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Babysitter Pt. II
by Patrick

When my eyes opened the next day I was slightly disorientated, not quite knowing where I was. I quickly realized I was naked, lying on a couch, covered by a light sheet, but not sure how , where or why. Then the events of the previous night came flooding back and I sat up with a slight gasp, the sheets falling away from my ripe, firm breasts, and I hastily pulled the sheet back up again and looked around. The room was deserted, but I could hear movement and the light noise of plates and dishes being moved coming from the adjoining Kitchen, God, was it Francine or Jeremy, I thought in mild panic, had Jeremy seen me like this? I felt the heat flood into my face and looked around again.

Just an arm's length away were my clothes, neatly piled on a chair, not the special sexy dress I'd been parading for Francine when the night had turned sexual - I felt myself blushing wildly - but my street clothes, and I realized that Francine must have organized them for me. I slipped into them hurriedly and had barely finished when the kitchen door opened and a smiling Francine entered with a tray containing coffee and cereal.

"Ah, I thought I heard movement" she said, "and I thought you might need some breakfast before you go"

I felt the blush starting again and couldn't meet her eyes as memories came flooding back. She placed the tray on the table in front of me and bent down and lightly caressed my cheeks with her lips and an immediate fire sprang up in me, but she acted as if she hadn't noticed and started a light, inconsequential conversation about their plans for the day and what mine would be, and before long we were laughing and joking, and as relaxed as if nothing had ever occurred between us, and that was the way the atmosphere stayed until I finally looked at the clock and sprang up, saying I had to go or dad would kill me.

She laughed at that and quickly collected her purse from her bag and paid me the usual baby sitting rate plus a small bonus...for staying over for the night, she said, but when I looked sharply at her there was just a wide innocent smile on her face and I relaxed. I left with the feeling of her warm embrace and the tingle from her light kiss still lingering on my lips as I headed for home. Well, I'd certainly never had a babysitting assignment like that before, I thought to myself, and grinned, but, wow, I'd sure enjoyed it!

The next few days passed slowly as life for me returned to normal after that amazing night, but I'd frequently find myself looking at the dress, remembering and shuddering with pleasure. The days turned into a week and then another and there was no communication from Francine or Jeremy, and I was back to the rounds of my regular customers whose lives somehow seemed to have taken on a gray shade of boring normality, or perhaps it was just me, perhaps somehow I had been changed by the events of that night.

I didn't think I had, I certainly didn't go around staring lustfully at any women, certainly didn't feel any sudden lift in temperature or a dryness of the mouth when I saw my horny friends in their bikinis at the beach, in fact everything quickly returned to the regimen of study, work, sleep, study, work, sleep, yawn, yawn.

It was late Friday afternoon three weeks later that my mother took the call from Francine, asking if it was at all possible for me to baby sit that night. Apologizing for the lateness of the call, but explaining that a sudden emergency had arisen. Strangely enough I did not have a booking that night, well actually I did have, but it had been cancelled inexplicably the previous day, so mom, on my behalf - she and dad always looked after my bookings anyway to ensure I didn't do too many - told Francine that it would be ok, and she'd tell me as soon as I got home from College.

She didn't even react when Francine advised that it might be another late night that would require me to stay over, but I did when I heard, feeling an immediate and wild flush run through me. This time, however, as I was scrambling around getting myself ready in the brief time I had after College, I decided not to take the risk of taking the sexy dress with me, after all, I had to acknowledge that this might actually be another straight forward baby sitting exercise, and Jeremy wouldn't get drunk again and Francine wouldn' thinking stopped there as heat almost overwhelmed me and I dashed into the shower and stood for an age under a very, very cool spray.

I stood in front of the door of Jeremy and Francine's house and composed myself before ringing the door bell. When the door opened, Francine was standing there with a warm, welcoming smile on her face, and as she ushered me in, she gave me a brief hug that still managed to send shivers through me, then walked me into the kitchen and placed a steaming cup of coffee in front of me, "I knew you'd be bang on time" she said with a grin, "Punctuality and reliability were two of the things that everyone said about you, and convinced us that you were the right person to look after Jamie when we were away"

I flushed with embarrassment at her compliment, then noticed that her smile had quickly disappeared and a small frown replace it. "Is something wrong?" I asked, then glanced around, realizing that I hadn't seen or heard anything of Jeremy or Jamie since my arrival.

