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Abbot - Prisoner #14357 Pt. I
by English Bob

"Abbot! Visitor"

The prison officers voice was sharp and to the point as usual.

"Who is it? I'm not expecting anyone."

"How the fuck should I know? On your feet Abbot, come on, MOVE IT!"

With a sullen look I dropped the magazine I had been reading on my bunk and climbed down to face the officer. I held out my wrists in the time honoured fashion and immediately felt the familiar, cool embrace of the hand cuffs as they clicked firmly in place. As I hadn't issued any visiting orders this week, I assumed that it must be my lawyer come to see me now. I had only three months to go on an eighteen month sentence for assault, and Mr. Davis, my lawyer, tended to call in to see me unannounced, as it were, to discuss my pending release date.

Officer Brown marched me along the corridor towards the visiting area, the stale, disinfectant smell that constantly permeated the whole building rich in my nostrils. I knew that whenever I encountered this smell in the future it would remind me of this godforsaken place. I was led into the empty visiting room and Brown indicated that I should sit at the sole table in the centre of the stark room. For a screw, Brown wasn't too bad. He had always treated me fairly and, in a way, I quite liked him. Not that I would be sorry to see the back of him, or anyone else here, in three months time. I slouched into a plastic chair on one side of a cheap, functional table, an empty seat opposite, and lit a cigarette. To be honest, these meetings with my lawyer bored the shit out of me. I drew deeply on the cigarette and exhaled a cloud of blue, grey smoke across the table. As the smoke rose and drifted lazily in the stagnant air, I saw a blue suited figure enter from the far door.

I was faintly surprised as the man took a seat on the other side of the table and looked directly at me. This was not Davis. In fact I had never seen him before. He took out a buff file from his leather briefcase and spread it open on the table in front of him. He read out loud:

"Abbot, William. 38 years old. Eighteen months for assault."

He continued to reel off all my personal details from his file. He was extremely well informed. He even knew that my sentence had been light due to the extenuating circumstances; I had attacked some thug in a bar who had been beating on a woman that I knew. Unfortunately, the first thing that came to hand was a pool cue, and even more unfortunately I had fractured his thick skull. Hence eighteen months in the slammer.

"So, what the fuck do you care?" I said, still slouching and breathing smoke towards my unnamed companion. "Who the fuck are you anyway?"

"My name is Jennings. I represent -" He started.

"Shit! Another lawyer. I knew it. You all look the same - what happened to Davis?"

"I am aware that you are represented by Mr. Davis," Jennings continued, "but I am not connected with that gentleman. Yes, I am a lawyer, but as I was saying, I represent another party altogether. A party that wishes to remain anonymous at this time but one that could do you a lot of good. I have been authorised to offer you a position of employment, Mr. Abbott. You would be released on licence, almost immediately and into our care, where you would spend the remaining three months of your sentence. After that time, if you so desired you would be entitled to end your contract of employment and return to the outside world or you could opt to continue, assuming that your work has been satisfactory. Does that sound interesting to you, Mr. Abbot?"

Interesting? It sounded fucking fantastic! A ready made job and getting out of this shit-hole three months early into the bargain.

"What's the job?" I asked, trying to hide my excitement. "And why me?"

"My employer wishes to hire you as a sort of.....body-guard for his wife. You would be responsible for her complete welfare."

Jennings paused and looked me straight in the eyes.

"Let me be blunt, Mr. Abbot. We are both men of the world, yes?"

Without waiting for me to either confirm or deny his last question, he continued.

"My employer, and hopefully soon to be yours too, is a wealthy man but is advancing in years. He is looking for someone who can look after his wife in! The lady in question is substantially younger than her husband and he finds it increasingly more difficult to satisfy her in this area. My employer, however, still has sexual feelings for his wife but prefers to sate them by means of voyeurism. Do you understand the implications of this? Would you be interested?"

I nodded, almost dumbstruck. As far as I could make out, this old guy wanted me to look after his wife and fuck her whenever she wanted it while he watched. What was there not to be interested in?

"You have been chosen, Mr. Abbot - or may I call you Bill?"

I nodded again.

"You have been chosen, Bill, because your reputation with the fairer sex precedes you. My employer is a very thorough man and is well aware of your, shall we say, conquests?"

It was true. I don't like to boast, but I have slept with literally hundreds and hundreds of women. I am blessed with an athletic body, an over-average sized endowment and the staying power to use it effectively. I have been known, in the past, to make it with four women in the same night, satisfying them all. But that was in the past. For well over a year I had been festering in this place. Some of the cons here were happy to indulge themselves in self abuse while others turned to each other for release, be it with or without the other parties consent.

Neither of these options I found attractive, so consequently I tried to keep thoughts of a sexual nature as far from my mind as possible. I wondered if I was still as good as I once was. I didn't have to wonder for long. If everything went pear shaped, at least I would be getting out of this stinking hole, and that in itself was worth everything! I agreed to take the position immediately. Jennings told me that he would pass on the good news to his employer and make arrangement for me to be collected from the prison gates later that evening.

