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All In The Imagination
by English Bob

Neil was excited. It was Friday night and he was expecting his wife Carla home at any time. Friday was the night Carla went out alone straight from work and, as it was now quite late, Neil was eagerly anticipating her return when she would inevitably relate the story of her evening's adventure.

At 11.30pm, he hear the unmistakable sound of a key in the front door. He tried to clam himself as he waited patiently for his gorgeous wife to enter the lounge. Just when he thought that he could take no more anticipation, the lounge door opened and Carla entered. She dropped her leather brief case on the floor and without saying a word shrugged off her overcoat. She was still wearing her tight fitting business suit, the jacket and short skirt a matching pin stripe and the outfit complimented by black seamed stockings and black high heels. Neil groaned inwardly. She looked so sexy in these clothes. He watched her with bated breath as she seemed to deliberately take her time, teasing him as she slowly kicked off her high shoes and flexed her stockinged toes as she stood.

Neil's patience finally ran out. "So? What happened?" he blurted out

"All in good time, lover," she said seductively. "Let's go to bed where we can be more comfortable. I've got a story to tell you that will make your toes curl and your cock throb!"

Neil jumped from his chair and taking her hand, virtually dragged his wife up the stairs to the master bedroom. Having already showered earlier, he dropped his robe and jumped straight into bed as Carla headed for the bathroom. More waiting, driving him nearly crazy as she washed, brushed and flossed away the city from her body, again seemingly in no hurry. Eventually she appeared before him, framed in the bathroom doorway. She had stripped ready for bed, but had left on her black seamed stockings and lacy garter belt. She knew how these items turned him on. Her shoulder length auburn hair seemed to shine as it was illuminated from behind by the bathroom light and Neil felt his already hard penis twitch beneath the covers. Carla was holding a pair of black lace panties in her hand and threw them towards him.

"Here, you can hold these while I tell you all about what happened this evening."

As she came and sat on the bed, pulling the covers back so they could both see each others bodies, Neil couldn't help but put the panties to his face and inhale deeply. Her scent was all over them, the rich, heady aroma of an excited woman. Carla sat at the foot of the bed facing him, a wicked smile on her face. With Neil sitting at the other end of the bed he could see every contour of her beautiful body in the half light that emanated from the bathroom. Carla stretched out her long, stockinged legs towards him. By pointing her toes she was just able to lightly touch the tip of his throbbing erection. Neil gasped at the sudden stimulation and closed his eyes as she began to relate the events of the past few hours.

"It all started when I left my office," she said. "I was a little thirsty and tired and wanted a drink, so I called in at The Metropol Hotel just down the street from my office building. The place was almost empty, so I ordered a Manhattan and sat up at the bar chatting to the bar tender. I had noticed a younger looking man sitting by himself at the opposite end of the counter. I caught his eye and he smiled. He looked quite attractive in a rugged sort of way. As I finished my drink it was replaced by another, the bar tender saying that the gentleman at the end had paid for it. I looked over and gave him a sexy come-on' smile and he walked over towards me. He said his name was Richard and he began chatting me up. I tried to listen to what he was saying, but all I could really think about was what his body was like under his designer suit; how strong was he, what was his cock like. Things like that."

Neil was still basking in the beautiful sensations that he was feeling as Carla gently and slowly ran her stocking covered toes over his shiny cock head. His eyes were open now and he could see that his wife was looking directly into his eyes as she casually tugged on one of her hard pink nipples.

"Anyway," she continued. "He was younger than I had first suspected, only about nineteen I guess, so I thought that I had better make the running. My imagination had been running riot for the last few minutes and all that I could remember of what he had said, was that he was staying in the hotel with a colleague and they were only in town for one night. By this time I could feel myself getting wet with anticipation. I wanted him and I wanted him quickly! His conversation seemed to be flagging, so I took my opportunity and asked him directly. I looked straight into his eyes, I wanted him to see the passion there. I said simply: Richard, would you like to have sex with me?'"

Neil groaned again. He adored to hear about Carla's Friday night conquests, and this one was turning him on to a huge extent. His cock twitched again and seemed to grow another inch under her gentle caresses, his lust fuelled by the fact that she was now touching her exposed vagina with her free hand, slowly dipping a finger deep into her moist depths, rubbing her stiff clit and then bringing the finger to her lips to taste her own passion. Her toes kept sliding over the head of his penis now slick with pre-cum. Her fingers moving faster and faster inside her pussy, Carla's breathing became more rapid as her body shook with orgasm. Calming herself with amazing self control, she prepared to continue with her narration.