She seemed to flush just slightly, then raised her eyes to mine and took a deep breath, "Well, I have a bit of a confession to make" she said, hesitantly, "Jeremy has taken Jamie to his mothers for the weekend, so you won't be needed as a baby sitter tonight." she stopped and took in another deep breath, then plunged on, "In fact, there was never a baby sitting job at all tonight, but I knew if I told your mother and father the real reason for asking you here they probably wouldn't have let you come"

She stood up and walked around the room, stopping to look out the window at the fading summer sunshine, "I guess I should just tell it as it is, and if you're upset or offended, then you can go home and tell your parents that one of us had fallen sick or something and the evening had been cancelled, and, of course, you'd still be paid for the inconvenience," she said, and returned to sit at the table and finally look me in the eye.

"After Jeremy and Jamie left for his visit to his mother this morning I got a sudden call from a very important client wanting to see some of our designs urgently. I guess you realized from what we said last time that we're trying to get ourselves established in the industry, and every single client is of vital importance in that building process, well, when Mary Squire said she needed to see the gear tonight I almost died, I mean it's virtually impossible to get any of the top models at short notice, and a model is so vital to the impact clothes can have on a buyer, particularly one of Mary's stature. She represents one of the largest Boutique chains in the country, and if we can get our designs in there, well, the future of the business is assured."

I listened in awe to her talk, I could see the excitement and the determination in her eyes as she spoke and could feel myself being lifted and carried along by her enthusiasm, wow, this was what the fashion world was all about, dreams and corporate wheeling and dealing. "I understand" I said, almost breathlessly, "But what does it have to do with me?"

She flushed slightly and took another deep breath, "Well last time you were here you paraded that creation of Mavis and John's, and I'm sure you remember Jeremy saying that you were a natural as a model, graceful and beautiful, and I've never know Jeremy to be wrong about these things. He used to be a photographer, so he has an eye for what appeals to people and he's seen and photographed so many models that he can practically pick them at first glance, and he certainly picked you, in fact he hasn't stopped raving about you since that night" she said.

I felt myself go bright red, although most of it was pleasure and delight at the fact that Jeremy had seen something so special in me, something I'd certainly never seen.

"Anyway, to cut a long story short," she continued, "after I'd made a number of unsuccessful calls to modeling agencies, it suddenly hit me that you would be the perfect person to model our clothes for Mary, particularly as it was going to have to be an evening assignment, which is something most professional models avoid as often as possible"

"Me!" I almost squealed, "But I've never done any modeling, oh I'd ruin your chances, oh I couldn't!"

She smiled warmly and reached across and lightly brushed my arm, "Oh, I know all that, but I've also seen you parade, and I know that Jeremy's right, you're a natural, don't forget, I was a model myself once, so I know what it takes, and you have what it takes. But before you decide, why don't I show you the designs we've created, and if you don't like them or still feel that you can't do it, I'll ring Mary and make some excuse to cancel the session" she said.

I felt terrible as I followed her out of the kitchen, knowing that she was relying on me, knowing that their whole business might be in jeopardy if she cancelled , yet feeling incredibly scared at the prospect of parading and perhaps ruining her chances by messing that up. She walked down into the master bedroom and opened a special, large walk in wardrobe and clicked on the light and I gasped in astonishment, arrayed before me was a smorgasbord of exotic .. and sometimes erotic.. dresses and lingerie. It was like suddenly being thrust into Aladdin's cave and being blinded by the jewels in the boxes, although this time it was the jewels of fashion, every girls secret dream and fantasy seemed to be sparkling in front of me. I tentatively reached out and brushed my hands over some of the soft, shimmering materials, and she watched my face as she did so, seeing the delight and the awe in my expression, "Beautiful clothes need a beautiful woman to set them off, and you are extremely beautiful, Felicity", she said, and her voice seemed to have taken on a new timbre, one that reminded me of our previous time together, and sent a chill of delight rushing through me. Suddenly I knew I was going to do it for her, and as I turned around and our eyes met, she knew also, and she drew me to her, kissing me lightly on the lips and whispering thank you into my ear as she held me close.

