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A Place Out of Time
by Ronald D. Thurman

It first happened when I was meditating one day. All of a sudden I found myself sitting in a space surrounded with walls made up of a white cloudy substance. No matter which way I moved the space around me stayed constant. The surface under my feet felt soft like a thin mattress and when I tried to touch the walls, my hand passed through into the vapors. It was quiet and peaceful but I could still hear myself when I spoke.

I noticed that I was totally without clothes, but I had no sensation of hot or cold, indicating that the temperature was just right. I enjoyed the tranquility for a while longer, taking advantage of the escape from the everyday hustle and bustle of life. Finally, I decided I had wasted enough time and willed myself back to the real world. I figured that I had blown about a half an hour in that wonderful place, but when I returned to my room, I saw by the clock on the wall that no time had passed what so ever! The whole experience had taken place in less than the blink of an eye.

The discovery of this ability proved to be extremely beneficial. When my wife would get on my case about something and an argument would ensue, I would slip off to my timeless space, relax, meditate for awhile and prepare my rebuttal. I would then return at the exact moment of my departure in the middle of the bitch session ready to take her on again. Of course it rarely won me any arguments, but it always made me feel better. Whenever split second decisions had to be made, this little trick gave me that extra bit of time to make the right one.

The full benefit of this timeless space came to light one day while I was sitting in the fast food area of the local mall waiting for the old lady to finish her aerobic shopping. Girl watching is one of my favorite pastimes. As I was admiring the parade of pulchritude, commenting to myself on the nice tits, great asses, cute faces, and outstanding legs, a young woman approached through the throng. The only thing I could say about her was, "My God, she is Beautiful!"

It seemed as if the crowd parted for her as she came towards me. I was agape with awe. Her mane of dark hair with highlights of gold framed a perfect face with a thin, slightly upturned nose, small cupid-bow mouth, dazzling hazel-green eyes and dark, thick eyebrows. She was wearing a gray business suit, the skirt cut just above the knees to show off her exquisite legs, the jacket was unbuttoned and flowed as she walked so as not to hide the narrowness of her waist and the sensual flair of her hips. Her blouse was unbuttoned to the point of showing a bare hint of cleavage.

As she passed, our eyes met for an instant, then the crowd jostled her and she bumped against me, and the next thing I knew, the two of us were standing in my timeless space, stark naked and staring at one another. She made no effort to cover her self, but instead put her hands on her hips, striking a sexy pose, and appraised me with a half smile on her face. The experience took me completely by surprise, and in my embarrassment, I zapped back to reality. We were at the instant where we had made the contact. She apologized with the same sexy half smile on her face and moved on into the crowd.

Needless to say, I was stunned by the whole experience. I took a sip of my coffee and fumbled for my pipe. I couldn't help but think of that perfect body, the pert, upturned breasts with their dark areolas and hardening nipples, her narrow waist flaring out to rounded hips and that dark thatch of curly hair covering the promise of her pubis. My reverie was broken when my wife joined me at the table. "I've found the perfect loft bed setup for the boys," she said, and tugged me up and through the mall to a specialty furniture store.

When we walked in we were greeted by none other than the stunning beauty who had found her way into my timeless space. "Hi," she said. "May I help you? My name is Stephanie." She put out her hand for my wife to shake and gave me that sexy half smile. I didn't quite know what to say, so I let the little woman do the talking. Sweet Stephanie showed us the bed setup and explained all of the good points and my wife asked all of the necessary questions. When all was said and done, we made the deal to order the set and paid the deposit. Throughout the whole procedure, Stephanie kept giving me looks and that sexy smile of hers like we knew something that my wife didn't, which was true.

I kept trying to figure how she had made it into my private space and guessed that it must have had something to do with the physical contact and her willingness to go. As we left the store, my wife commented, "She sure was pretty, wasn't she?" That was an understatement, but I had to agree. When we had encountered in the mall, I thought Stephanie was a little taller than I was, but in her store, I noticed that we stood eye to eye with her in her heels.

About a week later, I was back in the mall to pick up some things that I needed before closing time and as I walked by the furniture store, I noticed that Stephanie was working late. On the premise of inquiring about our order, I went on in.

Stephanie greeted me, all smiles and warmth. "I'm so glad you stopped by," she said. "There's something I wanted to ask you about. Is your wife with you today?"

"No. I just had to pick up some things," I said as I showed her the bag.

"Good. What happened the other day when I accidentally bumped into you? I've been undressed by guys' eyes before but that was incredible."

"Yeah, uh, I'm kind of sorry about that. I didn't mean for it to happen."

"Oh, don't apologize. It was great! I've been just tingly ever since. Can you wait? I've got to close the store."

