The Best Erotic Stories.

A Tape Named Jim
by Alexander Croiux

"Who’s there," she said upon hearing the knocking at the door.

"It’s Gary, Cynthia," he said from the other side of the door.

"Oh alright hold on," he heard from beyond the heavy wooden door. Then there was distinct clicking sound of brass mechanics scraping against each other as she unlocked the door. The knob twisted and the door opened upon the spacious apartment. "I’m sorry Gary," Cynthia said in an out of breath voice. "Come on in, I was just working out."

"Oh I didn’t mean to interrupt you," he said apologetically with a quick head to foot gaze of her form. "Susan told me to be here. We were going to go catch a movie."

"Oh hell you aren’t interrupting Gary. I was just finishing up." She took a long pull off of the clear plastic water bottle in her hand, arching her back in the process. Gary could not help but notice how the spandex sports bra and matching shorts fit her form as perfectly as the neon green and yellow stripes along the sides seemed to call attention to the best of her curves. She swallowed the water and looked back at him with a gentle and knowing smirk. "Like the outfit do you? It’s Susan’s."

"Oh! I knew I had seen it before. It looks so familiar!" He had no idea, but it was a good cover for his over anxious eyes. "I think she wore that on that bike ride we took last weekend. Speaking of which, where is she? I know I’m not early?"

"Oh shit you didn’t get her message did you?" She sucked more water. In the background the instructor of her Tae Bo video was just finishing up his closing remarks on stretching and cooling down the muscles.

"I guess not," he said. "What message is that?" He spoke in a louder but not quite loud voice over the deep bass voice exerting from the speakers reminding everyone how to avoid cramping muscles after a workout.

"Oh shit how rude can I be." Cynthia wheeled around and grabbed the remote control off of the red loveseat and aimed it at the entertainment center as she lowered the volume. She dropped the remote back onto the loveseat and took another pull of water as she turned back to Gary. "She got called into work for a few hours. Some emergency with the computers or something like that. She left the message on your machine. Must have just missed you."

"Must have," he said. "How long will she be?"

"She said no more than two or three hours." She guzzled more water. "Sorry."

"Well I guess we can catch the later show."

"Yeah, but hey you know you’re welcome to hang out here in the meantime. My exercise video is in the machine but put in whatever you like."

Gary raised an eyebrow. "Really you don’t mind. That would save me that long trip across town and back again." He began to slip off his coat, flexing beneath the black tee shirt his own not so unimpressive chest out in the process. "I’ll just hang up my coat in the closet."

She instantly took it from his hand. "I’ll hang it for you. I need to get a towel anyway. I have to go take a shower. I must look pretty skanky."

Gary let loose a short smile. He looked at her dark blonde hair that she had tied back. He had always thought Cynthia’s hair was beautiful but pulled back it better revealed her lovely face. Gary very often admired her bright emerald eyes and soft facial features that made her look five years younger than her twenty-two years. Her constant habit of working out may have left their living room free of furniture, but it gave her the form and build of a comic book heroine: muscular but not bulky; strong yet still feminine. Gary said to her: "You can look like a whole lot of things Cynthia but skanky is not one of them."

She smiled at the compliment. Gary thought he even saw a touch of blushing in her cheeks. "Well thanks." There was a distinct pause as they looked at each other. A pause that paved the way for a quick bolt of mutual attraction. She was first to break it. "Well, why don’t you go turn something on?" she said.

"Okay," he turned and walked away and had a seat on the loveseat that served as a sofa in hers and Susan’s living room. Or more accurately put, served as the only sitting furniture in their living room. It was a beautiful apartment without a doubt. High ceilings, all hardwood floors, antique molding, and tons of space. But, both Susan and Cynthia used their work out videos constantly; Gary felt sometimes almost compulsively so the completion of their furniture décor was the small loveseat, a huge oak entertainment center, and set of tower speakers which resided against the far wall. The entertainment setup was so large in fact that the first time Susan had brought him up to the apartment he took one look at it and asked her: "So which one of you is Joey and which is Chandler?" He got a slanted-eyed smirk; and a wisp back of her long curly black hair as she planted a fast peck on his lips for an answer; but later that night he did get what was quite possibly the best blowjob of his life. He had to smile a bit as he stepped over to the loveseat and had a seat as Cynthia fumbled hanging his coat and grabbing a towel before closing the slotted style door firmly. He looked at the credits rolling on the Tae Bo tape and turned off the TV and VCR. "So do you two have anything good to watch?"

"Yeah I think we just got a dubbed copy of Phantom Menace if you’re interested. Susan got it from her brother." She began to walk away from the closet to her own room, towel draped over her shoulder and swaying with her stride, making it distinctly more of a sachet’ than a walk. "I think it’s on top on the entertainment center."