Then she stepped away, and was suddenly all business, drawing out the particular creations she wanted to show to Mary, and I gasped and sighed as they were placed on the bed. Half a dozen of the most beautiful, sensual dresses I had ever seen, in a variety of sometimes subtle and sometimes bold colors. Then she hesitated and glanced at me as if thinking, then with a half lift of her shoulders she reached in and brought out some of the exotic lingerie, "I'm not sure if you'd be prepared to model these" she whispered, "and I'll understand, because some of them are very revealing, but they are a part of what we want to sell to Mary's chain of Boutiques, so......?"

I looked at then and felt my throat go dry, I picked up one of the sets and realized immediately that they would be almost completely transparent when on my skin, that I'd be parading almost naked in front of this buyer, this woman, and I flushed deeply. Seeing that, Francine lightly touched my arm, "I understand" she said softly, "The first time I had to do a lingerie shoot I almost died of embarrassment, but I found after the very first one that nobody was really looking at me, no one was really seeing my body, they were all too busy chatting about the material and the cut and all the technical things ... then she grinned ... in fact when I got back from that first parade down the catwalk I found I was actually angry that no one had paid any attention to me or my body"

I laughed along with her, remembering my own feelings when she and Jeremy were talking all about the cut and material of the dress I'd paraded last time, instead of admiring me, so I hugged her briefly and said, "Of course I'll wear them, I'll parade everything you want me to .. gulp .. if you really think I can, I mean I don't want to let you down" I stammered.

She placed a finger across my mouth and smiled almost lovingly across at me, "You will be perfect, I know it, and Mary will be here in less than an hour and I have to do your make up and everything, so let's get started" she said, and leaned forward and kissed me, this time not so briefly, and I momentarily felt her tongue slip forward and brush over mine ... or was it just my overexcited imagination?

The next hour seemed to fly by in a flurry of activity. I quickly learned that throwing a little make up on at home was vastly different to being 'made up' for modeling, and I was amazed at the difference when I saw the final result in the big mirror, gosh, even I thought I looked beautiful, and that was very rare indeed, normally all I saw was my imperfections, my slightly large nose, my slightly crooked left eyebrow, etc. but now, wow, I looked stunning! and Francine laughed at my obvious amazement and delight. Then It was straight on to sorting out which outfits I'd have to wear and in what order, as Francine told me it was important not to keep Mary waiting too long between each different outfit, so it would be rush back, slip out of one, slip into the other and back into the lounge room, which for someone who normally took a month of Sundays getting dressed was going to be a huge lesson indeed.

I was pleased, and a little relieved, when Francine decided to go with the slightly more formal dresses first, then on to the more risque ones, before finishing with the lingerie. I was holding the last show piece in my hands, still a little shocked by it's brevity and see through nature, when the door bell rang and Francine went hurtling down the corridor, yelling back at me, "Put the first dress on and I'll call you when I'm ready". I did as she asked. Careful not to crease it in any way, and stood there waiting nervously to be called. A moment of outright panic set in, oh god, what if I made a huge fool of myself, worse still what if I ruined everything for Francine and Jeremy? I stared in the mirror, unable to hide the smile of delight that lit my face as I saw again the amazing make up job, and it was as I was basking in that small glow of self appreciation that Francine called me in for the first time.

I squared my shoulders and marched as purposefully as possible down the corridor into the lounge room, remembering all the tips about shoulders back, chest out, sway those hips and most of all 'Smile', that Francine had drummed into me the previous week and again as we were working through the make up. I stepped inside the door and tried to put the widest smile possible on my face, as I marched, or slunk, or tottered across the room. In my feverish mind I was doing all three, but I saw Francine's bright smile of encouragement, and that lifted me up.

Then I heard Francine going into her spiel about the cut of the outfit, the material it was made of and the age bracket it was specifically aimed at, and I started to relax. At one point I was called over so that Mary could feel the texture of the material, and for the first time I dared to actually look at her. I was surprised, I'm not sure why, perhaps I expected a buyer for a large chain store group to be somewhat mature and maybe even a little hard nosed, but Mary was beautiful in her own right, dressed beautifully and obviously quite sophisticated and knowledgeable. I guessed she would be in her early to middle thirties, she had blonde hair cut quite short, but obviously quite natural, and when she stood to walk around me, was quite tall, at least a couple of inches above my own 5ft 8.

