The Best Erotic Stories.

A Slave Party
by Dark Angel

You open the expensive-looking envelope, after finding it on your pillow, and pull out what looks like an invitation. It says: "You are invited to a very special evening. You have been chosen as a potential slave. You are to read the instructions here, carefully, before deciding if you would like to participate in the evening's activities. This Saturday at seven o'clock, you are to arrive at my door, dressed all in black. You are not to speak unless asked a question. When you speak to me, you will refer to me as Mistress or Mistress Angela. You are not to raise your eyes from the floor unless told to do so. You are not to move or do anything without my express permission. If you choose to participate, you will not be alone. I have invited several others. If you arrive at my door, kneeling on my porch until I tell you to rise, you are giving over control of yourself to me for the evening. Do you trust me?"

I do not know how you feel about the instructions on the invitation, but I hope that you will trust me and come to my "party". I already know that my husband, Greg, has agreed, and he will be on my porch on Saturday. I have been preparing the second bedroom of the apartment for this party for several weeks. Greg has not been allowed into the room since I started. I am incredibly horny about the thought of having several men to do my bidding. I have made every preparation I can think of, and have all the toys and tools I think I could use in one evening.

Saturday afternoon, I have heard from Drew, but no one else has responded. Good. I didn't ask you to. Drew had stopped by to ask me several questions about the evening, such as, would I hurt him? would he be naked in front of other guys? would he be allowed to fuck me? would I let him watch the activities without becoming a slave? I answered no to every question he asked, because he would not be in attendance. I could not promise these answers to anyone who would be coming. I told him that he would not be allowed to participate because of his inability to trust me and his need to ask questions. He was surprisingly okay with this, and agreed that this was probably not the right type of party for him. I told him that there may be other parties, and that he may be invited. After he had left, I had double-checked all my preparations one final time. I resisted the urge to masturbate. I wanted to be as horny as possible for this party.

As evening approaches, I find myself nervous. Will my guests enjoy themselves? Will they truly give me control? I chastise myself and tell myself that the purpose of the evening is not for their enjoyment but for mine, and that they have no choice but to give me control or be punished. At seven o'clock, the doorbell does not ring, and no one knocks on the door. I am very pleased, for you were not to ring the doorbell or knock, only to wait for me. I open the door and am overwhelmed by my first orgasm of the evening, merely from the sight of three slaves kneeling before me. I instruct you to crawl into the living room and I close the door behind you, watching the three of you, Greg, Jack, and you. I am so glad that you decided to come.

When you are kneeling in the living room, I stand before you and tell you that you may look at me. Only you. The others are to keep their heads down. You start at my feet and work your way up. I can tell that you appreciate what you see: my knee-high leather boots (freshly polished), my smooth legs covered by black fishnet thigh high stockings, the stockings attached to the black leather teddy with garter straps. The teddy itself is impressive. It is high cut on the thighs and buckles down the sides. There is a cutout in almost the shape of a heart, just above my breasts, topped with a studded collar around my neck. My red hair is down, wild around my face, and my arms, which have been above my head are covered by elbow length, fingerless leather gloves.

My fingernails are red, and my hands are holding a large whip, probably a foot long, and about an inch in diameter at the handle. Your eyes roll back into your head as you try to contemplate exactly what you've gotten yourself into. I look good, and I know I look good. You start to get an erection and reach down to adjust yourself. "Did I give you permission to touch your cock?" I ask, while holding your chin up with the handle of the whip.

"No... no Mistress," you say, remembering your instructions. I tell you to stand and remove your clothing. This will be your punishment, you will be the first one naked. You do as instructed and then start to kneel again. I tell you to stand in front of me so that I can look at you. You do, not at all ashamed that you are naked in front of the others, because you know their heads are down. I run my fingernails over your chest, leaving faint scratch marks. I reach your cock and take hold of it, feeling it spasm in my hand.

"Your first instruction this evening is not to cum. None of you are to cum without my permission. If you do, you will be punished as I see fit. Do you understand?"

As the three of you answer with "yes mistress" I fit each of you with a leather collar, attached to a chain leash. You are standing, so the cold metal of your leash brushes against your erection. I am pleased that this makes you shudder. I take hold of the other two leashes and lead them to my "dungeon", leaving you standing in the living room.

I leave them there and tell them that they may look around the room but are not to move or speak. I return to you, and let the tails of my whip cascade lightly over your cock, telling you that you will need to be careful not to disobey me again.

