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A Double Fantasy Realised
by English Bob

Inspired by David & Karen

As she finished the story, Karen sat back and looked at the screen of her computer. She could feel her heart beating fast. Often, in the late afternoon when she was at home and alone, she would visit her favourite site and check out any new erotic stories that had been posted. Some made her giggle like a schoolgirl, some she found frankly disgusting, but the one she had just finished had left her in a state of sexual agitation. Her fingers still shook slightly and her full red lips felt dry.

When the character in the story had encouraged her husband to make love to her in the woods, Karen had immediately identified with her. It was not that Karen's love life was in any way dull; it wasn't. Her husband David was a good and considerate lover, but there was something about making out in a public place that sent a shiver down her spine and stiffened the nipples that were now standing out proudly from her large firm breasts. She closed her eyes and lightly ran her fingers over the swollen buds, imagining herself in the scenario that she had just read.

Her breasts had always been sensitive, but now they seemed charged with electricity as they throbbed gently under her touch causing Karen to moan quietly to herself. The thought struck her quickly: why shouldn't she? David was always interested in trying something new. She was sure she could persuade him to take her outside and make love to her. She looked outside, the afternoon sun was just disappearing and the temperature must now have dropped to an acceptable, if balmy level. She made her decision. She would persuade her husband to indulge her fantasy tonight!

David arrived home from work at his usual time of just after 6pm. As soon as he was inside the door, Karen ran from the kitchen towards him and flung her arms around his neck. Their lips met in a passionate kiss, their tongues entwining in a wet dance.

"Wow! I've only been away for a day, babe," said David breathlessly as they eventually broke the kiss. "You must have really missed me!"

"I missed this!" replied Karen with a giggle, gently squeezing her husbands crotch.

David leapt when he felt his wife's fingers encircle his cock through his suite trousers. He immediately began to stiffen as she let her hand trace the outline of his shaft. He pulled her closer to him roughly locking her fingers between their bodies as he nuzzled her neck and let his hands fall down her back to cup her pretty, pert bottom.

"No...not here," gasped Karen, obviously highly excited. "Lets try something new. It's beginning to get dark now, I want you to take me out and make love to me in the park beneath the stars!"

David's erection was now fully developed and the thought of having to wait until they got to the park to make love to his wife, rather than to take her right now and thus satisfy their lust immediately, was not tremendously attractive. However, he knew Karen long enough to realise that when she had an idea like this, she would inevitably get she way. Anyway, he reasoned, it might be fun! Karen grabbed the folded blanket that she had left on the hall table, and taking her husband by the hand led him quickly out to the car.

David drove the short distance to the town park. He noticed that his pretty wife seated next to him could hardly keep still. Throughout the entire journey she wriggled in her seat, turning this way and that, seemingly unable to find a comfortable position. On several occasions he let his eyes drift from the road to look at her. She had always been attractive, but at the moment she looked stunning. The thin halter top did little to contain her ample breasts. David noticed that she had omitted to wear a bra and he could clearly see the outline of her nipples through the thin material. Her jet black hair looked freshly washed and fell in curls to the base of her smooth neck. Her eyes sparkled when she looked at him. She looked so sexy, almost hungry. David guessed what she was hungry for!

They parked the car and almost ran, giggling like teenagers, towards the small wooded area on the south side of the park. Reaching a small clearing, Karen threw the blanket onto the soft ground and tumbled down onto it, slightly out of breath. With a flurry of arms, the halter top was over her head and off. David looked down on his semi naked wife and once again felt his penis begin to harden in his trousers. In the half light of the full moon she looked amazing. Her breathing caused her chest to heave slightly and the moonlight caught the full curve of her breasts, reflecting seductively off the swollen buds of her hard nipples. David was in no mood to wait further and, quickly unzipping and tearing his trousers and underwear down his legs, he lay down next to Karen and resumed their earlier embrace.

Immediately Karen's hands were all over her husband's body. Squeezing his muscular thighs and running slowly up his legs to gently cup his now naked balls. As he felt his wife's touch, David gasped out loud. He felt Karen's other hand behind his head as she pulled him insistently towards her breasts forcing his lips to her turgid nipples. He sucked hard, feeling the bud swell between his lips as Karen's fingers began to do wonderful things as they fluttered up and down his solid shaft. Squeezing the sensitive head of his cock, Karen whispered into her husband's ear.

"Just do me sweetheart. Now, take me now. I want to feel that big prick of yours in my pussy. I'm ready for you. Fuck me baby!"

Davids hands trembled as he knelt before her and roughly pushed up her skirt. There was no thought of finesse, no foreplay. Neither of them wanted it, they just had to have each other right away, they had to consummate their passion immediately. With her skirt bunched around her waist, David practically tore her black lace panties from her legs and gazed at her open, wet and shaved pussy. His cock ached and throbbed as he spread her long, tanned legs and positioned himself between them. With a grunt he thrust himself into her. She had told the truth. She was most definitely ready for him. Her pussy felt like a warm, wet glove as it drew him inside. The sensations were quite exquisite as David began to pump in and out of her moist tunnel, he knew that he would not be able to hold his climax back for long. Karen was moaning loudly and squeezing her own nipples as he fucked her with a fury. He thrust into her as hard and as deep as he could, gritting his teeth as he felt the familiar tingle begin in his balls. He tried to hold back, but it was useless. With a deep, guttural moan he felt his cum surge along his shaft and explode into his wife's vagina.