Then Francine asked me to parade the next dress and I hurried out of the room as quickly as possible, without spoiling things by running. But once out of sight I raced down the corridor, into the bedroom, slipped off the first dress and slipped into the second and raced back to the lounge again. Slowing as I got close so my entrance would be as polished as I could manage. All nerves had gone now, I was totally focussed on doing the best job I could for Francine, strutting and posing as Mary or Francine directed to give them the best view of the product. Never the less I was pleased when I headed out to get the third dress to hear Mary make a complimentary comment about that 'young, fresh model' that Francine had managed to secure, and what agency was I tied to. I didn't hear Francine's reply, but I heard her tinkling laugh, and a moment later Mary's slightly deeper one joining in. and for some reason a warm shiver ran through me.

When I returned with the sixth dress, one of the more risque ones, I was sure I heard a sharp intake of breath as I walked in. It wouldn't have surprised me, as this dress was cut sharply down the front to the waist, with the side panels lifted slightly like a butterfly wing, so my naked breasts were almost completely visible, especially if I dipped even slightly - something Mary asked me to do on a couple of occasions, so she could see if the material resumed it's proper position. It always did, but she seemed to want to make sure, and she was in charge so I paraded and dipped on demand. I could feel her eyes almost burning into my breasts, but instead of making me feel uncomfortable, it gave me a warm feeling all over, and when I glanced at Francine and saw her happy smile, I felt even warmer.

s I returned to the bedroom after that parade I glanced back and saw Mary come out of the lounge and move down to the toilet, so I realized I had a little more time between parades on this occasion, so I was a little slower taking off the dress. Also it was the end of the dress section and the beginning of the lingerie, a fact which still made me a little nervous, a time to remove the only article that had been constant in the first section, a brief pair of panties, and don the almost see through items laid out before me. As I did so, I sensed eyes on me, and turned slightly, my panties held in my hand, and saw Mary standing outside the bedroom door looking in, looking straight at me, looking me up and down with a light in her eyes that I hadn't noticed before, a light that sent shivers down my body. A body, I realized with a start, that was totally naked. She looked, but said absolutely nothing, and it was so quiet I could hear my own somewhat disjointed breathing, then with a faint smile she turned and walked off down the corridor.

I stayed stock still until I heard her laughter as she greeted Francine, a little unnerved by her visit, feeling my body shaking slightly. Then I snapped out of it when I heard Francine's call and quickly slipped into the first of the lingerie, and hurried back down the corridor to start the parading again. The rest of the showing seemed to go by in a dazed, almost dreamy way, I noticed Francine had put on some low, slow music and that she and Mary were both sipping a drink, and I just undulated around, stopping whenever I was told to do so, dipping and bending, and even at one point dancing in front of them.

Then I heard Francine say in a warm, friendly voice, "Well that's the last one of the selection, I've set out for you, I think they will give you a good idea of the sorts of designs Jeremy and I produce within our company, and I hope you've found them to your taste". I could almost feel the silence as she waited for Mary's response, and I found myself holding my breath, staring at them, no thoughts of dashing off and changing out of the last item. Then Francine saw me standing there and with a sharp cry, jumped to her feet, "Oh, sorry, Felicity, I got carried away, whatever must you think of me, I'll get you a wrapper, so you don't get cold" she said, and immediately dashed out of the room.

I stood there feeling a little self conscious, feeling Mary's eyes on me, I turned to look at her and again she was looking me up and down, sending that warm tingle through me again, then she gestured to the couch, "Come sit with me" she said, a smile in her voice, "Francine told me that you're not a regular model and I couldn't believe that, you're so beautiful and polished, and handled all the outfits so well, she is so lucky to have had you, it made all the difference to the way I saw the costumes" she said.

I gulped, "Does that mean you're going to order from Francine and Jeremy?", I asked, and she grinned and nodded. I heard the shriek before I saw Francine come rushing across the floor with a short robe in her hands.

"You really mean that?" she asked Mary, and again Mary nodded, smiling, and turned to me.

"Thanks to your very beautiful, sexy model" she said, "I don't think anyone else could have carried them off the way she did, you should book her up permanently for your company, I know I would" and she leaned over and lightly brushed her lips over my cheeks. I felt my face flushing and I looked at Francine, and she was flushed too, then she seemed to snap out of it and handed me the robe.