With your eyes lowered, you mumble, "yes Mistress Angela". Hearing you say that makes me wetter than I already am. I lean in against the soft skin of your neck and whisper in your ear, "You will be allowed to pleasure me in so many ways, as long as you obey me. Although you were the first to disobey, you are still in my favor, and if you are good, you may be offered a position as my slave for the rest of the weekend as well." I can tell that my words and my breath in your ear are making you even more excited.

I take hold of your leash and instruct you to kneel, having you crawl into the dungeon like the others. I lead you in, and drop your leash on the floor next to theirs. You immediately notice how cold it is in this room, and realize that I must have the air vents shut in the rest of the house. I take Greg's chin in my hand and tell him to look at me. "Oh, Angela, you look absolutely beautiful," he says as he takes in the sight of his wife-turned-dominatrix. The whip cracks against the material of his shirt on his back and I remind him that he is to address me as Mistress this evening.

"Yes, Mistress, I'm sorry." I ask if he is afraid of my dungeon. You have not been permitted to look around yet, so aren't sure if he should be afraid or not. He hesitates, not knowing whether I want him to be afraid.

Then he says, "No, Mistress, I'm not afraid. I trust you to do whatever you see fit to your slaves." I am very pleased by his answer and ask him to stand and remove his clothing. He does, and I am again pleased to see his erection. I bend over and lick the first drop of cum off his cock, teasing him. I tell him what a good slave he is and how happy he makes his mistress. I can't believe how turned on I am by dominating you all!

I turn my attention to Jack, who has been quietly kneeling this whole time. I sit on a padded chair in front of you, and instruct him to crawl to me. He does, kneeling at my feet. I tell him to kiss them. He obeys without question, and I know that he is also willing to do anything I say. I spread my legs apart and reach down to my sopping wet pussy. I slide a finger around the teddy and into my slit.

When I withdraw the wet finger, I offer it to him. He licks it and sucks it until I move my finger away. I quickly unfasten the snap in the crotch of the teddy and expose my shaven pussy to his eyes. I tell you and Greg that you must keep your eyes on the floor while Jack pleasures me, and I can tell that you are disappointed that you didn't get to be the first to taste my cunt juices. I lean back against the chair, and tell Jack that I am pleased with him for obeying me so well.

I order him to kiss my pussy lips, and he does, using only his lips, slightly parted, to place a soft, moist kiss on my lower lips. I moan with pleasure, and tell him that I would like him to eat me to orgasm. He kisses me softly again, this time, parting my lips with his tongue, tasting my juices again, and begins to make love to my cunt with his tongue. He strokes his tongue in and out of me until I am writhing and moaning in my chair before he touches my clit. He laps across it nonchalantly at first, before taking it between his lips and pressing hard against it. And I cum. He licks my new flowing juices until I calm down, then returns to his kneeling position at my feet. I am very impressed with his obedience.

I stand up and walk over to my other two slaves. I instruct you to stand and I take your leash off your collar. I grab the ring on your collar and lead you towards the wall, allowing you your first look at the dungeon. I have so many whips, paddles, handcuffs, ropes, and other toys along the wall that you are amazed. I lead you to the closet. I have removed the doors and placed some hooks into the studs in the wall. I take your hands and put leather cuffs around each of your wrists. I take a short length of chain for each wrist and fasten you to the wall, arms straight out, facing me.

I fasten another pair of leather cuffs to your ankles and spread your legs apart as well. Your cock is sticking straight out, and I cannot resist stroking it softly with my nails. I can tell that you are nervous, being helpless for the first time this evening. I decide to allow you some pleasure before turning my attention back to Greg. I kneel in front of you and take the head of your cock in my mouth, testing you, trying to see how close you are. You won't last long if I blow you.

I take your cock out of my mouth to remind you that you are not to cum without my permission, and then I start to swallow your cock down into my throat. You moan from the pleasure, and the torture that you aren't allowed to shoot your load down my throat. I suck hard while deep-throating you, pushing you to the very brink of orgasm before pulling back and walking away. I can tell that you are incredibly disappointed, so I turn to you and say, "You should want to please your mistress more than you want to cum. I stopped so that you would not disappoint me by cumming without permission. Are you grateful?"

"yes Mistress."