They lay that way for several moments, David's cock softening inside Karen's soaked pussy. It had all happened so fast. As David rolled away from her and on to his back, they both looked up at the starlit night sky. They relaxed in each others arms and let their minds wander. No words were spoken, they just watched the stars. Suddenly their reverie was broken.

"What was that?" hissed Karen as she gripped her husbands arm tightly.


"I heard a noise coming from the bushes!"

David sat up and looked in the direction that Karen had indicated. She was right. There was a movement there. On his feet in a flash, David made a dive for the bushes. Karen heard muffled noises and rustling as, after a few seconds, David returned, still naked from the waist down, with a younger looking lad in an armlock.

"This little pervert was spying on us!" He shouted as he led the frightened lad into the clearing.

Karen looked at the lad as David held his arm painfully behind his back. He looked to be about eighteen or nineteen and had the studious look of the typical old college nerd. She caught his eye and realised that he was looking directly at her exposed legs. Aware of her own semi-nakedness, Karen suddenly felt extremely wicked.

"So, you like looking at couples while they have sex do you?" She asked with an evil grin.

She looked up at David and, giving him a knowing wink, let her legs open a little further. The lad gasped a little and swallowed hard. Karen could see the bulge in the front of his trousers. She had lived out the story that she had read earlier almost exactly, but this was a different turn in events that was unexpected. She could feel herself becoming excited again. Did she dare? How would David react? She knew from experience that her husband had always harboured fantasies about seeing her with another man, but would he agree in reality? Her question was quickly answered before it was even asked as David, still standing behind the lad, quickly released the boy's belt and pulled his trousers and underwear down to his ankles.

"You've seen us, now lets see what you've got!" He cried, as the lad's solid erection was exposed and slapped loudly against his belly.

Without verbally confirming their intentions, both David and his wife knew that this lad was going to fuck Karen.

As David led him towards the spread-eagled figure of his wife, the boy spoke for the first time.

"I..I..I've never done this before," he stuttered. "I..I'm still a!"

"Not for long!" Shouted David, pushing the boy down between Karen's spread legs. "Now fuck her and do it good!"

Karen relaxed as the lad sank down on top of her. She held his head to her breast and reached down between their bodies, taking a firm grasp of his cock and guiding it towards her hot, wet vagina. He was quite large and very, very hard. She could feel his shaft throb and twitch as her fingers pushed him towards her hole. With a gasp he entered her. Karen whispered encouragement in his ear as she held him to her breast and felt him begin to thrust in and out quickly.

"Slow down lover," she cooed. "Nice deep long strokes. I'll grip you with my pussy. Mmmmm, can you feel that baby? Can you feel me tightening around your thick cock? That's it... mmmmm... deeper... deeper... now fuck me.. Harder... harder... faster... faster... yes..oh yes...AAAAARRRRGGGHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSS."

Karen bucked her hips and arched her back deeply. She shook so violently that the lad's cock popped out of her pussy and began immediately convulsing, shooting ropes of thick cum over her shaved mound and splashing onto her stomach. Almost as soon as he was done, the boy, fearing reprisals from David, quickly pulled up his trousers and underwear. With a quick smile to Karen and a fearful glance at David, he took off, sprinting quickly into the woods.

As David joined Karen on the crumpled blanket, she could see that he was again fully erect, his eight inches standing proud, the head glistening with a mixture of precum and her vaginal juices. He knelt beside her prone, naked body by her head. He looked down and could see the mass of sticky cum on her smooth mound. It glistened in the moonlight. Using his right hand to work the foreskin up and down his long, hard shaft, he used the fingers of his left hand to open her wet pussy lips and stroke up and down the length of her slit. Karen closed her eyes and again began to moan, letting her legs fall open further as David massaged her private area.

His fingers found her hard clit and flicked back and forth over it causing her to groan louder and arch her back. The faster her stroked the louder she moaned and sighed eventually crying out as her second orgasm overtook her. As her eyes opened, Karen was presented with the sight of her husband's hand flying up and down his hard penis. Moving his hand away, she replaced it with her own and guided his tool towards her mouth. Jerking him with her hand, she kissed and licked the head, allowing only one or two inches of his meat in to her mouth. Her other hand went to his balls and cupped them lovingly, squeezing and massaging the tight sac.

"Cum for me honey," she whispered. "Cum on my tits. I want to see you spurt your lovely juice all over my big boobs. I want to feel it trickle over my nipples and down into my cleavage. Do it honey, cum for me now. Cum for Karen, PLEASE!"

David knew he was almost there. He loved to cum on his wife's tits, and having her beg for it like this was making him even hornier. Swinging his leg quickly over her body, he straddled her chest his cock lying directly between her large breasts. She knew what to do instinctively and immediately pushed her tits up with her hands making a warm passage for his cock to slide into. It did not take much. Three quick thrusts between her beautiful breasts and Karen was rewarded with the first hot jet of her husbands ejaculation quickly followed by four more quick bursts that left her tits coated with the creamy fluid.

As they snuggled close together they kissed tenderly. Both Karen and David knew that this would not be the last time they would make love in a public place. They had to do it again. But for tonight, they both knew that they had found the fulfillment of two of their fantasies.

- The End -

* * * * *

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