her limbs refusing to register what she was being told to do. She was now even more frightened. She had never seen Robbie like this before. He had been angry in the past, sure, but nothing on this scale! Slowly but surely her body seemed to catch up with her brain. She knew that she had to do what was being asked, no ordered, of her and with reluctant movements she crawled into a kneeling position between her lovers outstretched legs.

"Bend down, take his cock in your mouth, you slut!" Robbie shouted at her.

She was now obeying without hesitation as she lowered her head to her lovers groin. He was still painfully erect and she could smell her own scent on his manhood where it had been buried inside her pussy only minutes before. She sensed Robbie beside her now and felt his hand on the back of her head, forcing her down onto the other mans large prick. She was near to tears now as she heard her husband shouting at her again.

"Come on you bitch! Swallow his cock. Suck the whole thing down your throat and make him cum! I want to see him pour his seed into your slut mouth!"

Angie closed her eyes and started to suck. She could feel the huge tool swell in her mouth as her husbands hand still forced her to swallow more of his shaft. She almost gagged as the tip entered her throat and tried, unsuccessfully, to pull back. She was now aware that with her head down so low and still kneeling, her butt was now high in the air. This fact had obviously not escaped Robbie's attention either as, roughly, she felt her thighs spread and two fingers thrust unceremoniously into her wet vagina. Just as she was getting more and more turned on by this turn of events, the cock in her mouth suddenly swelled further and erupted a long stream of hot cum into her mouth.

As soon as Robbie saw his wife's lover cum, he was on him. Grabbing him by the hair he dragged him from the bed and threw him to the floor. A solid punch to the man's nose and a good kick to his balls saw the man completely disabled. Robbie quickly dragged him through the open bedroom door and, kicking him again for good measure, bundled him down the stairs. The man lay by the front door groaning painfully and clutching at his groin as Robbie threw his clothes down after him.

"Now fuck off, you cunt!," shouted Robbie from the top of the stairs. "If I ever see you again, I'll fucking kill you!"

Obviously wanting no further part in this situation, the man quickly gathered his clothes together and, without a further word, limped painfully from the house. Pleased to see his rival slink away, Robbie smiled to himself and re-entered the bedroom. Angie was still sitting on the bed, the tears dry on her face and her lovers cum staining her lips.

"I..I..I'm so sorry honey.....I just......"

"Shut up, bitch!" Robbie interrupted. "I've not finished with you yet. So, how long have you been whoring your little ass around town huh? Did you get what you wanted? Did he fill your cunt with his big prick? Did he stick you in the ass?"

Not waiting for a reply, Robbie grabbed her arm and pulled her towards him.

"Well, if you've been whoring for the whole town, I think I might just take me a piece of you as well!"

Quickly flipping his surprised wife onto her stomach, Robbie grabbed her ankles and pulled her back towards the end of the bed. Roughly spreading her legs, he again pushed his fingers deep into her pussy. She was still wet and the digits slid in with comparative ease causing a moan of excitement to escape her lips.

"So, still horny, are you?" he sneered at her pushing a third finger into her vagina to join the first two and pumping them hard and fast.

"Lets see if you like this!"

Quickly moving his thumb, he thrust the wider digit deep in to his wife's rectum. His hand moved backwards and forwards as he moved his fingers and thumb in a fast rhythm, feeling them almost touching through the thin layer of skin. A part of him wanted to make it hurt, to punish her for her betrayal, but he found it extremely difficult to stay mad at Angie for long and knew that he would forgive her this indiscretion. Besides, the harder her thrust his fingers, the more she seemed to be enjoying the attention, moaning lustfully and raising her butt to meet his thrusts.

Robbie suddenly realised that he had developed a strong erection beneath his uniform. Briefly he wondered when that had first developed and with a shocked thought, realised that he had been the most excited as she had sucked her lover to orgasm while he watched. Putting the thought out of his mind for the moment, he knew that he should return to his present task. Angie needed to be punished. He smiled at the thought, a Corporal Punishment!

He pulled his fingers and thumb from her body. Angie moaned slightly as if disappointed, but he wasn't going to give that much thought. With eager fingers he virtually tore his uniform trousers off. Grabbing his throbbing erection, he lowered himself over his wife's back. She was so wet he slid straight in, and with a slurping sound as he began to pound her pussy in and out as fast and deeply as he could. Angie was again moaning, louder now.

"Ahhhhh oh yes...yes...yes...fuck me baby...fuck me...fuck your slut wife...I'm a bitch...your bitch...fuck me harder."

Driven to extreme lengths of excitement by her language, Robbie banged into her pussy as hard as he could, his balls slapping loudly on each down thrust.

"Oh yes you little ARE my bitch and I'm gonna fuck you like a bitch...a bitch in heat!"

"Oh yes baby...I can feel you getting harder, swelling up in my cunt....I want you to cum baby..but I want you to cum in my tight asshole...will you do that for me? Hmmm? Take your slut wife in her tight little ass and fuck her hard?"

Robbie didn't need to answer. Quickly he pulled his tool out of her pussy and replaced it with three fingers, jamming them hard and fast into her wetness. He positioned his throbbing cock at the entrance to her ass and lunged forward. She felt so tight in there, he knew that he would soon be filling her with his cum. Beginning slowly but building up an ever quickening rhythm, Robbie fucked his wife in the ass. The urge to punish her was still ever present, so as he deepened his strokes he began to slap her buttocks with his hand.


She was moaning louder and louder with each slap. Robbie could see the flesh ripple and felt her anal muscles contract around his solid member. His orgasm almost took him by surprise as his balls spasmed and the cum rushed up and out of his penis, flooding his wife's bowel with his hot seed.

"Oh god, baby...yes..yes..cum in me....I can feel your cum spurting into my ass!"

As they both recovered and began the cleaning up process, Robbie wondered if he had gone too far. He looked at her and opened his lips to speak.

"Shhhh.." said Angie, as she pressed a finger to his lips. "I deserved it all, and more. Promise me that my Corporal will punish me again if I'm bad!"

The wicked grin on her face told Robbie that all was well.

"Well, I'm home for eight days this time," he replied in a mock stern voice. "If my slut wife misbehaves just once in that time, then she will have to be severely punished. Corporal Punishment!"

* * * * *

- The End -

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