Having explained things to you, I return to where Greg has been patiently kneeling. I order him to stand, eyes on the floor. He does, and I attach a pair of wrist cuffs and a pair of ankle cuffs to him as well, not taking him anywhere, just having them there for when I need them. In your position, you can watch the rest of the dungeon, and are glad that you haven't been ordered to keep your eyes down.

When he is cuffed, I take a "gates of hell" style cock ring, which has a large metal loop that fits around his shaft and balls together, a smaller ring which sits at the base of his shaft, separating it from his balls, and a third ring that fits snugly under the head, connected to each other by a thick leather strap that runs the length of his shaft..

It is now impossible for his erection to go down. His hands are behind his back to keep himself from adjusting, and I am pleased by this. I press my body against him, pushing his erection between my legs, smashing my leather covered breasts against his bare chest, and I kiss him passionately. He kisses back, without moving his hands from behind him. I pull away, and he returns his eyes to the floor. I mutter to myself, "If everyone keeps behaving this well, I won't even be able to punish them."

I decide that I want to punish someone, and think that I will simply have to torture one of you into misbehaving. I choose Jack as my victim and lead him to a couch. You are impressed with how efficiently the dungeon is laid out, to give me the most room. I have him lie on his back on the couch and I undress him. When he is naked, I tie his hands above his head to a ring in the wall beside the couch. I sit between his legs and put one foot on the floor and the other over the back of the couch, spreading myself as much as possible, so that he is looking directly into my pussy.

I reach behind me, to the small table full of vibrators. I grab a modest sized one and begin to stroke my pussy with it. He has never watched me masturbate, and I can tell that this is something that turns him on a great deal. I reach around and grab a second vibrator, but this one is designed to fit over the penis, vibrating the entire shaft. I attach it to him and turn it on to its lowest setting, knowing that this will not be enough to get him off. I go back to pleasuring myself, occasionally increasing the setting on his vibrator as I go.

He looks as though he's in pain, he's trying so hard not to cum. As his cock starts to jerk, I turn the vibrator off, depriving him of the last few seconds he would have needed to achieve orgasm. He practically screams at me not to stop. He has fallen into my trap. "Did you just tell me not to stop? Are you giving me orders?" I could tell that he had realized his mistake, and he said, "No, Mistress. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to say anything. Please forgive me." "And what would you like to do? Would you like to cum, slave?" "Yes, Mistress," he said, his voice husky and strained with arousal, "please let me cum Mistress. I'll do anything." I released his wrists from the ring on the wall, and led him around to the side of the couch. I moved the toy table and had him lay over the arm of the couch, putting his ass into the air so that he could be punished. I decided not to tie his hands, just to see how good a slave he could be if he thought I would let him cum.

I have to admit, I was really getting off on tormenting him. "If you can remain silent, and not move without me having to bind you, I will allow you to cum when I am finished with your punishment." I took a paddle from my collection on the wall, and began to spank him softly, just hard enough to make his skin tingle. Then, I reached over and lifted the candle from its holder. You could see what I was about to do, but Jack had no idea. I let the wax drip onto his skin. He jumped, but immediately froze in place, hoping he had not moved enough to void his reward. After only a few drops, I replaced the candle in its holder and took up my whip. His skin was sensitive, and I could tell that I was hurting him. I told him to flip over onto his back.

It seemed that Jack was enjoying being hurt. His erection was as stiff as ever, and I knew that he would cum soon if I didn't give him release. I called Greg over and told him to kneel behind me. I spread my legs and told him to lick my pussy until I told him to stop. I whipped Jack's stomach again and again as Greg began to lick my wet pussy. He knew exactly how I liked it, and I knew it wouldn't take me long to cum. I told him to stop. I told him to free you from your position on the wall, and bring you over to me. He did as he was asked, and the two of you knelt behind me.

I told Greg that I wanted him to teach you how to make me cum with your tongue. He was to show you how I liked to be stroked and then let you try it. As the two of started your lesson, I hadn't stopped whipping Jack. I had let the whip work over his chest and stomach, occasionally leaving its mark on his thighs, but never touching his cock. As my orgasm built from having the two of you taking turns on my pussy, I leaned down and put Jack's cock in my mouth. I felt it twitch, knowing how close he was to his orgasm, I told him that he would be allowed to cum in my mouth as you and Greg brought me to my climax. I deepthroated him and fondled his balls, not wasting any time. I vowed that if he came before I did, I would punish him again.

