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Bliss and Alex...Slaves! Pt. II
by babyBliss

The Master had said to keep Alex's cock hard... He didn't say how!

Alex hung on the wall exhausted, his testicles swollen from the electric shock sent through them, blood trickled down his chest from his shredded nipples, the clips still piercing them, his cock throbbed as the Gates kept him hard... the head of his cock a shiny deep purple again dripping pre-cum.

As Bliss approached him, she placed the tip of the riding crop on the head of his cock, he winced in pain. She moved it slowly around the head of his throbbing cock and down to his balls, she gently tapped his sac. He groaned as she reached up and removed the clips from his nipples. She reached down, squeezed his balls, before opening the shackles that held his feet. With his toes touching the floor she attached a leash to the ring at the end of the Gates, and released his wrist, he fell to the floor hard on his knees. He screamed in pain and collapsed onto the floor.

Bliss pulled the leash, and Alex quickly moved in her direction. Bliss grabbed his wrist and handcuffed his hands behind his back. She smacked his ass with the crop landing squarely in the center of his ass cheeks.

Bliss lay back on the bed spreading her legs and thighs.

"Eat my pussy you fucking whore!" Bliss commanded! "Get your fucking sorry ass up here now!"

The Master's plan working, Bliss had truly turned!

"So your Mistress sucks your cock and pleases you! I will never suck your cock again! You fucking male slut!" Bliss hissed.

"Get your fucking tongue in my cunt now! She screamed!

"Eat me now you prick! Suck my cunt and make me cum! If you don't do it right, let's just say you will regret it!"

Alex buried his face in Bliss's pussy, his tongue splitting her slit and ravishing her depths! Alex was an excellent pussy eater, he loved to suck pussy, but his signature was his tongue, Alex could tickle a woman womb with his long tongue!

Bliss had no idea of what she had just demanded! She was in for the tonguing of her life. Alex knew how to eat, suck and lick pussy! His other specialty was sucking and licking ass! He was about to take Bliss on a journey she would never forget. She would learn why his Mistress sucked his cock, and he knew Bliss would suck him again also!

(The Master's Chambers)

Once the Master had Alex's Mistress in his bed, and his 10" cock stuffed into her pussy, he asked. "Why do you suck his cock? You are his Mistress, I have never seen a Mistress suck her slaves cock."

"You have never seen his tongue!" she grunted as her hips met the Master's. "He can touch a woman's soul with it...! Oh, you are so good, I love your cock! Oh yes... Oh fuck my hot wet cunt!"

"I'll bet he has his tongue in your hot slave's pussy right now, and when he is through she will beg him to do it again. If I know him as I think I do, he will not! Maybe I'm to easy on him, that is why I brought him to you... to teach him discipline. I love him, and can't refuse him, maybe through training he will become submissive. OH FUCK ME... YES... OH FUCK YES... I'M CUMMING! I'M CUMMING!

(Back to the Dungeon)

Alex's tongue snaked its way into Bliss's pussy. He used the tip to lick her from her asshole to her clit! Slowly circling her clit and then returning to her swollen lips. Alex began probing her cunt, his tongue slithered out, touching the opening of her vagina. His face pushing her ass into the mattress, he buried his face in her cunt.

Bliss was beside herself, encouraging him to eat her pussy! To stick his tongue inside her, to fuck her with his tongue!

Alex slowly began to unwind his tongue! Pushing it deeper into her wet cunt!

She bucked her hips, god he was good! "That's it, you whore, lick my cunt! Fuck me with your tongue!" Little did she know what he was prepared to do,

Alex unfurled his tongue, touching the walls of her vagina... He pressed the tip of his tongue against her inner wall, the tip searching, searching for her G-Spot...

Only her Master's tongue had every touched her there, but Alex's tongue was different, he could apply more pressure. Pushing hard against her Spot, and rubbing it with the tip of his tongue. His nose rubbing her clit... his tongue manipulated her Spot and she felt the pressure building, she was going to cum! She was going to squirt into his mouth... her back arched... her hands holding his face tight against her cunt... she screamed his name and came...

As she came Alex held still, waiting for her climatic wave to pass, he then unfurled his tongue and pushed it deeper until the tip of his tongue touched the opening to her cervix. His tongue stiffened and he withdrew all the way out and flicked her wet swollen clit. He then slowly pushed his tongue back into her and tickled the opening of her cervix, increasing his pace, he began to tongue fuck her.

Bliss could not believe what was happening, his tongue was as thick as a cock, and longer than most, its rough slick surface was touching every part of her.

"Oh yes... Tongue fuck me" she squealed!

Alex then drilled the tip of his tongue into her cervix!

Bliss bucked hard at the new sensation... Creaming his face again!

His tongue entered her uterus! She had never ever felt anything like this, his tongue snaked through her cervix and touched the wall of her womb.

Then it happened, she felt the tip of his tongue touch the back wall of her uterus!

She grab his head clenched her teeth and screamed! YES! OH YES! TONGUE ME! I NEED YOUR TONGUE! THAT INCREDIBLE TONGUE! OH FUCK! I'M CUMMING! I'M CUMMING! EAT ME! Her body convulsing in an explosive orgasm!

Alex pulled his face away from her pussy.

"What are you doing?" She demanded. "Get you tongue back inside me!"

Alex sneered, "Only if you suck my cock and swallow my load!"

"What?" Bliss screamed. "I am not your slave, you have been given to me for my pleasure, your Mistress is upstairs, you shall surely be punished!"

"Certainly not." Alex retorted. "She loves my tongue, and will suck me to get it. She belongs to me as much as I belong to her."

