The Best Erotic Stories.

by Bill Smith

"Hiking in the springtime has to be God's gift to us after enduring winter," I was thinking to myself as I walked besides the little shallow country creek. Around me there was the renewal of life everywhere from the fresh green grass, budding leaves on the trees to the scampering of squirrels trying to locate the various nuts they buried last winter.

Growing tired from my hiking I decided to sit for awhile to enjoy the sights and sounds that were around me. I had found a wonderful spot that allowed me comfort yet partially concealed my location so that I could continue to enjoy all the things nature could provide without disturbing the activities. I was able to observe birds building nests, butterflies going where ever butterflies go, and bees searching for all those things that only they could turn into honey. I could hear the chatter from the birds as they gave each other instructions on how to construct their nest, and the buzz of the bees in their ever widening circles to locate the sweetness of the land, and something Unidentifiable. The sound was almost like the sound of distant musical notes but not quite.

As I listened and watched I was able to locate the direction of the strange sounds but could not see anything. Afraid of getting up to look for fear of startling whatever was making this strange sounds I stayed as motionless as was possible. The sounds were getting closer. And the closer the sounds got the more it sounded familiar.

Yes I know that sound, it is the sound that young girls make when they talk and giggle almost at the same time. Well so much for enjoying nature with such noisy spectators in the mist of it. I almost got up but stopped myself as I wondered why young girls would be wondering in the woods. Having nothing to lose I sat, waited and listened. The girls were getting closer and I could discern two distinct voices. As I listened I heard the names of Ann and Justine, could they be the names of the girls approaching? I sat, waited and listened.

The girls were getting close. So close that I was afraid they would stumble over me! Yet I waited. They were just on the other side of the creek, almost directly in front of me, yet they didn't see me. They stopped under a huge Oak tree, both facing each other leaning on the tree. They were talking about boys. Both were in their late-teens one girl had bright red hair, the other brown, both were about 5' 4", and both appeared to weigh about 110 pounds each. They were both wearing summer dresses with spaghetti straps and sandals. As I listened I found out that the red headed girl was named Justine, and Ann was the name of the other girl.

"Ann, I get so tired of Tom pawing at me when we are alone. Even when we do have sex I think he is an oaf only out to satisfy his urges," stated Justine.

"I know how you feel," replied Ann, "as Jim is the same way. He just wants to get his dick in my pussy and come. Just when it is starting to feel good he is finished. The idiot only thinks of himself. You know if I was a man, I would be so different."

"How?" asked Justine.

"Well first of all I would not be in a big hurry," said Ann, "I would want to do a lot of kissing and feeling, and holding and stroking. Being gentle. Letting each of us heat up at the same time. Enjoying the feeling of each other's excitement. Just be kind of in tune to each other, knowing almost by magic what to do next."

"I don't think there is magic in sex," Justine said, "It is just in and out, and then just messy."

"Ok Justine, suppose that Tom is facing you now and no one else is around. Tom is gazing into your eyes and he reaches out and strokes your face with his hand. Don't you think that would feel nice?" ask Ann.

"I don't know, and I don't think the idiot would ever try," replied Justine, "He is always going for my breasts."

"Justine, just pretend I'm Tom," said Ann. Reaching out with her left arm she strokes Justine's face with her hand. "Just close your eyes now and pretend it is Tom."

After a few moments Justine says, "That feels good," as she leans her face into Ann's hand.

Ann reaches out with her other hand and caresses Justine face with both hands. Then with Justine resting her head in Ann's left hand, Ann begins to stroke Justine's face with her right hand.

"Hmmm, that feels so good. Don't stop," Justine requests.

After a few moments Justine asks Ann, "What would Tom do nest?"

Leaning forward Ann gently kisses Justine's lips, then the end of her nose, then both eyes before coming back to her lips. Using her tongue Ann gently probes between Justine's lips to find Justine's tongue. As both tongues gently dance with each other, Ann's fingers on both hands gently massage Justine's face. Justine embraces Ann with her arms and pulls her body next to hers.

As they continue to kiss, Ann's hands begin to move downward massaging Justine's neck, and then shoulders. Putting her thumbs under Justine's spaghetti straps Ann pulls them outward. Almost without knowing it, Justine releases Ann from her embrace and lowers her arms so Ann can pull her summer dress downwards. Once the straps are free of her arms Justine reaches up and pulls Ann's dress downward. Never once did there lips part.

Free from the upper parts of their dresses, the nipples of each girl begin to harden from exposer to the air. Ann brings her arms upwards and clasping Justine's back she pulls her forward until both pair of breasts are crushed together, both girls moan into each other mouth with the contact.

Slowly Ann's hands begin to move downward, following the contours of Justine's back. Almost by magic Justine's hands do the same down Ann's back. As both pairs of hands reach the summer dresses they press downward and both dresses fall to the ground. Neither girl has worn underclothes. Ann breaks her kiss with Justine's lips. Then following the contours of Justine's left cheekbone Ann places dozens of kisses there as she moves downward to her neck, where she also places dozens of kisses.

With her lips no longer constrained by Ann's lips, Justine begins to moan softly.

Leaving a wet trail of kisses Ann moves ever downward from Justine's shoulder until her lips reach the nipple of Justine's left breast. Using her tongue Ann tickles the nipple making it grow ever harder. As her lips and tongue play an intimate fugue on Justine's nipple, Ann's hands are busy as well massaging Justine's buttocks.