I was impressed when I looked up at his face and saw him holding back his orgasm. Then, Greg showed you how to use your teeth on my clit and I exploded, cumming all over your face. As soon as I came, I felt Jack erupt in my mouth. I swallowed his cum and took a drink of water from my glass, washing the cum down my throat before turning around to kiss you and thank you for that climax. I could taste myself on your tongue and began to suck my juices off of it. I turned back to Jack and told him to stand. I told him that he was a very good slave, but that my other two slaves hadn't proved themselves to me, and that they needed to be punished as well.

I wanted him to choose a punishment for the two of you. He said that Greg should get a spanking and you should get a whipping. I could tell that he liked choosing how you two would suffer. I chained Greg to the closet wall as I had done to you earlier, only I had him face the wall this time, so that his ass was available for a spanking. I asked Jack to select a paddle, and he said that he didn't know which one to choose. He told me to use the same one I had used on him because it didn't hurt too much. I did as he asked and administered a quick 20 swats to Greg's ass. He was trying to move away and move closer to the wall, but his cock and the cock ring prevented that. I stopped and released him from the wall, telling him that he would be allowed to choose the whip I used on you. He chose a very thick-handled heavy leather whip that had about a hundred thin strands.

I whisper in your ear that if you perform well for this punishment, you will be rewarded too. You swallowed hard and prepared for your whipping. I lead you to the center of the room and tell you to kneel. You do, and the whip falls softly onto your back, then slides down over your upturned ass. A shiver runs through you, and I know that you are nervous. I know that you don't have extensive experience, and decide to go a little easy on you. I bring the whip back against your ass and let you feel the sting.

You move forward from the impact, but return to your original place, trying not to disappoint me. I whip you several times, slightly harder each time, varying the location of the blows so that I don't break the skin. When I get to about 15 strokes, I tell you to lay flat on the floor, on your back. You do this hesitantly, knowing that it will expose your cock to the whip, but you remember that I never whipped Jack's cock when I had him in this position earlier. As you lay down, I place the heel of my boot in the middle of your chest, not putting any weight on it, just letting you know that I could.

"Are you ready for your punishment, slave?"

"Yes Mistress, your slave needs this punishment for not pleasing you. I am sorry. Please punish me so that I do not disappoint you again."

I am surprised at your words, but I shouldn't be. You always know exactly what to say to make me cum. I move my heel from your chest and draw the whip above my head. I bring it down on your chest, and each stroke comes closer to your cock. It is softening a little, as you get nervous about whether or not I will hit it. I notice this, and vow to make it hard again. I kneel over your face, my pussy inches from your now-well-trained tongue, but don't give you permission to eat me. Instead, I take the fat handle of the whip and slide it along the outside of my pussy, wetting it with my juices.

I slide the handle deep inside and then I put it against your lips. Still not having permission, you don't move. I am impressed with you and tell you to clean my whip. I leave my pussy just above you and watch as you lick the tip of the whip. I am not satisfied with that, and I scoot back so that I am sitting on your chest so that you can see my face. I move the whip to my own lips and say "I wanted you to do it like this, slave. I guess if you want it done right, you have to do it yourself."

And then I deepthroated the whip, pushing the eight or so inches that had been inside me down into my throat so that I could lick my juices off of it. I continue to suck the whip as I stroke it in and out of my mouth, pretending it is your cock. You get hard again as you watch me blow this whip handle, and I stand, taking the whip from my mouth and proceed with your punishment. Now that your cock is hard again, I want to test my accuracy skills. I bring the whip down and crack it against the skin just millimeters above your cock. You jump in fear, and I ask you what you are afraid of.

You tell me, "I'm sorry Mistress. I thought you were going to whip my cock. I'll remain still." "You were afraid I would whip your beautiful cock, after I'd done so much to make it hard again?" You nod, and I bring the whip down against the shaft of your cock. You wince, but do not move, despite the pain. I flick the whip softly against your balls, watching you tremble, and then bring it down against the very head of your cock, almost bringing tears to your eyes.

I stand and say, "You have each received a punishment, and only one of you has received a reward for your performance. Do you think this is fair?" Greg quickly answers that he doesn't, his arousal betraying him. Jack agrees with him that perhaps you and Greg should be rewarded like he was, feeling guilty for the pain you have both suffered and the pleasure he got from blowing his load into my mouth.

Only you read my mind and answer correctly, saying, "Yes, Mistress. You have chosen to punish us all and reward only one of us. Because you have chosen it, it is fair. We are here only to serve you and do what you wish. Any pleasure we may receive is secondary to our desire to please you."