As she slid the glass doors shut, I couldn't help but admire Stephanie's fine bottom as the fabric of her wrap-around skirt pulled tight across it and her long, smooth legs sheathed in black nylons. When the doors were secured, she took me by the hand and led me to the rear of the store where the bedroom furniture was displayed. After she dimmed the lights, she leaned against a dresser, and said, "Tell me about this thing that you do."

"Usually I reach that place by some form of meditation. I don't know what happened the other day. You touched me and zap, we were there."

"What, or where is that place?"

"I don't know for sure, but I guess it's another dimension out of this time because I always return at the same instant that I left at no matter how long I stay there. I do know that I can't take anything from this time and space with me, including clothes. I was taken totally by surprise when I found you with me the other day."

"Tell me about it. Do you think you could do it again?"

"I'd like to try, but if we're going to get naked together again, I would like the pleasure of undressing you myself this time."

"I would like that very much," she said as she stepped over and gave me a firm, wet kiss. As she sought my tongue through parted lips, my hands went to her waist and I pulled her to me. The faint scent of her perfume mixed with a slight amount of her natural woman aroma and the touch of her firm supple body against mine made me somewhat light headed. With one arm around me, she reached down with her other hand and deftly unbuckled my belt, opened the front of my pants, reached in and gently fondled my stiffening cock through the straining fabric of my underwear. "Oh yes," she breathed.

While she continued her manipulations in the front of my jeans, I started unbuttoning her blouse. She stopped momentarily to shrug it on to the floor as I found the clasp of her skirt. When the skirt crumpled to the floor on top of the blouse, she stepped back and leaned against the dresser again. The sight of her clad in only in her red and black flowered bra, matching garter and high cut panties, the black stockings and high heels made me catch my breath. She took me by the hand and pulled me to her, pulled my sweater and tee shirt off over my head, then pushed my pants, along with my underpants down to my knees. As she kissed me again hard on the lips, she stroked my cock to its full hardness.

I stroked my hands up her back, unfastened her bra, and pulled the straps down over her shoulders. She let it slide to the floor then pressed herself into me. The sensation of her ample, firm breasts against my bare chest was almost too much. I cupped them in my hands and gently squeezed the nipples between my thumbs and forefingers until they were as hard as my cock. Stephanie moaned and ground her pubis against my throbbing hard on. I lowered my head and took one of her nipples in my mouth and started sucking and nibbling on it while still squeezing the other. "Oh baby," she breathed, "that's what I like."

She ran her hands into my hair as I kissed and nibbled one nipple, then the other until she was breathing in short gasps. I reached around her and pulled the waist of her panties down over her tight, round bottom, then as I kissed my way down her abdomen, I pushed them on down her legs so that they fell around her ankles. I kissed the soft roundness of her tummy just below her garter belt and the indentations inside her hips. The musky fragrance of womanhood wafted into my nostrils as I parted the damp hairs of her muff with my tongue and found the slippery feminine cleft hidden there.

Stephanie leaned back on the dresser so that she was almost sitting on it and lifted one leg over my shoulder. When I found the hard little knot of sensitive flesh buried in the steamy folds of her cunt and flicked it lightly with the tip of my tongue, she let out a low moan and I could feel a tremor pass through her body. "Oh God! You're driving me crazy!" she gasped. Her pussy tasted so good, I couldn't stop lapping it.

I ran my tongue up and down the creamy slit, into the moist opening to suck some of the juices that were flowing so freely, then finally pulled her extended clitoris into my mouth and flicked it mercilessly with the tip of my tongue. Her body began to quiver then spasm, and I thought her moans would bring the security guard. She climaxed, leaving her juices dripping off of my chin, and not being able to stand any more stimulation, she pulled me up to my feet and started kissing her own nectar off of my face.

At that moment, we found ourselves standing in my timeless space. I noticed the change, but I don't think Stephanie did. Without even a break in momentum, she pulled me down to the floor, threw her leg over me and impaled herself on my rigid cock. There was some resistance at first as my cock slid into her tight pussy, but after she had gone up and down on it a few times, it seemed to fit a little better. She sat up on me, grinding her pelvis onto my groin, forcing my cock up into her all the way then started thrusting her pelvis back and forth. At this point it didn't matter how loud she moaned and groaned because there was no one else there to hear her, and boy, did she let lose! It wasn't long before her body started to tense up and start to quiver as she approached another orgasm. I could feel her vaginal muscles tighten around my stiff rod and the sensations caused me to blow my nuts just as Stephanie let out a loud scream. She collapsed on me, her body undulating in the aftershocks of her climax.

We lay there for awhile as I stroked my hands up and down her supple body. When she regained some composure, she stirred and kissed me again. "I sure wish my fiancée could do this," she said. "We never seem to have time for good sex, with our careers and all. Always rush, rush, rush."

"We can do this again any time you like."

"Ok, how about right now?" she said. "There's no rush."


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