"You know I haven’t seen that since we all rented it after we doubled to go see Gladiator. Who was that guy you were with?"

Cynthia walked into her bedroom, the doorway to which was a good space behind the loveseat. Susan’s, which he now shared a great deal of the time, was directly to the left. Gary could not help but catch the reflection on the blank TV screen of Cynthia walking her sachet behind him and into her room. He again observed how Susan’s spandex outfit definitely looked as good on her as it looked on Susan.

"You mean Jim?" she said. Gary focused his eyes hard on the blank screen and could see her reflection with a convex clarity. She had her back facing the door as she reached around herself and grabbed the bottom hem of her top and began to peel it upward. "Oh I’m still seeing him sort of on and off…"

"Oh," he managed to say. His eyes were fixed to the reflective screen like laser sights as she peeled her top off and threw it aside, never turning around so much as an inch. Gary only saw the slightly distorted image of her well formed back. "I guess that Tae Bo really works. Does she even know she forgot to close the door? Did she forget to close the door?" A tantalizing thought that was. Tantalizing enough to cause a fast fire down below so to speak that hardened so fast he thought his cock would rip clean through his jeans. He spoke on but in a distinctly more timid voice. "He seems like a nice guy."

"Yeah, he is," she next took the scrunchie out of her hair and shook it loose over her shoulders and down her back. It waved in the reflection like a burlesque funhouse mirror. "Neither of us are looking for anything serious right now." He saw as she took the waistband of her shorts and began to peel them downward off of her sweaty skin, slowly revealing to Gary the ass he had often dreamed of seeing. And now, in this reflective state, it almost seemed like a dream as she bent down, rolling the wet and sweaty shorts down past her knees, extending her ass up and out as if showing it off to the back of his head. She stood back up and stepped out of the shorts even as she grabbed the white towel from her bed, never turning around so much as a hair until she wrapped it around her body and tucked the folds together. She turned briefly. Well I’m gonna shower. Enjoy the movie. I’ll watch it with you when I’m cleaned up."

"Okay," was the only thing he could meekly blurt out as she vanished from the screen into the bathroom that adjoined her room. As he heard the bathroom door shut Gary sucked in a long, deep breath. Deeper than he could remember ever taking. By the time he exhaled he heard the sudden blast of water as Cynthia turned on the shower.

"Jesus Christ what was that about? Was that an invitation; a mistake; a show of trust because I’m with her roommate. She has seen me in a towel plenty of times but Christ almighty. Water’s running…Do I go in there? Should I go in there is that what she wants? If it’s not I can kiss Susan good bye too. Bet she is soaping up her body right now. Shampooing her hair. Doing herself in there. Putting her fingers… Jesus got to think of something else. Movie. Gonna watch that movie and watch Obi Won kick some ass. Good idea… relax…just relax…"

Gary got up from the loveseat, crouching as he did due to the awakening, almost blinding painfulness of his hardened cock. "Damn this hurts." He said in a low voice as he walked hunched over to the entertainment center. "Can’t ever remember being this hard. Shit it hurts. Hope Susan is in the mood tonight because I’m going to split her in two like a piece of fucking firewood." He listened to the shower running as he fumbled through the few videotapes that lay on top of the entertainment center.

"Well you told me it was here and now I can’t find it?" he muttered. On top of the entertainment center was a tape that had Sister Act; written across the label in black pen. "Didn’t like it when I saw it the first time…" he thought absentmindedly as he fumbled another tape labeled "The Simpson’s" which he also couldn’t stand. There was a third tape laying face down which Gary picked up. "That’s weird. No label." It was just a black; there was no label along the side as there always was on videos. Then he turned it over. Gary wrinkled his brow a hair. On the top of the tape was a small piece of masking tape with only the word "Jim" scrawled across it in thin ballpoint pen. Gary looked at the odd label a moment. Still looking at "Jim" he hit the eject button on the VCR and set the exercise tape aside.

With a quick glance back towards Cynthia’s open bedroom door he still heard the shower running. Cynthia always took very long showers; Susan had once confided to him that Cynthia almost always masturbated in the shower. Gary looked back down at the tape.

"What the hell," he muttered with a smirk.

Gary turned on the television and brought the volume of HBO’s presentation of "City of Angels" down low. Cynthia and Susan always listened to their videos very loudly as they worked out. With another sly glance back at the open bedroom door, he slid the tape quietly into the VCR and hit play. His thinking process clearly shifting gears as images flashed through his head of watching both Susan and Cynthia follow the kicks and spins and punches and whatever else made up their average workout. He walked back down to the loveseat, his hardon not even close to subsiding, remote control firmly in his hand.

Gary did not expect to see what he did.