You are doing so well, despite the dirty looks from the others. "You have learned your lessons, slave Nicholas, and for that, you will be rewarded in the manner of my choosing. The others will not have the favor that you have, since they were quite selfish in their appraisal of my actions, unless you believe that they should."

"Mistress, if it pleases you, they performed their punishments equally as well as I did, and although they are still learning how to put your needs before theirs, they are trying. If it were up to me, I would reward them."

"And would you still seek to reward them if it meant that you would not receive your reward?"

You swallow hard at the threat, but say "Mistress, do as you wish with the three of us. I have no claim to your favor, and I am willing to do whatever makes you happy. If it would make you happy, Mistress, I would give up my reward for nothing at all. Please, Mistress, do only what pleases you. We deserve nothing more than that as your slaves."

GOD! You know exactly what you should say. You'd think I'd written a script for you. I offer you a seat on my padded chair and a glass of water. You thank me and sit, drinking, with your eyes down. I know that you deserve a special reward.

"Slaves, kneel before me. I have something I'd like to say to all of you, after a review of your performance thus far. Although Greg is my husband as well as my slave this evening, he will not have the pleasure of releasing his load in my pussy tonight. Because of his selfishness, he will be denied again what I have denied him for the past week. Also, because Jack was unable to allow me to control the evening, by telling me who should be rewarded and who should be punished, he will also be denied the pleasures of cumming in my pussy. Nicholas was willing to forgo the reward I had promised him, as long as I was happy in taking it from him, and for that, he will cum in my cunt before the evening is finished. He will be the only one to do so, and you two will both have to lick my pussy after he does. That will be your punishment for selfishness and inability to let me be in charge. I hope you have learned what you need to do in order to please me."

Your eyes lit up when I said that you would finish inside me. I told you to come to the couch and kneel in front of my spread legs. My pussy is dripping again from the power trip, and of course, from the knowledge that I'm about to make you fuck me. You kneel, and I can tell by your posture that you are proud of yourself for figuring things out so quickly. I was impressed as well, but I don't want your pride to become an issue, so I tell you to hold your hands out in front of you. I chain them together and then lead you to the middle of the room, and standing on my chair, hook the chain to the ceiling, forcing you to stand up straight. I debate over blowing you and forcing you to cum without permission, voiding your reward, or whether I should just give in to my own lust and fuck your brains out.

I decide that for now, neither is appropriate. I call Jack and Greg to either side of me, sitting myself in my chair right in front of you. I tell them to pleasure my nipples. They each take one, pinching and twisting it before lowering their mouths to my hard nipples. I moan and lean my head back against the back of the chair. I intend to be as hot as I can before I let you inside me. I tell them to each take a finger and put it inside me.

Jack puts his finger into my pussy, and Greg says, "Mistress, may I have permission to put a finger into your ass?" I nod, and he licks his finger before sliding it around my asshole. He slides it in to the first knuckle, then the second, turning it and stroking it in and out until the whole finger is inside. Jack is stroking my pussy with his finger and Greg is stroking my ass. My whole body starts to shake as my orgasm washes over me.

I tell them to stop and put their foreheads on the floor until I tell them to look up. I stand on my chair and release your hands from the chain to the ceiling, lowering your arms to your sides. I move the padded chair and replace it with a low stool, about 2 feet from the ground. I instruct you to sit on it, then, I position a second stool behind you and order you to rest your head against it. You lay back on the pair of stools, your cock hard as ever and resting against your stomach. I take it and hold it up straight. I position myself just above your cock. I slide the head back and forth across my wet hole, and then I let the very tip of the head start to enter my pussy. I tell my other two slaves that they are to look up and watch as you fuck my hot pussy. They look up and I plunge myself down on your cock, enveloping it with my wet, warm cunt.

I shudder with pleasure and stay still, letting my cunt muscles massage your hard cock. I raise myself up and slide back down, knowing that my other slaves are watching from inches away as your cock slides in and out of me. I speed up a little, but realize that you are too close for fast stroking. I lean down, and say, "The longer you last inside me, the happier I will be. If you can hold out, please do. I want to feel you for as long as I can." "Mistress, I may not last long, but I promise to be hard again for you after some rest. And the second time, I should be much easier to control. I'm sorry for failing you this time."

