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A Trail of Roses
by WriterDom

They didn't make love that morning. He left earlier than normal even though he was only working half a day. As she applied her makeup, she heard his car pull out of the drive. She stared into the mirror looking at her reflection wondering if she still attracted him. Time had been good to her. But still, something seemed different. His goodbye kiss was just a peck on the neck. His hands avoided her bare breasts still damp from the shower. "Perhaps he is having an affair", she thought. Or maybe he has settled into a bland domestic existence.

Lately he wasn't the passionate poet she married. Oh the sex was still good, but it was coldness to him that morning. A blank emotionless emptiness was all she could see in his brown eyes. "But he is a moody Cancer, and perhaps tonight will be different," she thought Jenny finished dressing. Her heels clicked as she walked down the hall to the door. A lovely late spring morning with a slight cool breeze greeted her. She opened the car door and sat down. She noticed the rose and hand written note in the passenger's seat. A smile came quickly as she read his poem.

there are many beautiful places
pristine beaches where emerald waves
break unevenly with the soothing splash
of snowy foam licking tropical sand

majestic mountains capped with ice
peppered with a million evergreens
rise to the very gates of heaven
brush against the feet of God

still, I find myself in awe each time
you lead me to the sweet serenity
I've come to know as your world
what did I do to win your heart?

my words fall short, sputtering about
like pennies falling on the floor
tongue-tied, I search for a way
to paint your beauty with verse

one day, perhaps the words will come
I Love You

Tears rolled slowly out of the corner of her deep blue eyes as she pressed the Fire and Ice rose to her nose.

She found herself thinking of him all morning. At times, she would pull out the poem and read it again. Though he wrote her many poems, she never tired of them. She had just slipped behind the door of her office to eat lunch when Carol knocked on the door.

"It's open," she said.

Carol entered carrying a dozen blue roses. She was smiling ear to ear.

"I think someone likes you, Jenny, " she said, "And there is a note. Can I read it?"

"Oh my Lord, they are beautiful, and NO, you can't read the note," Jenny said, "Thanks for bringing them."

"Ok. I can take a hint. All I can say is you must be doing something right. Later, Jen."

She set the vase down on her desk, and opened the envelope.

blue for your eyes

I remember
warmth of Spring sun
as I ambled along
watching the Tennessee River
flow slowly by
as lazy cumulus
hung low in the sky
like sheep angels

I saw you there
in the shade of
blooming cherry
writing notes
in your journal

I walked closer
a smile bid me welcome
my stumbling over small talk
has faded in my mind
all I remember of that day
was the beauty of your eyes

At that very moment
I fell in love with you
knowing so little
yet, no reservation
ever crossed my heart
I was yours
and all I wanted
was to make you mine

I love you so

She remembered that day. How quickly two strangers became friends. Within an hour, her journal she held in her lap was replaced by his head as they relaxed in the cool clover. A void in her life was suddenly filled as if angels had sent him just for her. Until she met him, love was an empty promise that soon wilted bringing only pain and sorrow. Bad memories soon were chased away by his loving nature.

Jenny wondered as she drove home that day if George would be there. Her heart sank when she pulled into the drive and didn't see his car. But the day had been filled with surprises, and she had a feeling the night would be special too.

She went inside the house carrying her roses only to spot three green roses, and a box on the coffee table. Excitedly, she opened the box and found a periwinkle blue teddy with matching thigh length robe. She found another note along with a ball of bath soap from the gourmet soap shop in Franklin.

My darling Jenny,

Green for the Caribbean
our first trip
as man and wife
how overwhelming
to make love to you
how different
knowing at last
we'd never be alone
how we giggled like teens
walking slowly down
pearly coral beaches
letting the warm waves
tickle at our feet
as we kissed under
the waxing moon

though years have gone
you still thrill me
with unrelenting passion
with unshakable love

I would not
could not
love another
if I lived a thousand lifetimes
I would search for your soul
forsaking all others
just to lie in the breaking dawn
with a lady like you


take a long hot bath, and try the lingerie on, I'll be here when you get out.

She put her hair up, and ran the bath. The salts smelled like jasmine and turned the water a pale green. So strange to bathe alone, she thought, as he loves to soak with her by candlelight and listen to his Celtic music. She would lie back against him while he caressed her breasts. Sometimes they would script out the night's lovemaking as if it were a play. Memories of sex filled night had her excited as her soapy fingers touch her shaved pussy. She could cum easily, but he said in the note he'd be there soon.

She heard the front door open and shut. Hurriedly, she dried off and slipped into the teddy and robe. He was standing in the den wearing a red plaid flannel shirt tucked into his old Levis. In his hand was a single long stem red rose.

"Oh, Jenny, you are too beautiful for words."

She bit her lip fighting back the tears and ran into his arms. He smelled woodsy and fresh as he held her tightly to his chest kissing her. He let down her long black silky hair. Her nimble fingers unbuttoned his shirt, giving way to her hands as she felt the power of his body. He gently pushed her away.

"Not so fast, Jen, I want you to strip for me."

She dropped the robe from her shoulders. Slowly she unsnapped the teddy at the crotch, and pulled it over her head.

"Now close your eyes, baby," he said.

She smelled the rose under her nose. The soft petals grazed lightly on her cheek, then it brushed back the hair from her shoulder. The rose danced across her excited nipples. She felt his lips warm on her neck. His tongue parted her lips as he drew her into a soulful kiss, then breaking away. With her eyes still closed, she sensed him behind her. She felt the flower lick down her spine and over her soft ass. He pulled her to him. His body was hot against her as he cupped her full breasts in her hands.

"Lets go make love," he whispered.

He picked her up in his strong arms and carried her back to the bedroom. He set her down on the heavy oak antique post bed. The comforter was already pulled back, and the white linen was peppered with pink rose petals. He kissed her feverishly as lips and tongue explored her body. His tongue slid down her stomach. He could smell her excitement as he spread her wet lips with his fingers.

"No, baby," she moaned, pulling his hair, "I want you inside of me."

He pushed the head of his cock at the gates of her pleasure, and sunk deep into her wonderful tightness. Their tangled bodies pushed together while moans were muffled by wet kisses. Unconsciously, her red nails striped across the powerful V of his back, leaving red contrails in his skin. He lifted her legs placing her knees over his shoulders. Her face was flushed with excitement as she squeezed tightly around his thrusting hard cock.

"Harder baby," she moaned, "I'm almost there, come with me."

George lowered her legs so he could kiss her deeply. Her heels dug into his firm buttocks as she pulled him deeper. Their fingers interlocked and he held her arms tightly to the bed. He thrust deep inside her. She felt him growing even harder as his orgasm approached.

"Oh, sweet Jenny, I'm going to cum, may I cum?"

"Yes," she whispered, "oh yes."

Her orgasm started unwinding through her loins as she felt him plunge one last time into her wet hot pussy. He filled her with his pleasure as she held him tightly against her heaving chest.

They cuddled in quiet serenity as the sun began to set over the pines. The sweet smell of rose mixed with the musky smell of sex. She never felt so loved.


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