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Age of Discovery Pt. II
by Shintani

Racheal and Brad snuck into the house. Good. No one was home, and they didn't expect anyone to arrive soon. She knew that when her parents were not home, they frowned on her having male visitors, but sneaking Brad (or any other guy) in was pure child's play. After all, what better place for her to bring someone to fuck than her own bed? Besides, Brad was one of her better lovers, and Racheal had a bit of a surprise for him. Most of her other lovers had been rather ordinary, using her wet pussy to rub their cocks against and that was it, but Brad was different.

With Racheal, he was quite willing to experiment, and she was a very willing student. Today was going to be different. This time, Racheal had a surprise in store for him. In a way, what she had in store would be a little unfair to Brad. After all, he was only a couple of years older than her and not all that experienced himself. But her latest experience, one that she wanted to share with Brad, well that was something that she figured would be more of a turn on for him than anything.

Her reasoning behind this was the fact that he did know that she wasn't completely monogamous with him, and he understood that. Brad was perfectly OK with that because it let him chase after other girls too. What he didn't realize was that for the past few weeks, Racheal had been getting fucked by her stepfather on a regular basis. And in a way, it was fitting that she tell Brad about this in much the same way that she had initially seduced her stepfather.

Like they had on so many other afternoons, Racheal and Brad made their way to her bedroom. She smiled at the memory of how often they had done this, and how often her stepfather was sneaking in here too. If that bed of hers could talk, what stories it would tell! Brad was already running his hands all over her sexy young body and she was kissing him back by way of encouragement. Her hand found its way into his pants, guided to that promising bulge. Brad was rather well endowed, and up until the time that Racheal fucked her stepfather, he had the biggest cock that she had seen.

He was slowly starting to strip her when she broke off the embrace. "I've got a surprise for you," she said as he sat down on her bed. "Wait right here and I'll be right back." With that, Racheal left her very aroused boyfriend to wait as she dashed into her parent's bedroom. There it was! Just as her stepfather had promised her, the videotapes that he made of himself and her mother fucking away were left where Racheal could easily find them. She grabbed one and headed back to her waiting lover. When she got back to the bedroom, she found that Brad had wasted no time. He was stripped to his shorts waiting for her; the tent pole within was fairly obvious.

Racheal popped the tape in and didn't say a word to him; rather she stripped as well and joined him on the bed. Her mouth found his erect cock and she started to suck him as the tape began. Brad was only half-paying attention to the tape as she worked her oral magic on him. Damn could that girl suck a cock! Her head bobbed up and down in his lap as he watched the porn tape. For him, it was no big deal, he managed to acquire this kind of tape all the time, this one had an amateurish quality to it but the action was good. That was about when he recognized just who was in the tape.

"Holy Shit! Racheal, isn't that your mom and stepfather fucking?" His eyes nearly popped out at the scene. Her stepfather's cock was enormous, but her sexy mom seemed to have no trouble in sucking him down. Racheal paused from her blowjob to look up at him.

"Yep, that's them, isn't it great?" Brad could only nod in agreement. The scene was switching now, to Racheal's stepfather sliding his massive shaft into her mother's cunt. The man knew how to fuck! And he had the tool to do it with. Her mother squealed as the thick shaft spread her hot pussy lips apart. She moaned as her husband started to ram his cock into her. Brad could only imagine how slippery that pussy must feel, after having that monster cock ramming into it. Racheal was doing a good job of sucking him as he watched the video. It was quite a turn on for him to get his cock sucked while he was watching the tape.

The fact that it was his sexy girlfriend's mother playing the slut only enhanced this. Brad knew that he could never look at that woman the same way again. Racheal wasn't intent on sucking him off, just enough to get him started. Her pussy ached for cock, any cock, and Brad knew it. As soon as she could taste the first few drops of his precum on her tongue, she slowed down her motions. Slowly, she disengaged herself from his cock and lay back on the bed, her legs spread. That gave Brad an excellent view of her hot little pussy. Her smooth lips were spread apart and were glistening wet. Her sucking had turned her on as well, not to mention watching her mother taking it.

