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Alexandra's Odyssey Ch. III
by KillerMuffin

The sun had disappeared ahead of us. Mitch kept the truck moving steadily. It was still light out, twilight, but headlights were on. It was impossible to see into the cabs of oncoming vehicles. I glanced at Mitch from the corner of my eye. It was a dull load, computer parts or some such thing, and this stretch of I80 was calm, no wind. He'd said we'd be pulling into a rest area in about an hour. Huhm. Since being with him I'd gotten a dirty mind.

I stood up and rapidly stripped out of everything. I sat back down and placed my feet strategically to give him a good view. I fingered myself, humming at the pleasant feelings. He glanced at me, took it off cruise, and stepped on it. The truck rumbled past the speed limit. We passed several cars and then a big truck. Mitch was barely paying attention to the traffic.

"Westbound is she doin what I think she's doin?" A voice demanded over the CB.

"She sure is." Mitch replied. I blushed to my toes, but didn't stop. Mitch grinned at me.

"Hooooooooooly shee-it." The other driver stated.

"What's she doing westbound?" Another driver demanded.

"Helluva seatcover you got there driver." The first one said. "Where did you get her? There any more of 'em?"

"What's the 20 on the seatcover?" More truckers began chiming in. "What's she doing?"

"Eastbound what'd you leave behind you?" Mitch asked. "Got a plain brown wrapper about the 115 and half westbound with a customer. Full grown bear sitting back at the 83 yardstick watchin your side."

Translation: there was an unmarked police car giving someone a ticket at milemarker 115 1/2 and a highway patrol at the 83rd milemarker.

"Two full grown bears sittin in the middle at the 25 and one did a flip-flop heading westbound at the 30. Westbound coop is open." Someone replied.

Translation: two highway patrols were sitting in between both sides of the highway at milemarker 25 and one highway patrol had been going east, then turned around at milemarker thirty. The weigh station for westbound traffic was open.

"42. Have a safe trip driver." Mitch said.

"You too westbound."

Knowing where the cops were was usually a good thing when one was in a hurry to get someplace. Mitch was definitely in a hurry. The rest area came along none too soon, I was getting ready to orgasm. As he pulled into it, the driver that had been dogging us, trying to get a good look, came over the CB. "You gettin some TransX?"

"Fuck yeah." Mitch told him. Then flicked off the CB before the barrage of questions could bother us.

The rest area was crowded with trucks, as they usually are. Mitch made himself a parking spot on the on ramp, parallel parking in a line of trucks that had already been formed. I hopped into the bunk as he popped the air brakes. He climbed from the driver's seat, yanking at his pants. He shoved them down, grabbed his erection and thrust it home in one smooth motion.

I wrapped my legs around his ass and shoved my pussy up at him. It was still throbbing and wet from my masturbation, ready to come. Mitch thrust deep once, twice, then held himself still, all muscles tensed, spurting hot globs of cum in my pussy.

He muttered something I didn't understand, then rolled us over and shut his eyes. "Give me your pussy, babe, so I can make you come before I go to sleep." He murmured. Still a little shocked that the whole thing was over so quickly, I twisted around, putting my pussy in his face. His tongue slipped into my hole and a finger tickled my clit. In all the dirty stories and letters that I'd read, the man would flick his tongue on the clit and finger fuck the hole. Mitch did it the opposite way. He wanted to suck my cum from my pussy, not his finger.

I replaced his finger with my own. Somehow he managed to get a grip on my slippery pussy lips and pulled them wide open. His tongue wriggled all over the newly exposed pussy flesh, then plunged deep into my hole again. It didn't take much of this for me to orgasm. He lapped up my juices for a few moments, then nuzzled at me.

I had to pee. I pulled my pussy off of his face and got to my feet. He grunted and rolled onto his side, already sleeping. Smiling, I pulled on my clothes. I shook him awake and let him know where I was off to, then clambered from the truck.

It had gotten dark, almost pitch black. There were some lights in the rest area, but not many. Off to the west it was still a little lighter. I got my bearings, then headed to the restroom facilities. There wasn't much more light and it seemed to be mostly deserted. A man was using a phone and someone else was looking at the map. I went inside and took care of business.

When I came back out, the man at the map was gone. The man at the phone had hung up, but hadn't moved from his position. He straightened when he saw me. Something inside clenched. I turned and began walking quickly towards the truck, just shy of running. His hand clamped down on my upper arm before I knew what was happening.

"What's the rush honey?" He asked. "I'll give you fifty."

That confused me. "What?"

"Fifty bucks. For a quick fuck. I got a rubber, you won't give me whatever you got." He pushed me towards a picnic table. I stumbled.

"I'm not a whore." I got my feet under me properly, and made a break for it.

