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Abbercorn Hotel
by English Bob

George and Rita stepped off the plane into the heat of the Maltese afternoon and, carrying their hand luggage made their way to the baggage claim. The air was filled with the noise of aircraft taking off and landing, and airport staff going about their daily business. This had been a last minute holiday for the couple. Both in their early forties, they had seen the holiday to Malta advertised and had decided to use it as a celebration of their twentieth wedding anniversary. They were pleasantly surprised by the speed at which their cases arrived on the carousel, and once clearing passport control and the local customs, they found themselves looking around for the representative of the holiday company.

"Welcome to Malta!"

Hearing the female voice behind him, George wheeled round to face an attractive girl in her early twenties.

"Mr & Mrs Reynolds?" She asked politely.

George gave her a wide smile. "That's us!" He said

The girl ticked off two names on her clip board and returned the smile.

"Hi. I'm Julie, your rep here in Malta. I have some good news and some bad news for you, I'm afraid," she continued.

The smile on George's face slipped. "Uh oh. What's the problem?"

"Well, it seems that the hotel that you booked had a fire last week and is closed at the moment. My company has rearranged your booking, and has put you both in the Abbercorn Club Hotel. It's mainly younger clients, but my company have authorised me to offer you a complimentary meal every night to make up for the inconvenience."

"Oh well, that sounds okay, don't you think darling?" Replied Rita, speaking for the first time.

"Sure. We don't mind. We're still young at heart you know!"

Julie also seemed pleased that a potential problem had resolved itself. "Great. The bus is waiting for you outside now and will take you straight to your hotel."

The hotel was fine, if perhaps a little noisy the first night, but George and Rita were tired after their trip and were heavy sleepers anyway.

They woke the following day to bright sunshine glistening off an empty swimming pool. George watched his wife as she got up and dressed in a fetching two piece swimming costume. Despite being married for twenty years, she still had a great figure. He watched as she wriggled her long legs into the bikini panties and then scooped her large breasts into the top. The thin material did little to conceal her ample charms. George could see the outline of her nipples pressed against the shiny fabric and he felt the pressure of his morning hard-on beneath the sheets. Rita caught his stare. She knew him well, and realised that he was getting horny.

"Down boy!" she chided. "I'm off for a swim before breakfast. Maybe you should treat yourself to a cold shower!"

The day passed pleasantly enough. The couple relaxed by the pool in the morning, and after lunch took a stroll along the beach. When they returned to the hotel in the late afternoon, they saw Julie, their rep, sitting in the bar. Ever the gentleman, George offered to buy her a drink.

"Thanks. White wine, please," Julie replied

"There seems so few people about," said Rita as they sipped their drinks. "It's very quiet."

"Well, that's because the younger guests don't really get going until later in the evening," Julie replied. "Come 10pm I think you will find the whole place livens up considerably!"

Assuring Julie that they were unconcerned about a little noise, George and Rita returned to their room and decided to take a short siesta before dinner. The temperature had dropped a little in the late afternoon and they both fell easily into a comfortable sleep.

Awaking refreshed at 9pm, they dressed casually and made their way towards the restaurant. The meal was excellent and was accompanied by a complimentary bottle of wine. They rounded the meal off with more drinks in the bar, chatting idly to some of the other guests. Around midnight most of the other guests had left the bar in search of one of the many clubs and disco's that surrounded the resort. George and Rita discussed the possibility of going on somewhere, but instead, finally agreed to purchase a bottle of wine and enjoy the cooler night air from their own room's balcony.

Once in their room, George poured the wine while Rita made herself comfortable in an easy chair out on the balcony.

"There you go babe," said George as he handed his wife a glass of red wine. "Chateau Abbercorn, I think!"

Rita smiled as she took the glass and sipped it slowly. "Mmmm, not too bad!"

"Shit! I forgot cigarettes," said George. "I'll just nip down to the reception, I think I saw a machine their earlier today.

Rita sighed as he left the room. Silly sod could never last long without a smoke! She folded herself further into the chair and kicked off her sandals, the wrap-around black dress that she was wearing falling open to expose her legs. She was feeling very mellow due to the alcohol, and closing her eyes, decided to let the garment remain open, enjoying the feel of the cool night breeze playing over her legs and thighs.

