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A Close Shave
by christo

It was a hot summer day and I was lounging beside the pool with Mrs. Clay, a very attractive woman who lived in the same townhouse complex as I do. I'd been planning to seduce her for a few weeks now, taking my time, cultivating a casual friendship with her, but I decided that now was the time to finally take the final step. My mood might change at any time, someone else might catch my eye, so it was time.

Mrs. Clay was perhaps 45 years old, 20 years my senior, about five-three, petite, very pretty. She had short black hair and nice pale blue eyes, very striking. Small breasts, but firm, and very nice legs. She had a terrible crush on me, a crush that she thought she would never, ever act upon, but she didn't know that I knew how attracted she was to me.

I'm not just bragging when I say that I'm a very attractive man. I'm six-three, blond, blue eyes, and while I'm not muscle-bound I'm quite fit. I work out and swim a lot and I have a black belt in tae kwon do, which has come in handy from time to time. I look good enough in a bathing suit that when I'm lying by the pool sunning myself just about every woman between the ages of 12 to 80 checks me out. It doesn't hurt that I have a great job that pays me more than I'm worth, so I can afford the nice clothes and fancy car that the ladies love.

I lost my virginity when I was 15 and since then I've bedded scores of women, younger, older, in between. Mrs. Clay had caught my eye for the moment, but just for the moment. I wanted her, badly, but that would no doubt fade after a few delicious fucks. I know that it's cruel, but I love it when I break things off with a woman and she's devastated, knowing that my cock will never be between her thighs again. It's a power trip, it's immature, I know. And I LOVE it when I fuck a woman and her boyfriend/husband is an asshole and I mess with their heads telling them how I did things to their woman that drove them insane. I'm a sicko, go ahead and say it.

Mrs. Clay was a nice lady, but her husband was a cocksucker, mean, stupid, never showed her any affection. I was really looking forward to hanging horns on him. And I knew Mrs. Clay got a shot to her self-confidence every time I complimented her about something. And that was how I planned to into her pants.

Two girls walked by in bikinis and I asked her, "Why don't you wear a bikini? You'd get a better tan than in those one-piece suits you wear."

She blushed. "Oh, I can't wear something that skimpy."

"Why not? Don't tell me you're shy."

"Maybe a bit," she giggled. "And I'm not 18, I can't wear a suit like that anymore."

"Bullshit," I said. "You're just as fit as those girls. You'd look fantastic in a bikini."

She was really red now, pleased at my compliments. "I actually have one, but I just never got it out for this year. And, anyway, to wear a bikini you have to, you know, get waxed and all that, and I haven't done that for the last few years."

"You don't have to wax it, just shave it. You don't shave?"

She laughed. "I can't believe what we're talking about."

I waved a hand. "It's no big deal."

"I've never shaved myself like that. I wouldn't know how."

I stood up. "Then come with me. I'll show you."

She looked like I'd just told her to come to Mars. "What did you say?"

I held out my hand for her. "We'll go to my house. I'll shave you." She couldn't think of what to say, she was in shock. I didn't want her to think. "Rita, come with me."

I took the hand that she weakly held up and I helped her to her feet. It was only a minute or so walk to my house and once inside I took her up to the master bathroom, which has a huge bathtub. I started running hot water like I did this sort of thing every day.

"I'll get a fresh razor and some cream," I said.

When I came back she was sitting on the edge of the tub. "Rob, I don't think we should be doing this. It's wrong, it's crazy."

"What," I said laughing. "I did this all the time for a girl I dated in college."

"We aren't dating. I'm married."

"I know, that makes it different. I'll just shave you clean and you can show off in your new bikini."

"Nothing else will happen?"

"Happen? What would happen?" I asked in an absurdly guileless voice.

"OK," she said, sounding relieved and disappointed at the same time. She stood up and took her suit off. I'd been right, she was delicious. Her pink nipples were already hard with desire and her slim hips and long, smooth legs were toned and sexy as hell. Her thatch was quite thick, she really should have trimmed it. But I would take care of that now.

"In the tub with you," I said. "Get nice and wet."

She obeyed like a robot. Of course she knew that I wouldn't just shaver her and be done with her, but she wasn't SURE yet, and that was keeping her on edge. She sat on a small seat in the tub and I sat on the rail next to her. I lifted her up by her hips until her vulva was floating just above water.

"Is it too hot? The water?" I asked.

"No, it feels wonderful."

"Good." I sprayed a thick ball of foam into my hand and, without preamble, began lathering up her snatch. She arched her back and groaned as I thoroughly coated her with the rich cream.

