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A Night of Theater
by Egyptian Spy

Friday night: I had been talking to you online until you said you were coming over. You went offline to get ready to come over. I shut down my computer, stripped down to nothing, and walked into the bathroom. I couldn't get you out of my mind. I wanted to make you so happy tonight. I stepped into the shower. The water was freezing; it didn't help my already erect nipples. I turned the hot water on and though of you as the steam rose around me. I couldn't help myself. My finger tips slid from my hair, over the curves of my breasts, down to the fire between my legs. I slowly circled my clit, pinching the swollen flesh. Mmm...I couldn't wait to have your tongue licking around my clit, sucking it into your mouth. I didn't want to get myself off. This was your night. The night for your fantasy.

You arrived at my door wearing loose khakis and a white polo. Your slim, sexy shape was so enticing, I had to restrain myself from inviting you to stay at my house the whole night and skip the play. In your arms, you held a beautiful little half-asleep Angie. Your eyes devoured me. The tight black tank, my swollen breasts, my short red leopard print skirt, my black heels, and the obvious agitation between my legs. You touched my face lightly, smiling down at me, until my sister came to the door. She gently took Angie out of your arms and upstairs to sleep. You put her overnight bag on the bench in the front hall, a Winnie the Pooh video on top.

I called goodbye as we went out the door. We walked to your car and you opened the door for me, took my hand as I got in, and went around to your door. We drove the short 5 minutes to my school, complimenting one another on how delicious the other looked. In the parking lot behind the auditorium, you parked your car, leaned over and placed your mouth over mine. Your tongue licked the inside of my mouth, snaking its way down my throat as I pulled your body against mine.

I kissed you back, sucking your tongue, relishing in the wonderful taste of your kiss. Your hand slid up my leg, beneath my skirt, grabbing for my panties. Much to your surprise, you felt nothing beneath my skirt but the juices flowing onto your fingers. You kissed me, pressing your body against mine, forcing me to lay back. You took your lips from mine and slipped your head beneath my skirt. I grabbed your shoulders and pushed you back, once again thinking "This is his night, not mine." Your bottom lip pouted as I pulled my skirt down and got out of the car. You got out and followed me up the walkway to the Fine Arts Wing entrance. You took my hand in yours as I led you into the auditorium, taking seats in the back corner of the room.

The play began and we actually watched for a bit. Growing restless, I leaned over to kiss you, at the same time sliding my hand across your chest, down to your pants. I slowly undid the button and slid your zipper down. Like me, you had gone w/o undergarments. I stood halfway and stepped over you, sitting down on your lap as you pushed my skirt around my hips and sneaked your cock inside me. I slid my hips back and forth against yours, leaning forward to let you slide in deeper. Your hands were on my waist, pressing me down, but not moving your own hips. I rocked gently, letting you feel the tightness of my recently devirginized cunt. I planted my feet firmly on either side of yours and stood up a little, your dick sliding nearly all the way out of me. I stopped right as your head touched my lips, then slid back down slowly. I repeated the motion, sliding up almost letting go of your dick, and sliding back down to the base. A soft moan escaped your lips. I took that as a good sign, and began coupling the sliding motions with my clenched vaginal muscles. I was milking your cock from inside me.

I could feel you swell inside me, the cum boiling in your balls. I slid up your shaft once again, this time releasing you completely. I stood up, smoothing my skirt down over my hips. I walked out of the auditorium silently; you followed close behind. You saw me go into the ladies room. Stopping for a second, you thought I might have to pee. By now you were so horny, you figured to just take the chance, and stepped into the bathroom. There were no other women in the bathroom, but you didn't see me either. You walked along the row of stalls, opening each door and peering in.

At the last stall, you stopped. The door was shut. You waited for a moment, but it didn't open. Thinking I had deserted you, you turned your back to the stall and went for the door. I walked into the bathroom just as the stall door was opening. You backed against the wall, facing both of us. From the stall stepped the hottest guy you had ever seen. He introduced himself as my friend Patrick as I walked up behind him and slid his pants and boxers down to his ankles. Your eyes quickly went from his perfect face to his rock hard 8" dick.

You licked your lips as you saw the precum beginning to form on the tip of his erection. I smiled at you as I pushed you forward onto your knees. I slid onto my knees behind you. I leaned my mouth close to your ear and hotly whispered "Suck that baby and see what you win."