Brad climbed in between her spread legs, pushing them up into the air and kissing her trim calves. Carefully, he positioned his cock at the entrance to her fuck hole and slid himself in. Racheal moaned as she felt his dick penetrating her. God! He was so good. Brad kept an eye on the TV as he fucked Racheal, pistoning his cock in and out of her tight cunt. He built up speed as she moaned, they both savored the wonderful sensations that they were feeling. Brad was timing his thrusts to the ones he saw on the tape, fucking Racheal the way her mother was getting it. "You like that Racheal, huh? You like me fucking you the way your mom gets it don't you?"

"Oh, God! Do it to me Brad! Just like that...just the way he fucks me..."

Brad's thrusting grew stronger. "Yeah, baby, like that. I'm fucking you like her fucks your mom!"

"No, Brad, you're fucking me the way he fucks me! Do it to me!"

"He fucks you?" Brad was taken completely by surprise. Racheal's plan had worked. Knowing that his girlfriend was getting fucked on a regular basis, by her stepfather no less, was the ultimate turn-on. He rammed his cock into her, harder and faster now. As he watched the tape, he could only imagine that stiff shaft fucking the hot little slut he was doing.

He could hear her screaming as she came, but his mind was filled with images of Racheal cumming for her stepfather. It wasn't too much of a stretch of the imagination, after all, her mother was clearly enjoying the fucking she was getting, why not Racheal? Brad kept fucking Racheal, building up to his own orgasm. The tape finished first. To a series of low moans, Brad watched Racheal's stepfather unloading his balls into her mother's pussy. He rolled off her pretty quickly, leaving wads of his cum dripping from her soaked cunt. That was it for Brad.

In his mind's eye, he could see that cum dripping out of Racheal's tight snatch...With a gasp, he came, filling her hot box with his cum. She wrapped her legs around his back, keeping his cock spasming inside her, filling her up with his sticky load. They kissed as they rested, pausing to catch their breath. What a surprise this had been for Brad. Racheal finally got one in on him, and he loved it. Knowing that she was giving it up to this other guy, and her stepfather at that spurred his arousal. He was thinking about fucking her again when they heard a surprised gasp at the door. They turned to see who it was, and saw that Racheal's mother had caught them, literally, with their pants down.

Racheal and Brad feared the worst. Sure, they had a good idea that her parents knew she was sexually active, but to get caught like this! Evidently, they were so involved in their fucking that they didn't hear her arrive home and come in. Just how long had she been there? Worse, Racheal was wondering how she would explain the fact that she was watching her mother on tape too? Fortunately, she wouldn't have to find out. Her mother had seen quite a bit of what happened, and the fact that the two were getting off on watching her getting laid wasn't lost on her.

Truth be known, it was a bit exciting to realize that she made them that hot. Besides, she had overheard the bit about her husband's liberties with Racheal. That she fully understood, Racheal was quite a hottie, and she must be like a younger version of herself. Brad certainly seemed to enjoy her. Watching them having sex and thinking about it was turning her on. At that moment, she decided to do something about it. She sat down on the bed, separating Racheal from Brad, and turned towards her daughter, as if to have a conversation with her. Her hand rested on Racheal's thigh, as if to comfort her and she gently pulled Racheal's legs apart. Her eyes took in the sight before her.

Her daughter's pussy was very wet, and obviously had been well fucked. Droplets of Brad's cum dripping out of her were a dead giveaway. She scraped some off of Racheal onto her finger. Then, as the two young lovebirds watched in amazement, she licked her finger off. Brad's cum tasted so sweet to her, she realized that Racheal had made a fine catch indeed, and wanted to sample him for herself. Brad watched with wide wonder as Racheal's mother pushed her legs apart and started to lick that hot little pussy.