"Hey! Nice legs baby!"

Rita's eyes snapped open as she searched for the owner of the voice. She didn't have to look far. Leaning over the low wall that separated her room from the one next door, were two young lads and a girl. All three were smiling at her, and from the way their words were slightly slurred, they were obviously a little drunk.

"We're off to the Manhattan club. Wanna come with us? Always room for another sexy lady!"

The lad who had spoken was tall and blonde. He was shirtless, and Rita could see that his skin was deeply tanned. The other guy was slightly shorter, and in contrast had jet black hair but was equally as handsome. The girl, Rita guessed was a little younger, maybe eighteen or nineteen, and was pretty but a little plain. They introduced themselves as Mark; the blonde, David and Paula. They explained that Mark and David were best friends on holiday and that they had met Paula two days before and they had stuck together since then. From their leery grins and the giggles from Paula, Rita guessed that Paula was not that concerned about which one of the two friends would share her bed.

"No, you don't want an old dame like me cramping your style!" Laughed Rita, enjoying the flirting.

Paula giggled "Oh we see, planning a little party of your own with your old man, are you?"

"Could be! We're not THAT old you know!"

Mark, who seemed a little more drunk than his friends, let the alcohol speak instead of engaging his brain first. "I bet you could make him happy with those tits!" he said, staring at Rita's chest. "I could spend a whole week looking at em!"

The remark earned him a playful slap on the arm from Paula and a deep groan of embarrassment from David, but Rita was not that easily shocked.

"Well, I've yet to come across a man who didn't like them." She laughed, playfully wiggling her shoulders to make them bounce under her thin halter top.

Unbeknown to the friends, George had returned some minutes earlier and had been listening to their conversation from just inside the room. Rita had seen him smiling and had eagerly played along. She watched the boy's jaws drop as George walked out onto the balcony and started to light up a Marlboro.

"Sorry mate," said David sheepishly. "We were just having a little fun, you know?"

George remained unmoved as he inhaled in a deep breath of smoke.

"So, you think you can handle someone like Rita do you?" He said, looking at the three faces on the other side of the wall. "I'm not so sure that you two are man enough for the job!"

Rita smiled as she watched her husband. They had played this game before and they both loved to see how far the other party or parties would go. An insult to their manhood usually got them to bite!

"We can handle anything!" Said Mark petulantly "Dave and me are always up for it!"

"Prove it," Said George with a completely straight face. "Right here. Right now!"

For a moment there was silence. The two lads looked at each other. Paula looked at them both, obviously trying to figure how she was going to fit into the equation.

"Well, okay," sighed George and looking at his wife. "Looks like their not up to it!"

"Oh yes we are!" both men replied in unison. "We're coming over now!"

A few seconds later, Mark, David and Paula joined the couple in their room. There was an awkward silence as nobody seemed to know what to do. They all knew why they were there, but seemed unable to find a place to start. Taking control of the situation, Rita moved to the large double bed and sat down, again letting the skirt of her black dress fall either side of her legs and George took a seat in the corner of the room.

"You just gonna watch while we take your wife?" asked Mark incredulously

"That's the idea. Well go on then, she looks ready to me! Paula, why don't you sit with me and watch the action?"

Paula was too drunk or too excited to argue as she crossed the room and parked herself next to the older man. She sat on the floor between his legs with her back to him as George began to massage her shoulders with strong hands.

Rita could feel her heart racing as the two boy's crossed the floor to the bed and sat on either side of her. She wasted no time, and immediately began to squeeze the large bulges in the front of their shorts. David sighed as he felt her touch and let his own hand fall to her exposed thigh. He squeezed the warm skin gently, running his fingers further and further up her leg until her could feel the silky fabric of her panties. Mark's hands were equally busy and had lowered the straps of Rita's halter top and was now massaging her full tanned breasts eagerly. In no time Rita had both cocks free of the lad's shorts and was stoking the length of each shaft with cool fingers. She glanced over at her husband and his new friend. Paula now had her top completely off and George was sucking hungrily on her young tight nipples. With her hand, Paula was fighting to release his giant penis from the confines of his underwear.