"Richard seemed a little shocked at my forwardness, but he quickly got over that when I squeezed his thigh! He said that using his room at the Hotel might be difficult because his colleague was up there finishing off some paperwork. I seemed to shock him again when I told him that I was unconcerned, and that his friend could join in if he wanted! I've never been whisked off my feet so quickly, and I soon found myself in Richard's room being hungrily kissed by him as his friend watched from the sofa. Richard soon had his tongue in my mouth as he kissed me passionately. His hands were all over my body, feeling me up through my clothes. His friend, Gary, seemed content to just sit and watch as I felt my nipples harden even more under my jacket as Richard squeezed them. He seemed to sense that I liked to play a little rough, and put his hands on my shoulders forcing me down to my knees in front of him. In a matter of seconds he had hauled out a rather large cock and was feeding it forcefully towards my mouth."

Carla stopped for a moment. She had been masturbating slowly while she talked and now needed to concentrate her efforts on achieving her second orgasm. Neil had also taken things into his own hands, so to speak, and was gently squeezing the head of his slick penis. He didn't want to go to fast and cum before she had finished the story and had to stop several times in order to regain his composure. Carla had no such problems, and Neil watched in fascination as she bit her lower lip, eyes tight shut as the second climax washed over her. When at last her lithe body stopped twitching, she returned to casually playing with her swollen nipple as she persisted with her tale.

"His cock felt huge in my mouth as I sucked and sucked on it. He was holding my head in both hands, bucking his hips backwards and forwards as he fucked my face. I could feel the wide head of his cock bump against the entrance to my throat and licked up and down his shaft with my tongue. I cupped his huge balls in my hand. They felt so tight, so full. I knew that he was going to give me a huge load of cum at any moment. Whilst he fucked his cock down my throat, his friend Gary had decided to join in and was quickly stripping my clothes off. As he got me down to my panties and stockings, I felt Richard's cock swell in my mouth. He fucked my throat harder and harder and then released a huge load of cum into my mouth. It tasted so good. I tried to swallow it all but there was too much, and it started to trickle out of my mouth and splash down onto my naked tits."

Again Carla interrupted her monologue. "Mmmmmmm thinking about it now is making me so horny, so hot, look my cunt's so wet. Can you see my lust baby?"

Neil could only look and nod. His head was spinning with his excitement. He doubted if his cock had ever been this hard. His hand squeezed tighter in an effort to bring himself back under control. Carla's sexy toes weren't helping as they tickled playfully under his tight balls.

"Please! Go on honey," he cried almost in desperation. "Finish the story. I need to cum so badly now."

"Okay," she continued. "Where was I? Oh yes. My lips and face were wet with Richards cum. My nipples were so hard they were standing out nearly an inch from my tits and were glistening with the splashes of semen that had dropped onto them. Gary was pulling at my panties trying to get them off. He was muttering about sinking his hard meat into my juicy cunt. I told him that I wanted him to fuck me, but that I wanted to keep my panties on (this was for you!) He seemed a bit confused and frustrated, so I stood up and bent over the back of the sofa, pulling my already wet panties to one side and giving the two boys their first glimpse of my juicy, shaved pussy. I couldn't see either of them as I had my back to them, but I heard Gary lowering his zipper and the next thing I knew his hard cock was being thrust deep in to my cunt."

Neil was quickly reaching the point of no return. He knew that his balls would betray him before very long and he begged his wife to complete the story.

"He fucked me hard from behind. He was rougher than his friend and maybe a little bigger as well. He grabbed hold of my hair and pulled my head back sharply, ramming his dick deeply inside me. I could feel all the contours of his shaft as he plugged me; every vein, every bulge. My hair felt like it was being pulled out of my head, but the pain only increased my passion and just before he shot his load I orgasmed with a huge shudder. The shaking of my body as I climaxed was obviously too much for him because with a moan he pulled out of my sopping cunt and squirted jet after lovely jet of his hot cum over my upturned ass. He pulled my wet panties further to one side to expose my asshole, and gathering up his cum with his finger, he finger fucked my butt until I came again."

Whilst she described the finger fucking of her ass, Neil exploded. He had timed it perfectly and his own orgasm was as powerful as he could ever remember. Carla's toes were still tickling the underside of his balls as he erupted, his cum streaming from the end of his penis and coating her stockinged feet and ankles as it landed there.

"With all that lovely cum on my mound and tits and some still in my ass, I simply pulled my panties straight, put on my skirt, Jacket and shoes and kissed them both goodbye. I left the room without another word."

Oh that was so good honey," said Neil with a sigh. "I can't wait to hear about your next adventure!"

"Well, you just get that cock of yours hard again quickly, lover. I'm going to clean up a bit, and then I want you to fuck me to another orgasm before I fall asleep!"

As Carla walked into the bathroom, she could not keep the secret smile from her face. She wondered what would happen if Neil ever found out that she made it all up. She had never even been unfaithful to him! She thought of herself as a good story teller, and if it kept their marriage interesting, then why not indeed!

- The End -

* * * * *

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