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An Orgasm For Mary
by English Bob

"Arrhhhhhh...I'm cumming"

With a final thrust, John drove his penis deep into his wife's vagina and climaxed hard. For several seconds they both lay together, locked in their usual missionary' position, while John finished convulsing. It was their normal Saturday night'. John had licked Mary and then fucked her hard and fast until he came himself. Now sated, he rolled off her and was idly flicking his fingers over her still swollen nipples.

"How come you never orgasm when we make love?"

Mary looked surprised. "Wow! Where did that come from?"

"I just wondered," he continued. "We've been married for over a year and you never seem to reach a climax."

Mary looked at her husband. He seemed concerned, perhaps a little hurt. "It's okay baby. I always enjoy it. I don't need to cum."

John was not to be put off. He had been thinking about this a lot recently, and now he had summoned up the courage to ask her, he was going to get to the problem.

"Yeah, but sometimes I can feel you getting close, but you never seem to quite get there. Is it me? Don't be shy honey, tell me. What can I do to take you over the edge?

"Well, okay. But I am a little embarrassed about it. You see, I get so close to orgasm when...when...Oh I can't!"

"Please tell me baby"

"Well, its when you are deep inside me and you also have your finger in my ass!" She blurted out. "But your finger never seems to be quite enough. I've even tried by myself with a candle in there but it still doesn't work."

Mary blushed a deep red as she continued. "I think...I need...two at the same time!"

There was a long pause as John tried to understand. Had he heard her correctly? Did she really want to be fucked by two men at the same time?

"I'm sorry baby," said Mary. "I've said too much. I've upset you!" She turned away from him and started to sob gently.

John wrapped his arms around her and held her tightly. "No honey. It's fine, really. I'm just a little surprised is all. I'm not upset, actually the thought gets me quite hot! How would you want to do it?"

Mary turned back towards her husband, the tears drying on her face. He looked serious and perhaps a little excited.

"You mean it?" she said. "Would you really try to make my fantasy come true?"

"I love you baby. All I want is for you to be happy."

They cuddled and talked late into the night. Neither seemed to need sleep. It seemed that Mary had always harboured a fantasy about being taken by two men at once, but had never had the courage to try it. John had said that a friend from work, Paul, was always remarking on how attractive Mary was when he saw her at company functions. Perhaps he might be interested in helping them. They began to devise a plan. They would invite Paul over for drinks and a meal next Friday night.

During the course of the evening John and Mary would begin petting in front of Paul, getting heavier and heavier in the hope that Paul would react positively and join in. From there it would be easy, they thought. The hot, sexy conversation was now beginning to tell on John as they lay in bed. He had been casually playing with Mary's large breasts and nipples as the talked and he could feel his erection returning. Mary could feel it too and after they had gone over the plan for the third time, she took his cock between her fingers and guided him towards her mouth. In John's opinion, his wife's oral talents were unsurpassed, and in a very short time he found himself cumming for the second time in the same night.

Eventually Friday night arrived. Mary had prepared a wonderful meal and the three friends ate, drank and chatted easily. Mary had dressed for the occasion. She wore a simple, black evening dress with thin halter straps. The dress was long and had a split in the side that reached nearly to her hip. The figure hugging material accentuated her figure perfectly and did little to conceal her full, proud breasts. As the garment was dark in colour and could not be seen through, she had decided to be a little daring and leave her underwear safely in her drawer. The outfit was complimented nicely by a simple string of pearls around her long neck and high heeled black shoes on her feet.

After the meal was finished, John poured brandy for each of them and suggested they adjourn to the lounge and get comfortable. He winked seductively at Mary as he put some mellow soul music in the CD player causing her to blush a little and smile back. Mary was feeling a little buzzed from the brandy, and when John suggested that they dance, she accepted immediately. As the swayed around the living room floor, Mary loved the way her body felt so free, unrestrained as it was by her usual bra and panties. She could feel the cool air of the A/C system as it played around her legs through the split in her dress, gently caressing her thighs and whispering through her trimmed pubic region. She could feel her nipples already hard under the halter top and knew that she was becoming moist.

As they moved to the music, Mary became aware of her legs getting colder. She glanced down and realised that John had surreptitiously opened the split of her dress. She looked over at Paul. He was staring straight at her exposed leg. The bulge in the front of his jeans was unmistakable. Mary led their dance closer to Paul who was sitting comfortably on the sofa sipping his drink. She wanted him to have a good view.

"Open the split further," she whispered in her husband's ear. "Kiss me and put your hand on me."

John knew exactly what she meant, and in full view of his friend, gently lifted the flap of the dress to expose his wife's pussy. As they kissed deeply, John's fingers began to slide over Mary's pubic area and gently tease her vaginal lips open.