True to his word, Jennings arrived at the gates at 6.30pm precisely. The sound of keys rattling in locks and heavy metal doors slamming shut were still ringing in my ears as I climbed into the back seat of a new Jaguar, the smell of wood and leather a very pleasant change from the aroma's that had stayed with me for the last year or so. As an unseen driver tooled the large vehicle away from my last home, Jennings chatted and briefed me on some of my duties outside of the bedroom. He explained that his, and now also my, employer kept only a small staff of trusted aides. They were a small, close team; almost a family and, with the exception of the boss, were all on first name terms. Jennings introduced himself as Ronald and showed me photographs of our employer and the house that was to become my next home.

As soon as I looked at the pictures, I recognised him immediately as John Briggs MP. Sometime ago he had been front page news for his fairly relaxed policies on pornography and censorship but had then faded into the back benches of the government, until about two years ago. It was at this time that he had met and quickly married Alice Collins, a well known socialite and a woman thirty years his junior. It had created quite a scandal at the time, but as the press found very little assistance from his tight-lipped employees, the story soon died a natural death and Briggs and his wife had again almost disappeared into obscurity. The conversation between Jennings and I soon petered out, and I was left to muse on thoughts of Alice Briggs-Collins as we sped noiselessly towards our destination.

When we finally arrived at the house, I was not so much disappointed as surprised. The building was not as I had expected; not some rambling mansion, but rather a solidly built, large home hidden away behind a parade of tall conifers and approached only from a long, winding gravel drive. As the expensive car crunched along the driveway, I saw the extensive grounds illuminated by strategically placed lanterns. Automatic security lights picked out the front of the house as we pulled to a stop.

After a brief tour of the downstairs of the house I was introduced to the other staff. The cook and housekeeper seemed friendly and warm as did the two young serving girls; a pair of giggling teenagers both blessed with attractive features and firm, plump breasts. A cold supper had been left out for me, and as I ate and chatted with the girls, glancing every now and then at their ample charms, a stirring erection reminded me that I had not had any close physical contact with a woman for some time.

The more the teenagers openly flirted with me, the more I yearned to touch them. I wanted to stroke their bodies, to taste the exquisite female nectar from between their long, slender legs and finally to plunge my neglected manhood deep into a warm mouth or wet vagina. My erection was becoming almost painful as I lusted after them, and it came as some relief when Jennings said that he would show me to my room. Trying, probably unsuccessfully, to hide my modesty as I rose from the table, I thanked the cook for the meal and threw a wink at the two girls. I followed Jennings through the door and up the long, steep stairs, their giggling laughter echoing in my ears.

As I was expecting little from my personal accommodation, I was absolutely delighted when I entered the room. The furniture looked expensive and comfortable in the living area, complete with TV and VCR. Shelves groaned with stacked books and video tapes and a CD player sat on a table in the corner. A door let into the bedroom where I could see a decent sized bed with crisp, clean linen, a treat I was looking forward to immensely, and a large, walk in closet well stocked with suits and clothes in my size. A third door led to a beautiful bathroom with tub and shower unit, clean towels hanging from a heated rail.

"Mr. Briggs requested that I leave you some video tapes from his .personal collection." Said Jennings with a sly smile as he handed me the items. "He and Mrs. Briggs will be expecting to see you in the morning. Perhaps the tapes now will ensure that you don't disappoint tomorrow! Try to get a good night's rest. I'll also see you tomorrow. Goodnight Bill."

"Yes, thanks Ronald," I replied. "Thanks for everything."

As Jennings closed the door behind him I looked at the tapes in my hand. The covers depicted unmistakeable scenes from pornographic films. I knew what he meant. The last thing I wanted to do was to suffer from the dreaded premature ejaculation on my first "date" with my new employers. I decided to shower first, jerk myself off while watching a tape and then slip between those inviting sheets for my first night of freedom.

The following morning I woke early feeling refreshed and rested. The sun streamed in through the open window (another treat for me) as I began my usual early morning ritual of exercise. A hundred sit-ups were followed by fifty press-ups before I headed for the shower with tingling muscles. I could smell the delicious aroma of bacon cooking and coffee perking coming from the kitchen, and it was with a hearty appetite that I donned one of the suits in my closet and joined the other staff to break my fast. Although everything seemed new and strange to me, it was obviously just another day for the others. As they busied themselves with their early tasks, it reminded me that I had a very pleasant job to do this morning.

Thinking back to the previous night as I tucked into crisp bacon and munched toast, I knew that Jennings had been right. It had taken less than ten minutes for my neglected balls to erupt what seemed like a gallon of semen over my hand as I watched the sexual adventures of several young couples enacted on the tape that I had watched. I had let the tape run long after my climax and had been surprised when, after another few minutes, my erection returned and demanded yet another release from my caressing fingers.

As I climaxed for the second time, my mind was filled with thoughts of the delicious looking Alice Briggs-Collins which stayed with me as I slipped between the covers and drifted into a deep sleep. The breakfast over, Jennifer and Mary, the two housemaids, began clearing away the plates. They were still giggling and Elizabeth, the cook had cause to admonish them several times. I saw Jennings catch my eye and signal to me that it was time for me to meet my new employers. I felt strangely nervous as we walked along the corridor in silence. We both knew what was to happen, but neither of us seemed inclined to discuss it. We reached the end of the corridor and stood in front of a large double door. Jennings knocked lightly and waited.