He grabbed me again. I turned on him, swinging wildly with my fists. I managed to kick him in the general area of his balls. He caught both of my wrists and dragged me to a picnic table. I shrieked and tried to bite him. I jerked against him, suddenly feeling completely helpless. He wasn't big and strong like Mitch, but he was much stronger than me.

"That wasn't very nice." He growled. He held both of my wrists with one hand, ripping at my clothes with the other. I pulled, twisted, and yanked, but couldn't get them free. I opened my mouth to scream. "Do it and I'll break your arm."

He pushed me down onto the ground. I rolled to the side and tried to scramble away. He caught my ankle, stopping me. I kicked at him. He came down on top of me, pressing me into the dirt. Inside my head my brain was beginning to go numb. The darkened park area around me took on a hellish unreality. He pressed one of his legs between mine. I started screaming.

The old terror that had nothing to do with what was happening washed over me. My perception of reality twisted sharply, like a rag being wrung out. After that, blackness.

I had no memory when I opened my eyes. I could hear a highway and the continuous rumble of diesel engines in the background. I couldn't see anything. I lifted my head, despite the unsteadiness. My face had been in the dirt. I looked at the darkness around me, not able to gather a thought. I had no idea who I was, where I was, how I'd gotten there. I wasn't able to formulate those questions. There was no curiosity, despite the lack of information. The dizziness was too much. I put my head into the dirt and went to sleep.

The flashing lights woke me up later. Flashing red and blue, almost strobe like. I turned my head and whined. The lights hurt my brain and made the world wring itself out in the most sickening way. Someone nearby yelled. Footsteps came running my way, and I was surrounded by people.

"Lex." A familiar voice said, I turned towards him. My name, that was my name. Mitch. He was Mitch.

"Mitch." I felt relief wash through me, chasing away the terror. I smiled. "Mitch. Make the lights go away. They hurt."

"All right sweetheart. Just lie still." He sounded like he was choking. I closed my eyes.

"I'm tired." I said. The world was fading away.

"Go to sleep baby, I'll take care of you." I felt his fingers in my hair. "Sleep."

I revived again briefly when the ambulance came, then slept again. I was in an emergency room at a hospital when I woke up again. I blinked against the bright lights and reached for Mitch. He grabbed my hand and moved next to the bed. "I'm here baby."

"Mitch. I want to go to the truck." I said, trying to sit up.

"Just lay back. We're almost done here, then we'll go to the truck." He said soothingly. After a brief visit with the local ER doc, the police showed up.

"Hello Miss Smith. I'm Officer Parker with the highway patrol. I'd like to ask you a few questions before I take you back to your vehicle."

The fear was back. My brain wasn't working well at all, and my memory was sketchy. Mitch squeezed my hand.

"What do you remember?" The officer asked.

"Nothing. Going to the bathroom." I remembered that. It was starting to come back.

"When you went to the bathroom you met a man." The officer said. I remembered suddenly, the man by the phone. I felt the blood drain from my face. "Do you remember him?" I nodded. "What happened?"

"He was on the ph-phone when I went in and was w-waiting for m-me when I came out. He gra-grabbed me and pushed me. I tr-tr-tried to get away. There was dirt. Then I- I had a seizure." I said. The cop questioned me for a while, dragging out a description of the man.

"We don't think you were raped, Miss Smith. We believe that he was scared off when you began seizing and did not complete the crime." The officer said. "The doctor couldn't find anything when he examined you. There was no bruising and the only semen we found belongs to Mr. Harrison here. Here's my card if you can think of anything further. We'll contact you if we find anything. I'll take you back whenever you're ready."

I curled into the bunk when we got back to the truck. Mitch helped me off with my shoes and clothes, then curled around me. I burrowed my face into his neck, sighing. He held me tightly while I drifted off to sleep. Mitch was mostly silent and almost painfully careful around me. I became more paranoid. When we were off the truck, it was all I could do to separate myself from him long enough to go to the bathroom. Rest areas were avoided. Mitch stopped touching me.

We laid over in Nevada, so he could catch up on his sleep and maybe we could both relax a little. I studied Mitch across the table in the restaurant. I missed him, the easy relationship we had, the companionship, and the sex. The only way to get rid of fear, I told myself, is to face it. "Can we get a hotel room for tonight?" I asked.

He looked up and smiled briefly. It almost hurt to see it. "Sure."

It was a normal room with a king sized bed. Plenty of free floor space for what I had in mind. Mitch put our bags on the dresser and fiddled with the TV. I turned it off. "I need your help."

He looked suspicious. "What do you need?"

"I want to sort of re-enact what happened. I want you to finish it though, like he would have."

"What the hell for? Don't torture yourself this way baby."

"I'm tired of being afraid. I trust you, you'll never hurt me."

He looked world weary all of the sudden, sad and tired. He nodded his head. "All right sweetheart. If you're sure. Just let me know if it becomes too much for you."

