The Best Erotic Stories.

Alexandra's Odyssey Ch. II
by KillerMuffin

I opened my eyes when the truck shimmied to a stop and Mitch released the air brakes with a loud hissing. I smiled briefly to myself, the world was farting. Getting up on my hands and knees, I peered through the windshield, trying to figure out where we were. Off towards the left I could see the Interstate and an entrance ramp with several trucks accelerating back to the highway. To the right was a mown hay field. Hmmm.

"We're at a weigh station, I have to take my paperwork in, I'll be right back." Mitch lifted the skirt of my short dress up over my back and kissed my exposed ass. I looked at him. He grinned unrepentantly and patted my fanny. I smiled back.

Shutting my eyes I settled my head on the pillow, leaving my rear up in the air. My fingers slid down and into my pussy. Maybe Mitch would be interested in a snack when he returned. He frequently did. I've had my pussy eaten more in the last week than I had in my previous 25 years. It seemed that every time we stopped my rump would be perched on the edge of the top bunk, legs over his shoulders and his busy tongue slurping up every drop of juice he could coax from my pussy.

Sometimes I wondered if it was an intentional design to have the top bunk just the perfect height for pussy licking. I was getting closer to orgasm thinking about it. I backed off of my clit, not wanting to come without Mitch. He probably didn't have time to join me. Now that I'd gotten a good taste of sharing my orgasms, I didn't want to do it alone anymore, even if all he did was watch. He liked to watch.

There was something inherently erotic about a woman laying on a bed fully dressed, with her ass in the air and her dress around her waist. Even if we did have to get down the road, I was sure the sight of me fingering myself in that position would be enough for him to stay until I came, hopefully until he did too. Sometimes I wish he wasn't quite so dedicated to his job.

I started on my clit again when I heard the door open. The truck creaked and shifted as he climbed in. I heard the rustling of papers, then the sudden intake of breath and a clipboard hitting the floor of the truck. My insides clenched as I came nearer to orgasm. A few moments later his hand was on my ass, squeezing. I came almost instantly.

Rolling onto my side, I brought my fingers up and sucked the wetness off of them. Pussy juice didn't have much taste to me one way or the other, but I knew it drove him wild to see me do that. I opened my eyes to see how effective my little show had been. A very hard cock was making a tent behind a pair of pants. However, the pants weren't Mitch's and neither was the cock. My eyes wandered up the rest of his body until I met his gaze.

"Hello ma'am." The cop said. His fingers were still squeezing my hip. I stared at him, mystified. What the hell do you say to a police officer at a time like this?

The truck rocked a little bit as Mitch climbed into it and knelt on his seat to look into the sleeper. "She had her ass in the air didn't she." Mitch said. "She has the sexiest ass."

"Yep. Specially when its wiggling." The cop said. I pressed my face into the sheets and groaned. I had never been so embarrassed in my life. I'd just put on a one woman sex show for a perfect stranger, an officer of the law no less. I could be arrested for public lewdness, or was I even in public? Maybe if I pretended he wasn't there, the cop would go away and I could die of mortification in peace.

The door slammed shut, the truck creaked as one of them moved around in it. I sucked in a sharp breath and looked back. Mitch was leaning around the cop, he'd stuck his fingers into my pussy. He grinned at me, then sucked the juice from his fingers. The cop slid his hand very slowly from my hip towards my pussy. I froze, my heart beating wildly, wondering if he'd do it. He looked from me to the grinning Mitch, then back to my pussy.

The officer's fingers touched my pubic hair. He shut his eyes and slid them into my pussy. I moaned while the cop explored my pussy. He had a dazed I-can't-believe-this-is-happening-to-me expression on his face. Mitch took out his cock and started stroking it. He smiled at me while the officer continued staring at my pussy.

Just as diffidently as the cop had moved on my pussy, I moved toward his dick. Watching him for the slightest sign of a no, I unbuckled his utility belt and put it on the floor. His thumb found my clit, making me moan again. I undid another belt, then a button and a zipper. His pants sagged around his hips. I pulled them down his thighs, my eyes locked on a very nice dick pressing against cotton briefs. I hooked a finger into the waistband and pulled them down too.