Ann removes her lips from Justine's left nipple, and making small circles with her tongue she moves to the right nipple. Then without further ado the nipple disappears into her mouth where once again her tongue plays an intimate ode to joy. Keeping her left hand on Justine's right buttock, Ann's right hand softly moves forward to Justine's hip and then slowly moves between the junction of her legs. Justine automatically parts her legs allowing Ann's hand the freedom to explore. And explore it does.

Ann using her forefinger traces the contours of Justine's vagina. Then by following the wetness Ann is able to find the center of Justine's pussy and then it is only a moment until the entrance is found. Working slowly Ann is able to insert her finger into Justine's wet cunt. Moving her finger slowly back and forth while rotating her thumb on Justine's clitoris Justine's hips start to move backwards and forwards on their own accord.

Using the fingers of her left hand Ann parts Justine's ass cheeks. Moving slowly she finds the puckered opening of Justine's ass. Slowly she inserts her finger into the opening, and then withdraws. Then she inserts it again. Over and over she repeats the maneuver until the finger is moving in and out as easily as the one in Justine's pussy.

Releasing Justine's right nipple, Ann sinks to her knees while allowing her tongue to make circular spirals on Justine's torso until it reaches her pubic hair. With a shake of her head Ann places her head between the junction of Justine's thighs and snakes her tongue forward until she makes contact with Justine's clitoris. While Ann's tongue takes over the assault on Justine's clitoris her right hand is free to insert another finger into Justine's vagina.

Justine's hips are bucking against Ann's onslaught, and her breath is coming in gasps until she can't take it anymore and she screams out her pleasure! Her scream is like a shot in the forest as animals take flight. She falls to her knees pulling Ann's fingers and tongue away from her. She licks her wetness from Ann's face, and then kisses her.

Pushing Ann backward until Ann is on her back, Justine buries her face between the junction of Ann's thighs, and her tongue searches for her clitoris. As her tongue makes contact with Ann's clitoris, Justine pushes one finger then two into Ann's wet pussy, then three, then four! Ann is going crazy by Justine's assault and then she comes and her screams are like the crack of thunder! And Ann can feel the lightening course through her body as Justine continues to lick. Unable to take any more Ann grabs Justine's head and removes it from her pussy and pulls it upwards until lips are once again locked on to each other. The kiss continues as both hearts slowly unwind. Then to two bodies wrap around each other till there is just one, and both fall asleep.

There is silence. There is not a sound. The birds and the bees are silent. I can't even hear the water in the stream as it heads down stream to the river! I look down and realize that I have removed Lucifer from my hiking shorts and my right hand is moving up and down it length. I stop my hand, remove it from Lucifer and look at it. Wow, I just can't believe what I have just seen, and what I was just doing. I close my eyes...

There are butterflies fluttering up and down the length of Lucifer! God the feel of their wings against Lucifer is incredible. I moan... and then wonder where in the hell am I? I look down and see a brown head of hair and a red head of hair moving up and down over Lucifer. "What the hell," I mumble out loud.

The brown head of hair looks up and smiles at me. I recognize the face of Ann, it was not a dream after all. I look down and Justine is licking up and down the length of Lucifer while her eyes are looking at me.

"Your snoring woke us up," Ann informs me, "When we investigated we found you, and the treat you had between your legs. It was sort of a beacon that lead us onwards, we kinda figured you wouldn't mind." With that said Justine swallows a mouthful Lucifer and my heart goes crazy.

I inform Ann, "Oh no, I don't mind at all!"

Smiling Ann leans over and kisses me, and I try and swallow her tongue. In my wildest dreams I have never encountered anything as wonderful as this. A young lady sucking Lucifer and another one with her tongue down my throat, if this is heaven give me more!

Justine says to Ann, "I think I have him ready for you."

Ann removes her tongue from my mouth and looks at Justine.

Justine is holding a very wet and happy Lucifer and tells Ann, "Just sit on it."

Ann straddles my mid-section and with the help of Justine lowers herself on to Lucifer. We both moan. Justine smiles.

Justine kisses first Ann, then me. WE kiss for a while as Ann and I continue to play bury the bone. I pull Justine upwards and while I suck on her right breast, Ann sucks on her left one. Then I tell Justine to stand and straddle me facing Ann. Ann gets the idea and starts to suck on Justine's clitoris once she is in place.

I look at a most beautiful ass, then I lean forward and bite it. I gently bite every square inch of Justine's butt. Then I pull her ass cheeks apart and start licking from the top of her ass to the bottom where I met Ann working on her clitoris. Then I target in on her asshole, where my tongue starts drilling like a Texas oil rig looking for black gold.

I don't know who started coming and screaming first, but I know I damn near came to dying and I was ready and willing to go! It seem to last forever, that wonderful feeling but as all good things must come to an end - it did. Almost...

After resting in a tangled heap for what seems like an eternity, Justine raises her head and looked at Ann and said, "You're left with the mess."

I looked at Justine, then at Ann, smiled and pulled Ann's vagina up to my mouth and started cleaning the best I knew how. Apparently it was the right move as Ann started to moan. Justine not to be outdone started licking on Lucifer. As Justine was licking and sucking on Lucifer she had her hand between her legs and was strumming a tune to beat the band on her clitoris. And in no time we were all moaning again.

Finally Justine looked at both of us and licked her lips, and said, " All clean."


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