"Come in" I heard a female voice call from inside.

As we entered The Briggs' bedroom, I took in the opulence of the room. The furnishings here made my room look decidedly inferior. Expensive portraits hung from the walls and classic antique furniture was scattered around. A large, four-poster bed dominated the centre of the room.

"Good morning Mr. Abbot," said a woman I recognised to be Alice Briggs-Collins. "I trust that you slept well and that your accommodation is to your satisfaction?"

"Yes, thank you," I replied "Mrs Briggs-Collins?"

"Please call me Alice. This is my husband Mr. Briggs."

"Good morning Mr. Briggs," I said, being as polite as I knew how. "It's good to meet you. Please call me Bill."

"Likewise, Bill," said Briggs. "Welcome to our home. I hope that you will be very happy here."

I smiled my acknowledgement. Briggs was sitting in a sumptuous armchair dressed in a toweling robe, while his wife was perched on the edge of the four-poster wearing only a pale blue, silk robe.

"I expect that Ronald has given you all the details of your ..duties," said Alice with a wry smile, "and why we need"

"Yes," I replied with a self conscious glance towards her husband. "I think so."

"Don't be embarrassed," Said Briggs, smiling towards me and then his wife. "We all know that I am impotent and incapable of satisfying my wife's needs. There's no point in hiding it or pretending that it isn't true. That's the main reason you're here. I'm sure Jennings has told you that, these days, I get my own kicks from watching Alice enjoy herself. I'm sure you will agree she has a wonderful body, and believe me she likes to use it! I just adore to watch her with another man, but from now on you will not here me speak often, I will just try to blend into the background."

This was fine with me, I thought. I didn't mind another man watching while I fucked his wife, I had done that many times before in the "good old days". I was not even that averse to him joining in if he wished. As if the job itself wasn't enough, Jennings had earlier informed me of my salary. I had never made anywhere near that much money before. I had really fallen on my feet this time and was eager to please my bosses.

"I am eager to see what sort of a body you have under that suit, Bill," said Alice, now ignoring her husband and addressing me directly. "Would you please remove your jacket and shirt and come to me?"

It was a request more than an instruction and I was happy to slip off the top half of my clothes and walk towards the bed. As I neared her, I took in her radiant beauty. Her hair was soft, blonde curls that cascaded over pale, slender shoulders. I could see the large but firm mounds of her breasts covered by the silk of her robe and the curve of her legs as they emerged from the hem of the garment. She wore expensive, spiked slippers on her dainty feet, the open toes revealing red painted toenails to match her long fingers. The whole ensemble was obviously designed to be as alluring as possible. As I came within reach of her, Alice reached out and let her hands touch my firm chest. I immediately felt my erection begin to stir as her fingers lightly danced over my taught skin. She teased my nipples and then gently squeezed the tops of my arms, licking her lips as she felt my biceps tighten. Her fingers swept up and down my torso with a feather light touch, moving slowly ever closer towards my belt buckle.

I glanced over to the wall where Briggs was sitting and saw with some satisfaction that his toweling robe had parted and that he was idly playing with his semi erect penis. He smiled at me as if encouraging my attention back to his lovely wife. With a few deft moves, Alice had undone my belt and trouser button and was now slowly lowering my zipper. I could feel my penis stiff throbbing as it strained for release form the confines of my underpants. I yearned to touch her, but would that be permitted? Should I take the risk? I groaned deeply as I felt her cool fingers dip below the waistband of my underwear and encircle the head of my enraged cock. I had to touch her then, I was willing to take that risk. As she continued to squeeze and gently massage the head of my penis, I extended one hand and lightly touched a firm breast above the silk material. I felt her jump as if a bolt of electricity had shot through her and lean her weight forward pressing the warm globe into my palm. Her nipple was stiff and angry, pebble hard as I took this as a sign of willing consent and squeezed the bud gently.

Both of her hands were now busy as I massaged her breasts through the robe. She shimmied my open trousers and underwear down my legs and removed my shoes and socks. Reluctantly releasing her firm tits for a moment, I stepped out of the garments and stood before her completely naked. I heard a groan and, remembering the masturbating Briggs, looked around. He was still in the same position with the same glazed expression on his face. I smiled inwardly as I saw that his penis was now at full attention and he was obviously enjoying himself. I must be doing something right, I thought!

My own cock was standing out, ramrod straight, in front of me and Alice was just looking at it, her face a mere few inches from my meat as if inspecting it. Every time my shaft twitched she licked her lips and moved a fraction closer. She was so close I could feel her sweet breath, whispering on my hard shaft. She opened her mouth and slowly enclosed my raging erection between her warm, moist lips, her tongue playing lightly over my cock head. I closed my eyes and surrendered myself to her exquisite touch. I was more glad of my masturbation session the previous night than I think I had been of anything in my whole life. Were it not for that, I would have surely blown my load down her throat within seconds of her first touch.

To Be Continued as: A Convict Released - Abbot Pt. II...


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