At first he thought that the VCR, the TV, or the tape were not working correctly. All that was on the screen was the same view he had seen in the reflection: Cynthia’s bedroom. He glanced behind himself again. The differences arose. On the image he was seeing on the screen there were long black candles lit everywhere: on the nightstand, around the bed, in the windowsill, casting the whole room in a shimmering shadowy light of nighttime. Gary turned around fast and saw the exact same scene through Cynthia’s open door: the bed, the nightstand, and the windowsill with afternoon sunlight pouring through. In a muffled almost echoed tone, He heard the music of Queensryches’ Operation: Mindcrime coming from somewhere. Gary looked ahead at the stereo system, which sat alongside the video system within the large piece of cabinetry. A thing or two began to come clear to him as he looked upon the towering speakers on either side of the entertainment center as they again echoed back the music in a mechanical de ja vous.

"No… What the hell is this but it… no… ain’t what you’re thinking…now your wishful thinking is just taking over Gary old boy. "No," the thought crossed instantly into his mind. "Can’t be. Just can’t be… just can’t…"

Even as the thought ran across his mind it became the thing that could not be. Gary’s mouth dropped as he watched on the wide screen TV, Cynthia walk across her bedroom. He first saw a rear view of her walking the a few slinky, deliberately slow steps towards the bed. "Holy…" was all that Gary could mutter as he saw her walk wearing only a set of thigh high white stockings. He saw her climb onto the bed. He watched as she got down on all fours, and looked into the camera knowingly.

Cynthia smiled widely into the camera. Gary jerked his head around fast towards her room, making sure that the shower was still running strong and in a strange fanciful way making sure that she was not at that moment down on all fours on her bed, smiling in his direction. His head flinched back to the screen just as Cynthia’s voice rode the music through the speakers and to Gary’s ears.

"Come on, don’t be shy. I want that great cock of yours over here," she whispered in a voice that Gary had never before heard her use. Gary did not even blink for fear of loosing as instant of her image. Her hair hanging down, her ass arched high. Her breasts dangling down, moving and swishing with a soft firmness as if scoffing at the very idea of gravity.

A second form entered the screen from behind the camera. A man, his back to the camera. A rather well formed man, muscular but not bulging, about six feet tall with short brown hair. As he stepped into view Cynthia rose up on her knees. She smiled widely as he came into plain view and turned in profile.

"Jim," Gary muttered in disbelief. Jim stood there on the screen, completely nude standing next to Cynthia. A guy he had met barely enough times to count on one hand. A good guy, a nice guy. The four of them had played Pictionary together. Now, a guy who’s engorged penis flashed into view as he turned towards the camera. Cynthia reached out and wrapped both hands around his member even as Jim reached out for her breasts. She moaned as he took them in each hand. Jim moaned even louder as he squeezed her breasts and leaned in to kiss her, their tongues clearly visible in the thick blackened candlelight; snaking and crawling as they kissed open mouthed before their lips closed around each other’s.

Hands began to roam, exploring body parts with a fluidity of movement that was as erotic as it was deliberately done for the camera. Their kissing changed as their tongues came into view. Cynthia shifted a bit to get a better angle for the camera as she took Jim’s tongue between her lips and proceeded to suck it like a candied treat, even as she had both hands wrapped around what Gary could not help but describe as a tremendously beautiful cock. Large but not a comically, almost cartoon sort of cock. It stood out all by itself. It stood out erect in a way Gary could not help but notice. Gary had the fast image of an eagle taking flight run through his head. He shook his head back and forth a bit, as if to shake it off. On the screen, the two shifted the positions of their mouths just a hair, as the sucker became the sucked.

Gary simply and plainly watched. He dared not move for fear he would cum in his pants for the first time since he was fifteen and he first felt a female touch on the fly of his jeans. "Shower still running…shower still running…" he watched on, sweating profusely now as Cynthia pulled her tongue free of Jim’s lips and took her gripped hands away from him as well. She flipped her hair away from the camera and smiled wide as she got down on all fours. She motioned clearly for Jim to kneel on the bed in front of her. Before Gary’s eyes, they did, and in perfect view of the camera Cynthia began to lick and kiss Jim’s chest. He moaned aloud when she apparently bit his nipple. On downward and downward she went. Gary watched, slack jawed and light headed as she nimbly took his cock into her hand. He physically shuttered when she squeezed and a spurt of precum shot out onto her outstretched tongue. Gary’s body seemed to spasm with Jim’s on-screen when Cynthia pursed her lips together and began to take Jim’s shaft into her mouth, the sounds of her moans clearly audible.

"Shower still running shower still suck that cock shower running oh god I can’t can’t…" were only a few of the thoughts that poured through his head like a broken levee of his deep, secret, "exotic" thoughts. When he saw Cynthia begin to move her mouth up and down on Jim’s cock he couldn’t help but groan out the words: "Oh go baby go…" louder than he had probably wanted to. When he saw Cynthia slowly move one hand between her own legs and heard her start to moan was Gary’s breaking point.