" have to say that I'm enjoying the view, but wouldn't you two like to be alone right now?" Said Paul

"If your embarrassed then we'll stop," John replied. This was the crunch moment. If they had gone too far and underestimated Paul's interest, then he might just get up and leave. "But I think maybe Mary would appreciate it if you would help me!"

There was a pause while all three friends looked at each other. Paul was trying to gauge the seriousness of John's request and seeing no hint of humour or trickery, assumed that he meant what he said.

"I'd love to help," he said jumping to his feet. "I've always lusted after you, Mary. I think you're so cute!"

Mary and John breathed a sigh of relief. With a lot of giggling they decided the best place to get more comfortable and all three tumbled to the floor. Things move hastily now. Clothes were shed and bodies were gently groped and kissed. In no time they were all naked. Mary was sitting between the two men with her legs spread wide. She had a hot erection in each hand as she slowly massaged the shafts and heads. Paul's fingers were darting in and out of her vagina while John reached under her and gently probed her ass. After seeing Paul's cock for the first time, Mary had immediately decided that it was too big for her ass. She would take Paul inside her pussy and let her husband take her back passage.

Laying her new lover on his back, Mary got into position. She flung one long slender leg over his torso and, straddling him, guided his solid eight inches towards her hot, wet pussy. She gasped out loud as the head pierced her lips and then slowly began to sink down onto its length. John heard his friend moan deeply as Mary lowered herself, he knew that her expert muscles would be gripping his shaft tightly, giving him as much pleasure as possible. As she took his entire length and relaxed on top of him, Mary leant forward and let her large breasts swing tantalisingly in front of Pauls face. Immediately Paul's head came up and sucked a swollen nipple deeply into his mouth. Mary moaned as his teeth bit down gently on the stiff bud, her body shivering with pleasure.

Paul began to slowly raise and lower his hips, making sure that Mary could feel every inch of his raging erection as it moved in and out of her pussy. She looked back over her shoulder at John with a pleading look in her eyes. John knew exactly what she wanted. This was her ultimate fantasy and he was not about to let her down now. In her bent position, he could see his friend's thick meat sliding in and out of her pussy. Her legs were well spread and her small asshole seemed to wink at him invitingly. Quickly grabbing the bottle of lubricant that he had left handy, he squeezed a liberal amount onto his hand and began to work it over the head of his hard cock and down the shaft. Taking a position behind her he spread the cool lotion around her twitching anus, making sure to liberally coat the insides as he opened her with his fingers.

As soon as Mary felt her husbands fingers in her tight hole, she began to moan wildly and toss her head from sided to side causing her tits to stretch away from Paul's mouth that still held her nipple clamped between his teeth. She felt a sudden stabbing pain as John entered her ass, but this soon faded and was replaced by a delightfully warm sensation. She felt more full, more complete than she ever had and a tingling impression was beginning to build in the pit of her stomach.

Both men moved in unison. When Paul withdrew inside her vagina, John thrust deep into her ass. She knew she was about to cum. Her nipples were swollen and ached as Paul bit them softly and the tingling sensation was building fast. Propping herself up on one arm, she used her other hand to rub her exposed clit. She was nearly there, she could sense her orgasm on the edge of her consciousness. Just needed a little more..just a little more.....

Suddenly and without warning, Paul bit down harder on her bouncing nipple and flooded her pussy with cum.

"Arrrhhhhhhh..... Oh yesssssss.... I'm cumming deep in your cunt..... mmmmmmmmmmmmm"

The combination of pain from her abused nipple and the sensation of Paul's cock spasming deep inside her vagina had the effect that Mary had always been searching for. It felt like her whole insides exploded at once. She felt a rush of adrenaline and her whole body shook, the spasms seeming to last for ever. Just as she thought that things could not get any better, John erupted into her ass and her orgasm started all over again. She screamed out this time losing herself in her emotions as she flooded Paul with her juice, the strength of her climax forcing his softening penis from her wet tunnel.

Mary was exhausted. Her long brown hair stuck to her back, there was a sheen of perspiration over her entire body. She was tired but happy. Finally she had done it. She had heard about orgasms, of course, but never having experienced one, there was no way she could have imagined how good it would be. She knew that she had to experience it again and again. She felt totally complete now.

They three friends made love over and over that night. Very carefully, they switched positions with Paul taking Mary's ass and John buried inside her pussy. Mary orgasmed again, but concluded that John's prick was by far the best fit for her butt. She also let Paul fuck her large breasts while she sucked her husband's cock, delighting as the both came together and splashed their seed over her boobs.

One month and another three sex filled nights later, Paul moved in with the delighted couple. Mary knew that she had found the perfect solution and now experiences shattering orgasms every night.

- The End -

* * * * *

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