Mmmm, the police officer had a beautiful dick. It was longer than Mitch's, but not as big around. It curved up towards his belly, the head purplish red and oozing precum. I leaned up and licked a few drops off. I wanted more of it. I wrapped my lips around the head of the cop's dick and ran my tongue over it, trying to tease more precum from it. When that failed to get the results I wanted, I sucked on his cock hard, taking more into my mouth.

Mitch lifted my top leg up and out of the way, moments later his dick slid past the cop's fingers and deep into my pussy. He started a long, slow stroking, the movement he used when he wanted to savor my pussy, but not come. That was fine with me, I wanted to keep most of my attention on the dick jerking in my mouth.

I pulled him out of my mouth and traced the big throbbing vein down the length of the shaft with my tongue. I caught the loose skin just beneath the head on the underside of his dick and sucked on it. Rolling the head around on my tongue, I sucked up more of his precum. The cop moaned and dug his fingers into my hair. I swallowed more and more of his cock, rubbing my teeth along the shaft as I did. I took as much as I could and paused, my mouth full of dick, to savor the sensation of that long hot shaft.

Down in my pussy, Mitch's cock was rubbing me in all the right places. The officer's fingers were teasing my clit until I thought it would explode. My body jerked and wriggled on Mitch's dick in appreciation. My mouth moved on the officer's dick, nearly gagging around my moans, groans and squeals.

The whole thing was so fascinatingly naughty. Something I never even fantasized about. My orgasm bubbled through me, but I didn't want it, not just yet. I wanted more of what I was feeling, more cock, more come. Just more. I squeezed the dick in my pussy as hard as I could and sucked the dick in my mouth even more studiously. The taste of that penis was musky and meaty and I didn't want to let it go. The smell of it was almost as addicting.

"Oh my gawd." The cop was gasping, or something to that effect. He began backing up, trying to pull out of my mouth. "I'm going to come." He grunted.

I followed him, lips attached firmly. I dug my fingernails into his ass cheeks and swallowed more dick than I'd ever swallowed before. He wasn't leaving my mouth until I'd tasted his cum. He backed another step, I wrapped my lips around his dick near the base and sucked. My tongue rubbed around, snake-like, as best it could, massing all the cock it could reach. He grabbed the back of my head and shoved forward, howling.

The head of his prick slid past my tonsils and I wanted to howl. My throat wrapped around the head and clenched, gagging on him. My nose was pressed flat against his belly. His cum sprayed the back of my throat. I managed to pull his cock far enough out so the final spurts of his salty warm cum ran all over my tongue and down my throat.

My throat was sore and my nose was running. I wiped at it when the cop slid his cock from my mouth and sagged against the shelving next to the bed. Mitch pulled out of my pussy and kissed me on the forehead. I licked around the inside of my mouth, then my lips, searching for anymore cum.

"You look so sexy doing that baby." He said, sitting on the center of the bunk, his back against the wall. He held his prick by the base and smiled boyishly at me. "My turn?"

I laughed, straddled his legs and slid the head of his dick into my mouth. It was comfortable, familiar. Something inside me sighed in delight. As much as my fondness for dick had grown, this particular one would be my favorite. I swirled my tongue around the tip then peppered it with affectionate kisses.

Behind me, the cop patted my upturned ass, then slid his fingers into my pussy again. I wiggled my rear in appreciation. I smiled at Mitch, feeling ridiculously happy. He smiled back at me, caressing my cheek. The cop pressed the head of his revived cock to my pussy and rubbed, burrowing between my labia. He nudged my pussy lips apart and slid deep inside of me, where Mitch had been not to long before.

I parted my lips and lowered them down Mitch's length. I wanted to see how deep I could go, if I could nudge him past my tonsils and into my throat. The officer's fingers gripped my hips, holding me steady while he worked his dick in and out. I squeezed with my pussy, feeling a warm friction and more wetness. The cop groaned. Every inward stroke thrust the cock in my mouth deeper inside. Every outward stroke allowed the cock in my mouth to slip outward. A smooth fucking that I'd read about so often it was almost cliche, but in practice was titillating. One man fucking my pussy, guiding the fucking my mouth did on the cock of another man.