Bliss now furious with his insubordination, spouted. "Oh she does, does she, we will see about that!

Bliss quickly hooked Alex's leash to the wall, and stormed out of the dungeon.

(The Master's Chamber)

Bliss fell into her slave position immediately upon entering the room. Her Master still between the Mistress legs pounding her pussy, she could see that she was in the throws of an incredible orgasm. Her Master knew how to please a woman!

She watched her Master's body stiffen as he banged into the Mistress's cunt! She knew he was filling her, she knew he was cumming! Oh, how she wanted that.

The Master smiled when he saw his baby Bliss kneeling at his bedside. "What is it my dear baby Bliss, speak freely?"

"Master, Alex is an insubordinate, disobedient, arrogant slut, who refuses to submit to me as You and his Mistress have commanded."

"You are correct my baby Bliss and you shall break him of this behavior. Her Master directed. "You shall go to your chambers and pick out an appropriate outfit, something in leather, I think." "Yes, a leather garter, with black nylons, leather thigh high boots, a leather peek-a-boo bra so your nipples are visible and a cat woman type leather mask."

Go now and bring those items back with you, you shall dress in the changing room off the dungeon.

Bliss quickly did as her Master directed, and stood in the doorway of the changing room. Her Master had joined her in the dungeon, and was sitting in his lounge chair, Alex's Mistress was sitting on his lap.

They both nodded their approval as Bliss walked over to Alex, grabbed his cock leash and tugged him across the room. He whimpered, and his cock starting to leak, Bliss wasn't sure if it was pre-cum or piss. She really didn't care!

She had him lay over the pommel horse. She secured his feet to the legs and leaning him over the horse she re-secured his hands to the other side of the horse.

Bliss grabbed the cat-o-nine tails with the metal spike tips, she showed it to Alex and told him he would eat her pussy every time he saw her from now on, he would beg her to let him eat and lick her pussy, to make her cum.

Alex howled as Bliss whipped him! She covered every inch of exposed flesh with her whip. His body streaked with red welts from neck to toe... Bliss had been very thorough.

When she was through, she inserted an unlubed enema nozzle into his ass and filled his ass with hot water! She brutally shove an over sized Anal Plug into his ass and strapped it in place. She then shackled him spread eagle to the wall where she had initially seen him.

She pick up the riding cropped and began beating him with it! Slapping him across the face, ears, neck, chest, his underarms, over his entire body, all but his cock and balls. When she was satisfied that she had done a good job, she asked. "Are you ready to suck lick and eat your Mistress?"

Alex smiled, and screamed, "FUCK YOU BITCH!"

Bliss looked at him, stepped back, and with all her strength she attacked his cock with the crop!

Alex screamed in pain, his thighs quivering!

Bliss lowered a pair of chains from the ceiling and attached then to Alex's ankle bracelets, releasing them from the wall she raised his legs so that his ass was at her eye level, his balls dangling, his cock pointing at the ceiling.

Master Peter and Alex's Mistress watched intently, the Master's hard cock resting between her wet pussy lips, his hands cupping and massaging her fabulous tits.

Bliss spread Alex's legs wider, and again she smacked his stiff cock with all her strength.

She then began tapping his balls, as she tapped she could see them swell... she pulled back the riding cropped and swung again as hard as she could... Alex's balls smashed against his ass... Alex's cock spewed his white liquid! She did this again from the other side, again his ball swung and smashed against his ass... again he spewed his cock exploding!

"How you doing Alex?" She laughed! "You still with me?" Taking smelling salts and waving it under his nose, she didn't want him passing out.

She yanked the leash attached to his cock down and gave it another hard smack.

"You gonna lick my pussy Alex?" she smiled. "You gonna obey your Mistress?"

She smacked his balls again!

Alex was begging her, swearing to his Mistress that he would do anything she demanded. That he would never again try to trade favors...

Bliss walked over to her Master and whispered in his ear. Her Master nodded, and Bliss went to the counter. She took out a candle and lit it, she then turn to Alex and lowered body so that she could manipulate his cock.

She then in one quick motion stuck the hot needle through the top portion of the skin behind his cock head, Alex screamed in pain, cumming hard, he passed out. Bliss quickly applied the smelling salts, she did not want Alex to miss any of this experience.

Bliss quickly inserted a silver cock-ring through the hole, and slipped the ring around his cock-head. A perfect fit that would keep his cock hard! Bliss then took a second needle and pierced the thick fleshy crown of his cock, and attached another smaller ring, a ring where his Mistress could attach her leash! His Mistress would no longer have any problem with Alex.

She lowered Alex to the floor, released his binding, went over to the bed, getting a nod from her Master she ordered Alex to suck, lick and tongue fuck her pussy.

Before Bliss could lean back Alex's face was buried between her legs...

Bliss was rewarded as Alex serviced her the best he knew how... She was cumming within minutes her body was convulsing and quivering, as Alex used his tongue as never before!

The Master smiled... Bliss was his Masterpiece.

He whispered something into Alex's Mistress's ear, they got up and approached the side of the bed. Alex's Mistress leaned down and whispered thank you and kissed her passionately! Then her Master whispered for Bliss come with him. Bliss immediately pushed Alex's face out of and away from her pussy.

Alex's Mistress took her place, spreading her thighs wide, and ordered. "Slave, you know where you belong!" Alex did not hesitate, he loved his Mistress, and he loved her pussy!

The Master attached his leash to baby Bliss's collar and led her to his chamber.

His baby Bliss was now almost complete, she was his and his alone.

To Be Continued...

* * * * *

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