You took Patrick's cock in your mouth, licking off the precum and swirling your tongue around his head. I winked at Pat as he grabbed your head, thrust his hips forward, and shoved his dick down your throat. You gagged as he pulled back, but didn't have time to recover before he did it again, forcing himself toward the back of your throat. He continued to do this as I reached around your body, into your pants, and gripped your cock with my fist. I slid my hand down to your head, pinching the swell, and sliding my fingers back up. My fist wrapped tighter around your dick as Pat slowed down his thrusts.

I increased the motion of my fist on your dick, quickly and roughly sliding up and down your dick, kneading your balls with my other hand. You came shortly before Pat, your cum spraying onto the floor, him cumming down your throat. He bucked against your face as the last of his cum spurted onto your tongue. You were smiling as he pulled away. I moved around in front of you, bending my head down, and licking the cum off your dick. We both stood, adjusting our clothes. Pat had already left the building as we walked out of the bathroom. Too tired to go back in to watch the play, we went outside to your car. As you turned on the engine, I fell asleep, my head resting against my window.

When I woke up, I was in an unfamiliar neighborhood. The houses around me were big, but the one you had parked directly in front of was the most beautiful. There was a construction sign near the edge of your yard, indicating the production of the pool I knew you were having built. You had driven me to your house. You opened my car door and took my hand, asking me to come inside. I stayed sitting, looking up at you with wide eyes, not wanting to go inside. You asked what was wrong and I said I wanted to go home.

"Get out of the car, b*tch!" You grabbed my hand and yanked me up. I walked in the same direction as you and you released my hand. I took off, running down the street, but I was not the track star you once were. You caught up to me less than 30ft from where I had began to run. Posing as a fireman, you grabbed my legs and lifted me over your shoulder, carrying me back towards your house. I kicked my legs, and swung my fists, and screamed for you to let me go. You only smiled as you carried me through your doorway, into your empty house. "Let me go, please Joe. Let me go!" You laughed, walking up the stairs, heading toward your bedroom. I didn't pay any attention to the beautiful house I was being carried through. I kept screaming, fighting you, but you were stronger and I couldn't do much to fight you off.

You stepped into your room and flipped the lights on. There were ropes tied into loops on either bedpost. You threw me back onto the bed, straddled my body beneath your legs as you wrenched my hands through the loops, tying me down. I screamed more for you to let me go. I screamed for help. "He's going to rape me! Help me! Ahhhh!" I screamed at the top of my lungs.

You laughed; I sounded like I was in a horror flick. I had a nice scream. It was sexy. You were turned on by it. For a moment, you lost concentration and removed your body from on top of mine. My legs still free, I kicked you in your chest with the flat of my foot. It didn't hurt you much; it only served to knock you down and push you a few feet from the bed. I quickly threw my body forward and twisted around, facing the headboard. My arms were crossed as I struggled to tear away from the loops you had tied. They were too tight for me to break quickly. You recovered from your fall and stepped behind me. "That was a big mistake Kate. You're gonna have to be punished. I would move you around, but you've managed to get yourself in a perfect position for me."

I was leaning forward against the ropes, propped up on my knees with my skirt inching over my hips, exposing my bare ass to you. That wasn't what you wanted now, though. You wanted my pussy. You wanted me to be unwilling...and I was. I screamed as you removed all of your clothes and kneeled behind me. My skirt was pushed over my hips as you forced your dick into me. I was already well-lubricated; you had known for a long time that this was a fantasy of mine. But I was doing it all for your pleasure. You slid your dick inside of me as I screamed. You were gentle at first, but I wouldn't shut up. I kept screaming, making you mad. Your thrusts increased in strength. You were pounding against me, making me ache in pain.

I was loving it. I continued my screams; you continued your harsh thrusts. You were sliding in and out hard and fast, listening to me scream in orgasm. My breathing came in short, shallow panting as your cum shot deep into me. You continued your thrusts until your cum overflowed out of me. You leaned over me and untied my wrists. As soon as I was free of my bonds, I rolled off of my knees and lay down beside you as you rested. Our breathing returned to normal as we lay staring into each others' eyes. You kissed my lips gently. I licked your lips in reply. I stayed the night at your house, falling asleep asking if you still love me.

I closed my eyes as I heard you whisper, "I'll always love ya, Kate."


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