Although my words said that I wanted you to last forever, I wanted you to cum inside and cum fast. I couldn't tell you that though. I simply maintained an even, slow stroking. Gradually, I picked up the pace, almost fast enough to get myself off. As I slammed your cock into me as far as it would go, I could feel your cum beginning to spurt into my pulsing, trembling cunt. I was so horny and so close that feeling you explode sent me over the edge. I came too, flooding my cunt with my juices, mixing them with yours.

I rise off of you, and I stand in front of Greg before telling him to follow me to the couch. I lay on my back and tell him to kneel in front of my pussy and look at what he had missed out on. I tell him to lick it clean. He gives me a disgusted look, not wanting to drink your cum, and I tell him that he had better do it fast, or he wouldn't be allowed to cum at all tonight. That threat was enough.

He moved closer and began lapping at my thighs, tasting my juices that had flown there while I was on top of you. He put his tongue against the outside of my pussy and then pulled away, unable to go through with what I had asked him to do. "My slave, I want you to do this for me. I want you to suck Nicholas's cum from my pussy and then I want you to kiss me and pour it into my mouth. If you cannot, you will be denied the pleasures of my pussy for the rest of the evening, the weekend, and possibly longer than that. I want to taste his cum. I want you to taste the mixture. It may disgust you, but you gave me complete control when you knelt on my porch. You will do it now, or it will only get worse."

Without answering, he began to lap at my wet cunt, sucking softly to pull your juices down into his mouth. As disgusted as I knew he was, he did an excellent job of cleaning me. When his mouth was full, he pulled away from my pussy. I instructed him to lay on me and kiss me, giving me everything that he had just sucked out of me. He did as he was told, and I finally got to taste your sweet cum mixed with my own. After we had finished kissing, I told him how much I appreciated his cooperation and gave him a glass of water to wash the flavor away.

He drank it, and then knelt at my feet. Seeing him kneeling there excited me all over again. I remembered that I had promised that Jack would have to do the same thing Greg had just done, but there was no cum left in my pussy. I made a promise to myself, then, that you would cum inside me a second time to help me punish Jack as well. I called you over and sucked your dick until it was clean of our juices.

You were hard by the time I was finished. I was impressed with you, and decided that I would keep you hard like this for awhile before I let you inside me again. I remove the cock ring from Greg's cock (only having one) and put it on you, forcing your erection to stand straight out from your body. The metal is not cold, having been on Greg, so at least you are not chilled. I love the feeling of the metal rings in my mouth, so I slide my lips down your shaft again, feeling the way the metal presses into your cock ever so slightly, so that it is not painful, but it does its job. Greg waits patiently, knowing that he will be rewarded for having done such a disgusting job as licking another man's cum out of his wife's pussy.

I hand him the whip that I used on you and a bottle of lubricant. I tell him to fuck my ass with the handle of the whip. I turn around and lay down on the stools you laid on while I fucked you. I could not see whether he was enjoying this or not, but I knew that he wouldn't dare displease me again, especially after I had threatened him that he might never have my pussy again if he didn't please me tonight.

I felt the rough leather against my tight ass, and I pushed back against the handle, forcing about five inches of it inside me. I then pulled away, showing him that I only wanted him to stroke me with that much of it. He took over and began stroking the handle in and out of my ass, faster and faster. I looked over at you, and asked, "Is my husband-slave doing anything he shouldn't while he is outside of my view?"

"Mistress, his hand is resting on his cock, but he has not stroked it."

"Thank you for your honesty," I said to you, then turning my attention to Greg, "Slave! Do you have permission to touch your cock?"

"No Mistress. The sight of you with this whip penetrating you is just too much. I swear I wasn't stroking myself, only touching to relieve the soreness from the gates."

"Slave! If you touch your cock without my permission once more, you will suck the next load of cum from my ass! It is not your cock until this evening is over. Until then, it is my cock and I will choose when it is to be touched. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Mistress, I'm sorry. Please, forgive me. But please...?" I sense that there is something else he wants to say, but he restrains himself. "What is it, slave? What were you going to say?" "Something I shouldn't have even thought, Mistress, I'm sorry." "What was it?" "I was going to beg you to let me cum, since your other slaves have both cum. I know that I do not choose when I cum, and I know that I do not deserve to cum after my disobedience. Please, allow your slave to be punished for his selfishness." I was impressed. Greg had never begged for punishment before. He must really think I was mad at him. "Slave, you want to cum, but you know you do not deserve to cum. What shall I do to punish you?"