"I think that deserves a drink for all of us" she said, then glanced sideways at me, a curious, almost pleading look in her eyes, "You will join us, wont you, Felicity?" she asked.

I stopped, halfway through slipping into the robe, "Well, I don't normally" I said, then grinned widely, "But as this is a special occasion, I'd love to drink a toast with you and Mary", then I gulped, and turned a flush coming to my face, "Oh , I'm sorry I hope you didn't mind me calling you Mary' I said.

She smiled warmly at me and relaxed into the couch cushions, slipping her legs up and tucking them underneath her, "Of course not" she almost purred, "The official duties are all over now, we can relax and have fun together, and I'd love you to call me Mary, you don't have to rush off do you?"

Francine arrived with our glasses and handed one to each of us, "Oh, no" she said with a laugh, "I arranged for Felicity to stay here tonight"

Mary's smile widened, and somehow the distance between us seemed to shrink, although I don't think either of us moved, "A babysitter, model" she said shaking her head and laughing lightly, "Whatever will you think of next Francine" and we both laughed along with her, and Francine sat down so I was between the two of them. She sat very close, and from time to time as the conversation roamed over the fashion industry and we moved to another drink and then another, her hands would brush over my back or my side or my leg, sending little chills all up and down my spine.

I thought she was getting a bit emboldened when I felt her hand slip onto my inner thigh and start to caress it, but when I looked down I realized it wasn't Francine at all, it was Mary. I gasped, and her hand hesitated, then after that momentary hesitation, it began to move again, circling and caressing my inner thigh. I watched it, almost hypnotized, knowing I should call a halt, but somehow not wanting to. I glanced sideways at Francine and saw with a start that she too was gazing down at Mary's hand stroking my inner thigh, gazing and smiling, smiling and running her tongue lightly over her lips. I turned slightly and looked across at Mary, and our eyes met, and there was a hotness in them, and an invitation, the same almost pleading invitation I'd seem in Francine's eyes that very first time. It was the moment of truth and I knew it, knew it and wanted it!

Slowly I let my legs fall apart, hearing the slight intake of breath from Francine, and seeing the quick spark of joyfulness that flickered through Mary's eyes. I expected to feel her hand immediately take the proffered opportunity and move straight to my eager young pussy, but instead it came up to cup my face and she pulled me forward gently and kissed me on the lips. A slow, gentle kiss that seemed to build and build and build, sending liquid fire coursing right though me. Then I felt hands on me, not Mary's which were still cupping my face, but Francine's, easing the robe from my shoulders and tugging it away, then moving to the clip of the almost see through bra and undoing it. I dropped my hands from Mary's neck where they seemed to have drifted of their own volition, to allow Francine to remove the bra completely.

Immediately one of Mary's hands dropped and started to cup and caress my breast, causing my body to jump and jerk and a moan of pleasure to seep from my throat into her hot, tantalizing mouth. Then I felt myself lifted slightly and Francine was peeling the panties from my body, leaving me totally naked, and a moment later Francine's hands were on me too, stroking and caressing me, and my body threatened to explode.

I guess Mary's and Francine's hands must have brushed close to my breast as they both sought to arouse and excite me, because she puled back from our kiss, leaving me slightly breathless, and glanced down, her eyes widening slightly, then smiling hotly as she saw my totally naked body. She glanced over at Francine and a silent message seemed to pass between them, and she stood up and started to take off her clothes.

We both watched as she disrobed, Francine's hands continuing to caress and excite my body, and when she was finished we both moaned with delight and pleasure. Mary was absolutely beautiful! High , firm breasts that were larger than both Francine's and mine, with nipples that seemed to stand out a mile, dark pink and juicy. She obviously worked out because there was hardly an ounce of unnecessary fat anywhere. But what caught my eye most, and sent massive shudders running through me was the fact that her pussy was completely bare! I'd never seen one like it, I could only gawk, and drool, god yes, I actually found myself drooling at the sight of it, so beautifully sculptured, like a work of art, with her glistening inner pink pussy lips showing and even a hint of her clitoris peeping through.

