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Abbot - Prisoner #14357 Pt. II
by English Bob

This story follows on directly from: Abbot - Prisoner # 14357

* * * * *

The blow job I was receiving from Alice was fantastic, but I was here to please her. As I reluctantly withdrew my blood swollen penis from between those sweet lips, I heard her husband, Briggs groan deeply. I turned my head in time to see a thick rope of semen ooze from the end of his cock, his eyes tight shut engrossed in his own voyeurism. Extending my arms, I gently helped a flushed looking Alice to lie back on her bed.

As if in slow motion her silk robe parted to reveal her beautiful, tanned body. I gasped as I took in her large firm breasts, her tight, flat stomach and the few strands of wispy hair that adorned her otherwise smooth pubic area. Her legs hung limply over the edge of the bed as I knelt between them and ran my hands gently up and down the long, shapely limbs. I inhaled the sweet, fresh scent of her as I moved my head down between her thighs. I heard her sigh as my tongue extended and lapped slowly at her open sex. The taste was devine and I began to eat at her moist pussy and clit like a starving man.

Alice was obviously a highly sexed woman and within moments was writhing her body around on the bed, moaning deeply and squeezing her own erect nipples and crying out as the pleasure/pain from the abused buds tingled through her lithe frame. Her first orgasm hit without warning and I had to grip her buttocks tightly to keep my mouth in contact with her open pussy. Her hips bucked from the bed and her back arched deeply. As I plunged my tongue in and out of her wet folds, I was rewarded with a veritable gush of fluid as she orgasmed. I kept up a steady rhythm with my tongue as the climax continued until, finally the spasms began to reduce in intensity and become less frequent.

"Thank you, Bill," she gasped as her breath finally returned. "You have a particular talant with your tongue. I would like to see if the same talent extends to your penis."

I suddenly realised that it was only a few hours since I had left my incarceration and here I was about to use my long neglected penis inside the pussy of one of the wealthiest women in Europe. To say that I was ready would have been a crass understaement. Right then, I would have given almost anything to have her.

In a smooth ballet of motion, Alice turned her body and lay face down on the bed. Her fingers grasped the hem of her robe and slowly pulled it up and over her pert bottom. Spreading her legs, I was treated to a perfect view of her puckered anus and wet, open vagina and my cock grew another notch. I knelt on the bed between her outstretched thighs and gently caressed her perfect buttocks with slow easy sweeps of my trembling fingers. The flesh felt hot and taut beneath my touch as I squeezed and manipulated, eliciting small groans and sighs from her ruby lips. I slipped two fingers straight into her vagina and slowly pushed them back and forth, feeling the moisture and hearing the soft squishing sounds from within.

"Mmmmm...put a finger in my ass, would you Bill? It feels so good...mmmmmmm."

Happy to oblige, I used a third finger and quite easily sank it to the second knuckle in her butt. I continued to work my digits in and out of her holes for a few more minutes, listening to her moan and preparing myself for what I was about to do next.

", it now...fuck me..fuck me hard...leave your finger in my ass, though...I'm cumming again...oooohhhhhhhh yesssssssssssssss..."

As I watched the skin of her bottom start to quiver and ripple as her second orgasm overtook her, I quickly removed my fingers from her vagina and replaced them with my engorged cock. My finger stayed firmly inside her butt as she had requested, and, as I began to fuck deeply into her pussy, I twisted that digit in her tight ass, delighting in the way she trembled and bucked back towards me. Her pussy felt hot and tight. She was wet, so my ten inches of meat slid easily in and out. Her muscles gripped me as I took her hard and fast, the friction sending wonderful messages of lust to my brain. I thrust my cock in and out of her sweet depths and sawed my finger in her asshole. I almost lost count of the times that she came, and, as I surged towards my inevitable peak, she was so wet with her juices that I was having trouble staying inside her.

All the while I fucked his wife, Briggs was watching, idly playing with his flaccid and cum stained penis. He was licking his lips and smiling encouragement at me as I felt my balls begin to tighten. I knew my stamina to be good, but I desperately wanted to cum for this beautiful woman. I groaned deeply and indicated that I was almost there.

"Yes..yes..yes, Bill...fuck me hard...harder...harder...harder...cum inside me so that my husband can eat me out it Bill, do it now..."

With a final tightening of her internal muscles, I thrust once, twice, three times hard into her body. My mind reeled as, for the first time for many months, I released a torrent of cum into her vagina. My cock was buried to the hilt and it twitched and trembled deep inside her as my cum continued to fill her cavity. With a gasp I fell back on to the floor, my spent cock trailing a stream of semen from her open hole.

Within seconds, Briggs was up and crouching over his wife's prone body. This was obviously the culmination to their enjoyment. Alice twisted over so that she was again lying on her back and Briggs' head dove straight between her open legs. I could hear him eating her noisily; lapping at the mixture of male and female fluid that was leaking from her. I suddenly felt like a voyeur myself. This was obviously a private moment, and so, gathering my clothes and quickly dressing I made to leave the room.

"Wait, Bill." Called Alice between moans of orgasm.

"Yes Alice?" I replied, turning.

"Thank you for what you did today, you are an extremely good lover. I am sure that we will be enjoying a lot more of that in the future. Today was just an "introduction", you will find out that both my husband and I can be a lot more adventurous. I hope that you can be too?"

"Absolutely Alice," I answered with a smile. "You have an amazing body and, quite frankly, I can hardly wait for the next time!"

Brigg's lifted his head from between his wife's legs and joined her smiling at me.

"I'm so glad Bill," he said. "I'm certain that you will fit in her nicely, so to speak!"

We all laughed at his double meaning before he continued.

"My wife and I will continue alone now. You are free to explore the whole house. Apart from this room, the whole building and the staff are at your complete disposal. From what I understand, Jennifer, Mary and Elizabeth are very keen to get to know you better! I'm sure that you will find them more than willing to accept that large penis of yours into every orifice they posess. I know that Alice has enjoyed the two young housemaids on many occassions, we must try to get all of you young people together for our next meeting!"

As I left the room with a polite nod, I was filled with thoughts of Jennifer, Mary and Elizabeth all writhing around with Alice and myself while Briggs watched and masturbated. But there was another word he had used. A word which permeated deep into my soul: "free". Yes, I was free. Free of prison, free of my previous life and free to enjoy the benefits that my new job now afforded.

With a light heart and a smile I wandered back to the main part of the house. I wondered if the housemaids were busy right now!

- The End -


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