The room was alive with noise. Groans and sighs echoed around, amplified by the cool stone floor.

"Lay her down," gasped David. "Lets get her panties off!"

Mark reluctantly let go of Rita's large breasts as he gently eased her onto her back. With a swift movement the black panties were on the floor and David was staring up at her neatly trimmed mound. Mark returned his attention to her breasts while his friend kissed his way up Rita's long legs. Finally reaching her pussy, David plunged his tongue deep inside the already damp hole. Rita moaned loudly, her orgasm hitting at the same time that David's tongue made contact with her clitoris.

George smiled as he watched his wife shake and tremble in the throes of climax. His penis was as hard as rock now as Paula pumped her hand up and down his shaft. She was standing in front of him her legs spread, obviously enjoying the sensations herself, as George slid two finger easily in and out of her wet pussy. As they mutually masturbated each other, their eyes were still glued to the scene that was unfolding in front of them on the bed.

Having now licked Rita to her second orgasm, David crawled up the bed and positioned himself between her spread thighs. Cock in hand, he gently rubbed the head over her soaked slit before slowly inching himself inside. Deeper and deeper he sank, Rita moaning and sighing constantly as he entered her. He looked down and could see his young erection disappearing inch by glorious inch in to the older woman's vagina.

"Ahhhhhhh," he moaned. "She's got such a hot, wet cunt."

"Yes...yes, my cunt is hot for you baby," grunted Rita as she bounced back and forth on David's thrusting weapon. "Fuck me ...fuck me...fuck me....harder baby, deeper."

David slammed his cock in and out of her vagina as hard and fast as he could. The sensations were fantastic. Rita was gripping his shaft with her internal muscles and releasing in a rhythm that was simply amazing. He knew that he wouldn't be able to hold back for long. He looked up and saw Mark shuffle towards Rita's head. His cock seemed huge as he began to feed it into her waiting mouth. The sight of Rita swallowing his friends penis was too much for David, and with a deep groan he pulled out of her soaked snatch and released a torrent of thick cum on to her mound and stomach.

Meanwhile, having now completely removed her wet panties, George had managed to persuade Paula to sit on his lap. He marvelled in the tightness of her pussy as he bodily lifted the young girl up and down on his cock. He watched David climb off his wife. He could clearly see the semen that had been deposited on her mound trickle down between her outstretched legs and between the crack of her butt. He knew that Paula had experienced at least three minor orgasms as she bounced up and down on his cock and was almost ready to shoot his own load deep inside her young pussy. He looked on and could see that Mark also was nearing his climax. Rita was an expert at the deep throat technique, and at this time she had Mark's large tool buried so far down George could see her windpipe bulge with its unmistakable shape. With a cry, Mark through back his head and emptied the contents of his balls directly into Rita's throat. She swallowed hard, her throat contracting, squeezing every last drop of cum from his cock.

George was only a few seconds behind Mark. With a deep guttural moan his cock swelled and throbbed. He ejaculated deeply inside Paula, reaching around her and pulling on her nipples as his semen streamed into her. Paula gasped as his fingers closed almost painfully on her nipples and climaxed again herself.

They took it in turns to use the small shower cubicle, David, Mark and Paula still determined to go out and hit the town. Paula wanted to shower with Rita. She commented that she had never seen an aroused woman's body before and wanted to add this to her experiences that night. As the water cascaded over their bodies, Paula reached out and touched Rita's still erect nipples.

"Can I ask you a question?" Said Paula as she continued her gentle caresses.

"Sure. Of course you can dear."

"Can you teach me to suck like you did to Mark? He seemed so deep. I think I would have choked!"

"Certainly I'll teach you Paula. I think this holiday will provide us ample opportunity for me to teach you a number of new ideas. Would you like that?"

Paula didn't reply, she didn't need to. As her head bent forward and her lips closed over Rita's stiff nipple, Rita realised that sometimes actions speak louder than words. This was going to be a great holiday!

- The End -

* * * * *

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