I went to the bag and pulled on the ripped clothes I'd been wearing. He stood up straighter. He had a "what now?" expression on his face. I turned my back to him, fists clenched tightly. Unreasonably, fear trickled down my spine. "Grab me, my arms then my wrists. He did it from behind."


"Please Mitch, just do it. Grab me and then make love to me from behind. Make it go away. Please." I would beg if I had to.

Suddenly, Mitch grabbed my upper arms, squeezing them tightly. I almost jumped out of my skin. He slid his hands down to my wrists. Visions of the other night moved through my brain. He held both wrists in one hand. I offered him no resistence. In my mind I kept saying, this is Mitch, this is Mitch. Following an impromptu script, Mitch ripped at the front of my shorts, then yanked them down. I flinched. He hesitated, then ripped the tank top off of me.

He pressed his body against my back. He kissed my neck. I leaned into him. This was Mitch. He let go of my wrists and ran his fingers lightly over my nipples before cupping my breasts. My nipples hardened. "Lay down." He ordered, his voice husky.

Willingly, I stretched out on the floor on my belly. He knelt beside me, his fingers tracing my spine and then my ass. His lips lazily followed the path his fingers had made. My body slowly relaxed as his lips and tongue worked their wet magic against my skin. He petted my ass with his fingers, making goose bumps erupt. They shifted down to the backs of my thighs, and between, delving for my pussy. I tensed a moment, then spread my legs.

With a final nibble on my back, he put himself between my legs, spreading them wider. His hands touched me all over, his tongue slid into my pussy. I moaned and lifted up against his mouth. In and out, back and forth, he drove me to orgasm only to back off. He slipped a finger inside and rubbed my clit with his thumb. I groaned.

"How are you doing up there baby?" He asked.

"Make me come, please make me come." I wiggled my butt for emphasis, to entice him. He bit a cheek lightly.

His tongue licked the place he'd just bitten. "It's all you baby." He said. "Tell me what you want me to do."

"Make me come." I ordered. Was the man dense? He laughed, I could feel it against my pussy.

"You can do better than that." He pulled his hand away from my pussy. "If you don't tell me what to do, I won't do it."

"Kiss my pussy." I said. He leaned down and did just that. A single quick kiss. "Use your fingers to spread my lips apart and lick deep inside."

I groaned when he did just that, spreading me open and sliding his tongue in. Telling him so explicitly what I wanted from him was making me hotter. "Lick all over the outside, then push it in, then all over the outside and then in. Over and over. Fast."

"Finger my clit. Oooooooooooh." My hips lifted up and back, bringing my pussy more firmly up to his face. I was drawing closer to orgasm. "Finger my clit faster. Put your tongue deep. Fuck me with your tongue."

"Are you hard?" My voice was unsteady and broken by gasps and moans. I almost couldn't hear his reply over myself.

"Oh yes baby. You're turnin' me on."

My insides clenched and my pussy sucked at his tongue. I needed to be filled. "Fuck me."


"Put your cock inside my pussy and fuck the hell out of me. I want to come all over your cock." I almost came at the mere thought of him fucking me.

I got my knees up under me, pushing my ass in the air and tilting my pussy up invitingly. He groaned at the sight. I heard the ripping of a zipper, then felt the broad head of his cock against my pussy. He stopped.

"Hold my lips open with one hand and rub your cock all over my pussy." I shuddered when he did it, he was so hot and I was so wet. "Push it in. All the way."

"How?" He sounded choked. I pushed back, taking the tip of him inside before he pulled it away and rubbed my clit with it.

"Push it in slow as far as you can, then pull almost all the way back and fuck it in hard and fast until your cock is all the way in." I was hard to understand, broken with oohs and uuhhhs. My ass was wriggling, my pussy rubbing against his cock. He groaned and did as ordered.

The first thrust of his cock was exquisite. Hot and thick, the head widening and stretching my pussy. He pulled it back so just the head was inside. "What does it look like?" I was getting demanding. He rubbed my ass, his thumb brushing my asshole.

"Hot. My hard cock in your pussy." He started fucking his cock into me, hard and fast as I'd wanted. I moaned, uncaring of the people in other rooms, when my pussy lips settled around the base of his cock, mashed against his pelvis.

"Get a finger wet and stick it in my ass." I wormed a hand under me and started fingering my clit. He worked a finger in my ass, twisting and rubbing. "Oh gawd."

He pushed at his cock from inside my ass, then started thrusting heavily. I matched him stroke for stroke. "Come for me baby. Come for me." He was chanting over and over.

My pussy squeezed him convulsively. The delicious feeling of sex skittered up my spine and I came. He put his free hand over my mouth and shuddered against me. His body stiffened, his cock swelled inside and I felt him coming deep in my pussy.

I sprawled fully on the carpet, he sprawled on top of me. He kissed my sweaty neck and nuzzled my ear. "I love you babe."


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