"Shower still running…still going time time my God… have to have to…" Gary fumbled for his fly and jerked it open almost hard enough to tear his kackies. As Cynthia stopped sucking Jim’s cock and began to lick the head feverishly, Gary’s pants and briefs were around his ankles. For an instant he thought he had cum in his pants but then realized that it was merely precum flowing in a stream down the length of his cock like a plastic honey bottle someone was slowly and torturously squeezing. He touched the head of his cock, feeling the hot precum even as it dripped and swirled down over every ridge, crevice and vein of his shaft down to his pubic hair where it kept flowing down along his balls, which by this point felt like dead chunks of lead. "Gonna cum…gonna cum…. don’t care…gotta cum…"

On the screen Cynthia began to moan louder against Jim’s cock. One hand was pressed against his thigh for support; her other hand was swinging back and forth between her own legs. Cynthia’s arm jerked back and forth faster and faster as she moaned against Jim louder and louder, almost violently as she prepared to cum. Her lips bobbed back and forth like a piston around Jim’s cock. Jim was leaning back, his head thrown back and his teeth clenched. The sounds of both their moans and grunts were crystal clear through the high quality speakers.

Gary gazed at the screen wide eyed and slack jawed, apparently oblivious as his thoughts began to change from flashes and explosions in his head to words coming out of his lips. "Gonna cum…gonna cum and hit the fucking ceiling…my god want to cum all over the TV screen, right on her tits… gonna cum…. Have to cum… All over you baby…all for you baby!"

"have time yet…shower still running shower still running… I have time…"

Gary stroked his cock vigorously, feeling his eminent orgasm and beginning to gasp and grit his teeth under the sounds of Cynthia and Jim both grunting and groaning on the TV screen as they moved faster and faster towards the climax of their own little story. As he felt the immense build up that made him dizzy he rested a palm over the head of his cock. The intense pressure the instant before orgasm tore through his entire body like a shock wave, intensifying all of his senses. There was the strong sound of the shower running behind Cynthia’s room. There was the pounding of his heart and lungs going so fast they seemed ready to explode in his chest. The music pounding and what were becoming the almost animal like moans coming from the speakers as Jim screamed and came into Cynthia’s groaning mouth. The hot, thick smell of his own semen as it just began to burst forth from his cock. All things intensified and magnified. Even the familiar voice behind him was almost perversely clear and calm as Cynthia said to him: "If you think this is something you should see when he takes me from behind."

For the first time since he was a child Gary felt himself taken with unfiltered, pure old-fashioned terror. The combined force of Cynthia’s voice from behind him and his body encompassing orgasm made him swoon. His hands jerked away from his penis and semen blew a clear foot into the air only to land in a hot stream on his bare thigh. On the television screen he saw Cynthia licking cum off of Jim’s cock; he saw it dribbling down her smiling lips and chin. He turned his head away from the television and to his horror saw Cynthia leaning in the doorway of her room, her hair dripping wet from the shower that was still running in her bathroom. She wore a satiny white robe that came down to just cover her elbows and ended just above her knees. Her arms were crossed calmly below her breasts as she looked at him. Gary felt his entire body begin to shake as he stared at her, and she at him.

Gary opened his mouth as if to speak, and remained that way for however long he did not know. "I’m sorry," seemed a touch weak. "My god I’m so embarrassed," seemed honest but far too obvious considering his pants were around his ankles, his cock still in his hands, and fresh semen still pumping out of his cock everywhere from his hands to his balls an everywhere in-between. So he decided to go with the mercy approach. "Cynthia," he said. "I, I don’t know what to say?"

Still leaning in the doorway in the same pose she said in a calm, almost whispery tone: "Then don’t say anything." With a slow, graceful movement Cynthia stepped out of the doorway. Gary’s only movement was his neck as it craned, following her movements as she nonchalantly walked in front of the vented closet door, which gave her a perfect view of both the entertainment center, and the loveseat where Gary still shook and came. At first, Cynthia did not say another word. She shifted her eyes at Gary, his hands shaking, eyes bulging, and his cock still hard beneath his fist and a healthy coat of cum. Arms still crossed, and with only the slightest movement of her head she shifted her gaze to the television screen. Cynthia watched herself on the screen as she was now lying on the bed; Jim’s back was to the camera. All that was really visible of her were her still stockinged legs outstretched and spread above Jim’s head. That and her blonde hair flipping back and forth in the background, what with his face being buried deep between her legs and all. What was clear was that she was screaming like a banshee.

Cynthia shifted her gaze back at Gary. "Now do you remember Jim?"

