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Alison Furse Rejuvenated
by Edwina

- Introduction -

A story of the sexual pleasure of the older generation. An indication that it's never too late for a sexual romp even in a more staid way of life.

The following story is purely fiction drawing on the experiences, many and varied, of a first time author, a bi-widow who herself loves sex..

* * * * *

James Fontwell poured himself a large malt whisky as he pondered over his experiences of the last four weeks.

A widower of four years, James had totally rejected his sexual urges. He and his late wife Kate had enjoyed an exhilarating sex life and he had believed that it would be impossible to recreate such an experience. After all James was 68 years old, not only was it impossible to so totally love a woman as he had Kate but who would enjoy the company of an old man.

However, six weeks earlier James had received a telephone call from an old friend, Edward Crompton, would James consider advising a widowed lady on some investments.

The particular investment field the lady was interested had been James specialty before the death of Kate and James ultimate retirement. Could he possibly consider a favour for an old friend? After due consideration James agreed.

The meeting was to be in the Clarence Hotel in Manchester. Apparently Mrs. Furse's late husband had been in cotton and although that market had folded many years before, he had invested his monies wisely. However, reinvestment was now required.

Alison Furse was, by her own admission, seventy-two years of age, she could easily have passed for a woman in her late fifties or early sixties. She had not coloured her hair but she had, apparently kept her figure. She was quite tall, in her high heels she almost came up to James 6ft 4ins. Dressed in a smart grey business suit over a pristine white shirt blouse she was very attractive.

The first two or three meetings were very formal although Alison accepted two or three luncheon engagements. James found himself drawn to this self possessed elegant woman and eventually invited her out to dinner. Alison demurred at first and then agreed. They had some very enjoyable evenings in various restaurants around the city, invariably, at her insistence they met at the restaurant and she was met by a chauffeur driven car which appeared to be always at her beck and call.

On the previous engagement bar one she had allowed James a fleeting kiss as they parted. Most evenings during dinner she had been very reticent concerning her private life but that particular night she confessed to how much she was missing her husband. She hinted that they had led a very full married life in the full meaning of the word and she had accepted his kiss almost as if it were expected.

On the next occasion it was Alison who suggested a restaurant about seven miles from the city and asked if he would accept being collected by her car. After a wonderful evening, dining well and dancing to a String Quartet they sat in the back of the Bentley with his arm around her shoulder. Turning towards her he had bent to kiss her lips, a kiss that Alison returned her lips opening in response to the gentle probing of James tongue. As her tongue mingled with his James tentatively touched her breast, there was no protest, her tongue pressed further into his mouth. he felt the nipples harden under his touch and he almost stopped breathing as her hand settled on his thigh inches away from his now engorged manhood.

Suddenly the car drew up at the gate to his house, Alison gently disentangled herself. "Thank you for a wonderful evening James, I do so hope we will be able to do that again, so until Thursday when we have the business appointment I will have to ask you to say 'Goodnight'. Until Thursday "

James found himself on the pavement, the car drew away and he walked up the path and let himself into his empty home.

The following evening was the eve of the next meeting with Alison. Had he made progress? Was she already regretting those few moments of passion?

James found himself aroused. It was the memory of her, the kiss, her tongue, the fullness of her breast, the hard nipple and the touch of her fingers only inches away from his hardness. Was she teasing him, playing with him?

He made up his mind to ask her to dine in the same restaurant again and hopefully on the next occasion he would gently take her...

To Be Continued...


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