"Mistress, anything. Anything to have you not displeased with me. I would even," he paused, not sure if he wanted to say it, "I would even suck a load of cum from your ass. Please don't be upset with me." I was impressed again. Here was my husband begging me not to be mad at him and promising to do anything to make me happy. He deserved a reward, but he deserved a punishment too.

"Slave, replace the handle of the whip with your cock. I want you in my ass." As he did as I asked, I saw fit to remind him again that he mustn't cum without permission. He has always been very good at restraint, so I knew that this punishment was mild compared to the pleasure of being inside me. As he fucked me, I began to moan and scream, and I couldn't help but tell him how much I loved him and how happy he made me. I could feel him getting close to losing control and I told him that he would be allowed to cum in my ass for having made me so happy. I could tell that it meant a lot to him that I was happy with him and no longer mad at him. Some day, I'll have to tell him that I was never mad at him.

But for now, I was enjoying having my insides splattered with his cum that had been building up for the last week. As Greg withdrew, I told him to bring me a warm, wet rag and to shower off. He did as he was asked, carefully wiping up all the cum that had spilled out of my ass. I kissed him and assured him that he had pleased me, and that he would not have to suck cum from my ass. To be honest, I thought that was just too disgusting. As much as I enjoy the feeling of a tongue in my ass, it would just be too much to have cum sucked out of it. But I was definitely getting the fucking of a lifetime tonight. So now, all my slaves had cum and they had all been inside different holes. I wanted everyone to take me in every hole, but I had punished Greg and Jack by taking away their chance to be in my pussy. So, I would have you in every hole, and them in only two of them.

You are all looking a little tired, and I am tempted to allow you to rest before we continue, but I know that at the stroke of midnight, my control ends. I have removed all sense of time from the room, even putting black plastic over the window, underneath the blinds. Only I know how short my time with my slaves is growing. I approach Jack, pleased with his smile when I lift his face. I sit on the stool in front of his face and start talking to him about his punishment.

"Slave, you know that I have promised that you will suck a load of cum from my pussy as a punishment for being disobedient earlier this evening. Will you be willing to do that, or will I need to convince you with further punishment?"

"Mistress, as disgusting as I believe it is, I will do what I can to make you happy."

"Slave, it has been a long time since your last orgasm, since you were the first to cum. Would you like to cum again before your punishment?"

"Yes Mistress, I would like that very much."

"Very well. As soon as Greg returns, we will begin."

I don't explain what I have in mind, and it occurs to me that it may have sounded like I was planning to have Greg make Jack cum. This is not the case, as I have no intention of forcing any of you to play with each other. I merely want Greg in the room to watch. When Greg returns, I seat him on the padded chair, against the wall, with his hands tied behind his back so that he will not be tempted to touch his cock again. I clear the stools from the middle of the room and roll out a black velvet blanket.

"My slave, Jack, because I have told you that you will not be allowed to climax in my pussy, I have decided to allow you, like Greg, to cum in my ass. Is that acceptable to you?" "Yes Mistress, I would love to fuck your beautiful ass. Thank you." I kneel on the blanket with my ass in the air. Jack approaches and begins to work his cock into my ass. I know that I am plenty wet back there from Greg's big load, and as Jack finally enters me, I shudder and cum. I ask him to stroke in and out a few times before helping me out of my teddy. With the buckles on the sides undone, it slips easily over my head. I tell him that I would like to lay on top of him and that he should roll over, careful not to pull his cock from my ass.

He is very careful and rolls onto his back, pulling me up on top of him, still impaled on his cock. I lay down on top of him, pressing my back against his chest, and spreading my legs. Then, I ask my favorite slave if he will come play with my pussy. You get up from your seat on the couch where you have been watching, and come over to my open crotch. I ask you to put three fingers inside me. You slowly work up to three, making me cum several times before you get there, and then I ask you, "Do you think your cock would fit in there? I'd like you to double fuck me with Jack."

You are eager to try, and begin working your cock into my pussy again. Already stretched to your size and stretched again from your fingers, I am able to hold both cocks, one in my pussy and one in my ass. None of my slaves have small cocks, so I am in heaven. I can't stop screaming, moaning, and cumming. You two stroke awkwardly for a minute before getting into a rhythm together, one of you going in as the other pulls out, and bring me through wave after wave of orgasmic bliss. I feel a swelling in my ass, and realize that Jack is about to cum. I tell him that I want him to cum, and I feel his orgasm burst into my ass. You can feel him cumming, and my orgasms just get to be too much for you. After a short half-hour, you cum again, filling me again with your love juice. And I know that I will get to taste it again.