This was incredible! Racheal lay back on the bed, spreading her legs like a good little slut, and her mother buried her face in her cunt. Her mom's tongue flicked out, caressing those sensitive lips and Racheal's hard clit. With each deep stroke of her tongue, she licked up Racheal's pussy juices and Brad's cum, the combination tasted wonderful. Racheal let her hands wander up to her own breasts, which she started to gently toy with. Brad, recovering from his initial shock, reached over to her mother, and pulled her skirt off. Her mother's lacy panties were next. He couldn't help but to slip a finger inside her rapidly moistening pussy.

She pressed her ass back against Brad, forcing his fingers deeper inside her. At the same time, she allowed her own fingers to join her tongue inside Racheal's soaked pussy. Racheal moaned as she felt her mother's fingers and tongue on her cunt. This was fucking incredible. No one had ever done such a wonderful job eating her cunt; she felt herself cumming so quickly. Her tight pussy contracted against her mother's fingers as she screamed out in wild ecstasy. Her mother smiled up at her as she continued to finger fuck her, rapidly sliding her fingers into that hot, wet hole.

Her thumb was rubbing her clit with short, circular motions, and her tongue was lapping up every last drop of cum that dripped from her snatch. Racheal's body convulsed as she came, over and over again, and as her orgasm died down, so did her mother's motions. By now, Brad was licking her pussy, getting her ready for what he hoped would be a good fucking. The idea of doing both mother and daughter was turning him on; his cock was stiff once again.

Racheal sat up as her orgasm subsided, and she kissed her mother. The two women kissed long and hard, passionately entwining their tongues together as Brad eagerly watched. Racheal's mother slowly pulled her own top off, then her bra, freeing her magnificent breasts. Brad gazed at them with hungry delight; they were large and well formed, perfect for sucking. And that was what he and Racheal did. Her mother lay back on the bed, with two mouths greedily devouring her breasts.

The sensation was incredible! Brad certainly had a talented tongue, not only when he had been licking her pussy, but also sucking on her tits. Racheal was a bit more tentative, but she soon latched herself onto one of her mother's tits and was sucking for all she was worth. Her touch was gentler than Brad's was, Racheal let her lips and tongue play with her mother's nipple more while Brad was sucking the entire breast into his mouth. He was even bold enough to sneak a hand down between her legs as he sucked on her breasts, and she parted her legs for him. That allowed him to run his hand over her bush and slip a finger inside her juicy pussy. Racheal's mother moaned as she felt him sliding his fingers over her clit and into her cunt.

No matter how good it felt for her to get her tits sucked on, she knew she had to have Brad fuck her hot cunt. She sat up, forcing them off of her tits, and instructed Racheal to go to the bedroom to fetch something. Then she turned her attention to Brad. He was sitting upright on the bed, and his erect cock stood straight up. Without any hesitation, Racheal's mother lowered her mouth onto his manhood. She sucked cock like a pro, and that was a special treat for Brad. He closed his eyes as she bobbed her head up and down on him. Her mouth and tongue savored every inch of his cock. In fact, she was experienced enough at this to be able to taste the remnants of his cum and Racheal's young pussy off of him. While she sucked on Brad, her daughter reappeared. She had come back into the room with a video camera, and was busily filming the scene before her. Her mother had just finished rubbing Brad's cock on her face and was going down on him again.

Racheal was sure to get all the action in the frame. Astonished, she watched her mother suck Brad's cock into her mouth. She paused for a minute, then took the rest in. Brad moaned with pleasure as he felt his cock sliding down her throat. Racheal couldn't do that, in fact he had never been deep throated before. This was amazing! Racheal's mother bobbed her head down a few more times like that, deep throating him with ease and not even gagging once. Then she started shorter strokes on him, accompanied by stroking his shaft with her hand. Brad was good and hard, and he was definitely ready for the next part of this encounter.