Gary looked back up at her. The shock was beginning to dissipate for him now. As was a small degree of the embarrassment as it was either now divided between the two of them, or as another thought entered his clearing mind. The two of them were watching a videotape of a man going down on her; of her flaying her legs in the air like a set of wings, screaming in pleasure like an animal- and as she stood there watching it with him she did not seem to mind.

At the same time her roommate’s boyfriend was sitting as he was. And again, she did not seem to mind. Gary opened his mouth to speak and the words came out with clarity and confidence he rarely was able to call upon. "Yes," said Gary. "I remember Jim." With the clarity of his voice and the strange development of the current situation, Gary’s thoughts began to come back in order. Events were coming into order. "Can I ask you a question Cynthia?"

"You can ask but that does not mean I am going to necessarily answer?" she said. Gary noticed that her gaze had dropped down from his face to his fists. Whether she was looking at his hands, his cock, or the cum that was everywhere he was not sure.

"Well I cannot help but notice…" he said with a quick glance at the screen. Cynthia was now straddling Jim as he lay on his back, grinding his cock into her and screaming as if she were riding a bull.


"… Don’t people usually dry off after a shower before they put a robe on?" Gary had noticed even when she had first made her presence known that her hair was dripping wet, but he had not noticed that the satiny white robe she wore clung to her body, adhered by a layer of water that connected satin to skin. Water was dripping down her thighs and arms yet. Her hips and breasts were clearly visible through the wet, transparent satin that clung to her body, causing each movement she made to pull the robe open bit by bit, showing what lay beneath. Her hair was a wet, matted, uncombed, and exotically sexy mass.

The tape which had set this turn of events into motion now showed Cynthia and Jim doing things that Gary was not even sure how to describe; and the intense scent of semen and the freshness of wet skin hung in the air like an invisible smoke. All things were converging into something of a scene in its own right as Gary waited for an answer to his question.

For the first time in this strange occurrence, Cynthia looked down at Gary and a thin, closed lipped smile edged up the corner of one side of her lip. Without a word, she gingerly took a few steps away from the closet door and knelt down in front of Gary. With the same sly smile and more than a fiendish look in her eyes she answered his question in a smoky, fluid half whisper: "sometimes."

With the last syllable she spoke, things changed. For as soon as the word exited her mouth her lips again parted with the same fluidity with which she had spoken. Only this time her lips halted as they barely opened, as if for a kiss while at the same time she took between her thumb and forefinger Gary’s entire left wrist, bringing it away from his cock and slowly, patiently to her lips.

Gary watched as she guided his cum coated index finger to her lips. At first, the thick layer of semen restricted any sensation he may have felt, but as her lips further parted and her tongue began to wrap around his finger he felt a renewed excitement. When she pushed his finger all the way into her open mouth and pursed her lips around it while pulling it back out, he felt the suction of her lips and the grace of her tongue eagerly taking the cum. His finger exited her mouth clean, wet and shimmering.

Cynthia flicked her tongue fast and playfully against the webbing between his index and middle finger, taking the spot of cum that lay in the small groove before she dragged her tongue along his middle finger from base to tip, taking a healthy dose of cum on the end of her tongue. She let it dangle there for a moment, as if teasing the warm liquid itself before bringing her tongue back into her mouth and doing what could only be described as drinking it. Gary only watched, unable and unwanting to move. She took his entire finger into her mouth and sucked it clean as she had done the previous. Although his eyes were vexed on her, he still heard the guttural sounds of she and Jim; behind it what was -all things considered- the oddly piercing music of Queensryche.

As she took his ring and pinkie fingers together she shifted her gaze to his face. His eyes connected with hers and he forgot all else as he felt her tongue, invisible behind the walls of her tightly pressed lips, lick and bend and slither between his fingers. He felt dizzy and lightheaded as she pushed his fingers in farther. He became completely mesmerized as his gaze drifted to her neck. Her throat became a hypnotist's swinging gold watch as the muscles of her throat swallowed, and swallowed, and swallowed.

She turned his wrist palm upward. She looked up at him as her mouth went to work; her extended tongue stretched out long and wide as she lapped up his still warm semen slowly and carefully, following the groves and lines of his hand as if she could tell his future with her taste buds. She kissed and licked and sucked his hand all over again, fingers, knuckles, and creases until all was done.

As she gently set his hand back down she tried to connect to his eyes. He was again looking beyond her, slack jawed and dazed. With a slick knowing grin she turned and looked to see what he was looking at.

"I told you the best part was when he took me from behind," she said in a startling matter of fact tone.

Gary’s face jerked back to her. "Jesus," he said in a dazed voice. "Didn’t that hurt?"