"That feels good, that feels so good," she whimpered.

"I know, I'm sorry, I'll be done soon," I said, knowing that I was teasing her mercilessly.

When she was ready I brought out the razor and began scraping away her pubic hair. It was hard going in places, not too difficult, but I worked slowly, using my fingers to spread her lips to get every hair around the delicate folds. Every time I touched her pussy she writhed and gasped and moaned and I had to tell her several times to be still.

"Do you want a bikini stripe? A little bit of hair right around here?" I asked, massaging her right above her clit.

"What do you think?" she gasped.

"No. I think it would be better for you to be totally clean." I went back to work. It took me another 10 minutes of careful work to shave her into perfect bare plumpness. She had a beautiful pussy, pink, soft folds, delicious. As I poured warm water over her, washing away the foam, I began running my fingers between those folds, gently, then with more force.

"Mrs. Clay," I said.

"Please, call me Rita," she said, trying desperately to keep this innocent.

"Rita. I don't think I can just shave you."

"No?" her voice wavered.

"No. I didn't take into account how beautiful you are, how sexy. I've always thought you were sexy, I've wanted you since the day I saw you, but I didn't know I would lose control like this." I began massaging her thighs fingering her with more force.

"Then you should stop," she said.

I answered as I knew she wanted me to. "I don't want to stop. I want to fuck you. I want to eat this gorgeous pussy and then I want to fuck you."

"No," she said.

"Yes," I said. I helped her out of the tub and I wrapped a big terrycloth towel around her. "I want to fuck you right now."

"No," she said, leaning back against me.

I cupped her breasts in my hands and kissed her neck, then her ears. "I'm going to anyway."

"No," she said, spreading her legs so my fingers could stroke her pussy, She was soaking wet. I stepped back and pulled my suit off. My cock was erect and I pressed it against her ass. She threw her head back and cried, "Oh, God."

"I'm going to fuck you. Now."

Her warm hands closed around my cock and she began stroking it. "I can't believe this, I want you so much, hurry!" I scooped her up and carried her to my bed. I gently lay her down and then I kissed my way down her body, sucking her nipples, then licking her belly button, and then finally I reached her pussy. I tongued her deeply, burrowing my face into her, and then I sucked her clit into my mouth and began sucking her. She froze in place, her body quivering, and I inserted a finger inside her and she began twisting her hips and crying out in ecstasy as she came, I kept sucking her until she stopped shuddering, and then I sat up and mounted her. I was enormously erect and I speared myself inside her and her breath caught.

"You're big, you're so BIG," she cried.

I began moving my hips, slowly at first, but picking up the pace. This was not the time for a long, slow lovemaking session. Now she needed me to fuck her, to need her so bad that I would go insane with lust and pound at her. It would make her feel hot and sexy if I couldn't control myself in bed with her. So I didn't. I fucked her like a beast, slamming my cock in and out, crushing her breasts with my chest.

"Oh, fuck me, fuck me!" she screamed, not caring anymore about her adultery.

I kissed her ear and moaned, "Fuck, your pussy is so hot, and tight...I'm going to come soon."

"Yes," she cried. "Come in me, please, I want to feel you let it go inside me."

"Uh, UHHH!" I groaned with ecstasy. She was good, very good, very hot and passionate and I let myself go and I came within a half-dozen strokes.

"Coming, I'm coming!" I bellowed and I ejaculated inside her. My semen gushed out in a flood and her eyes widened as my seed filled her up. I kept fucking her through my orgasm and my plunging cock stirred up a thick white froth in her pussy. At last, I was done.

"I can't...I can't believe we did this," she said. "That I did this. I've never cheated on my husband before."

This pleased me greatly, I always love to be the first person a woman cheats with. "I've never done this with someone who was married before," I lied.

"It was wrong,"

"I know. But I wanted you so much, I had to touch you. I had to take that chance."

"Rob, it was so good, so GOOD. I've never had a man make me feel as good as you."

I kissed her. "I can make you feel even better, Rita. I can do things to you that you can't imagine. If you want to. If I can trust you to keep this quiet."

She kissed me fiercely in reply. Excellent, I thought. We lay together for a few minutes and then we both got dressed and I sent her on her way.

"When can we get together again?" she asked.

"Soon, baby, soon," I promised. And I meant it, too. She was a good fuck, a great one even, and I wasn't going to ditch her, no, not yet. I had plans for Rita Clay. But they would keep for the moment.


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