As Racheal continued filming, her mother brought Brad's blowjob to a conclusion without sucking him off. After all, she had other plans for his cock. She lay down on the bed, keeping a hand on Brad's shoulder to prevent him from climbing right on top of her. With her legs spread and her cunt exposed, she snaked a hand down there to play with herself briefly. Her fingers pushed her pink pussy lips apart, and even dipped into her honeypot while Racheal got a close up. Once her mother was satisfied that she taped enough footage of her glistening pussy, she let Brad mount her.

Brad's cock was so hard that it hurt. First fucking his girlfriend, then watching her going at it with her mother was almost too much for him to take. Now he was going to fuck her mother's hot pussy too! He eagerly scampered up on top of the older woman, with his eyes meeting hers. Racheal's mother had the most seductive 'come fuck me' look in her eyes. Her breasts were perfect, each one's hard nipple poked out at him. Just past her dark pubic patch, he could see her wet and waiting cunt. He poised his cock at the opening to her hot pussy, and slowly slid himself inside her. Her hot wet pussy enveloped his penetrating cock; her muscles clamped down on him allowing his rigid member to slide in against the barest hint of resistance. But there was no mistaking her for Racheal.

His girlfriend was young, her pussy tight despite her recent experiences. Her mother was definitely a looser fit, the result of years of hard fucking. But that was a good thing. Brad eagerly pumped his cock in and out of her glorious fuck hole, savoring every thrust. She moaned as he fucked her, her eyes never leaving him, except to make sure that Racheal was capturing the whole episode on tape. He was much less experienced than the men she was used to, but his technique was still quite pleasurable. With youthful vigor, Brad steadily rammed his cock into her pussy, eliciting louder and louder moans.

"Oh, Brad! Oh, Brad!" she cried out. "That's it stud do your work! Fuck my pussy...fuck my hot wet pussy! I bet it's so loose compared to Racheal's, isn't it?" Brad barely nodded agreement. "That's OK, fuck me anyway, fuck me like the slut I am! It took dozens of cocks fucking me to get me this loose, fuck me like I'm your hot little whore!" He fucked her pussy even harder as she called out to him.

"Oh, God! That's it! Fuck me like all those men fucked me before! My cunt wants you! Fill me up with your cum! Oh, God, another cock getting off in that whore's pussy!" The dirty talk was really doing it to Brad. He could only imagine fucking Racheal while watching this on tape. He looked back down at her mother. By now, her breasts were jiggling very nicely with each successive thrust, and Brad knew that he wouldn't be able to hold out for much longer. Racheal licked her lips as she watched her boyfriend fucking her mother harder and harder. She couldn't believe what a slut her mother really was. Brad's motions reached a fever pitch. He gasped for breath as he fucked her as hard as he possibly could.

"Brad! Brad! That's it! Fuck my hot wet hole! Fuck my hot wet pussy hole!" screamed Racheal's mother as her orgasm overtook her. "Oh! Oh!" she cried as she clamped her legs around Brad's muscular back, forcing his cock deep inside her. That was enough for Brad, with a gasp he came, filling that hot cunt with his sticky wad. Racheal's mother felt him gushing inside her, his body locked up against hers as he pumped gobs and gobs of his cum into her well-fucked cunt. With a shudder, Brad rolled his spent body off of Racheal's mother. He lay on the bed next to her, panting.

She kept her legs spread for Racheal, and directed her daughter to come in with the camera for a close up. Her cunt was dripping with Brad's cum, and she was contracting her pussy to make more and more of it ooze out for effect on the tape. She had to admit to herself that watching her mother getting fucked was pretty erotic, and she wanted someone, anyone, to give her just as good a fucking too.

Maybe Brad would recover enough to do the job, or maybe her stepfather, yeah, that was it, her stepfather. Racheal had a good idea that her stepfather would love watching this tape while fucking her, that's probably why it surprised her when she heard her mother tell her to be sure and bring a copy of the tape along to give to her real father for his birthday when she went to visit with him next week...


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