Cynthia continued with her sly smile and rested her hands, palms down, on each of Gary’s thighs. With a slight tilt forward she began to kiss cum off of the head of his semi-erect cock. "What do you think?" she half whispered between her kisses. "My shoulders were a bit soar…my wrists a touch…chaffed… …but I…am…rather flexible…" She pressed her nails gently into the muscle of his thighs and only the bare tip of her tongue she licked her way from the tip of his head, down his shaft, and through his pubic hair before looking up at him with a maniacal, almost perverse grin. She looked him dead in the eye and said in the most seductive tone she could muster: "Doesn’t Susan like it rough?"

With predictability and ease Cynthia dug her nails ever so slightly into his thighs as his body jerked in panic. She could almost taste the fear seeping from his skin; she could feel the stark terror pass through his body and penetrate through her own, making her feel warm, lightheaded, as if the guilt suddenly exploding out of him then radiated through her body as a pulse of total sensuality. She held back her moan.

"Oh my God Susan," the words came out sounding like somebody was strangling him.

Cynthia dropped all changes to her tone of voice. There was no deliberate half whispering; no tingle to the back of her throat; no breathless misty quality as she said in an almost business like tone: "You do remember Susan?"

"I, I, oh holy shit… I " was all he was able to muster out.

"Well how long have you two been seeing each other. A couple of months?" she said.

"In two weeks it will be two months," he said. Cynthia could practically smell the guilt sweating out of his pores. Yet she could still see him flickering his glance between herself and the television screen. She didn’t need to look at it; she could tell what he was seeing by the sounds of her own pillow muffled screams coming through the speakers in perfect surround sound.

Cynthia reached up and grabbed the top of Gary’s right sock. Digging in her nails she yanked down hard, taking the sock and his fine leather loafer off in one fast tearing motion. She forcefully slid it across the hardwood floor where to struck one of the tower speakers with a thump which by total coincidence timed perfectly with the sound coming out of the speaker of her back slamming into the headboard of her bed. "Well then…" she said as she ripped down the other side in a similar manner. Gary flinched at the pain of her nails digging into his calf. Cynthia threw the shoe and sock over Gary’s shoulder, deliberately missing his head by a mere few inches. "…Whatever…" she yanked his nice kacki Dockers and briefs off in one fast painful jerk and threw them behind her as she finished: "…are we to do?"

Cynthia looked at the terror and confusion on Gary’s face and had to force herself to hold back her smile as she rose back up on her knees.

Gary did not so much as breath or blink as he absorbed Cynthia as she knelt before him. Her hair was still dripping wet. Her robe served no better purpose than to keep her skin from drying and show what every inch of her body looked like through wet, tightened white satin; the well formed curve of her shoulders and her well developed arms. The swells of her rounded but firm breasts. The right breast half covered by the shear, wet robe- her nipple a dark shadow that appeared ready to tear through the delicate weave of the cloth. Her left breast almost completely free of the robe that now had worked its way off of her left shoulder to the elbow. The white satin clinging only below the nipple and was slowly peeling away from the friction of her heaving chest and the wet cloth. Her stomach flat and slightly concave at the moment as she arched her back. Her skin was not tanned, not pale, and definitely not flawed as water dripped down her body everywhere from her wet mass of hair thrown over her left shoulder. Trying to look at all of her at once, he did not hesitate when she said in a rather calm tone: "Take off your shirt."

Even as his black Tee shirt flew across the room, her eyes scanned Gary up and down. His chest and shoulders looked as if they had been sculpted. Finely toned muscles that fit his frame to a tee. Protruding abdominal muscles she wanted to trace again and again with her tongue like a maze. He had the well-formed legs of a runner, the beautiful olive skin that came with Mediterranean decent but not the masses of body hair that often came with such gorgeous skin. The only mass of body hair Cynthia saw was the dark tangled mass of pubic hair surrounding his semi-hard cock and swollen balls that lay between his parted legs. Yet even this was partially obscured by the streams and puddles of cum that adorned his entire pelvic region. She continued to scan him up and down as from behind her came the more subdued sounds of herself and Jim, gentle moaning and hard breathing. She cocked herself a slight smile as she reminisced of that particular scene, causing her slightly parted legs to moisten. She refocused on what sat before her and felt herself warm even more. Her eyes fixed upon Gary; she parted her lips to speak. This time reclaiming the sensual half whisper in her vocal tone as she said to him again: "whatever are we to do?"

Gary opened his mouth even as Cynthia opened hers. He had no idea what he was exactly going to say. "Please we can’t do this… I should really go… What are we going to tell Susan?…I should really really go…" were but a few of his well-intentioned responses. It became a race as to who would strike first. Gary felt his vocal cords vibrate as he attempted to let out a well-intentioned phrase. All that came out of his mouth though was a long doctor’s office style "ahhh" as he lost the race to respond.