We roll onto our sides and allow Jack to pull out of my ass. He kneels at my feet as you leave my warm, sloppy wet cunt. He puts his lips against my pussy and waits to be told what to do. I tell him what a good slave he is, and that he needs to suck it all into his mouth and then pour it into my mouth while kissing me, just as Greg had. He goes to work, avidly eating me, and I can tell that he is trying to make me cum while he does this chore for me. He sucks your cum into his mouth, a smaller amount this time since it is the second one in only a few hours, and then he lets his teeth graze against my clit, sending a fresh flood of my juice into his mouth.

When his mouth is full, mostly of my cum, he lays on top of me, pressing against my naked breasts, then lowers his head to mine, waiting for me to open my mouth. I open it wide, eager to taste you and me again. He lets our mixture into my mouth slowly as he explores me with his tongue. We kiss for a long time after all the cum has been swallowed. Then I offer him a glass of water, taking a drink of it myself.

After I have washed my mouth out, I lay on top of your exhausted body, kissing you passionately. I can feel another erection growing between our sweaty bodies. I stand, leaving you on the floor, and go over to Greg. I kiss his hard cock and begin sucking hard, bobbing up and down on his long shaft. I am doing everything I can to make him cum fast. It doesn't take long. He erupts in my mouth, and I am careful to catch it all. I tip my head up to kiss him, and he lowers his open lips to mine. I slide my cum-covered tongue into his mouth, having not swallowed his load. He starts to pull away, but I force him to stay in the kiss. I don't try to spit the cum into his mouth, just to let him taste it when he puts his tongue into my mouth. I break the kiss and swallow his cum with a big smile on my face.

I untie his hands and then tell my slaves to stand in front of me, eyes on me. As I removed the collars, I said, "My slaves, you have made me so happy tonight. I have had more orgasms than I could ever hope to count, and I will remember this night for the rest of my life. Your clothes are exactly where you left them. Unfortunately, my time as your Mistress is up. You are free to dress and go. Thank you, again, for an incredible evening."

I turned to leave the dungeon and was very surprised when I felt Greg's hands on my shoulders, pushing down hard. I had no choice but to drop to my knees. I felt a collar being put around my neck and a blindfold being tied around my eyes. Apparently I was not finished for the weekend. And the fucking of a lifetime wasn't even half-over. While I took you as my slaves starting at seven o'clock, you seemed to have taken me as yours at midnight, giving you an entire 24 hours to enslave me.

I heard Greg's voice speaking to me, "Slave, you have some explaining to do. You will be punished for each punishment that you gave out while playing this game. If you wish to stay as our slave for the remainder of the day, you will be rewarded with intense pleasure, but you will also suffer intense pain. Do you wish to remain as our slave?" "Yes, Master. I will do anything I can to obey your wishes for the remainder of the day. And if I fail to make you all happy, I understand that I will be punished." "Is there anything that you would like to ask of us before we begin?"

"Yes, my Masters. One request. If you say no, I will respect that, but please listen to my request. I want to be a slave to you all. I want to please you all. But as only one girl, with only three holes, it might get a bit crowded at times. It would make me infinitely happy if you would agree to enslave me for three full days, each of you taking one day to be my only Master, so that I can concentrate on your needs fully, with no concern for any other Master." I don't know why I said it. It was going to be enough work to be a slave for a full day, but now I was suggesting three full days, and three consecutive days. I wasn't sure if I could do it, and was about to take back my request when I heard your voice.

"Which one of us will get her first?" And then Greg's response was that he would take me last, so that if I chose to continue as his slave, I wouldn't have any other masters to belong to.

He was planning to make a permanent slave of me if I wanted. That made me feel very special, especially since he had yet to find out if I was an obedient slave or not. Then, your voice again, "Ok, Greg has her last, but we each get to use this dungeon for our full day, so Greg will need to stay somewhere else the first two nights. Now, Jack, how do we decide who goes first?"

"Well, I have to work in a few hours, so I wouldn't be able to be with her today. Why don't you take her first. Make sure that she is naked and bound promptly at midnight tonight, and you may have the first day." It was decided. You would be my Master for the next 24 hours. I could hardly wait to see what you would do...


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