She stood for a moment, proudly displaying her beautiful naked body to us, enjoying the adoration and the lust she could see in our eyes, then she slid back onto the couch and took me in her arms and kissed me passionately. Her tongue darted between my lips like a butterfly searching for somewhere to land, flicking here and there in a wild abandoned dance, and my own tongue darted eagerly forward to dance with hers. I felt her breasts pressing against mine, her long, hard nipples boring into me like red hot pokers, and one of her hands slid between my legs to lightly caress my pussy lips. I shuddered and shook with the fire that was racing through me, then felt a movement, and from the corner of my eye saw Francine stand up and walk quickly from the room. I was shocked, had I upset or offended her? a small feeling of panic ran through me, and I shifted in Mary's arms as if trying to escape them.

Then I saw Francine again coming back into the room, carrying a large, long object, which she proceeded to lay out on the carpet in front of us. It was a square of fake fur in a strange black and white design, but it looked thick, soft and sensuous. Mary seemed to sense something was happening and pulled back to look around, her eyes widened and a hot, sultry smile creased her face, "Oh, Francine, how did you know? I've always wanted to make love on a fur rug, and now ... she looked from Francine to me and back ... now I have two of the most beautiful people I know to make love with me" she whispered, and slid from my arms down onto the rug and squirmed sensuously about on it. When she looked up again her eyes looked as if they were on fire, and she was breathing unevenly, "Hurry, please, I can't wait" she said, hotly.

But we did wait, waited for Francine to disrobe, watched her as her incredibly beautiful body was revealed, Mmmm, I shivered at the sight of her, remembering, those feeling of intense desire welling up in me again, then all three of us were naked on the rug, feeling its sensual fur feeling against our naked bodies and writhing around on it. For a moment it was a little chaotic, with three bodies squirming around, but then I was flat on my back, Mary and Francine kneeling either side of me, and they began, working instinctively like a well oiled team they began to make love to me, their lips and tongues searching out and caressing every conceivable part of my body, sending me into raptures over and over again.

They worked on my breasts until I thought they were going to explode, then took turns working on my overheated pussy. I was amazed at how different it felt when each of them was working on my pussy, Francine was slow and sensual whereas Mary was quick and darting, but the effect was the same from each, rapturous ecstasy as orgasm after orgasm ripped through me, sending me off to some distant Galaxy called satisfaction. Then I found myself on my own, and I turned over to see Mary and Francine entwined, their faces buried between each other's legs, moaning and shuddering as they brought the maximum pleasure possible to each other. Mary was the first to scream and buck into an orgasm, but Francine was only a heartbeat behind, and I watched as they shuddered and shook in each other's arms.

The sight excited and aroused me, and I found myself moving swiftly as they parted to bury my face in between Mary's thighs, licking and lapping at the cream that was pouring from her, loving the taste and the aroma, driving her up once again to a shuddering, shaking orgasm that poured more juices into my eager mouth. I was amazed at how sensuous her shaved pussy felt beneath my lips, at how incredible it felt to explore her sculptured lips and that extra long clitoris that I'd seen peeping through her pussy lips earlier. I felt Francine stroking and licking my pussy, and within minutes I was writhing and screaming through an orgasm again.

After that it became like a surreal dream, bodies, body parts and juice all mixed and mingled into an exotic cocktail of wild, unbridled passion that lasted almost the whole night, leaving the three of us sprawled exhausted, but blissfully happy, on the floor. We may have lain there all day if the phone hadn't rung at 9 0'clock, it was Jeremy advising that he was on his way home and would be there in about an hour. You have never seen such a mad scramble! But it was fun too, three naked females each trying to work out which panties were theirs, and taking every opportunity to 'accidentally' grab and grope as we did so, and it was three hot, happy, but somewhat flustered people that greeted Jeremy on his return, and he gave us a strange look before handing Jamie over to Francine to cuddle. His look turned to one of extreme joy when Francine revealed that they'd won an order from one of the biggest Boutique chains in the country, and I had a hard time escaping from his hug when he found out the important role I'd played in it, although Francine stuck strictly to the modeling role, much to my relief.

I left with their thanks and praises still ringing in my ears, watching as Mary herself left in her neat, compact convertible, seeing her smile and wave, and catching the kiss she blew as she drove away.

It had been a night to savor for a long, long while, Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.


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