Cynthia simply fell forward as Gary opened his mouth. The wet robe dislodged from her right shoulder and fell to the elbow just as her hands hit the love seat, palm down on either side of Gary. Her open mouth took Gary’s cock and closed around it with the same speed she fell forward with. Before Gary was able to gasp out his "ahhh" , Cynthia took Gary’s full cock into her mouth and clamped it between her tongue and the roof of her mouth. Her tongue swirled, tasting again the thick bittersweet taste of his cum. His cock still only half hard, she sucked in her cheeks and bent his soft member around, bending it and twisting it as she pleased. While at the same time sucking out the final drops of semen from his previous orgasm. She felt him shutter as she began to motion up and down on him, tightening the seal of her lips hard around his shaft and sliding her lips up and down, taking the last bits of cum and swallowing them with delight. She moved her lips up his shaft and swirled her tongue around his head in tight little circles, ending by flickering the very tip of her tongue on the very tip of his cock. Just as she had predicted, his entire body tensed and he gasped in. She dug her nails into his hips and peered up at him, licking the tip of his hardening cock like a lollipop. The familiar grin on her face.

"wha..what…what are you doing?" he blurted between fast breaths.

She took her tongue from his head and wrapped her hand around his quickly hardening shaft, taking care to feel every stiffening vein, every growing ridge as she felt more and more moisture begin to inch down her own thigh. "I’m sucking your cock," she said with a quick and hard flick of her tongue to his tip. His entire body jerked. She pulled upward on his cock gently, but enough to make him elevate his entire body a few inches. Again, flicking her tongue fast and hard on his tip she reached down between his legs and stretched her fingers around his balls just as his eased back down. With a mixture of cum and sweat she began to roll and massage his balls between her fingers. He moaned loudly and threw his head back She took a quick and hard suck of his cock and looked back up at him. She dragged her tongue up and down his ever-hardening shaft. His now watering eyes were still clearly darting between the television and her face as she licked him up and down. "Do you want me to stop?"

"No," he said.

"And do you like what you are watching there?" she said in a low voice just before dragging her tongue up the bottom side of his cock and giving his balls a gentle scratch with her nails. She scratched a bit harder as she heard her own voice again make a muffled scream through the speakers. She could actually feel the vibrations against her back. She rubbed her thighs together, reveling in the wetness that coated her legs now to the knees.

"But, but Susan…" he groaned. She could now feel every groove, line, and vein as it crossed the surface of her tongue. His balls felt like they had been soaked in oil. Over the speakers she heard more of her own muffled screams going in rhythm with a constant, hollow, thumping sound. She shifted her legs a bit and her entire body shuttered as the mere rubbing of her own legs together almost made her cum.

"What about Susan?"

"But Susan… I…"

With gentle ease Cynthia pulled her hand out and away from Gary’s balls. Cynthia looked at the screen and saw herself. She saw Gary staring at the screen in disbelief. "I told you I was flexible."

Gary looked back down at her and attempted something that might have been construed as a smile.

With first a quick grin, and a mindful listen to the moans coming out of the speakers, Cynthia took Gary’s cock gently into her mouth as if she were to kiss it. She placed her hands on his legs, caressing his skin in little massaging circles with just her fingertips, allowing him to relax just a bit, ever mindful of what she was listening to from the speakers. "not yet…not yet…" the thought rang through her head as she nuzzled his head with her lips and paid total attention to the sounds of her own quickening moans over the speakers.. "not yet... almost…almost…"

"Oh that’s nice," he let out a subdued sigh and opened his mouth to exhale slowly. The sound he made next would not be a sigh.

"almost... almost…"

Her groans became louder and faster over the stereo.


Cynthia simultaneously locked her lips around Gary’s head and sucked with every bit of lungpower she could muster. She went lightheaded almost instantly. She tasted the precum as it burst into her mouth with all the force of an orgasm. "perfect," she thought to herself as the sound of Gary’s scream filled one ear. Just as she had locked down on the head of his cock and his body jerked wildly, the stereo threw the sound of her own voice screaming back at her through the other ear. She took his head for just an instant; but it was enough. She released him and before his body finished its spasm Cynthia threw herself away from the loveseat onto her back. She looked up as Gary fell back to the loveseat, eyes bulging, his body trying to decide if it had been pleasure or pain.

She began to push herself away with only her legs. With each push, waves of ecstasy roared through her thighs, tearing through her pussy, and shooting clear through her entire body. She moaned with each push along the floor, "please, must cum… have to…going to cum…have to get out of this fucking robe… fuck me… have to cum now get over here and split me in two…"

Her wet robe fell beneath her as she pushed herself back. Back away from Gary; back away from the view of the video. Back towards the closet door and the wall.

Gary watched in a form of paralyzed awe as she pushed herself back more and more, almost until her head was against the closet door. She spread her legs wide, her pussy almost pulsing with a life of its own, dripping, exposed, and needing. She looked up at Gary and breathed: "Get over here and fuck me."