"Make me come baby." Mitch murmured. Obligingly, I let his dick pop out of my mouth and sucked on one of my fingers. The long middle one. When I returned my attention back to his dick, I also began working my wet finger into his ass. Slowly and easily, rubbing and massaging the tight muscles, I managed to get most of my finger inside. In my mouth his cock grew harder. My finger found that sweet spot and made slow back and forth movements on it.

Mitch roared when he came, a long growl with a tightening of all of his muscles and a lengthening of his dick. He sprayed the inside of my mouth with his cum and I greedily swallowed it and sucked for more. He pulled his cock from my lips and wormed his way out from under me. Sitting down beside me, Mitch's hand went to my pussy and my clit. "Now, fuck her like you mean it." He told the cop.

The cop suddenly started sawing in and out of me with renewed vigor. Mitch's fingers rubbed, squeezed and circled my clit. My pussy clamped down on the cop's dick and started throbbing. Orgasm bubbled through my veins.

"That's it baby, come. I want to watch you come on his dick."

I looked back over my shoulder. The cop was pumping into my pussy, his eyes shut and teeth clenched as he grunted. Mitch was staring at us where we were fucking. My arms and legs began shaking as I came closer and closer to coming. Mitch looked up, his fingers circling my clit, and met my eyes. I came hard, losing all sensation but the finger on my clit, the suddenly huge dick thrusting into me, and Mitch's eyes. Vaguely, I was aware of the cop shouting as he came as well.

His fingers still softly rubbing my clit, Mitch leaned forward and kissed me, his tongue tasting my lips, then delving between them. I ignored the cop as he cleaned himself up with something and restored his uniform to rights.

"You're good to go driver." The cop said, then he tipped his hat to me. "Thank you ma'am."

"You're welcome." I said, not having any idea what else to say. The cop smiled and left.

"Spread your legs, I want to see your pussy." Mitch murmured. I scooted myself backwards, not paying attention to the cum leaking out of me onto the blankets. I spread my legs for him. He groaned at whatever he saw down there. "I love your pussy. It's beautiful."

Then he shocked me. He leaned over me and kissed the cum matted hair of my pussy. It was full of another man's cum. I tried to sit up, but his hand on my belly stopped me. I felt his tongue worming down from the top of my slit, across the hood hiding my still sensitive clit and in between the folds of my pussy lips. I didn't know what to think and after a few seconds of his licking, I couldn't think. His flicking tongue caressed my pussy, inside and out. He took one of the lips into his mouth and sucked on it. Two fingers slid into my hole.

"Did you like that baby?" He asked, then bit at my thigh.

"I love the way you lick me."

"No, fucking the DOT. Sucking him off and then letting him fuck you. Did you like it?"

"I liked it."

That admission was enough for him apparently. He nuzzled my thigh, then slid his tongue through my labia. My fingers went from his head to my lips, to hold myself open for him. He growled appreciation and renewed his oral invasion. I screamed when I came.

He crawled up my body, grinning, then kissed me. I wrapped myself around him and sucked delicately on his tongue. I sank into his kiss, far more involved in it than I'd ever thought a kiss could be. Nothing penetrated my brain except for the feel of him.

It suddenly occurred to me that a kiss could be far more intimate than sex itself. My eyes flew open and I almost bit his tongue. He met my gaze and I could see his smile in his eyes. He squeezed my naked fanny.

"Just as well sweetheart. We have 42,000 pounds of newsprint that has to be delivered by 6 in the morning or life as we know it will cease to exist." He placed a kiss on my nose.

"Cease to exist?" I laughed.

"Don't believe me? Ask my dispatcher."

I sat curled in the passenger chair watching him expertly merge the truck onto the busy highway. He had one of his books on tape playing and there was the usual chatter over the CB. Something about a seat cover. I never understood the truckers' collective fascination with seat covers.

I thought back over what had just happened to me, wild sex with two men, one a complete stranger. I smiled a little. This was going to be an adventure I'd never forget.


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