Without a word Gary got up off the loveseat and began to take shaky steps towards Cynthia. Cynthia began to breathe with a rhythm of anticipation. The speakers still blared out hers’ and Jim’s moans. With only a bit of concentration she began to breathe with the same rhythm as she had moaned with Jim. Slowly, Gary positioned himself on top of her. His hands rested behind her shoulders, his knees bracing her legs just above his own. He slowly and carefully began to inch himself towards her. Cynthia arched her back high, pressing her breasts into his chest. She tilted her head back and back, bringing her face almost vertically parallel to the closet door. Her breasts erect and scraping his chest, she moaned as she could feel the presence of his cock entering her. As he touched her wet flesh, she wrapped her arms around his back and swung her legs around his waist.

"Mmmmm," he moaned as he slowly glided into her. Gary closed his eyes and savored the hot wet feeling as it engulfed his cock. "Oh Cynthia you feel so…AHHHH" He was cut off as he felt himself slammed forward from behind. Hot needles of pain dug into his back. His waist felt like it had been caught in the hold of a hungry python.

"I said fuck me not tickle me," Cynthia growled through clenched teeth as she arched her back farther and dug her nails deep into his back. With her nails as an anchor, she pulled herself upward. At the same time she wrapped her ankles around each other behind him and pulled herself upward.

Gary let out something halfway between a roar and a scream as he felt her nails dig in. Almost as a reflex, he swung his own pelvis back and shot himself forward as hard as he could, ramming his cock into her like a railroad spike, drilling her back into the floor. "You mean like that…" he hissed through tight lips and a rigid jaw.

"Oh yeah!" she screamed up at him. She eased back slightly and pulled back up feeling his cock go deeper and deeper; she pulled him down against her own body at the same time. All the while, her body completely off the floor, her back and neck arched almost to the point of snapping as she opened her eyes, peering through the slanted vents of the closet door and repeated herself in an almost pained whisper: "Oh yeah…".

"Come on," she roared at him, feeling his blood on her fingers as she dug her nails deeper and squeezing him in as strong a leg lock as she could. "Fuck me like you mean it.." Her entire body bent, contorted, arched to the point that she was looking upside down, blood rushing to her head, Gary screaming things he had probably never so much as muttered before in his sleep, his cock slamming into and out of her like a maniac hammer, as Cynthia looked into the slanted vents of the closet door, and smiled the smile know by only the truly wicked, and truly contented.

With her favorite devilish grin, Cynthia readjusted the towel she had wrapped around her body after Gary had left just a few minutes ago. After only a moment of debate she ignored the wine rack on the counter and grabbed two bottles of Miller Genuine Draft out of the refrigerator. Just as she popped both the caps she looked out of the little kitchen window and watched Gary’s car pull away. Tightening her towel again around her breasts to make sure it was secure; and still sporting her little grin she took a bottle in each hand and walked back into the living room.

"He’s gone!" she called out as she reentered the living room and sat herself on the arm of the loveseat and crossed her legs almost daintily. Just as she did, the closet door opened and out stepped a woman of about the same age and build as Cynthia, with long, beautifully curly black hair.

"I thought he’d never leave," she said as she stretched out her back and reached for a bottle even as Cynthia held one out to her. "That’s cramped in there and I didn’t think he’d blubber so much after."

"Wasn’t it sweet how he felt guilty?" She took a pull off the beer.

"It was very sweet of him," Cynthia said as she gulped her own beer down, filling her with relaxing cool relief.

"Oh Sues I have to tell you…" Cynthia said. "You really picked a good one this time."

"Yeah," Susan said. "I told you. Took a little while to get the shock out of him but once he gets going…."

"Oh yeah," Cynthia said. She drank more beer. "Oh I’m going to be sore all day." They both turned to look at the television screen. It showed Cynthia and Jim rolling gently around and over each other, kissing and gently running their hands over each other.

"Yes," Susan said as she watched the video and drank. "I know the feeling. And by the way, the next time he comes over I will have to borrow that Queensryche CD."

"Obviously," Cynthia said casually and sipped her beer.

"And I can’t wait… what was it? ‘have to cum… all over you baby… all for you baby?’"

Cynthia snorted fast in laughter and grabbed her nose. "Oh Sues! You can’t!"

"Oh come on!"" Susan went on. "I am going to scream that next time I fuck him! Just imagine the look on his face!"

"Yes," Cynthia said, trying to hold back another snort of laughter. "It will be priceless."

The two of them sat there like that in silence for a seconds, each sipping at their own beer and watching the screen as Jim rolled Cynthia onto her back and began to kiss his way down her neck, her chest, her stomach.

"So," Susan said and turned to Cynthia. "Do you think Jim can come over tonight?"

Cynthia fluttered her eyelashes playfully at Susan and said: Oh, I think that can be arranged."


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